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I teased my teacher and learned my lesson
I was always the girl who payed more attention to my friends and boys than school. I didn't have a boyfriend, I had many. I let guys feel me up and they would buy me things, take me places and follow me around like puppy dogs. I have to admit I was a bit of a bitch but I was hot so people put up with me. I was 5'5 and very petite with a big personality. I had brown hair with blonde highlights, it went halfway down my back. My eyes were green and I had big pouty lips. My skin was tan and smooth. I had been told I had great tits and a great ass. Personally I loved the way my 32 D tits looked. They were always peaking out of my shirt. I had no shame in showing off my fit body. I wore the shortest skirts I could get away with in school. I was always in trouble for showing off my tiny tummy. I didn't give much thought to my grades or how I acted towards my teachers. I knew I teased the hell out of my classmates but I had never realized the attention I received from my male teachers.

I had a hot young english teacher, Mr. Lewis. He was fresh out of college. One day I was wearing a short skirt as usual and I was bored so I decided to see what kind of reaction I could get from him. I opened my legs enough to give him a peak of my purple thong under my short black skirt. He walked around the classroom talking about, well to be honest I wasn't listening. His eyes went from my black pumps, up my tan legs and up to my purple thong. He paused like he forgot what he was saying. He continued after a second and I crossed my legs and his eyes met mine. I put my pen to my lips and he continued to move around the room. Ocassionally he would look at me and I'd run my fingers along the top of my low cut purple shirt. You could see my lacey black bra peaking out of the top. I could see his cock harden in his pants and that's when he took a seat at his desk. To my surprise teasing the hell out of this man was getting me soo horny!

I went home and pulled off my shirt, I reached back and unhooked my bra, letting it fall to the floor. I slipped off my skirt and laid on my bed with my purple thong still on. I put my hand over my thong and rubbed it against my pussy. It turned me on to feel how wet I was and how soaked my thong had gotten. I slid it to the side and let my fingers wonder to my clit. I rubbed my clit up and down and lightly pinched it. I put my thong back over my pussy and grabbed my little pink vibrator. I slid it along my nipples, getting them nice and hard. I slid it down my stomach to my pussy. I pushed it against my clit through my thong. I moaned and began to rub it faster. I pinched my nipples and began to grind my pussy against my vibrator. I started to imagine I was in class with Mr. Lewis. He sat me on his desk and spread my legs. He kissed down my neck, ripped off my shirt and massaged my tits. I moaned and started rubbing my pussy faster. He bit my nipples and his hand found its way to my pussy. I was moaning louder twisting my nipples. He put his hand over my pussy and began to rub it. He pulled aside my thong and stuck two fingers in my wet pussy. That took me over the edge, my legs started shaking and my cum gushed onto my purple thong. I took it off and fell asleep satisfied.

The next day I took extra time getting ready. I did my hair and makeup and tried to decide which outfit would torture him the most. I finally chose a low cut white shirt that showed off my tummy and tits. I went without a bra so you could see a little of the color of my nipples through it. I put on a short jean skirt and a white silky thong. I threw on some white wedge sandals. I walked into his class ready to tease the hell out of him. I sat up front and waited for him to walk in. I think he was surprised I was already in class and actually being quiet but I was ready to go. He looked at my face and started to look at my outfit. His eyes widened when he realized you could see my nipples through my shirt. He took a minute but finally he took his eyes off my chest. He didn't even try to walk around the classroom. He went straight to his desk and sat down. He began his lecture and I opened my legs. I stretched my arms and legs. He glanced over at me and he started getting ancy when he looked down to my hard nipples pushing against the fabric of my tight white shirt. His eyes moved further down to my flat exposed tummy and even further down to my spread legs. My white thong was peaking out from under my skirt and I could feel myself get wet just knowing his eyes were on my hot little pussy. He quickly looked away and I had to smile. I loved what I was doing to him.

For the next few days teasing him during the day got me off at night. I wondered just how far I could take this. A few days later I wore a see through black thong, a short white skirt that you could see the thong through. I wore a black bra and red tank top. I wait until I knew he was right about to walk into the room and I bent over his desk. My skirt rode up and my ass and thong were peaking out. I stuck it out far enough that he'd have to squeeze past my ass. I smiled as I felt his semi-hard dick push against my ass. He took his seat and I took mine. He announced a pop quiz. Everyones heads were down so I kept my legs spread through the entire class. He had a hard time taking his eyes off of my wet pussy. Halfway through class I slid my thong to the side of my pussy. I opened my pussy lips a little letting him see how wet this was getting me. I smiled when I saw his arm moving, like he was playing with his hard cock. I could feel my pussy get even more wet at the thought. I rubbed my fingers up and down my pussy lips and up to my clit. His arm moved faster and I pushed my fingers into my pussy. I pulled them out and licked the juices off of my fingers.

The bell rang for lunch and I got up and walked out. I went to the bathroom and slid off my dripping wet thong. I put it in my purse and found my way back to his classroom. He was out to lunch so I pulled my thong out of my purse and put it in his top drawer. A few classes later I was in the hall by his room and he pulled me aside. "Hey Amanda, can I see you in my classroom after school?" "Um, sure" I said, trying to hide my excitement. I anticipated for the bell to ring. I went to my locker and put my books away and went to the bathroom to check my hair and makeup. I made sure the halls were pretty clear and made my way to his classroom. I walked in and sat on top of my desk. He walked in a few seconds later and closed the blinds and locked the door. He sat on top of his desk and pulled my thong out of his pocket and asked, "Did you leave this in my desk Amanda?". "What do you think" I asked smiling at him. "Well these look like the pair you were wearing earlier, so I'm assuming that they are" "I guess there's only one way to find out" I said opening my legs giving him a view of my bare wet pussy. He took a breath in and took me by the hand and pulled me ontop of his desk. He brought my thong to his face and said "You have been teasing me for the past two weeks and at first I thought you were being a tease but now that I've smelled your sweetness and felt how wet this gets you, I need more."

He took my thong and shoved it into my mouth, gagging me. He pushed me onto my back and I gasped. He tore my tank top off along with my bra. He pinched my nipples and said "That day you didn't wear a bra, I fantasized about you all night". He licked my nipples and massaged my tits. He pulled off my skirt, breaking the button in the process. He continued playing with my tits and I could feel his hard dick pressing against my pussy through his pants. I reached down and started to unbuckle his belt. He grabbed my wrists and pushed them above my head. "You've had your chance to tease me, now its my turn" he said taking my bra and tying it around my wrists. His fingers made their way from my tits down my stomach and to my legs. He slid them down to my knees and back up to my hips avoiding my dripping pussy. I thrust my hips up trying to get his hands to touch my aching pussy. He bit each of my hips and nippled down my thighs and licks back up. You could hear my muffled moans as I move my hips up and down. He licks the sides of my pussy making his way to my pussy lips. He licks my pussy lips up and down making me moan and jump. His tongue finds my clit and he licks it up and down. I moan loud and his fingers find my dripping hole. He puts one finger in sliding it in and out. He put in a second and his fingertips start to rub against my g-spot. My breathing becomes faster. He licks faster fingering my pussy harder. I'm so close to cumming my legs start shaking my pussy starts to tense and he pulls away before I cum. I groan and he laughs asking "Did you think I'd let you cum that fast after how much you've teased me?".

He lowered his head back down and blows on my clit. He reaches his hands up and rolls my nipples in between his fingers. Running his fingers in circles around them. He slowly licks my clit and I jump. It's still so sensitive. He moves his tongue back and forth from my clit to my pussy and he slides his tongue in my wet slit. He moves it in and out of my pussy tongue fucking me. He starts to rub my clit with his thumb. My breathing becomes harder. I want so badly to cum. I try to control myself and pretend like I'm not going to cum just so I can get off. I try to control my shaking legs and moaning through my gagged mouth. I can feel my pussy start to tense as he rubs my clit faster. I'm ready to explode when he pulls away. "Not just yet Amanda, not yet" He says while unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. He pulled out his cock and rubbed it up and down my pussy lips. He rubbed the head of his dick up and down my swollen clit making my legs shake. He put it to the entrance of my wet cunt and slammed it in. I screamed and he pulled it back out. As painful as it was he felt amazing and I couldn't have been any more wet or turned on. He rubbed it along my clit again.

He took out my gag and turned me on my side with my ass hanging off of his desk. He put one of my legs on his shoulder and let the other hang off the desk. He slid his hard cock in and out of my pussy. He put one hand on my tit and the other on my ass. This position felt amazing. The head of his dick rubbed against my g-spot. He fucked me hard and slapped my ass over and over, pounding my tight pussy. He takes his hand off of my tit and his fingers found my clit. He rubs it up and down while thrusting his dick deep in me. I start grabbing the edge of the table and screaming. My pussy grips every inch of his big thick cock and I can feel my cum building up. I let out one big scream and he pulled out and laughs. I groan. "Come on! Please let me cum already!". He waits for my breathing to slow and then slides it back in slowly. Moving it in and out of me, my pussy juices dripping onto his dick.

He pulls me off of the desk and bends me over it. He untied my hands from above my head and he tied them behind my back. He grabbed a handful of my hair and slid his dick back into my tight pussy. He started fucking me hard. He reached around and pinched my clit. My knees got weak and I rested on the desk. My whole body shook uncontrollably as the biggest orgasm of my life took over my body. I screamed, I moaned and I made animalistic groan. His hand covered my mouth as my cum squirted onto his dick, down my thighs and onto his desk. I collapsed and he continued to fuck my pussy. He grunted because my pussy was swollen from my cumming. I was so tight I was in heaven feeling his huge cock invade my swollen wet pussy. He grabbed ahold of my bra that was restraining my wrists. He held onto it as he shoved himself in and out of me. He fucked me faster and faster until he pulled out and his cum shot out onto my ass and dripped down onto my pussy lips. I dressed myself and went home. Mr. Lewis transferred schools soon after but that was the best fuck of my life. The memories kept my fantasies for teachers alive through high school and even my college years.

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2015-03-28 09:46:52
Wow...great story,turned me on

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2014-04-10 06:57:55
It is amazing but unfortunately it didn't turned me on.
Also, the teacher is very wild and I like it.

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2013-12-05 06:54:00
haha jk this story was amazing!

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im reporting this to the police

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i am 13 and this story made me want to tease my teacher

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