Jason Renin was considered to be a medical anomaly, to science. A freak to others.
“Wow! Amy, you have an amazing body!” Jason exclaimed.

It wasn’t entirely true, she did have a very nice body, but it wasn’t his type. She was slender (Jason did like that), but she was flat chested and had no ass to speak of. Jason had always liked his boobs big and his butts round. Nevertheless, he wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to bang Amy. His arousal grew and grew as she slowly slid her black, silk g-string down. Jason could now see the top of her pussy hair and it was clear that she kept it trimmed, but then she abruptly yanked her thong back up. When Jason raised his eyes to her face, she was shaking it side to side.

“Not yet,’ She teased, wagging her finger at Jason, ‘if you want to see mine, you’ll have to show me yours first.”

Damn, Jason thought, I was so close. Oh well here goes. With that Jason pulled his pants down and revealed himself to Amy. Nothing moved; Jason felt as even time had stopped completely. Finally, Amy reacted.

“Oh my God! You’re a freak!” She recoiled from Jason stumbling back onto her bed. “D-don’t come near me! Get the hell out of my house!”

Jason quickly pulled his pants back up, put on his shirt, and drove away from the house. His disappointment was obvious. Jason Renin was a 23 year old virgin, who had just lost the one girl he thought could get past his condition. But, like all the others, she was repulsed by his “defect”. Jason was an average 23 year old; he had recently graduated from college and was deciding what to do next with his life. He was a respectable 6’0 tall, 160lbs, in very good shape, and handsome (not a total hunk, but would get the occasional double take). Frankly, he was a normal guy aside from his condition. When he was born the Doctors referred to him as a medical anomaly, Jason thought the idea of him being an anomaly was cool, until he started becoming intimate with girls. Now he wasn’t an anomaly, he was simply a freak.

After a pity/rage-filled 25 minutes, Jason pulled his ’97 Camry into his family’s driveway. The house was very nice, but also modest, although, the house was nicely secluded in the woods. Despite his Father’s unbelievable success in the financial world, the family lived moderately. Mr. Renin never believed that the family needed to flaunt their wealth and, thus, the kids never felt the need either. As Jason pulled in he was surprised to see his little sister’s car in the driveway; she was supposed to be out all day with friends. Maybe they cancelled, Jason thought. He knew his parents weren’t at home and wouldn’t be for several nights. They had decided to spend the weekend and following week in the family house on Cape Cod. This left Jason and his little sister, Erika, fending for themselves. Jason was unhappy and muttered irritably his breath; he really didn’t want to talk to anybody right now. He composed himself, put on his best face and stepped out of his car.

As Jason walked along the porch he spotted his sister inside. She was dancing to Lady Gaga while making a sandwich. She had her hands on the counter and was shaking her butt in time to the music. Erika’s wardrobe wasn’t leaving much to the imagination; she was only wearing a tiny blue bikini that one of her exes had bought her years ago. It clung to all the right places, showing off her long tanned legs, firm bubble butt, and ample cleavage/side boob. Jason could feel something stirring in his pants. He had never been shy to acknowledge that his little sister had it going on, she stood 5’6, 115lbs, with firm and large 34D’s, her face had soft smooth lines, and shoulder length brown hair. Jason was only realizing that she had everything he looked for in a woman.

“I wonder if she shaves her pussy.” Jason said quietly to himself, before disposing of the idea. “That’s my own sister I’m talking about, enough of that.” Jason shook the ideas out of his head and made his way inside.

“Erika, I’m home.” Jason yelled, after stepping in. He wanted to give her time to make herself decent, didn’t need anymore of those thoughts. Still, they continued to creep in. Even with the warning, Erika was still shaking her butt in time to the music when Jason entered the kitchen. When she saw Jason she just smiled and continued to dance until the song finished. Mercifully, the song ended and Jason’s temptations were gone for the time being. But the relief was only temporary, as Erika’s uncanny ability to tell when something was wrong kicked in.

“What’s wrong, bro? You look down.” She asked, coming over to give her big brother a hug. Jason couldn’t help but laugh.

“How do you always know? I thought I was selling this one pretty well.”

“Oh, please Jay, it’s sisterly intuition. Plus you have a simply awful poker face. Even when you think you are selling it well, you are failing miserably. So what’s up?”

Jason thought for a long moment. He and his sister had always been close, but this was something they had never talked about before. He decided to test just how close they were.

“Well, I was over at Amy’s and we had a great afternoon out,’ Jason started to retell Erika of his date with Amy, ‘and afterwards she said her parents weren’t home and that I should come in. I’m figuring we’re going to take our relationship to the next level, but just as it is about to happen she freaked out and kicked me out.”

“Whoa, okay let me take that all in. That’s strange that she would just kick you out. Did she give you a reason?”

“Not that I can think of, she literally freaked and screamed for me to get out.”

“Hmm, weird. Bro, do you mind if I ask you something?”

By now, Jason and Erika had moved to the kitchen island and were splitting the sandwich that Erika had made. If Jason hadn’t been so busy retelling his story, he would’ve noticed the naughty thoughts about his little sister creeping back in as Erika’s cleavage sat inches away from him.

“Yea, go ahead Erika.”

“You and Amy have been together for what, a year now? Was this going to be the first time you two were going to…you know? Do it?”

“Yea, well we were taking it slow, um really slow. I didn’t want to, you know, pressure her or something like that.”

“Hmm…sounds reasonable,” was Erika’s only response. She knew there was something Jason was telling her, but she wasn’t going to force the issue right now, ‘I have an idea why don’t we fire up the Wii and play some Mario Kart. I bet I whip your sorry ass.”

“Ha, oh you are on kid. You’re going to regret saying that.”

The rest of the day went off without a hitch. They played Wii for a few hours, ordered some pizza for dinner, and then watched a few hours of stand-up. They enjoyed a lot of laughs and some playful banter during Mario Kart. Finally, around 12:30 they both packed it up and went to bed. That night Jason’s dreams were filled with visions of his younger sister dancing around scantily clad. As the night progressed the dancing turned into far more erotic behavior, including stripteases; his mind made up its own idea as to what Erika’s naked body looked like. Jason barely managed to wake up before his sexy dreams became wet ones. He glanced over at the clock and it read 9:30AM. It was early, but not so early that Jason was going to go back to bed, so he forced himself up and out of bed. As Jason passed Erika’s room he was surprised to see the door open and the room empty. Sure enough, Erika was sitting at the island eating a bowl of cereal.

“Wow, you’re up early,’ Jason stated, as he poured himself some cereal, ‘not sleeping well?”

“No, I slept fine, just woke up. How’d you sleep?”

“Fine, I guess, all my dreams seemed really chaotic and fast paced. Oddly, no dreams about Amy, I guess no big loss there.” Jason responded, now digging into his own bowl of cereal.

“That’s good. You know I was thinking about what you were telling me yesterday and I have this nagging question, when you were talking about how you didn’t want to pressure Amy into anything?”

“Umm…yea, what about it?”

“Well, I couldn’t help but wondering if that was because she was nervous to have sex or if you were? Was she a virgin?”

“What? Oh, well she might have been a virgin and possibly nervous, but I wasn’t nervous I can tell you that much.” Jason said, trying his best to sound confident, hoping his sister wouldn’t see through him.

“Oh my God! You’re the virgin aren’t you?”

“Wha-I-I-Yes, I am. There is no point in trying to cover it up because you know all my tells anyway.”

“How’s that possible? You’ve had like 6 long term girlfriends.”

“It’s not what you think, okay? I know why Amy, or any of the others, didn’t want to have sex with me. It has to do with my down there situation.”

“What do you mean, Jay? Is it tiny or something.”

“No, no, nothing like that. Okay, you know how Mom always tells the story about how I originally had a twin brother in the womb.”

“Yea, and something happened to the other fetus, so to protect you both you absorbed it.”

“Right, well apparently some cells assimilated into my fetus easily, but others remained as they already were. Like how I need to get surgery when I was younger to remove excess tissue from critical parts of my body.”

“Yea, sure I remember that. Wait, are you saying what I think you are saying?”

“Well, if what you think I’m saying is that I have two fully formed and functioning cocks, then yea, I am.”

“…you must be bullshitting me. You’re putting me on.”

“You know I can’t lie, it’s the absolute truth.”

“You have to show me, I won’t believe you any other way.”

Jason, seeing no other way out of this, stood up and pulled down his shorts. When both his members came into view there was a sharp intake of air from Erika. Jason was surprised when he looked up not to see disgust like all the other girls had shown, but rather curiosity on Erika’s face. It’s not every day that a girl sees two 7.5 inch cocks both on the same guy. Erika’s pussy had been tingling, but now that she was seeing this with her own eyes, her pussy was getting wet and fast. Despite that, she was struggling to find words to say. Jason figured his sister was disgusted and began to pull his shorts back up. Erika’s hand shot out to stop him from hiding this tremendous gift.

“Wait! Don’t put it away just yet.” She begged. Jason complied, letting his shorts drop again. Erika continued for many minutes to stare in amazement. After what felt like an hour, she finally spoke again.

“Jay, how could anyone think you are a freak? You have a marvelous gift here.”

“Well, I think you are biased, because you’re my sibling. I think it’s just terrifying to most girls.”

“I can’t believe that. I…I think it’s kind of sexy!” Erika quickly realized what she had just said and clamped her hands over her mouth. Jason couldn’t believe his own ears.

“What? You really like it? I mean Amy freaked; and not just Amy. Jessica, Crystal, and Katie all called me a freak or worse.”

“I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but yea, I find it sexy and I’m like hypnotized by it. Can…can I touch it or, um, them rather?”

“Well…’ Jason was thinking how badly he wanted his sister to touch it, but he didn’t want to come off as desperate, ‘if you really want to I guess you could.”

Erika’s hands darted out and wrapped around both of his cocks. She squeezed both simultaneously, as if to test that they were both real. She weighed both in her hands, switched hands, and measured both out, still trying to decipher if one was a fake. Eventually, her curious examination had unconsciously turned into stroking both cocks. Erika didn’t realize just what she was doing until Jason groaned in pleasure. Jason was standing with his eyes closed enjoying his sister’s “handy” work. Erika was torn between stopping and letting her brother finish. Secretly, she wasn’t torn because she was curious to see what dual cocks would look like erupting. Soon Jason, rapidly approaching his orgasm, pulled away from the amazing job his sister was doing. Erika looked at Jason with innocent eyes.

“Oh, jeez, Jason how long was I doing that for?” She asked, pretending not to realize.

“Almost too long.” Jason replied, bluntly. “What do you think now?”

“I stand by what I said, you’re not a freak. You’re a God-send. Amy was a fool to give up what you have. Trust me, eventually some girl is going to be addicted to what you have.”

“I hope so Erika, I really hope so. Anyways, I got an idea, how about we get our swim stuff on and go for a dip in the pool?” Jason suggested, trying to ease into something else.

“Sure, let’s go!” Erika perkily replied. She popped off her seat, put both their dishes away, grabbed Jason’s hand and led them upstairs. Jason was happy that nothing seemed to have changed, despite what had just happened and he thoroughly enjoyed the view of Erika’s ass on the stairs. She stopped by her room and squeezed Jason into a tight hug,

“You could never be a freak to me, Jay.” She said, with complete sincerity. Jason bent his head down and kissed his sister on the top of her head.

“Thanks Erika, that means a lot to me.”

Erika released her brother and walked into her room. Jason smiled to himself and made his way down the hallway to his room. Little did he know that Erika’s panties had soaked completely through from all the action downstairs; and also that she couldn’t stop thinking about his cocks. Erika had always been a bit of a freak in the bed and most of her boyfriends had been unable to fulfill her desire. But Jason, she thought, he can do me just the way I like. Erika quickly dug through her dresser to find her skimpiest bikini. This was another one that her ex boyfriend, Matt, had bought her, which nobody had seen (not even Matt). He had bought it for her from a stripper website. It was a white bikini with tiny triangle tops and a thong back. Erika checked herself out in the mirror. Wow, she thought, I look damn good! Her generous tits were threatening to spill out and she adjusted the top so that it barely covered her dark brown nipples. She checked out her ass and decided to pull her thong up a little higher; when she turned back around she was sporting an impressive camel toe. She even went as far as to remove what little padding there was from inside the bikini bra, so that her nipples would be even more pronounced.

“There is absolutely no way Jason will be able to resist this.” Erika stated proudly. She stayed in her room admiring her own body until Jason knocked on the door,

“Erika? Are you ready?”

“Um…almost. Why don’t you head out and I’ll be right out.”

Erika waited until she could see Jason out by the pool and then got her stuff ready to seduce Jason. She squirted just a bit of baby oil on her chest, stomach, and ass to give her body an irresistible shine. When she was completely satisfied with her appearance she headed downstairs and out to the pool. Jason had his back to the house and was about to dive in the pool; so Erika quietly made her way out of the house and, while Jason was still underwater, she got settled into a lounge chair. Jason finally popped up on the other end of the pool and, without looking around for his sister, flopped onto his back and swam lazily towards the near end of the pool. Once he reached the near end he rolled over to grab the wall, but stopped mid-stroke once he saw his sexy sister splayed out on one of the chairs. Erika was very happy that she had worn her mirrored sunglasses that way Jason didn’t know her eyes were watching his as he ogled her body.

After Jason had taken it all in, he flicked some water in Erika’s direction. She pulled her sunglasses down and pretended that she had had her eyes shut the whole time.

“What?” Erika asked very innocently.

“You’re not going to sunbathe all day, are you? Why don’t you come in? The water’s perfect.”

“I guess a quick swim would do me good.”

With that Erika stood up and daintily strode into the shallow end of the pool and quickly ducked under the water. When she resurfaced she happily noted that her nipples were clearly visibly through the fabric and were rock hard from all the excitement. She was sure Jason was well aware of them too. Still, Jason was keeping his distance, so Erika decided to get closer to him. She knew that Jason was competitive and would do anything to beat her in a race, so she challenged him to one. The first couple races were really close, but then Erika cheated and took off early. Jason dove after her, and seeing no other way to win, grabbed her ankle and held her back. This quickly changed things from racing to a bit of water wrestling. He had played right into Erika’s plan.

Erika feigned trying to escape all while rubbing her ass up against Jason’s crotch. She could feel his cocks getting harder and as they did, she noticed that his hands brushed over her nipples more and more. In no time, Erika had both of Jason’s cocks rock hard and she continued to grind her ass back into it. Jason realized that he was grinding back into Erika’s firm bubble butt and eased his grip on her. This gave Erika just enough time to whip around and pin Jason against the wall of the pool. Perfect, she thought. She wrapped her legs around his waist, planting her crotch securely against his dual erections, and pushed him up against the pool wall. Her huge tits were pressed firmly into Jason’s chest and were unbelievably close to popping out.

“What are you doing Erika?” Jason asked, although he was fairly certain he knew the answer.

“Showing you how great you can be Jay.” Erika responded.

She leaned forward and kissed Jason on the lips. He knew he shouldn’t be doing this, but his lust was out of control. It didn’t take long before their tongues were wildly intertwined and Jason’s hands were groping Erika’s sweet ass. Finally, Erika broke off the kiss,

“Let’s get out of the pool, I have an idea.” Erika suggested.

After all that, Jason didn’t need to be told twice and followed her to the shallow end and up the stairs, all the while fondle every part of her body. Erika took hers and Jason’s towels and laid them one on top of the other in the grass and then lay down on top. When she pulled her bikini bra to the side and released her marvelous melons, Jason dove right in sucked eagerly. For a good five minutes Jason went back and forth between Erika’s tits before making his way down towards her pussy. Less then 24 hours after he had first wondered about his sister’s pussy, Jason now had his answer, yes his sister did shave her pussy and it was already dripping wet from all the action. Jason, unsure of what to do, looked to Erika for a cue. She pulled her thong aside and pointed to her asshole. Jason was torn between extreme passion and disgust. He really didn’t want to lick an asshole, but he might never get this chance again. Erika sensing Jason’s hesitancy spoke up,

“Don’t worry, Jay, I gave myself an enema before I came out. It’s probably just as clean as everything else down there.”

That was all the reassurance that Jason needed and he again dove in and quickly went to work. Within moments, Erika was moaning under the impressive skills of Jason. It helped that he had shoved two fingers deep into her pussy and was working them in and out in time with his oral assault. Erika was loving every minute of her brother’s work and was roughly playing with her tit and squeezing her nipples in anticipation of what was to come. Two minutes later, Erika couldn’t wait any longer. She grabbed her Jason’s hair and pulled him away from her asshole,

“Jason, go up to my room, there is a bottle of baby oil and some rubbers on my dresser grab them and bring them back out.”

Jason was like the flash and in no time was up in his sister’s room grabbing the supplies. As he turned to leave he glanced out the window and nearly busted his load as he watched his sister double fingering herself, just waiting for him to return, which he did in an instant. Erika practically pounced on him when he got back to her. She grabbed the condom and, using only her mouth, rolled it onto his upper dick. She then quickly positioned herself over top and impaled herself on the first dick. She bounced up and down, getting her pussy even wetter and used to the invader, all the while enjoying the feeling of the second dick sliding up and down her ass crack.

When she was sufficiently horny she grabbed the baby oil and smeared it across her asshole, then she did the same with Jason’s second cock, getting both of them nice and slick. Slowly, she brought herself down until the tip was penetrating her asshole just a bit. Erika took a couple of deep breaths and then dropped as far as she could, practically all the way. Her face contorted in pain, but it quickly passed as she brought the full length of both cocks deep into her hot holes. When she finally bottomed out she made a guttural noise, it was somewhere between ecstasy and the relief that the penetration was over for the time being. Slowly, Erika pulled herself up the two cocks until they were just barely inside of her, before she let gravity take over once again. Her pace remained steady for an agonizing long time, in Jason’s view, but did begin to speed up. Within minutes, Erika was bouncing frantically on both of her brother’s cocks. Since Erika had all the control at the moment, Jason reached up and began to fondle his little sister’s massive tits. The second that his hands made contact Erika’s moans turned into screams of pleasure. Thank God we are so secluded, thought Jason, otherwise somebody would definitely hear us fucking. Ah, who the fuck cares?

No longer worried about his sister’s cries of ecstasy, Jason popped one of Erika’s nipples into his mouth and went to town. Twirling his tongue around the nipple and gently nibbling on it, both of which elicited moans of pure delight from Erika. Soon, Erika’s bouncing became erratic and hurried; her breathing becoming labored and short. Jason knew she was about to climax, which pushed him closer to his own surging orgasm. With one final bounce, Erika slammed onto her brother’s dual cocks. Her whole body went rigid; Jason was unable to hold onto her tits as she arched her back and threw back her head. She was completely still and silent for only a second. Then,

“OHHHHH FUCKKKKKK” Erika screamed at full volume. “FUCKKK JASON YOUR COCKS FEEL SO GOOD!!!!”

This expression of pure pleasure was enough to send Jason over the edge and his own powerful climax was released deep inside his little sister’s pussy and ass. Unbeknownst, to both Erika and Jason, was that the baby oil had spread from Erika’s anus to her pussy and gotten all over the condom, effectively shredding it. That coupled with the other piece of knowledge that Jason has four testicles and produces twice as much sperm as a normal male, which Jason failed to mention, spelled out trouble for the happy lovers. Although, neither seemed to mind as Jason’s twin cocks shot load after load deep into his little sister’s nubile body. The amount of cum was bordering on obscene as it overflowed both holes and spilled out the sides. When the flood of jism finally ebbed, both Erika and Jason were too exhausted to move and fell asleep where they lay.

An hour and a half later, Erika was the first to rise. She could feel her brother’s, now limp, cocks pushed up against her body. Amazingly, she felt zero guilt. On the contrary, Erika was delighted at what had transpired and was ecstatic that she and Jason had five more days until their parent’s return from the Cape. Quietly, so as not to disturb Jason, Erika got up from the towel and walked inside to get a drink. It was only after her first sip that she realized there was sperm still flowing from her pussy,

“Shit, the condom must’ve broke.” She said, to herself, “Fuck, it’s so close to my time of the month too, if I get pregnant with my brother’s baby…”

She stopped mid sentence, because she got an excited flutter in her stomach from just the idea of carrying her brother’s offspring. Now that she really thought about it, she actually wanted it to happen and she was going to do everything she could to see her new plan come to fruition. Erika poured another glass of water and went out to wake her brother.

“Get up lazy butt!” She teased, while lovingly stroking both of his cocks.

“Ugh…how long did we pass out for?” Jason asked, while trying to find his bearings.

“I’m not really sure, an hour maybe two.” Erika replied, passing him the glass of water, which Jason took down in practically one swallow.

“So, you ready for round two?” Jason joked.

“I thought you’d never ask.” Erika answered, taking one of Jason’s semi-hard cocks into her mouth. Jason tried to respond, but only managed a low groan as his sister’s hot, wet mouth worked on one of his cocks. Seconds later he was fully hard and ready for round two.

“I’m glad you’re back at attention.” Erika said, playfully, “This time I want you to take me from behind, but first why don’t we both get all oiled up!”

Jason was all too happy to oblige. He grabbed the bottle of baby oil and squirted it all over his sister’s hot body. Then he pushed his own body up against hers to transfer the oil to his body. Their nude bodies slid around, which only increased both of their arousals. When they felt they were sufficiently oiled up, Erika got down on her hands and knees and Jason got behind her.

“What about a condom?” Jason asked.

“Oh, I’m on the pill, we don’t need it.” Erika lied.

“Well, then why did we use one last time?”

“I just hate the mess, but since we’ve created one already, I don’t see the harm in doing it again.” Erika again lied.

That was reason enough for Jason, who pushed his twin cocks to the entrances of his sister’s pussy and anus. Much less pressure was needed this time to penetrate and Jason was quickly buried deep in his sister’s body. Erika moaned loudly as her brother slowly started to work his way in and out of her two holes. As Jason increased his pace, Erika’s moaning increased in volume. Soon, Jason’s cocks were a blur moving out of his sister’s hot holes. Once again he could feel his climax bubbling up and, judging by the volume of Erika’s moans, hers wasn’t far behind. Jason reached forward and grabbed a handful of his sister’s hair and pulled backwards, his other hand reached underneath her body and found her clit and immediately began an assault on it. The sudden surge of pleasure was too much for Erika and her orgasm quickly overtook her. Jason followed directly after, when Erika’s pussy and anus clamped down on his cocks. For the second time in a matter of hours he blew his load deep into his sister’s anus and her fertile womb.

Once again, they collapsed onto the towels, but before they passed out Erika turned over to face Jason. She brought her hand up to his face and looked him square in the eyes,

“I love you, Jason.” She said. Jason instinctively knew that this was more than just a sibling’s love. This was the love between a man and a woman, who need nothing else than each other. He felt the exact same way as Erika felt.

“I love you, Erika.” Jason responded. They sealed it with a kiss, nothing sloppy or sexy, just a passionate kiss between two lovers.

The next five days passed in a blur. Jason and Erika fucked constantly. They tried all sorts of different things: titty fucks, blow jobs, and single penetration. Yet, they always came back to the good old simultaneous pussy and anal fucking. It only took a day for Jason to realize that nobody would ever love his anomaly as much as his sister did. Likewise, Erika knew that she could never be with another man after Jason; nobody would ever again measure up.

When their parents came home, the two acted as if nothing had changed, though they did go out together a lot more often. A month later everything changed. Their parents died in a boating accident off the coast of Cape Cod, leaving the two of them with a vast inheritance, which set them up for life. Around the same time, Erika informed Jason that she was pregnant, which Jason was overjoyed to hear. They sold both houses and moved across the country where they started a whole new life together, as husband and wife. Seven months after they moved, Erika gave birth to baby twins.

Erika and Jason had a new family now and it was just getting started.


2014-03-16 13:34:34
"Double Trouble" - Jason Renin and Ericka Renin - (Brother and Sister)

Jason has undoubtedly the one thing, being maybe one in five Billion, every man alive would give his left nut for...two cocks of similar size, length and circumference, one above the other with two complete sets of balls!! Almost as amazing is his couple years younger sister; she simply loves, adores, relishes and woships his dual, fully functioning seven and half inch cum/sperm barrels!!

One day after he proves, per his sister's insistence, his "charms" he and she confessed woman and man, vowed IN love!

The story is too short in length, in content and definitely in detail of all aspects of the story. It is written with feelings evident by the roles of Jason and his sister and their passion, respect and love they recognize that's been just out of conscious focus with them; the characters are great, expressing themselves with confidence and devotion!

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that was great but it ended all to soon for me

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That was just Simply Awesome

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2010-07-05 14:47:04
umm, for you idots out there, it is possible to have 2 fully formed cocks, its a rare medical condition. most of the time 1 isnt as healthy as the other, but sometimes they both reach full size and function.

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Shaved pussy, you flunked.

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