This is the much anticipated sequel of A Step-Daughter of Lust. I received a lot of good comments and ratings on the original, Thanks everyone! I did something different with this series, I am writing the sequel not from the point of view of the step-father but instead from the mother’s perspective. I had asked for suggestions as to who catches them in the end of part 1, most people wanted it to be the mother. If you do not like incest stories or older/younger than this story is not for you. Everyone else please enjoy and please leave comments.
I pulled up to our house and parked the car. I saw that my husband Dave’s car was there. I worried that he might smell sex on my hands and mouth so I rubbed some lotion into my hands and face. I looked into the mirror behind the sun blind of the car, I straightened out some of my long brown hair then adjusted my blouse and bra that held my d-cup breasts. I looked one last time in the mirror, glancing into my own blue eyes. I gathered some things together and got out of the car. As I walked around the house I passed my fourteen year old daughter Brittany’s bedroom window. It was still late morning. Out of the corner of my eye some movement within her bedroom caught my attention. I looked into the bedroom. I saw my daughter lying on her belly naked on her bed, her legs together and her naked stepfather straddling them, his hands grasping her breasts, they were motionless in an after-orgasm swoon. My husband and daughter looked up together at me, my husband’s expression was grave and I could tell he was in shock. What I saw nearly caused me to faint. The blood dropped out of my head straight down towards my feet. My mind became dizzy. My entire body began to tremble. As the feeling of the blood dropping passed my pelvis, I felt a very familiar twinge of pleasure emanating from my womanhood. I was not about to pass out from anger or shock, but I was about to pass out because it turned me on so much it was stunning. I felt my hands drop what they were holding as my hearing began to ring and my vision began to fade into darkness…..

Some of you might ask how a successful thirty eight year old professional middle class mother could be turned on by what I had just witnessed. My answer was simple, I was in the closet. Not only was I still in the closet about my sexuality, I was also in the closet about being a sex addict, as well as many other taboo things. My husband and daughter had no idea. It all started long before I met my husband Dave.

My first sexual experiences were with my cousin Becky. When I was around ten years old she stayed with our family for a couple of weeks. Becky was fourteen and had dirty blonde hair that curled down her back until ending just below her shoulder blades. Her eyes were slate blue. One night she showed me how to masturbate. Over the next week we played with each other many times, even performing oral sex on each other. Every time I ate her pussy she would have an orgasm, but I was still too young. Becky’s body was much different than mine; she had firm B-Cup breasts and pubic hair. My body at that point had not developed much, my virgin vagina was still bare and my chest was still flat, although they would harden and point out almost an inch when Becky touched them or sucked on them. Whenever Becky went down on me she told me how nice and smooth my pussy was compared to her friend Megan’s who was more her age. Over the next three years Becky was the only girl I played with like that, she gave me my first orgasm when I was eleven. But then she moved away and I no longer saw her. I was the only one pleasing myself then.

Then a new family moved in next door. And they had a daughter who was eleven, two years younger than me. Her name was Cynthia. Cynthia clung to me from day one and we became close friends. A few weeks after meeting her I had developed a crush on her, which confused me a bit, because I thought that I should only have crushes on boys. Cynthia was a petite girl even for her age; she had an innocent face with big brown eyes and light brown hair. It wasn’t long before I decided to teach her what my cousin taught me.

One school night her parents left us home alone. I had brought over an R rated movie to watch, hoping to get Cynthia sexually excited. We ate some popcorn and watched half the movie then the sex scene came on. Cynthia was shocked and sat there with her mouth gaping open; she stopped eating the popcorn and watched with interest. I could tell it was the first time she had seen a sex scene because she was paralyzed. And a sex scene it was, it was very graphic for an R rated film and it showed the man eating out a woman’s pussy then really fucking the hell out of her, while she moaned in pleasure. I put my hand on her legs and mentioned that the woman sure made it sound like sex felt good. Within ten minutes her panties were around her ankles and my teenage head was buried between her skinny legs. She giggled at first and then finally she started getting into it. We took off each other’s cloths. She commented on how developed I was, my breasts had grown out to small round globes harnessed by an A-Cup bra most of the time, and above my pussy I now had a small strip of brown hair. A memory flashed in my mind about similar comments I had made to Becky years ago when the roles were reversed. Cynthia’s body was smaller than mine and more pale, her pussy was bare except for a sparse and narrow strip of newly grown hair that started a half inch above the cleft of her smooth outer labia. Her chest was flat and her nipples were a soft pink in color. We took turns eating each other out and after I had had two orgasms I licked and sucked on her tiny pink clitoris until she finally climaxed for the first time in her life. After that Cynthia and I had sex almost every day.

Cynthia and I continued having sexual relationships until I started dating boys in high school. As a fourteen year old freshman it was impossible to avoid them, I was still very interested in women, but in the end I began to like the attention and control I had over men. Before the first semester was over I had lost my virginity and discovered the pleasure of a hard cock thrusting mercilessly into my pussy. My fist sexual encounter with a boy disappointed me, so I dumped him and fucked his best friend instead. I quickly learned that compared to the sex I had been having with girls, men were inferior. I didn’t give up easily in my search to find a man that pleased me. By the time I was eighteen and had graduated from high school I had fucked almost all the boys in my class, and many more, including two teachers and the vice principal. None were very pleasurable. Men were almost all the same, they didn’t last more than two minutes, maybe five if you were lucky. Most of the men I fucked refused to eat my pussy or even please me after they came. So I said “Fuck this town!” with a capital F and moved off to college in southern California.

At college I found that I was not as afraid about being open about my sexuality. I couldn’t refuse the attention men at school gave me, so I still dated and fucked men, but I also began re-discovering my lesbian side. It took me only six hours from when we moved in together before I had seduced my first dorm roommate Lila. And after that I started going to clubs in the big cities and fucking all sorts of women. After college I got a job in northern California and relocated there. I left behind my reputation as a cum lapping whore with the men, and as the best pussy licker on the west coast with the women and settled down. I met my First husband Will and together we had a child. Her name was Brittany and she became my world. Will turned out to be a complete asshole, and one time after he beat me up I grabbed Brittany and left.

Soon after that I met my current husband Dave. Dave was the nicest man in the world, and he had a good job. He didn’t mind taking my daughter on as his own. I also knew that I needed something to keep me from slipping back into my lust driven rampages. Dave grounded me, he kept me in check. We married quickly and life was good.

Life was almost good I should say. Because even though Dave pleased me in bed more than most men ever could, he liked performing oral sex on me, I still lusted for the hairy musky smelling vagina of an innocent college freshman split by my dancing mouth. I tried my best to forget those times and soon did, and five years went by before that changed.

By then Brittany was 7. She was in the park with her friend playing and she disturbed a nest of wasps. By the time poor Brittany got home to us she had been stung more than fifty times. My husband Dave and I took off her shirt and removed stingers left behind and applied ointment to the many stings. After we finished with her topside Dave suggested Brittany and I go do the rest in her bedroom. We entered the bedroom and I closed the door behind me. Brittany was still whimpering a bit. She bore a giant frown and her face was still blushed from crying, her eyes wet and red. She pulled off her pants then sat on the edge of her bed in nothing but her panties. I knelt in front of her and set the tweezers on the bed. I prepared some ointment and went to work. After a few minutes I had treated all her stings. I began to put away the ointment and Brittany mumbled “My privates hurt, I think they stung me there too mommy.” My heart sank even more, I felt so sorry for my little girl. I pulled off her panties and got the ointment out. Brittany spread her legs open. I noticed four red bumps near her area. I almost laughed at the thought that to myself I had called her vagina “her area”. I used to be such a dirty slut with a dirty mouth, but for some reason it was her “area” not her “pussy”. Pussy. The word wallowed in my mind as I sat there motionless for a split second. I loved and missed pussy, everything about it. I snapped back into reality. My daughter looked at me with wet innocent eyes, wondering what was wrong. I focused back on the task at hand. I looked back down between her legs but this time I did not see her “area”, I saw her tiny innocent hairless pussy. My daughter’s pussy. I knew I had to focus on the stings. I inspected the tiny red spots; I didn’t see any stingers left behind. I applied ointment to the wounds. As I did my body trembled and I could feel my own pussy getting wet with lust. How could I be thinking about my little girl like this? I was horrified and confused. I again glanced at her pussy, it was so soft, her little pink clitoris peeked out from between her plump bare lips. My mind started to think about what it would taste like. I heard a knock on the door. It was Dave, he asked how things were going. “Almost done.” I replied. I picked up the ointment and tweezers and hastily left the room.

That night I had trouble sleeping. Dave passed out quickly as usual but I laid awake in bed thinking about my daughter. I decided that I never could cross that line with her and that it would be best just not to think about it. But my horny mind thought otherwise. I decided to allow myself the pleasure of thinking about it as long as I didn’t relate it to my daughter, instead I pretended it was another girl. Her bare pussy flashed memories of Cynthia into my mind, and memories of my little cunny when I was that age. I remembered licking Cynthia’s little pussy, feeling her hand tickling my clitoris until I exploded in a teenage orgasm. Then thoughts of Becky, Cynthia, Lila and all the other women I have longed for all this time came back to me. It had been over seven long years since I had been with the sex I preferred. I felt a wetness forming between my legs, I was so horny I felt like I could explode. I needed relief. I got out of bed and went down stairs, not waking my husband. I crept passed Brittany’s bedroom and the bathroom and went down into the basement. After a few minutes of feverishly digging I found what I was looking for. It was an old college book bag filled with college memorabilia. I pawed through it and found a vibrator. I put everything back except the narrow pink device and went upstairs. I went into the kitchen and washed the vibrator. Then I quietly snuck into the living room and took two batteries out of a remote control. I put them into the device and turned it on with anticipation. It sprang to life with a low hum. I pulled off my panties and shirt and lay on the couch naked. My mind returned to the lusty visions of my “other life”. I moved the vibe down onto my cunt. Waves of pleasure flew through my body from my vagina. I dreamt again of those college hotties I used to fuck, and then back to Cynthia and her tender little body. Then my thoughts went to the cute pussy I saw today, its splendor still fresh in my mind. In under two minutes I began to explode into an intense orgasm. I bit my lips and breathed heavily through my nose so I didn’t make a lot of noise. I didn’t stop, the slut in me wanted more. I kept the tool pressed against my womanhood and grasped one of my D-Cup breasts with the other hand. I rocked my hips as orgasm after orgasm exploded through my body. I kept up the multiple orgasms for what seemed like an eternity then collapsed exhausted. I turned off the vibrator and used my panties to wipe my wetness from the leather couch, my crotch and my thighs. I put the batteries back and snuck back upstairs.

That night I secretly slipped back into being a nymphomaniac. It was the end of my seven plus years of innocence and loyalty. The next day I pick up a local paper and started carving through the “Woman for Women” section of the personals. I never told my husband but soon I was regularly hooking up with other women for sex. I tried not to think about my daughter sexually again though. Maybe seeing other women was just a distraction from Brittany, or maybe it was as simple as my love for pussy, either way it was just what I needed sexually. After that I all but stopped having sex with my loyal husband Dave. He adapted without too much fuss by picking up dirty magazines. Three years ago I would have been pissed that my husband was looking at pictures sexy women spreading their legs, but I understood since he wasn’t getting any from me. Also I began to look at his magazines when I was home alone, masturbating to the pictures and stories. I never told Dave about any of this of course. Although on many occasions he came close to catching me masturbating. He would joke and ask me if I did, I of course sheepishly denied that I was pleasing myself. He never even suspected that I was picking up nineteen year old college girls.

As the years went on I continued my hook ups and my husband and daughter never knew. I never worried about Dave cheating on me. I knew he was too straight edged to do that, I mean it took two years of begging before my daughter convinced him to allow her to wear two piece bikinis. After he finally caved in I was a little put off. I always told Brittany I thought it was okay for her to wear them, because I knew she felt left out by her friends who were wearing them. But on the other hand I was scared that seeing more of her cute little teenage body would tempt me back into having naughty thoughts of her. So after she got the bikini’s I began to avoid her when she swan in our pool with her friends. I noticed the opposite happened to Dave, he began to spend more time at the pool. I eventually convinced myself that he was just being a responsible father, and tried not to think about it.

The next summer it was even harder to ignore the cute bodies at the swimming pool. Brittany and her two friends Tracy and Cindy were developing more, and always running around in their skimpy two piece bikinis. I also noticed my husband’s taste in porn changing as well; he began getting magazines called “Barely Legal” and others whose models were eighteen year old lolita’s. Part of me felt that he was just getting bored with the other magazines and wanted to spice it up a little. But buried deep beneath that part of me was another thought, emanating from the vixen within me, that he was becoming sexually attracted to Brittany and her friends and needed a secret sexual outlet to express those feelings, much like the outlet I needed. I had to stop ‘borrowing’ his porn magazines, because they began to entice me too much towards the dirty thoughts of my daughter I tried so hard to suppress.

One day that summer I was working out front in the garden. It was a nice day, Brittany had spent most of her time in the pool then getting ready to go out with her friends. Dave like usual was out at the pool reading most of the time. I waved at Cindy’s mother as she pulled into our driveway. I kept busy gardening. After a few minutes Brittany, her friends and Cindy’s mother hopped into her car and left. They all waved as they drove by. I was thirsty and had to pee, so I went inside the house and headed towards the bathroom. As I walked through the kitchen I glanced out at the pool and noticed that Dave was not out there. I approached the bathroom and noticed the door was shut. Dave was in there. As I turned around to head back to the kitchen I heard a quite moan followed by a lowly grunt. I knew these sounds, they were the sounds my husband made when we had sex. I tip-toed over to the bathroom door, and placed my ear against it. I could now hear that my husband was furiously stroking his cock. I felt my pussy begin to moisten. The rhythm increased and became more of beat as his grunts and moans become labored and more audible. I could tell he was about to cum. I heard him moan “Ohh Brittany, ohh your sweet little pussy, ohh baby I want to kiss your sweet little pussy…”. My heart began to pound as my emotions began to crossfire. I felt upset at Dave, I felt I needed to protect my girl from him, I felt jealous that her was attracted to her over me, and I felt a familiar twinge between my legs, a jolt of lust and passion. I took a deep breath and cleared my mind, refocusing on, on, on what? What to do? How should I feel?

I had no plan, except maybe to re-affirm what I had just heard, and then to run off and rub my pussy until I came. I opened the bathroom door. Dave stood there with his hard 7” uncut penis in his hand. Cum still was dripping from his cockhead, and it twitched with the last few spasms of his orgasm. I saw cum all over the sink and even the mirror above the sink. I knew I had to pretend that I didn’t hear him moan my daughter’s name, that would complicate things too much. I said, “Wow, something sure got you excited, you managed to get cum on the mirror.” The look on Dave’s face was grim, It made me giggle. I pointed at the mirror. “Was it Brittany’s cute friend Tracy, and her abundant cleavage? Hell, with a body like that she could be in one of those magazines you like in six years or so, what is that one called, ‘Barely Legal’” I then reminded him to clean everything up and I walked away, leaving my husband standing there utterly shocked with his cock in his hand.

I headed right for our small garden shed. I closed the door behind me and dropped my shorts. I was so turned on by what had just happened and still confused about why, and I wondered what was happening to the limits I had tried so hard to abide by since the wasp stinging incident years ago. I hadn’t even pissed yet, and my bladder was aching, stressed by a full load. I threw my shorts onto a shelf and my dirty hands went to work quickly on my wet and sweaty pussy. I leaned against the back wall of the shed and spread my legs as I used one hand to hold open one side of my vulva, and the other went to work on pleasing my starving pussy. Waves of pleasure flew through my body, caressing my nerves with sexual bliss. I rocked my hips as I masturbated my horny mound. My mind was filled with images of my husband yearning to eat my daughter’s pussy, his cum soaked cock, her cute b-cup breasts and firm ass. Soon the climax began, slowly building until I erupted in a full body orgasm. I bit my lip to hold in the cries for pleasure that were beginning to slip out of me. I kept rubbing my hard clit, occasionally pausing to slap it and then continuing the rubbing. The orgasms overwhelmed me and my bladder burst open, hot piss came gushing out as my climax increased in intensity. My legs started convulsing with the overwhelming waves of pleasure that filled me. My piss sprayed all over my legs and the shed, it’s stream spraying of my hand that still was massaging my clitoris. As the last drops of urine dipped out of my soaked pussy, my climax faded. I slid down the wall onto the floor, sitting in a puddle of my own pee, one hand still between my legs grasping my vagina. I laid there for a few minutes, enjoying the after climax relief. I then grabbed a rag and cleaned up myself, put my shorts back on and grabbed the garden hose and cleaned out the shed.

After that incident I again tried my best to not think about my daughter sexually, and now that I knew my husband was thinking about it also, so it became even harder. So of course to help keep thoughts about her out of my mind I increased the activity of my secret sex life. I began picking up more college girls at gay bars. One night I met up with two hot 19 year olds, we went back to their place and were fucking each other when their two boyfriends walked in on us. Before long I had a cock in my mouth and one in my ass while one of the chicks ate my pussy. It was the first time I had fucked another man since I married Dave, and I liked it. Soon my escapades began including swinging couples, and every once and a while just a man by himself.

That winter my co worker Gina asked me to babysit her daughter while her and her husband went out of town. I agreed and Dave, Brittany and I went over to have dinner with them to meet their daughter. Her name was Jasmine, she was a year older that Brittany who just had turned 14. She was cute, she had red hair, red eyebrows, big green eyes. Her face had freckles and her lips were a soft pink, pert and small. Jasmine and Brittany had never met before because Gina and her family lived a few towns away, none the less they hit it off from the beginning. After a few minutes they were giggling and talking about boys and Brittany was telling Jasmine about her boyfriend.

I had always had a small crush on Gina, she was a couple of years younger than me, but looked like she was still in her 20’s. She was tall, had short blonde hair, nice legs, and a narrow figure complemented by a firm pair of small breasts. Her ass was plump, round and firm, it stood out like a flashing light compared to the rest of her slim figure. Another thing that attracted me to her was she knew how to dress. She often would wear to work outfits that accentuated her curves and spotlighted her bottom. I knew she was not into other women, and I never mixed my professional life with my sexcapades, but I had spent many long evenings at work daydreaming about having sex with Gina.

As the evening wore on we all settled into the living room of their house. I noticed it was becoming harder for me not to take peeks at cute little Jasmine, as well as her mother. I began envisioning Jasmine and I alone, kissing, taking off each other’s clothes. I wondered if her pubic hair was red like the rest of her hair. I noticed Jasmine also looking at me, taking glances at my large breasts. I wore a shirt that night that showed a generous amount of my D cup breasts’ cleavage. I also noticed Gina’s husband sneaking in glances as well. I could tell that they didn’t get to see busty women that often, even Brittany’s still developing breasts were twice the size of Gina’s.

The next week I went over to babysit Jasmine. Brittany had a basketball game so she and Dave did not come. I arrived and Gina and her husband gave me a few instructions about the house, and showed me where the liquor cabinet was, they encouraged me to help myself. Gina said that they would be back in the morning and that I was welcome to sleep in the guest bedroom, then they left. Jasmine and I made dinner and then sat down to watch a movie. My mind for once wasn’t thinking about sex, as earlier that day I had hooked up with a girlfriend for a couple of hours to hopefully relieve some sexual tensions. By the time the movie was over I had had a few drinks. Jasmine asked if she could watch TV, I told her it was fine and went to grab another drink. I mixed myself another cocktail and then went back into the living room and sat down. We watched TV for another five minutes then a Victoria Secret commercial came on.

After the commercial Jasmine said to me, “I wish someday I could look like that. My mom and dad don’t even let me wear makeup.” I was amazed that Gina was so strict with her child. Especially considering how Gina dressed herself.

“Have you ever put on some of your mothers make-up?” I asked Jasmine casually with a slight smile creeping across my face.

“No.” She replied.

“Well there is a first time for everything.” I said with a smile as I got up. “Let’s go get you dressed up!”

Jasmine looked at me hesitantly. “If my mom found out I would be in big trouble.”

“Don’t worry Jasmine, I won’t tell her. She will never know.” I reached out my hand and she grabbed it with her petite and warm hand. I helped her up off the couch. And we went into her mother’s bathroom.

We spent the next half hour painting her lips and eyes with make-up in front of the mirror in her mother’s bedroom bathroom. After getting her face all dolled up she looked absolutely gorgeous. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and told her she looked just like a model. I then brought her into her mother’s bedroom and asked her where her mother kept her sexy clothing. We riffled through Gina’s clothes until I found the perfect lime green teddy, a push up bra and a pair of white lace panties. I gave them to Jasmine and told her to put them on. I left the bedroom and waited. After about five minutes Jasmine opened the door. In front of me stood a sexy young teen dressed in her mother’s lingerie. The outfit was a little loose on her tiny fourteen year old body. She had a smile on her face. I could tell she was enjoying herself. We stood in front of the mirror and looked at her outfit. She mentioned that she didn’t like green so I pulled out a nice white silk teddy and gave it to her. She slipped the green top over her head, as she lifted her arms above her head the loosely fit bra slipped up and half of one of her breast slipped out, it was small, not even an A cup, her nipple was puffed up into an erect state. I walked up behind her and straightened out the bra and tightened it. Jasmine then slipped the white top on. I took off my pants and shirt. I was still wearing my sexy black lace panties with a matching bra. I asked Jasmine what she thought of my bra. At first she stuttered and seemed speechless. My D cup breasts were partially visible through the lace, my nipples noticeable erect. Jasmine stared at my breast.

“Wow, you boobs are really big. I think I have the smallest boobs in my class at school.” Jasmine said.

I walked over to her and spun her around, so she once again was facing the mirror. I told her that she was beautiful and that she shouldn’t worry about her breast size. I wrapped my arms around her frail body, placing my hands on her belly. I slowly began sliding my hands up towards her breast. I said, “Besides, some people like small breasts.” My hands continued, pulling up the silk teddy and then her bra. I pulled the bra up above her budding breasts and cupped them in my hands. Then were soft and warm, I began rubbing her nipples, and they grew even more erect.

Jasmine sighed in pleasure than pulled away from me. She turned around and looked at me with her big sparkling green eyes. “You won’t tell my parents will you?” I told her I would not. I looked down at her panties and noticed a wet spot. I could tell she was horny and lusting for pleasure. I leaned forward and embraced her, leaning over and kissing her painted lips. Within seconds her tongue was invading my mouth. I was utterly surprised and also really turned on. I had found quite the little slut. Jasmine wanted no time and began grasping my breasts with both her hands. I kept one hand on the back of her head, and used the other to grasp her tight little ass. Within a few more minutes we had both removed our bras and were still kissing. I broke our embrace and brought her over to her parent’s bed. I admired her petite young body, and I could see she was enjoying my busty chest. I gently pushed her onto the bed. She sat on its edge. I knelt in front of her and pulled off her damp panties. I spread her legs to reveal a cute little pink pussy, covered in light red pubic hair. I kissed my way up her virgin thighs until reaching her love box. I could smell her scent. I began gently licking her clitoris, and before long her hands were holding my head between her legs as she moaned and grunted with the pleasure of her first oral sex experience. I kept my hands on her nearly flat cheat, rolling her tender nipples between my fingers. She whimpered “I want to touch you.” I laid down next to her on the bed. I reached over and began masturbating her hot fifteen year old pussy. She returned the favor and began fingering my clitoris. After a few minutes I began to orgasm. My legs bucked my ass on and off the bed as Jasmines little fingers continued to work their magic. I needed her to cum, so I got up and went back to eating her little pussy. As I ate her pussy I used one of my hands to continue masturbating my needy slut box, within minutes I was experiencing my second orgasm. Soon her legs began to quiver as an orgasm began to encompass her. She started screaming with pleasure as the power of her first teenage orgasm dominated her body, rush after rush of pleasure and ecstasy. After she quieted down we embraced on her parent’s bed. I drifted off into sleep.

I awoke the next morning. Jasmine was gone, I was still naked lying in her parents bed. I got up and cleaned up the mess Jasmine and I had made in the sexual maelstrom of the previous night. I noticed that Jasmine must have put all of her mother’s undergarments away. I got dressed and went into the kitchen. I put on some coffee and took a look around the house. I peeked into Jasmines room to see her still sound asleep in her bed, lying naked on top of the blankets. She was lying face down. I took a moment to enjoy the site of her naked round ass, her teenage legs were slightly spread, revealing her pussy. I could no longer resist. I knelt behind her spread her legs and buried my head between her legs. She awoke and giggled a little, and then the giggles turned into gasps of pleasure. Only a few minutes later we heard a car pull into the driveway, her parents were home. I got up and gave Jasmine a passionate French kiss then went back into the kitchen. I greeted Gina as her and her husband entered the house. We had a cup of coffee and finally Jasmine came out dressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Before long I left and went back home, still unable to stop thinking about the wild night. I hoped I had a chance to babysit again soon.

A couple of weeks later I received a phone call from one of Brittany’s friends mothers and she told me that her daughter had told her that Brittany and her boyfriend Jarrod had been having sex. So I informed Dave and the next night I sat Brittany down and gave her the “sex talk”. She admitted that her and Jarrod had been having sex. I explained to her that she should not be having sex yet, that I wanted her to wait until she was at least 15. She got a little upset but I explained to her that this was by the wishes of Jarrod’s parents, in which it was. I also gave her some condoms just in case and told her to keep a couple in her purse. After the lecture the vixen in me felt like drilling her for some more intimate answers so casually I whispered to her, “So how was he?” Brittany gasped and blushed.

“Mom! “ She explained with embarrassment and a bit of shock. I laughed and asked again. “It was alright I guess, it’s not like I have anything to compare him to. He never lasts long.” With that we both laughed and I told her most men don’t. She then asked, “Most men? How many have you been with anyway?” I smiled and lied to my daughter and told her not that many.

Jarrod’s parents were serious about then not having sex, so much so that within two weeks Jarrod dumped Brittany because he couldn’t get any. He then moved onto other girls who his parents weren’t as suspicious about. Brittany didn’t take it well and over the next few months she became very reclusive and anti-social.

Winter turned into spring. Our family began to visit with Gina’s family more but I never got any alone time with Jasmine. Although when no one was looking she would often throw me a wink or causally itching her crotch while looking deep into my eyes with passion. I knew she wanted more but that would have to wait until the right time. So I kept my slutty self busy fucking college girls and sometimes their boyfriends to. I also began to enjoy my husband’s porn magazines on a more regular basis, I liked the pictures but it was the story’s that would really get me worked up. One of the magazines had a very hot story about a man having sex with his step-daughter. For weeks I masturbated to that magazine. It also had a hot photo shoot of a small breasted red head getting fucked by a large cocked man. She reminded me a little of Jasmine.

During the last week of school Brittany had her finals. I was home alone and decided to grab the Club magazine and play with my pussy until I came. I grabbed the magazine out of my husband’s stash in the basement and brought it up into my bedroom. I got out my vibrator and turned the pages until I came to the Redhead photos. I slowly massaged my horny pussy while looking at the pictures and thinking about cute little Jasmines sweet pink pussy. After about ten minutes of that I had worked up enough of an appetite to move on to my favorite story. The story was about a lonely step-father who never gets and ass from his wife, his eighteen year old step-daughter then begins to flirt with him, they then begin fucking and the mother never finds out. After about another ten minutes of reading my favorite parts of the story while feverishly working my wet vagina with the vibrator I felt my orgasm approaching. It burst through my body as my mind raced with images of Jasmines red furry pussy, my lips eating it, her smell. I also thought of my little Brittany, and the story of the step-dad fucking his daughter’s tight little pussy. The later locked into my head as the climax began to cycle into bursts of a multiple-orgasm. I cried out, “Ohhhhh yes, that little pussy, ohhhhhh, fuck that tight little pussy, arrrgggghhh, that little pussy, how does that big cock feel in that tight pussy babyyyyy……” My orgasm finally subsided.

I cleaned up and put my vibrator away. I put on my t-shirt and panties and walked down stairs to put the magazine back. My nipples were still erect, pointing through the tight shirt and my panties were beginning to soak up the leftover juices from the sexual bliss I had just indulged in. I walked downstairs and was heading into the kitchen when I was stopped dead in my tracks. Brittany was in the kitchen making herself a sandwich. She looked at me and what I had in my hand. I quickly folded the magazine in half and hid it behind my body. I tried to turn sideways a bit to hide my sex soaked panties.

“Hi mom.” Brittany said nonchalantly. “What do you have there?” She asked.

“Nothing, just an old magazine I am putting into recycling downstairs. When did you get home?” I asked

“Oh a few minutes ago. I finished my tests early and Tracy’s mom gave me a ride home.”
“Oh.” I responded, not really knowing what to do next. Brittany turned around and got back to making her lunch. I headed right for the basement and stashed my husband’s magazine with the rest of his porn. I went back upstairs and got dressed. I wondered how much of my moaning and crying out for tight young pussy my impressionable daughter heard coming from her mother’s bedroom. She didn’t mention anything about it, which I hoped meant she didn’t hear any of it. The other problem was I was sure her young eyes spotted and knew exactly what kind of a magazine I had in my hand. I decided I needed to trick my husband Dave into moving his porn stash.

An hour after the incident Brittany went over to her friend Cindy’s house. I went back down to the basement and grabbed the magazine Brittany had caught me with. I wondered what my husband thought of the story? It really turned me on thinking he was having naughty thoughts about his precious daughter sexually, I decided to tease him with this magazine.

Dave came home from work and we had dinner, not long after Brittany got back from Cindy’s house. We watched TV for a while. Around nine o’clock Brittany went to bed. I went into the kitchen and grabbed the magazine I had stashed on top of the fridge and threw it on my husband’s lap. I lied to him and in a displeased tone told him that I had found it hidden in my daughter’s bedroom. Dave looked stunned. He asked me if I thought she had found his porn stash. I told him that he should probably move it and that I didn’t like the idea of her looking at the stuff. With that I went upstairs to go to bed. I knew Dave would stay up for a little while longer. I was so turned on, I wondered what my husband was thinking about, and if it turned him on that his daughter was looking at porn. I quietly masturbated myself to sleep that night.

The next morning after Brittany left for school Dave moved his stash into our bedroom, which was fine with me. I told him that we should not mention this incident with Brittany. He agreed.

About a month later Gina and I were on a business trip to Miami. Gina brought her cute daughter Jasmine on the trip with us. The trip was supposed to be for five days during which we were supposed to meet with a company to try to sell a new product that our company had developed. We were all excited to hit the beaches and enjoy the city, and I was especially excited since Jasmine was coming. I looked forward to seeing her cute ass in a bathing suit. The first day we were there we didn’t have any meeting scheduled so the three of us went to the beach and then went shopping. Throughout the day Jasmine and I eyed each other; I could tell that she was still very much interested in me sexually. The next morning Gina knocked on my hotel room door while I was getting ready for our first meeting. She informed me that all the meetings were off because the chief representative of the company who we were negotiating with was involved in a car accident and in the hospital. The trip was off and we scheduled flight back home. Their company paid for our travel expenses but stuck us on a redeye flight back. We all sat together in a tree seat row.

I had the window seat and Jasmine was in the middle. After an hour or so of the flight I drifted off into sleep like most of the other people on the flight. I awoke to the feeling of a small hand caressing my inner thigh. I was wearing a pair of business pants. I slowly opened my eyes and glanced over to meet Jasmines sexy glare. Her mother slept next to her, her head burring in a pillow facing away from us both. Jasmine was wearing a skirt that went down to her knees with a matching blouse. I looked around and saw that everyone was sleeping, and the flight attendants were nowhere to be seen. I let Jasmine hand continue, she moved it into my crotch and started rubbing me through my pants. I opened my legs a little to give the fifteen year old vixen more access to my hungry sex mound. I looked into her eyes again and she leaned forward and began to kiss me passionately. Our tongues danced around each other’s, I could taste the bubble gum in her mouth. My hand worked its way up her dress, starting at her knee. Her legs were so smooth and so young. My hand reached her pussy, and to my delight she wasn’t wearing any underwear. I felt her pubic hair, and then began to slowly and quietly work her teenage pussy. We broke our kiss and she put her head back to enjoy my fingers circling her now swollen clitoris. I kept an eye out to make sure nobody especially her mother woke up and caught us. I buried my middle finger deep into her vagina; I noticed her hymen was already broke. I finger fucked her pussy for a few minutes then pulled my finger out and I sucked the juices off, savoring her musky sex smell. I then went back to masturbating her. After about ten minutes I felt her start to tense, she closed her legs, trapping my hand and began to climax. Jasmine looked so cute and sexy as she bit her lip to prevent herself from making any noise as she came. After she calmed down we kissed quickly and then we both went to sleep.

Several hours later the plane finally landed and we all were finally home. I had decided to surprise my husband and Brittany so I did not call to let them know my trip had been canceled. I had parked my car at Gina’s home so I rode home with them from the airport. We finally arrived at their place and the sun was just starting to rise. Gina mentioned how tired she was and that she was going right to bed. I hugged Gina then Jasmine goodbye. As Jasmine and I embraced she secretly slipped me a tiny hand written note. I wished them well and hoped into my car to drive home. Before I left I read the note Jasmine had written me. It said “Meet me at Middle park in 20 minutes.” I went to the store and got a cup of coffee to waste some time while I waited anxiously to meet my new little sex kitten. I parked and walked into the wooded area of the park. Fifteen minutes later I saw Jasmine approaching on her bicycle. She had changed into a t-shirt and jeans. She got off her bike and we kissed. I grabbed her hand and walked her deeper into the woods. We finally found a nice private spot. She wasted no time. Jasmine stated stripping. I followed suit. Her body hadn’t developed much since the last time I had seen her naked. After getting all of my clothes off we embraced and kissed passionately. Our hands caressed each other’s naked bodies’ right out in the open woods of the quite park.

Jasmine whispered into my ear, “I want you to eat my pussy again, it felt so good, and I want to eat yours to Veronica.”

I smiled and lay down of the ground, pulling Jasmine down on top or me. We kissed some more and then I instructed my sex kitten to turn around. She did, and we were now in a sixty-nine position. Jasmines wet pussy was right above my head. I wasted no time and buried my head into crotch, and began licking her clitoris. Jasmine hesitantly returned the favor, and slowly began to lick my pussy with her cute little mouth. Before long Jasmine and I had built up a nice rhythm, we were quietly moaning as we pleased ourselves. Jasmine picked up quickly and began really working me up.

I heard a branch snap and looked behind me to see an old man standing a few hundred yards away. He was enjoying the show we were putting on for him. He opened up his fly and pulled out his cock and began stroking. I went back to sucking on Jasmines luscious clitoris. Soon I began to climax knowing some dirty old man was jerking off watching me sixty-nine a fifteen year old. I moaned and broke away from eating Jasmines young pussy. I looked back behind me and saw the old man was still there stroking. I continued to climax and Jasmine’s wet tongue did not slow down at all. The old man began to cum. He quickly zipped up and took off after her did. I went back to eating Jasmines pussy. After a few more minutes she climaxed. We got up and got dressed. I told her how much I enjoyed out time together and she agreed. We left the woods and she rode her bike back home. I hoped into my car and drove home.

I pulled up to our house and parked the car. I saw that my husband Dave’s car was there. I worried that he might smell sex on my hands and mouth so I rubbed some lotion into my hands and face. I looked into the mirror behind the sun blind of the car, I straightened out some of my long brown hair then adjusted my blouse and bra that held my d-cup breasts. I looked one last time in the mirror, glancing into my own blue eyes. I gathered some things together and got out of the car. As I walked around the house I passed my fourteen year old daughter Brittany’s bedroom window. It was still late morning. Out of the corner of my eye some movement within her bedroom caught my attention. I looked into the bedroom. I saw my daughter lying on her belly naked on her bed, her legs together and her naked stepfather straddling them, his hands grasping her breasts, they were motionless in an after-orgasm swoon. My husband and daughter looked up together at me, my husband’s expression was grave and I could tell he was in shock. What I saw nearly caused me to faint. The blood dropped out of my head straight down towards my feet. My mind became dizzy. My entire body began to tremble. As the feeling of the blood dropping passed my pelvis, I felt a very familiar twinge of pleasure emanating from my womanhood. I was not about to pass out from anger or shock, but I was about to pass out because it turned me on so much it was stunning. I felt my hands drop what they were holding as my hearing began to ring and my vision began to fade into darkness…..

I awoke inside on the couch in the living room. At first I didn’t remember much after the airport. My husband Dave and daughter Brittany stood in front of me. Dave asked if I was alright. I nodded and sat up. I took a deep breath and asked what had happened. Dave and Brittany both looked at each other then Dave told me I that Brittany had seen me feint in the yard in front of her window. My memories came back to me in a sexualized rush. The memories of having sex with Jasmine in the park while a stranger watched us, and the memories of catching my husband fucking my daughter. I knew that Dave was lying; I still decided to pretend I didn’t remember.

“The last thing I remember was driving home from the airport.” I said. I could see the relief in their demeanor's instantly, Brittany even let a bit of a smile slip onto her lips. I told them I was fine and I got up and began unpacking the car. After that I decided to take a shower. Not long after hitting the water I was masturbating, thinking about my husband fucking my sexy little girl. After a few minutes my fantasy changed into Brittany eating my pussy. I turned toward the shower head, and spread my legs and used a hand to spread apart my vulva so the pressure of the shower stream was hitting my sensitive pink clitoris. I pretended it was my slutty daughter eating my pussy while her step-father fucked her. Soon I was cumming, remembering the site of the two of them getting caught after fucking.

The next week was uneventful, I went back to work and Gina thanked me for going on the trip with her, I couldn’t help but think about how I would like to thank her for going right to bed so her daughter and I could sneak off and fuck. Brittany went camping with her friends Tracy and Cindy for the whole week. In the middle of the week Dave and I had sex for the first time in months. It was good, he had a whole new vitality, and I knew why, he was thinking about how hot it was to fuck my daughter and then her mother. I was extra turned on as well and had many orgasms.

On Friday nights I had a 3 hour break in my afternoon shift, little did my family know. I never told then because I had been using this break to fuck college girls. That Friday I decided not to hook up with one of my regular affairs, instead I had better plans. I knew Brittany would be getting home from a week of camping around when my break was. I headed home and parked down the street. I walked to the house and snuck through the back yard. When I got to the back door I peeked into the house to see Brittany’s camping gear lying on the floor. I saw steam coming out of the bathroom window. Brittany must be in the shower, the first stop for any girl after a long camping trip.

I approached the bathroom window in the back yard. The light was on and the window was slightly open. The shade was most of the way down but I still had a couple of inches to peek through. Inside the bathroom I saw Brittany’s cloths on the floor. She showered for about another five minutes. Finally she shut off the shower and grabbed her towel. Another minute later she slid back the shower curtain and stepped out. As her sexy young body filled my sight one of my hands slipped into my pants and began rubbing my wet pussy. Brittany’s body was beautiful in every respect. Her legs were fit and tan, her brown pussy hair was neatly groomed into a bikini strip. Her ass was young and still perfect. Her breast were now plump and round c-cups topped with cute little areola’s. She began drying her hair with the towel then the bathroom door opened. My husband Dave entered the bathroom; he was naked and had an erection. Brittany turned towards him and threw down the towel in her hands. They embraced and began kissing. Then Brittany broke away. “I have been thinking about fucking you all week. You made me feel so good the last time we did it.” She said. Dave smiled.

“I thought we were busted for sure. I sure am glad your mother can’t remember.” He said.

“I wouldn’t be too worried.” Brittany laughed. “I think there might be a side to mom that neither of us knows about. Before I was out of school for the summer I came home early after finals. I was in the kitchen making a sandwich and I thought I heard something upstairs. So I went to the bottom of the stair well and heard mom masturbating, she was crying out something about tight pussy’s with big cocks in them.” Brittany was blushing and laughed. I was starting to tremble in what at first I thought was fear, but soon I realized it was just pure sexual anxiety. I continued playing with my pussy. “Then after she was done she came downstairs with a porn magazine in her hand.”

“Wait, didn’t she find a porn magazine in your room last month?” Dave asked his step-daughter.

Brittany laughed and shook her head. “No! I don’t look at your porn magazines daddy, trust me. If I wanted to look at porn I would look at it on the internet.” After she finished she looked down at his erect penis. “Besides, masturbating to porn doesn’t feel half as good as letting you eat my pussy.” She said. She then knelt down and began licking his cockhead. I watched as my fourteen year old daughter kissed my husband’s big mushroom cap, my fingers still working my crotch. Brittany then took Dave’s cock into her mouth and began sucking it while she caressed his balls. Dave rested his hand on the back of her head and sighed with pleasure.

She sucked his cock for a few more minutes before Dave pulled his cock out of her mouth. He pulled her upright and kissed her passionately. He grasped her breasts and she started stroking his erection. Then Dave spun her around and leaned her over the bathroom sink. He kissed her back as her slid his cock head up and down her firm ass crack. Brittany began to grind against his cock. I was pleased at how much of a vixen my daughter was turning out to be. Finally she could take it no longer and she said, “Fuck me now, I have been waiting so long daddy. I played with myself ever night on the camping trip after everyone went to bed, all I could think about was your cock buried deep in my pussy, and your mouth brining my vagina to a climax.”

With that Dave lined his cockhead up between her legs and penetrated her innocence. Brittany grunted as her entered her, she twinged with a little pain as she adjusted to his cock in her tight pussy. Before long they were fucking hard, Dave was pounding her from behind, his body slapping on her firm buttocks. He held her by the hips at first. Brittany had her arms braced against the wall behind the bathroom sink. I picked up the pace as well, soon I felt an orgasm approaching, my fingers didn’t slow down, and before long I was biting my lips, trying not to cry out in pleasure as I came while watching my husband fuck my girl. Soon Brittany began to cum, I was surprised she was climaxing so quickly. She began to scream and cry out in pleasure. Dave continued fucking her from behind. She began to wildly buck her hips with the rhythm of Dave’s thrusts. Dave moved his hands from her hips up to grasp her firm breasts as they bounced with their motions. Brittany moved one of her hands down to her pussy and began rubbing her clitoris, her legs still convulsing from her orgasms. She cried out “Ooohhhh fuck me harder, fuck me harder, cum inside me daddy.” Not long after that Dave began to cry out that her was cumming. His thrusts slowed down and her grunted as he climaxed within our daughters pussy. I was still cumming as well, my panties were soaked in my sex juices.

After a minute Dave pulled his cum covered cock out of my teenage daughter. They kissed and then Brittany knelt down and sucked all of the cum off his cock. They kissed again then Dave left and she continued drying her hair. I could not believe that they were both on to me. I snuck out of the back yard and went back to work.

The weekend went by and on Monday Dave went into work in the morning. As soon as he left I got up and went into Brittany’s room. She was still sound asleep. Her body was mostly covered by a single sheet. She lay on her belly, with one of her legs sticking out of the side of the sheet. I went back to my room and put on some lingerie. I planned on seducing my own daughter into having lesbian sex with her slutty mother. I put on a pair of nylons with a garter belt. I put a matching teddy on with no bra or panties. Then I went down to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. I grabbed a cucumber that I had picked out just for this occasion, the vegetable was just a little bit bigger than my husband Dave’s cock. I went back to my baby’s room. She was still in the same position. I walked over to the side of her bed and knelt next to her. I set the cucumber on the floor.

My heart was racing sexually intoxicated blood though my whole body. I reached out and laid a hand on the soft skin of her exposed leg. She didn’t move. I caressed her leg for a minute. She was deep asleep. I pulled the sheet back to reveal her ass and her other leg. My hand slid up her leg to her cute firm ass. I admired the close view I had of her precious young pussy. My hand caressed her ass for a minute or two then I could no longer resist, I needed to feel my little girl’s pussy. I slid two fingers down the crack of her ass until they slipped between her warm pussy lips into her wet pink canyon. Brittany stirred a little, but she still appeared to be sleeping. I got onto the bed and slowly spread her legs. I knelt down and began to hiss her round ass cheeks. Then I spread her ass cheeks and ran my wet tongue down her crack until I reached her puckered brown asshole. I licked at her spicy ass for a minute. She again stirred, this time a small moan slipped from her mouth. I then slowly pushed her buttocks forward, rocking her hips forward enough so I could kiss her pussy. My tongue found her clit after only a second of searching. Her pussy tasted better than any pussy I had ever eaten. Brittany stirred again then giggled. She moaned out in a half asleep tone, “Mmmmmm, oh daddy, that feels mmmmmmm, it feels so good.” I then grasped her firm ass cheeks with my hands, letting the presence of fingernails be known to her.

Brittany looked back at me and quickly pulled away and flipped over. She now was sitting upright against the headboard of her bed, leg legs closed and her arms covering her breast. “What are you doing in here mom?” She asked in shock.

“I know about you and your step-father.” I watched you fuck each other last week after you got home from camping.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Brittany stated.

I laughed. “It’s okay baby, it kind of turns me on that you two are fucking. I am glad he is making you feel so good. But baby, I can make you feel good to. And I bet you could make your mother feel really good.” I placed my hands on her legs. Her face was blushed, her innocent eyes watched my hands as they crept up her legs. I massaged her thighs and she began to loosen up a little. I took off my teddy exposing my breasts. I grasped one of her tits and began to suck on one of her pert nipples. I felt the nipple become erect in my mouth. Brittany’s breathing was starting to increase. I picked up one of her limp arms and placed it on my breast. She took the hint and she began caressing it with her skinny fingers, she pinched my nipple and I cried out with lust. I straddled her and sat on top of her legs. I grasped the back of her head and we kissed. I guided one of her hands to my starving pussy. I had shaved it smooth the day before. She slipped her fingers between my pussy lips and felt around until she found my clitoris. I moaned with pleasure at the feeling of her stimulating my sensitive button. After a minute of kissing I got up and pulled her to the edge of her bed. I spread her legs and began to eat her pussy. I circled my tongue around her hard clit while I fucked her pussy with my index finger. I would occasionally suck her clit into my mouth and dart my tongue across it and Brittany would cry out with pleasure as her legs jolted in response. My other hand was busy masturbating my own cunt. After about five minutes of this Brittany exploded into an intense orgasm.

“Ohhhh fuck yes, oooooohhhhhh momy it feels so good, don’t stop, don’t stop…..” She cried. I grabbed the cucumber from the floor and trust it deep into my baby’s innocent pink pussy. She cried out in pleasure. I fucked her with the cucumber with one hand and fingered her clit with the other. Her orgasm turned into multiple ones. I kept fucking her with the vegetable and rubbing her clit and occasionally slapping it. She started to cry out, “Ohhhh no, stop, I can’t hold it, ooooohhhh noo, uggghhhh, oooohhhh.” Then a stream of piss came bursting out of her climaxing pussy. I kept fucking her with the large cucumber. She cried out in pleasure.

After she settled down I told her it was mommies turn to be pleased. She looked unsure. I laid back on her wet bed and spread my legs. She cautiously moved her head towards my pussy. She slowly began licking my wet vagina. I thought of the irony, she was kissing the very pussy that gave birth to her. She caught on quickly and within two minutes of my own fourteen year old daughter licking my clit with her tongue I burst into the most intense orgasm of my entire life. As I came Brittany grasped my breast and rolled my nipples between her fingers and thumbs. Pleasure rolled through every nerve of my body as my daughter slipped the cucumber deep into me, returning the favor. She mercilessly fucked my pussy with it as I continued to climax. Finally she stopped and we fell into each other’s arms, I held my baby girl, her head rested on her mother’s breast. My mind knew only one thing at that moment. Bliss, pure Bliss.

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