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First, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Serena and I'm a witch. I know what you're thinking and the answer is no. I'm not the kind a witch that worships the elements or practices Wicca. I'm the real kind. I can cast real spells which really work.

Given I look very human I blend in with the rest of you, therefore you wouldn't know that I'm a witch by looking at me. I eat, drink, and sleep - and when I fly I’m a passenger in a plane and not on a broom.

Incidentally, I'm nearly two hundred years old.

Relax! I don't look that old. In fact, I physically turned fifteen years old last July. Confused? I'd be.

Now, where should I start? I guess everything stems from a Halloween Party that I attended eleven years ago. I just love Halloween Parties.

Huh…? Hang on a second my mom is calling me.

Okay, I'm back. My Mom wanted to remind me that Charmed is on television tonight. It’s a Halloween Special. There's something about a show filled with hot witches that turns me on. Anyway, in my family we all sit around the television to watch this show.

What's that?

Oh yes. I'm the only witch in my family and they haven't a clue.

Did I mention its Halloween in a couple of days? I've been, like, invited to a really kewl party. A couple of my girlfriends are trying to set me up with Damien. He's in my algebra class and really cute, but to be honest, I have my sights on someone else. But I'll get to that later.

Halloween night is a very special night for me. It was midnight on this date, two hundred years ago, that I was conceived. In fact, it's the only night of the year that a witch can get pregnant. It certainly makes for some interesting parties. Anyway, on a certain Halloween night there was another significant event, and like I mentioned before, this happened eleven years ago. I'll never forget about it because I'm reminded of it several times a day. All I have to do is look in the mirror.

No, I'm not hideous. In fact, I'm a very pretty girl. I mean, really pretty. I’m even pretty enough to be a model. Anyway, eleven years ago, I was a very beautiful 28 year-old woman, who stood about 5'8" and weighed about 115lbs. I was extremely fit and firm, not to mention incredibly curvy. My most prominent feature back then was my tits, which I contributed to my biological mom, who was pretty healthy herself, and a growth spell that I cast on them during countless hours in front of my vanity mirror. If I had worn a bra back then, I probably would have needed a 35DD-cup.

I guess I should get going with what happened to me but before I do let me go over some facts. In order for a witch, or a warlock for that matter, to stay young, they have to steal age from humans. I know this sounds mean, but in most cases, you humans aren't even aware it is happening. Did you ever notice how some people look much older than their age? For example, some girls who are 14 look more like 20! You know the kind - trust me - they've been tampered with.

You will also be happy to know that the nicer witches outnumber the evil ones, so when a nice witch steals age, they usually steal a little at a time. The victims never know. By the way, I'm one of the nice witches and have never intentionally stolen more than 3 months from the same human. Evil witches are another matter and can be very dangerous. I’d recommend that you stay clear of them but chances are you wouldn't know one if you met one. If they did do something to you, they'd probably cover their tracks and tamper with your short-term memory as well.

Just to shine some light on how serious stealing age can be, let me share a very sad story with you. It happened about thirty or forty years ago. I'm sorry, when you lived as long as I have; trying to pinpoint a time frame is difficult. What I do remember is my cover, because I enjoyed some of my most memorable experiences during this time frame. I was physically 21 at the time and portraying myself as a rich girl attending a prestigious college in the Northeast. I laugh now at my motivation for attending this specific college, for this Institution is female exclusive.

I remember renting a small house in a quaint little suburban area. I even grew a friendship with my neighbors, and the young couple had the most adorable little girl. Every day she would stop by and visit me after school and I loved listening to her talk. She would say some of the silliest things.

Anyway, just to stay in the loop of my true nature, I would occasionally attend a Coven party, and it was at this party that I toyed around with a warlock. The guy was a creep, and had a reputation for playing the witches. I thought it was about time someone paid him back in spades. I knew he wouldn't try any spells on me for it was against the code, and to be truthful, I'm pretty powerful so I seriously doubt his powers would have been a match for my own. Well, by the end of the party, the warlock realized he wasn't getting any from me and he became outright belligerent. I was relieved to see him leave the party.

One Friday afternoon returning home from an afternoon lecture, he showed up unexpectedly. I was shocked. He said that he decided to forgive me and surprise me with a weekend getaway. Of course I told him I wasn't interested. I remember thinking; doesn't this warlock get the hint? Anyway, I told him that what he was doing was called harassment and I threatened him with a formal complaint to the Warlock & Witches Council.

Well, this only made him angrier. If you hadn't guessed it by now, I'm a lesbian. Well, at least I was then and I never disclosed this to the warlock during the party. But even if I were into men back then, this guy wouldn't have had a chance. He was a creep - plain and simple.

Anyway, the warlock asked me if it was due to our age difference. His body was that of a man in his mid thirties, so he must have assumed that I preferred younger men. I again asked him to leave, and it was about then that my little friend came through the door. You know - the little girl. Now, stealing age doesn't take that long and can be accomplished in a matter of seconds. The warlock spotted the girl, grabbed her arm, and before I could react, he applied the age transformation spell. He stole the girl's childhood right before my eyes!

I stood there in utter shock. How someone could be cruel enough to do this to a little girl was beyond me. I looked at the warlock, who now looked in his early 20s and then looked back at the little girl, who was no longer little. In fact, the girl was now a stunningly beautiful young woman! Given her clothes were torn to shreds from her transformation, she stood there near naked and looking like she was about to cry. If I recall, her name was Christina.

Anyway, Christina was now wearing a body of a young woman about 19 or 20, but she was still mentally a child! Once a witch or a warlock performs this age transformation spell, it’s final… at least to the best of my knowledge.

I quickly led Christina over to the couch and placed a sleep spell on her. Then I turned back to the warlock. He stood there thinking he was god's gift to women and I screamed a bunch of profanities at him. I would have loved to cast a curse on him, but the laws prevented me. Anyway, he told me to go fuck myself and walked out the door.

So, there I was, faced with a 10-year-old girl inside a 20-year-old body. I knelt down by Christina and cried. It was my fault. 10 years of this girl's life was gone and she'd never get it back. How was I going to explain this to her parents? How was Christina going to adapt? As all these things ran through my mind, I kept on staring at the girl and I admit she was starting to make me feel horny. The girl's 20-year-old body was breathtaking and like I already told you I was a lesbian. Christina looked so sweet and obviously she was innocent. I hope you don't think the worse of me for my body's reaction, but it isn’t something that I could control.

Think about it. I’m staring down at a young, innocent, very vulnerable woman, who was incredibly beautiful and near naked. I would have given anything to make love to her, but I restrained myself. I didn't go there! I wanted too, but I didn't! Instead, I spent the rest of that day and night casting various spells. I did what was best for her and her parents, but what I did is another story and I need to get back to this one.

Like I had mention earlier, at 28 years of physical age, I was a knock out and believe me when I say I draw my share of attention. My hair is blonde and I kept it long. So long it actually tickled my butt when naked. Incidentally, I'd appreciate it if you hold back the blonde jokes.

Anyway, here I am at this party and thinking that I was all that and having no idea what was in store for me. All I knew is that I love Halloween parties and despite this experience, I always will. I love the fact that people dress up in costumes and hide their inhibitions underneath a mask. I myself tend to be more daring.

Oh, let me tell you what I was wearing. My costume was the one I always wore. Remember that old television show from the sixties? Bewitched was the name. Remember the blonde cartoon at the show’s introduction. I looked like her, but even sexier. I wore a black short skirt, black top, black sexy hat, which set off my long blonde flowing hair. That's what I looked like, except for my tits were much bigger.

Anyway, the black outfit I wore was form fitting and showcased every curvaceous attribute I possessed. So, I was attracting all kinds of attention. I was out on the prowl and feeling very horny. Oh… did you know that in my two hundred years that almost all my sexual relationships only lasted a week? Although there was Cassandra North, who I shared the same bed with for a much longer period of time, but Cassandra's another story for a different time.

As the party progressed I settled on a cute hottie dressed as Super Girl. She looked college age and I looked forward to my favorite part of the evening, the seduction. Most girls were virgin to female sex and this made it all the more erotic for me. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty enough hot looking lipstick lesbians out there, but I prefer my girls pure and innocent to lesbian sex. I absolutely love how confused they become when they’re suddenly aroused for another girl.

Super Girl was petite, and possessed shoulder length auburn hair. She looked very sexy in her mini and cape. If I remember correctly, I think her name was either Lisa or Lana... or something that started with an L. Everything about the girl was perfect, except maybe her breasts. I really did feel she’d look far sexier with a bigger pair, but then again I’m partial to bigger breasts proven by how much time I spent perfecting my own. I had the girl approach me using a compulsion spell and found she was here with her roommate. Apparently, the girls were friends of the host, but since I crashed the party, I had no idea who the host was.

The girl’s roommate was dressed as Batgirl. The girls attended the local community college and I immediately got wet thinking about a threesome with them. I mean, if Batgirl looked half as hot as Super Girl, how could I resist?

As Super Girl and I talked about various interests, I decided it was time to make my move. So, I cast one of my favorite spells on her.

Just to let you know, there are over one hundred different spells to choose from when it comes to seducing a girl. My favorite is the arousal spell. Now, I know you’re thinking why would a girl that looks like me need to resort to using magic. Excuse me. Hello...? The girl I'm seducing is heterosexual, remember? Just because I'm all that doesn't mean that a girl that likes dick is suddenly going to want to lick pussy. So, even witches that are knock outs have to resort to witchcraft every now and then.

The arousal spell I used transmitted a stronger version of my own arousal inside the girl. The hornier I become for the girl, the hornier she would become for me, but I made sure to amplify her arousal almost five fold. I also decided to do something about her breasts, and ended up using a time delayed growth spell on them. I'm usually pretty good at measurements and decided to go with an increase of three additional cup sizes. I wasn't completely sure what size bra she wore, but she didn’t look bigger than a B cup. Not wanting her boobs to be painfully entrapped in her bra, I made it where the spell would trigger the second she slipped it off. Super Girl would go from a 34B cup to Double Ds! I also made it where her breasts would be extra sensitive to sexual stimulation, and then tied the stimulation of her nipples directly to her clit.

Well, it wasn't long before Lisa started to fidget. She was soooo adorable as she tried denying her desire for me. She mentioned more than once how hot it was and I saw her discreetly touch herself. She blushed when I caught her staring at my boobs.

I then looked around for Batgirl, but unfortunately she was still nowhere to be found. I decided I was too horny to wait any longer, so I invited Super Girl to come upstairs with me. But just as I was about to take her hand I noticed a man.

Now, that in it self should have set off some alarm bells. Simply put – I never notice men. They notice me and I ignore them. What bugged me about this man was that he was so damn good looking. My eyes were glued to him. What was it about him that hit me with those powerful vibes?

Then the man’s eyes locked on my eyes and suddenly I felt a strange tug inside my mind. I also felt suddenly weak with an overwhelming desire to spread my legs for him. Here I was a lesbian and feeling heterosexual desire for the first time in my life. I'm not sure how I was able to look away but I did and quickly shook off the feelings and composed myself. I then turned back to my pet super heroine and could see from her heavy breathing that she was ready. Hell, I could smell her.

I leaned over and copped a feel of her lovely ass and as I did I made sure to slide my hand underneath her sexy mini. I pressed my middle and index fingers against her pussy and she nearly came right then and there. Gasping and blushing, she pressed her ass down against her fingers in hopes that I would enter her. I so loved teasing my conquests.

As I was about to lead her away, the man that had so captivated me a few moments ago now stood boldly in front of me. Had I really forgotten about him? He had this huge grin on his face, gave Super Girl a quick once over with his eyes, and then returned his attention to me.

The guy oozed virility and was on the tall side. He wore black, but if he were trying to pass himself off as a vampire, I thought he failed miserably. I was about to tell him that he was intruding on something private but Super Girl suddenly announced that she had to go home.

Impossible! I could still smell the girl’s arousal for me! How could she be putty in my hands one second and then be leaving the next? I was about to throw a get lost spell at the man when he suddenly caught my gaze again.

His eyes were soooooooo hypnotic. Soooooooooo deep. Soooooooooo incredibly beautiful and it no longer bothered me that Super Girl was leaving.

The man started to make small talk with me and I felt compelled to respond. Strangely enough, I even found the conversation enjoyable, and boy did I want him. I'm not sure how the topic landed on immortality, but it did.

It has always been my contention that warlocks and witches should not be classified as immortal because if we chose not to steal age, we wouldn't stay young. I've certainly had my share of debates on this subject, not to mention some really heated ones, and this guy was no different. I remember becoming really angry at his smug smile. I mean… who the hell did this guy think he was?

I was really getting pissed and declared that witches can die of old age - just like humans and therefore this in itself proved their mortality.

"Witches choose whether to live or die. Only immortals have this choice," the guy responded, just as angry.

"You're wrong! Witches need to steal their youth in order to survive. How can you be so ignorant not to see this and besides, what makes you such an authority on the subject?"

"It sounds to me like you've had this argument before. Maybe if you were less a bitch and more a witch, you'd be as attractive on the inside as you clearly are on the outside," the man replied, smiling.

I was fuming! How dare this guy talk to me like this! How dare he call me a bitch! I was about to let him have it when he simply stared into my eyes again. Those damn eyes! I lost myself in them. They were big, beautiful, dark, deep, and ever so gorgeous. It wasn’t until that very moment that I realized I had lost my will in them. Whoever this guy was, he had successfully hypnotized me. I was powerless to do or say anything. I remembered desperately trying to break eye contact with him but found I couldn't. Not until he asked me a question was I able to say something, and even then it was only to answer him specifically.

"What's your name and your true age," the man asked me.

"Serena Templer. I'm one hundred and eighty-eight years old," I whispered in response.

"You're very pretty for someone so old. It must be immortality that keeps you looking so young, huh?" he responded with a smile.

"Yes," I whispered.

I couldn't help it! This man had mentally forced me to admit that I was wrong in my definition of immortality. I turned beet red from embarrassment.

"Let me introduce myself, Serena. My name is Michael Anthony Lexington and I'm what you would consider a vampire. Not an every day run of the mill vampire, but I'm an ancient one and have been undead for nearly a thousand years. Now, follow me, witch."

If I were allowed, I would have panicked, but instead I found myself following the vampire through the crowd of partygoers and out the back door. Damn me to hell – I saw Batgirl on the way and she was just as hot as her roommate. Anyway, when we got outside we went another fifty feet until we were alone in a back ally. We stopped next to a black limo that was parked on the side of the street. It was obviously his.

"Tell me, my pretty little witch. Have you ever made it with a vampire before?"

"Yes, Cassandra North… we were lovers for a decade."

"Ah yes, Cassandra North… I'm aware of her. I'm curious about something. Were you always a lesbian witch or did Cassandra turn you?"

"I... I... I don't understand. I've always been a lesbian," I responded, suddenly very confused.

"Cassandra could have easily altered your sexual preference when she drank your blood. I swear… you witches are as helpless as these humans. Have you ever been with a male before?"

"No. I mean... not really," I whispered in response, suddenly remembering an incident that happened a long time ago.


"I... I had sex when I was real young. The boy got me drunk and took advantage of me."

"And your witchcraft didn't protect you?"

"I was too young."

"I see... Well, did you get revenge when you turned sixteen?"

"Yes... I... I cursed him,” I replied, wondering how he knew about my witchcraft kicking in when I turned 16. “I cursed him where he would only feel sexually aroused from the act of masturbation."

"Hmmm… interesting," he responded, smiling.

I stood there like a statue as the vampire approached me. When he stood inches from me, he brought his hands up to cup my chin. I'm not small, and usually I don't have to look that far up at someone, but with him I had to look up... and I felt very small. Weak, too! Another thing I was feeling was that strong sexual desire I’d been feeling before for him… but this time it was about five times stronger!

"Please," I begged, needing him.

The vampire brought his mouth down to my mouth and we kissed, and then I wanted him more than anyone else before in my life! I wanted him to fuck me! I desperately wanted him to fuck me! I remember my huge breasts bouncing up and down with each heavy breath I took and feeling wetter than I ever felt before in my life. Never had I wanted to be with anyone more than this vampire and that included Cassandra. If he wanted my neck, I would have begged for him to drink from me. If he wanted my life, I would have begged for him to take it.

As he kissed me, I continued to kiss him back, harder and with more passion than ever before. I blush to this day at the memory and did I mention he left me with a vivid recollection? My only thought was how desperately I wanted him to bend me over the hood of his car and outright fuck me.

Then suddenly, he broke away from me which left me gasping. My eyes pleaded for more and if I had control over my actions, I would have dropped down to my knees and begged him.

"Tell me, Serena... what would you like more than anything else in the world?"

"I... I want you to fuck me," I replied, honestly.

"Strip for me - slowly."

The fact that we were outside... didn't matter. All I remember caring about was undressing, but undressing slow enough to look my sexiest. I forced myself to go slower than I would have preferred, but I knew how important it was to please him. After I stripped completely, I stood submissively naked before him. Damn did I ever need him, and I knew my eyes represented this. I'd been reduced to his sex slave and he made me crave it!

"You still want to be fucked, Serena?"

"Yesssssss… pleeaaaassssssseee," I whimpered and begged.

"Go ahead and lean yourself over the hood of the limo," he commanded me.

I eagerly turned around and did as I was told... spreading my legs with anticipation.

"I'm going to give you a taste of what you've been missing all these years."

As the vampire moved behind me, I felt myself getting hotter and hotter between my legs. Waves and waves of arousal crashed down on me and my knees nearly buckled when I heard him lower his zipper.

"Uuuuunnnnngggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh," I cried out as he penetrated me.

Never in my 200 years had I felt more pleasure from a single act. As the vampire thrust into my dripping wet hot cunt, I cried out in ecstasy and wished he would never stop. Every time the vampire pulled back, I cried in fear that he was withdrawing, and then screamed out louder as he plunged back into me. I know I was loud, but I couldn't help it. If someone was outside in a couple block radius they would have heard me. By the time he was done, I had lost count at how many times I came and eventually passed out.

I'm not sure how long I was out cold, but when I woke, I was still leaning over the hood of his limo. I must have presented quite a sight with my legs spread eagled and my naked ass on display. I also remember how incredibly satisfied I felt.

I heard the vampire tell me to turn around and as I did, I noted the soreness inside my pussy. He smiled as if he knew what I was thinking. Was this a reminder of my first fuck?

When I looked down and saw that the vampire had put his cock away, I felt a rush of disappointment. Apparently, he was done fucking me. Then I noticed the teenagers standing by the side… a boy and a girl who didn't look much older than fifteen or sixteen. My first thought was to cover my nudity, but my arms remained at my sides and my sexy costume remained on the ground by my feet.

"Serena… I must tell you that this was one of the finer fucks I've had in a very long time. You were not only hot, but tight as well."

I blushed at his comment, but I also felt proud... and I had no idea why.

"Now, let me introduce you to Jeremy and Connie. My chauffeur selected them. He found them while you were taking a nap. You've been sleeping in that position for more than an hour and I'll tell you this much, both Jeremy and Connie couldn't get over how hot you looked in that position. Yes, even Connie, who had never looked at another girl sexually before in her life, thought you looked hot. Anyway, there's another thing that the three of us did while you were sleeping. We talked about the future. Your future, their future, and how you will all be one happy family."

I just stood there wondering what he was talking about. More sex…? I could feel myself becoming aroused again.

"Incidentally, it seems like Jeremy and Connie are just friends. Jeremy has always had a crush on Connie but Connie never felt anything other than a friendship towards him. They're both virgins. Apparently, she has a boyfriend and although she hasn’t gone all the way she has done everything else."

I watched the Vampire walk over to Jeremy and Connie and stand directly in front of them. Both kids faced forward apparently in some sort of trance.

"I have plans for them… and you. First, let me make some adjustments to them."

The vampire stood silent, alternating his gaze back and forth between them. It seemed like a long time but it was probably less than a minute. I only did what I was allowed to do... watch.

"All set with the first phase. When they come out of their trance, they will have a real passion and love for one another, but of course, Connie’s sexual desire for Jeremy will be much stronger and she will be more passive when it comes to their relationship. This way Jeremy has the power to keep her in line.”

The vampire then walked over to me.

"I could simply make you believe that you no longer want to live. As a result, you would grow old and die, but where would the fun be in proving you right regarding our earlier discussion?"

I stood there in silence.

"So, what do I do? How about I make you my own personal sex slave? Based on your response a little while ago, you obviously enjoyed it. I'm sure you would look hot crawling around on your hands and knees to me… begging me to make use of you. I could make it where you want it so much that your pretty little pussy would be perpetually creaming."

I stood there, envisioning life as this vampire's sex slave and I could feel myself growing aroused from it. I knew he was putting the image there, but I responded anyway. My desire for this overwhelmed me and my intellect took a back seat.

"Or I could provide you an opportunity to start over. Of course, the big advantage of starting over is grooming you to be much more compliant. Wouldn’t you like that?”

I wanted to shout no but I still stood there silent.

“Yes Serena, you'll be much more docile and passive around everybody… the way you should have been the first time around. This way your big mouth won't take away from that beauty of yours like it did tonight."

I looked at him, not wanting to understand where he was going with this.

"You've also been much to obsessed with one type of sex when a girl that looks like you should indulge in a whole variety. Of course, you'll have to wait a spell before this happens."

"I’ll leave your memories alone - especially tonight's because I wouldn't want you forgetting our time together… every thrust of it."

If I could have looked alarmed I would have, but I continued to stand still like a statue. I watched the vampire walk over to the boy and lead him over to me. I still wasn't sure exactly what he had in mind and felt fear when I heard him tell the boy to strip. Within seconds, the boy was completely naked. He had an erection and I wondered if he was going to force the boy to have sex with me. I tried moving, but still wasn't able until he instructed me to take the boy's hand. I reached out my hand and did so. The kid must have still been in a trance because he didn't seem to notice that we were both completely naked - nor what he was doing.

"Alright Serena - take twelve years from him."

The command stunned me, but there was no hesitation in my action. I just did it. I couldn't refuse because I was nothing more than a puppet, and the vampire held the strings. I performed the age transformation spell and within seconds the boy was no longer a boy. He was a man. In fact, a good looking man! He looked mid to late twenties and possessed a huge erection. I gasped at the sight of him and felt myself grow damp. I wanted him! Then it hit me! If the boy was a man - that made me...

"Serena, you may look at yourself, but you cannot move your feet nor talk above a whisper."

I quickly looked down at my body and cried. What I saw shocked me. I was sixteen again! During every age regression I performed on myself, I never ever went below the age of 18. I now had some baby fat added to my curves and instead of being a beautiful adult I was sixteen year old. Yes, I was still great looking, but with enough baby fat to make me more *cute* than *beautiful*. I felt heavier in my ass and hips, and for good reason. I wanted to look behind me to check my ass out, but felt too embarrassed. My breasts shrunk but only a little due to the growth spell I had placed on them. I dropped maybe a cup. My face would obviously give proof to the fact that I was sixteen. Then another realization *hit* me. Good thing he didn't go back any further because if he had I would have lost my witchcraft.

I looked back at the boy – now a man. Our age difference was reversed and I wanted him! I looked down at his erection and the sexual desire flooding my body made me feel weak in the knees. Only if I could move! I wanted to be fucked by that big pole sticking straight out at me!

The vampire walked over to the girl and whispered something in her ear. She then proceeded to strip. My mind was racing. Why was he doing this? Did he want us to be a threesome? The girl was a doll and with every article of clothing she took off, I found myself feeling more and more aroused. Despite her young age... hell, we were physically the same age now. I wanted her… and wanted him… I wanted them both! If the vampire allowed it, I would have cried out with joy!

"Alright Serena...what I've done is give you a taste of what you will look like in about twelve years. I've been kind enough to let you enjoy both sexes. Instead of a lesbian, I've made you bisexual. Now, take twelve years from Connie."

"NO!!! You can't do this to me!" I shouted in a whisper, but again I was merely a passenger as my hand reached over and took a hold of Connie's hand. She, like the boy, had no idea what was happening. I performed the age transformation spell, and within seconds, the girl was no longer a girl, but a woman. God, what she ever tall! She was a beauty as well. She even rivaled my previous form! Her breasts had grown from a 'B' cup to a 'DD' cup, and she had curves in all the right places! Her hair, which had been long to start with, grew down past her very rounded buttocks and WAIT! As much as I appreciated her very beautiful looks I realized I felt absolutely no arousal!

I felt absolutely nothing for this lady and then remembered why. I started to cry… really cry. I was a child. Actually more like a toddler. Four years old if that. No breasts! No patch of... nothing! Just a little toddler…

"Why? Why make me little girl?" I asked in my new high pitched voice.

I still maintained my intellect and my memories but my words came out like the little girl I looked like.

"To teach you respect, little witch, and oh yeah - no more witchcraft. Not until you reach sixteen... almost twelve years from now. Tell me Serena, what do you want right now?"

"I want my mommy," I replied, sobbing.

"Remember Serena - never engage in a debate with a vampire… especially one as old as me."

The vampire walked before the naked couple and stared at them for a few moments. He then knelt down in front of me and as I looked into his eyes - it became so clear. I could move again and I ran into my pretty mommy’s arms as she lifted me up.

"Mommy, mommy!" I screamed with happiness, loving as my pretty mommy hugged me tight. I heard her whisper… "Yes, my precious Serena - what is it dear?"

"Can we go home, I sleepy... pleeeaassee," I replied.

Well – that’s my story. Like I said, I'm fifteen now and in nine months I’ll be sixteen again. More importantly, I'll be a full fledged witch again. Unlike the last time, I remember a lot more about my childhood. As you kind of figured out, the vampire had turned Jeremy and Connie into my parents. They love each other - and as far as they are concerned, I'm their first child.

My Mom and Dad are constantly making love. It’s hard not to hear them with my mom being so loud. They've been at it ever since that special Halloween night.

I have six younger sisters and another one on the way. No brothers. I remember the vampire telling them to have ten children, so my Mom has two more pregnancies to go unless she has twins.

The vampire also did a few things to me. I have a passive personality. It's like I have this burning desire to please everyone and I feel weak during confrontations. I've never been in an argument. Some of the boys in school have picked up on my submissive nature. I even found myself allowing a boy to grope my tits during in the movie theatre. I couldn't believe how horny I got. Not because he attracted me so much, but because I felt so damn helpless while he was doing it. I'm hoping I turn sixteen before the boys start really taking advantage of me.

This leads me to tell you about Jason and Jessica. They're twins at my school and they turned fifteen last summer. They look older than they are and I'm almost tempted to believe a witch or warlock got a hold of them. I'm constantly thinking of them. Jason is really cute and Jessica is very pretty. They're going to be at the Halloween Party I'm going to and I can't wait!

Like I said, childhood was a lot different this time around… much easier. Modern technology is a little like magic because it makes life easier. I also play soccer and that keeps me busy. I'm pretty good at it and play the striker position. The coach calls me her secret weapon. I think she has lesbian tendencies because I catch her stealing glances at me. She's attractive and I have a feeling if she tried to seduce me, there would be very little resistance on my part. I just hope I'm sixteen before she tries.

My breasts have been getting bigger lately. Maybe I'm not ready for a 'C' cup but it should be soon. Of course, when I'm sixteen, I can simply make my tits as big and shapely as I want them to be. Jessica's are already big. I stole a glance at her bra size in the girl's locker room. She wears a ‘D’ cup. It's hard for me not to look at her when we take showers.

Lately, I've been masturbating while fantasizing about the two of them. God, they make me so horny. I'm really looking forward to getting my powers back. Right now, I'm only a casual friend of Jessica's and Jason is too preoccupied with sports to recognize girls. But that’s going to change. Love spells are the easiest type of spell and nine months from now they’ll both be feeling the affects.

Hang on...

My Mom is calling me... Charmed is on. Don't you think Alyssa Milano is a hottie? Yes, I have a crush on her. Every time I watch the show I think of how kewl it is being the real life version of a witch. Maybe when I regain my witchcraft, I'll go visit the set of Charmed.

Oh... I haven't seen Michael Lexington since that night. You remember him - the Vampire. Maybe one day I'll meet him again. God I hope so...

Talk to you later…

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2010-06-28 22:22:47
more sex! hope she meets the vampire agian! and when you get into the sex scenes you should be a bit more detailed
hope you write more stories like this!

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2010-06-28 00:15:37
Very...interesting story. I liked it.

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