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Dedicated to Dancing Doll.
Lithe limbs that only a dancer possesses,
A heart glowing with passion and fire,
Golden hair that flows and caresses,
Eyes alight with fervent desire;
By the light of sweet candles and embers
Your body calls me, it speaks and commands,
It yearns for my own, it remembers
The homage of lips and of hands.
Now I give you words supple and tender
That my tongue slowly and subtly will trace
Upon your flesh until you surrender
With exquisite bliss on your face.
And one day when the roses have faded,
You may feel a sweet tingle below.
It’s your rim, completely unaided,
Feeling that warm afterglow

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2012-11-24 02:30:35
I'd say if it fits in the story, then absoloutly.If therpos' are going to have sex in human form all the time, then what's the point of making them were-critters, instead of just grouchy narcissits with better-than-average-senses?After all, in PNR with vampires, the vampires bite do they not?So surely, the werewolves(cats/coyotes/seals/thylacines?) should have hot, sweaty (panting?) sex in their respective forms.

anonymous readerReport

2012-11-22 06:27:52
Yeah I've seen it cause it. And tell your man to wash his hands and his stuff once in a while and you won't get the UTI as easily.

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