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In this true story, you'll find out what my first cardate was like
Hi there.
I'm a young guy, addicted to cum. If I may, I would like to lay a little story on you. It's about the first time I went on a sexdate with a man I had met in a chat room. This is not a fantasy, but a true story.

I had frequented the chat room a lot before I met the guy. I have a thing for toys and I like to show off a bit on cam. That Tuesday afternoon I didn't get far though. I was warming up with a small vibrating butt plug while chatting with a few guys. One of them couldn't receive, two of them were together and looking for a third but a long way away, and then there was Date. He wanted a cardate. I didn't know what it was, but I could guess. I never really liked doing it in public, but at the same time couldn't resist the thrill. Date didn't have a cam and wanted to meet to get a blowjob. He wanted my phone number to arrange a date. I was so horny by now, I couldn't think straight and just did it. We set our boundaries at me sucking him of, arranged a place and time for the pickup and that was that.
I was dizzy with anticipation, lust, and the thought "holy crap, what am I getting myself in to". This guy was going to pick me up in his car. If he wanted to, he could do whatever he wanted with me. I had chosen a crossroads where he could pick me up, and a few minutes before the agreed time a grey Volkswagen pulled over next to me. I didn't say a word, stepped in and felt like a cheap whore. He took turns into ever smaller roads as we were very busy not trying to spook each other, we didn't look at each other's faces. Nevertheless, I saw him sneaking peaks through the suspiciously maladjusted rear view mirror, when I was trying to spot the face of the man whose dick I would be tasting soon. We rolled into a deserted grass/dirt road, while I was having horrid yet arousing fantasies of being a sex-crazed maniac's captive human fuck toy. These thoughts were soon replaced by practical issues, as I had never done this in a car before, and by fear of getting caught. We reached an abandoned place in the bushes, and the man casually parked the car and slid his seat all the way back, while stripping of his jeans and boxers. He did all this in one fluent motion and I was completely flabbergasted. I heard his voice: "first time huh?" he smiled. I found some support for my elbow, and leaned onto his lap.
His pubic hair was shaven to unveil the full might of his weapon. His bald cock was not hard yet, and I gently held it and lifted it. I slowly opened my mouth, stuck out my tongue, and gently licked his balls. Slowly I worked my way up until I reached the tip of his cock. I wrapped my lips around it and slowly took in just the head. I felt his heart beating through his growing dick as I let my tongue swirl while gently sucking. He moaned. I stroked his shaft softly while I began to suck in more and more. It didn't have to go deep before my mouth felt very full. Still, I kept going, minding my teeth. When I was just about half way down, I slid back up, my tongue licking the hard wet shaft of his member. I didn't take it all out, but went down again, sucking him faster and harder, still stroking the base of his dick.
I looked at him. He looked into my eyes through his glasses. He had a grin on his otherwise relaxed face. I caressed his thigh and slid my hand over his chest as I tried to take him deeper. His rock hard cock poked at the back of my mouth until it found its way down my throat. I gagged, slid back up but kept his dick in my mouth, and went back down. I could tell he enjoyed the deepthroating as well and it became less difficult soon. When I took his cock out, thick juicy threads of saliva mixed with precum connected his cock and my mouth. Totally oblivious of the world around me, I looked at him. He was obviously excited by this nasty display, so I slurped up the juices and immediately took his dick in all the way, my tongue licking his balls. I let go a bit and pushed myself down again. My throat made the most filthy noises as that big, hot, hard cock violated it so ruthlessly. I was out of breath, so I throated his dick a few more times before taking it out. I stroked his cock fast as I held the head against my wet tongue. I could really taste his precum now. He said: "do you swallow?". "Yeah", I replied, and knowing it wouldn't be long before he would come I took the head into my mouth and rolled my tongue around it. I stroked the base rapidly and sucked with quick intervals, so my tight lips kept sliding over the edge of the head of this great dick. I looked the stranger in the eyes and felt his member swelling, growing even more hard. He let out a loud moan as he shot his bitter-salty load in my mouth. The second spurt went all the way to the back of my mouth and I grabbed his shaking buns and pushed his cumming cock down my throat. I felt him pulsate against my tongue. I went back up so I could feel his last bursts of cumming ooze against my tongue. When he was done, I grabbed his dick and opened my mouth, to show him what I had collected. A lot of the cum had gone down when I deepthroated , but I still had a nice load in my mouth. I played with it before I swallowed it all. I gently squeezed his shaft and moved my hand up to collect the last drop of his cum on top of the head of his penis. I licked it up slowly with the tip of my tongue and felt a tingling sensation all over my mouth. I got up, sour from being in the same uncomfortable position for so long, and fastened my seatbelt. I was suddenly terrified of getting caught and cleaned up my messy face. The man took the hint, zipped up and adjusted his seat. "That was great", he said. I agreed and we drove back without saying a thing. As I got out of his car I said goodbye. He thanked me and slowly drove away.
I have never seen that mysterious stranger again, I don't know who he is and I will never find out. It was one of the hottest things I have ever done, and if I ever run into him again, we're in for a lot more steamy dirty sex. I certainly look for him every time I'm in that chatroom...

Well, that's the story. I hope you enjoyed it. As I am new to writing my memoirs, I would certainly appreciate your honest opinion and tips. Greetings and thanks for reading!

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2014-01-30 17:17:09
K8MVYr I really enjoy the article post.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on...

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2013-10-24 19:31:21
F29XJx Thanks again for the article post.Much thanks again. Will read on...

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2010-06-28 22:44:39
great story! real hot! love the extra detail! im so horny! lol


2010-06-28 22:39:15
enjoyed your story very much


2010-06-28 01:42:34
Eyes bleediing...can't see...GAH! Seriously, we need paragraph breaks, text crowded together on a monitor is really rough on your eyes. Also, please don't refer to a cock as a "weapon", lol.

However, other than that, a very hot, dirty little story. Thumbs up.

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