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This is the story of many firsts . . .
It was a hot summer evening and the three of us had been together for about an hour basking in the waning light, while enjoying the easygoing banter of teenage sexual innuendo. Della and I were both fifteen, David thirteen. Country kids, David and I were in good shape from doing chores and working on the various farms in the area. The tube top Della wore was the frequent target of our groping fingers, and the “Daisy-Duke” shorts drew our attention frequently to her nicely developing ass. She had perfectly shaped 34C tits and a figure that drew double-takes everywhere she went. Her short blond hair was always neat and her pretty face would have been a serious attraction even if her figure hadn’t been all that it was.

We had never done anything sexual together, but I had recently become bold in groping her on the school bus ride home. The first time had been no more than a quick grab-n-go, my first contact with a real breast. She didn’t protest and my exploits grew, both in intensity and in frequency. It became a daily routine that I had my “feel” of her soft woman flesh and often used these experiences to bring myself to climax. I never expected the games we were playing to go beyond my roaming around her boobs, but accidently discovered that she loved to read erotic stories as much as I did.

I had lifted a couple of sex novels from one of my dad’s employee’s truck, and made the awesome discovery of how satisfying it was to get off while reading about things I couldn’t have imagined otherwise. My little sister discovered these while snooping in my room, and had shared them with Della. When I found out about this, I was able to begin exchanging reading materials, and by extension, sexual fantasy with her. As a result, my groping was more intense and our banter more open. Penthouse Forum was a favorite, but I was also able to acquire several of the sex novels from different sources that summer.

I had only felt Della’s tits inside her shirts, but had never seen them. She wore loose fitting blouses a lot, and often wore tube tops beneath instead of a bra. Toward the end of that school-year, she took the jeans she frequently wore and cut them off short enough that the front pockets were visible below the hem, and the mid-seam folded neatly into a really sexy camel toe.

David, Della, and I had gotten together to exchange reading materials. David was our prime source for Penthouse, although I was never sure where he got them. The things we read had always been taken back to our own private sessions, and we had never really shared details about what we did while we were alone, although I’m sure the others used all possibilities in their individual fantasies, as did I.

The magazines were exchanged with shy grins, and eager, if unspoken expectations. Knowing what each of us were about to do caused our arousal to be heightened on this occasion, and David and I both fondled Della’s titties and grabbed playfully at her pretty ass.

I reached up at one point and quickly pulled the tube-top down revealing her right breast and fondled her in plain view for the very first time. I allowed by forefinger and thumb to encircle the pink nipple and pinched and gently pulled at it for a couple of seconds. The areola was the size of half dollar and slightly lighter in color then her now aroused little bud. What began as a look of amazed delight, slowly changed to shock as Della fully realized the she was exposed and that I was touching her naked breast. Embarrassed, she quickly pulled the top back over herself and gave me a look that told me we had just reached a new threshold in our play.

This sobered our behavior a little, and suddenly, the three of us sat down on the curb together almost is if on cue. We lived in a very rural area, and the only street light in sight was on David’s parent’s property. We were just near enough to it that we could see plainly, but it would have been impossible for anyone from any of our homes to have noticed us there on the side of the road. Della sat between David and I, and we all just kind of looked at each other for a bit before anything else was said.

I broke the awkward silence by asking David, “So, we know she’s not wearing a bra, do you think she has on panties?”

Della didn’t say anything but looked at us with an impish smile. David and I both reached over and began to fondle her tits again through her top. She offered no resistance. I told David half-jokingly, “Why don’t you hold her arms behind her and I’ll see if we can find out what she doesn’t have on.”

She offered no resistance to this suggestion either, but I noticed that her breathing was becoming heavier, and not as a result of our feigned wrestling. David rolled on his side toward her and pulled on her shoulders. She lay back against him while he pretended to be struggling to hold her in place. I first reached up and pulled the tube top completely off both her breasts and down to just above her navel. She acted as if she wanted to cover herself, but made no effective effort to do so. The coy way she grinned and giggled was a real turn on and my cock swelled within the confines of my jeans. While David continued to “hold” her down, her left leg was positioned against his cock and it was obvious she could feel his bulge by the way she was rubbing against him.

The urge to taste her nipples suddenly overwhelmed me and I leaned forward and gently took the right one in my lips. She drew a quick breath and shivered slightly at this contact and it was only a couple of seconds before she began to squeeze her legs together and gently rock her hips from side to side. I made small circles around her nipple with my tongue and reached over to her left breast and fondled it as well. This first experience was far more exciting than I could have ever imagined. Soft mewing sounds began to flow from Della’s lips and I looked over to see that David had his hand inside his shorts slowing stroking his fully erect member.

The expression on Della’s face had transformed into wanton lust and she licked her lips and her breathing became rapid and shallow. I raised up on my knees beside her and she looked into my eyes briefly before noticing David’s ministrations to his still covered cock. She licked her lips deliciously and swallowed, an instant inspiration to my next actions.

I unzipped my jeans allowing my seven inch cock to spring upward, released from the tight confines at last. I pulled my pants down as far as possible in my crouched position and leaned forward toward Della’s parting lips. She quickly ran her tongue across her lips and the moisture caused her pretty mouth to glisten in the dim light. None of this was rushed or hurried, even with the flaming passion of desire all of us were feeling. When I felt the first contact of her lips with the engorged head of my cock, it caused that familiar heated burn in my groin to surface but I forced myself to push back the urge to cum so quickly. My hips rocked forward gently and Della drew me into her mouth, taking most of my cock in that first push forward. The feeling of that moment was so intense my mind reeled trying to comprehend all the sensations that shot through me so quickly.

My foreskin barley covers the end of my cock, and Della’s tongue made full contact on my glans each time she drew herself away and then gently engulfed my throbbing meat again. We fell into a rhythmic motion, she moving in time with the slight thrust of my hips. I opened my eyes and looked over to see that David had completely removed his shorts and knelt on the other side of us jacking himself in pure abandon, the head of his circumcised cock a blur inside his tightly closed fist.

With my cock engulfed inside the sucking, velvety confines of Della’s amazingly talented mouth, I slide my right hand down and cupped her still clothed pussy. Her cutoff shorts were drenched and it was only then that I noticed the aroma of our teenaged excitement mixed with the sweet smell of the alfalfa field where we lay. My senses were so overwhelmed my mind was spinning to draw it all in.

David had been pounding his rod for a couple of minutes and began to groan in deep guttural tones. Della turned her eyes toward him but never missed a beat with her attentions to my cock. As thick spurts of milky cum shot across from David’s still rhythmic jerking and landed on Della’s exposed tits, I lost control and felt my own eruption swell from the base of my cock and enter Della’s still sucking mouth. She began to swallow my seed as quickly as she could, but I don’t think I’ve ever cum that much at any other time in my life. Her efforts, while noble, were in vain and thin ribbons of my cum, mixed with her saliva escaped her lips and ran down her chin, dripping onto her chest to mix with the drops deposited there by David only seconds before. Still clinging to my cock snugly with her lips, Della withdrew her mouth, wiping most of my ejaculate from the slightly softening head of my cock.

Her eyes rolled dreamily and she reached up and softly squeezed my cock, giving it another little kiss on the tip. She licked her lips tasting me again and smiled sweetly as she raised her hand and wiped the remains of my spunk from her chin.

I don’t think David’s erection ever subsided and his cock continued to throb with his rapidly beating pulse as he watched Della’s finish to my first ever blow-job. Droplets of his cum still glistened from the slit at the end of his dick. Della released her hand from my cock and licking her lips again, reached behind David’s bare ass and urged him forward toward her eager mouth with her hand.

On this night of many firsts, I decided to learn if she really were wearing any panties. I positioned myself on my knees between her thighs after kicking out of my jeans. I pulled my tee-shirt over my head and dropped it beside us on top of my shoes and pants. Now fully naked myself, I reached for the snap on Della’s shorts and slipped the tips of my fingers beneath the band. At this touch, she arched her back upward and toward me, a signal that my intentions would not be resisted. She had told me that her older brother had broken through her maiden head when she was barely five with his finger. Other than that one instance of violation, she had never had intercourse and was technically in my thinking, a virgin.

I eased my fingers further into the waistband of her shorts and with my thumb reached across and unsnapped the lock that held the waiting treasure within. I pulled the two edges of her shorts apart and with only slight resistance from the fly, felt the doorway to her delights begin to open. To my utter joy, there were no panties below. Her neatly trimmed little bush came into my view, and I cursed the luck of it being so hard to see in the darkness around us. I paused disrobing her long enough to run my thumbs across the silky smoothness of that small landing strip and felt the thrusts of her hips beneath my hands. I continued to gently tug at her shorts as she raised her hips to accommodate the task. Her mons was slightly puffy and the slit below was dripping with her fluids, the lips on either side glistening in the dim light.

Instinctively, I lowered my face toward the sights and smells of her sex and inhaled deeply the sweet fragrance of her. Though I had never gone done on a girl, I was well informed in the concept from our ample erotic reading. I extended my tongue and lowered myself far enough to begin at the very bottom of her slit and moved upward toward her clit deliberately extracting as much of her gushing fluid as I could. Della moaned audibly around David’s cock as she continued to suckle him. I parted her lips with my thumbs and gained better access to the nectar she abundantly produced within. I had never tasting anything so exotic in my life, and felt I could never get enough of her; she was sweet and salty and perfect.

I probed as deeply as I could into the recesses and folds of her labia, penetrating her and feeling a smooth silkiness I hadn’t believed possible before that moment. By her responses to my tonguing, I knew that she was ready to explode. I focused my attention to the small button that was her clit, using varying pressure and speed, circling at first, then lapping from top to bottom, then circling again. Her legs began to tremble around me, and she thrust her hips repeatedly into my face. With one hand she grabbed my hair and ground my face into her crotch, while she continued to jack David’s cock with the other. As the vibrations of her orgasm increased in tempo, I thought she’d drown me in her pussy as she tightly pulled my face into her. She rocked and bucked her hips and began to thrash violently. She released David’s cock and used her other hand on the back of my head as well. As David began to cum his cock fell from her mouth and spurt after spurt of his seed sprayed across Della’s exposed breasts and throat. He jacked himself, grunting with each glob of cum that he shot.

Della stifled her screams even as her moans were loud enough that my dog began to bark back at my house. “Now – I want you inside me now, put that cock inside my pussy now,” she said through teeth clenched in urgency. I wasted no time complying with her plea. I placed the head of my throbbing cock against the parted lips of her pussy and in one smooth thrust found myself buried to the hilt inside paradise. The warmth and texture I felt was better than any fantasy could duplicate, and my senses exploded in pure ecstacy.

Though she had never had a cock, Della began immediately to thrust her hips upward and placed her hands on my bare ass, pulling me as deeply inside her cunt as I could possibly go. I felt the swollen nob of my cock slide to the fringes of her entrance, then felt the slight pop as it slid again into the inner sanctum of her womb. The slapping of our flesh smacked loudly into the night, and the flush and sweat of our sex made us truly one flesh. The volcano I knew was cumming began to build in my scrotum, tingled through my sphincter, and drew a burning heat from every point in my body. Della continued to buck against me, her face flushed and intense with passion. She began to shake and writhe, no longer aware of anything except for the orgasm that shook her being to the core.

Her scream began as a whimper and crescendoed, gaining in intensity and volume. “Yes, yes, I’m cumming, I’m cumming on your cock, give it to me baby, give me your cum. Oh, cum with me baby!!!” she screamed as both of us released together. I felt my sperm shooting hotly into her depths, felt the heat of it wash back over my already inflamed cock, even as I felt gush after gush of her juices as she squirted violently against my pelvic bone.

Completely spent, I collapsed onto her firm tits and felt David’s cum against my face. The feel of her breasts against my bare chest something I hadn’t realized in the frenzy of our just finished fuck. With his sticky milk coating the side of my face I turned to see where David had gone. He stood between our legs and rapidly pounded his cock bringing himself to a third orgasm. He shot just as I turned and thick ropes of his young spunk shot from his cock and landed warmly on the small of my back, flowing downward into the crack of my ass. I was a little surprised at my reaction. Instead of being appalled, I found myself somehow aroused at the sight of his cock releasing the hot wad onto my skin.

He smiled apologetically and I swatted playfully at his cock and said, “What’s up dude?”

Della was recovering from the intensity of our romp and I raised myself enough that my cock plopped from her completely drenched snatch. I raised to my knees and pulled Della into a sitting position. She looked at the sperm smeared along the side of my face and began to laugh. As she turned and looked toward her house, she saw her mom’s car pulling out of the drive. A look of horror flashed across her face as all of us realized there was no place to hide. David still wore his shirt, now unbuttoned and hanging loosely from his shoulders. I quickly tossed him his shorts and told him to get them on and go stand on the other side of the road, hoping that when the car drove past, any eyes would be focused on him standing there.

It worked. As Della’s mom drove up, she stopped and asked David if he knew where Della was. To his credit, David didn’t even look toward us as he responded, “She passed by a little while ago and said she was going home.”

“Well, if you see her again, tell her that I had to run to the store and not to be out too late,” her mom replied.

Knowing this would provide at least twenty-minutes time, we all walked naked to Della’s house and rinsed the sex from our bodies with the garden hose. Della coyly douched her snatch as we watched. We all knew that this night of beginnings would be etched into our minds for the rest of our lives. I could only imagine where our exploits would take us next as I walked slowing back to my house.


2010-06-30 11:07:03
The story is quite arousing and I thought he should have tasted David's cum an when they went back to the house....experimented in the art of snowballing. Overall Well Done!


2010-06-30 10:56:37
The story is quite arousing and I thought he should have tasted David's cum an when they went back to the house....experimented in the art of snowballing. Overall Well Done!

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2010-06-29 13:27:14
Amazing. Please keep writing

Anonymous readerReport

2010-06-29 01:31:44
Awesome story and sounds too true to make up but if it's made up then it is one awesome read.


2010-06-29 01:20:09
what a story. My story is too close to this. Im working on my storys. to cum soon.

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