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Since my wife's first experience in our open marriage she has always been shy. She has never been the one to open up about playing around or even make it seem like she wanted to. Yet anytime I would bring it up she would go along with it......if the mood and the guy were right. This to me showed her unspoken yet definite affection with our new lifestyle choice.
For the longest time I had joked with her about going it alone and finding her own guy and just letting herself go without me there.......she would always push back at the idea. "Never" she would say. " It would be too much like cheating". To me, it would be soooo hot to know she played around without me.
Anyway, it was a dream that I thought would stay a fantasy.........until.....

It was her office Christmasd party and I could not go. Our daughter had a basketball game and I was not going to miss it. My wife was not going to go to the party alone but I had talked her into it. She called another office friend that was going stag and they decided to go together.......and hear is what I was told when she got home that night.
The party was kinof dull. The usual 40's ish office nerd guys were too drunk to be around and most of the woman stayed in their little clicks. My wife and her friend kind of just stood by the side " wallflowers" if you wish. They talked a bit to others but did not mingle much. Later in the evening as more alcohol was consumed they broke out a karaoke machine and the party started to pick up. My wife did not partakke in the singing but her friend did and in short time my wife was solo with her friend going off to have fun.
My wife was getting very bored and started to make her way to the door saying her goodbyes. As she was just about gone, a guy from another floor asked her why she was in such a hurry to leave. He talked her into staying a bit longer. My wife is very very shy and I look back and find her hanging out with this guy as a shock....and also an indication that she found him attractive. If she had no reason to stay......beleive me she would have left.
To make a long story short when she finally did decide to leave he refused to let her walk to her car alone. " It is too late and too dark " he told her, so she allowed him to accompany her to her car a few blocks away. When she got to her SUV she said her goodbyes but went to open her door. He reached around her and said " No lady opens her own door" and he opened it for her. But when he reached around her, he practically had to hug her to get at the door handle.....and they ended up verty close together.
She said she felt very uncomfortable but somehow a bit turned on by it.
"Can I kiss you?" he asked.
Lynda said she responded with " I am married you know" but it did not matter. He leaned in and passionately kissed her. That was it. For whatever reason she was not her usual shy self and kissed him back. She said she had no clue why she was so "easy" to accept his advances.....was it a little bit of alcohol? joking and prodding basically asking her to do it?......or was she just truly attracted to him? I beleive it was all three.
When the kiss ended he stepped back and opened the back door of the SUV.
"What do you think you are doing" Lynda asked.
"Come On" he pleaded........"Nobody will know"
"We are on a city street you I already told you I am married" she replied.
"So What!" he replied as he took her arm and let her to the back door and politely pushed her into the back seat and shut the door. She half heartedly objected but she was sooo turned on she went along with it. Every move he made she resisited but only for show.....she actually wanted him......but was ashamed to admit it to herself.
He was kissing her and groping at her ample breasts when he pushed her back and she was now laying across the back seat. He put his hand up her skirt and started to feel her thighs and then probe for her pussy. She said the feeling of another man doing this to her was incredible. She had a tingly feeling all over her body. He rubbed at her crotch through her pantyhose and she said dhe could feel herself getting wet. He pulled back and unzipped his pants...."We really should not do this.........especially here!" she said but he did not stop what he was doing..........and she did not try any harder to stop him.
As he pulled his boxers down he then reached both hands up and into her skirt and under her ass. He pulled at the top of her pantyhose and pulled then down just enough to expose her pussy. She said she actually found herself lifting her hips to allow him to pull them down. She was his......whether she wanted to be in mind or not.........her body wanted it. He grabbed her left leg and held it up high and kindof hooked the heel of her shoe on the headrest. Her other leg he took in his left hand and pushed it up high almost to her head. Here she was, a married mother of two, spread eagle in the backseat of an SUV on a city street about to be fucked? Her mind was abuzz.
He positioned himself above her and with the help of one of his hands.......lined up and penetrated her. She said she came instantly. It was dark and she could not see much but she could tell that he was hung. She said her wetness helped but she said he stretched her more than she had been before. It only took a couple of thrusts until she could feel him against her cirvix. He would stop as the head of his penis would push against her wall......then slowly pull back and repeat. He did this slow draw for sometime until she came again........this time squirting all over her lover. She soaked her dress, the seat and her pantyhose.
This was more than the guy could take andhe went at pounding her hard. He pumped and pumped until she got into rythem of squirting every couple of pumps. She was making a mess of the car.......but at the moment she did not care.
Moments later..........uuuuugggggghhhhh.....he pumped hard one last time and came a huge load into her pussy..........and that is when it hit her............he had not put on a condom.........she was in intense orgasm yet was now terrified. After he pulled out Lynda told him he should not have done that because she is still fertile and not on the pill. He seemed not to care and he helped her to stand up outide of the car.
There my wife stood, in a wet dress, pantyhose around her knees with a strage guys cum dripping into the crotch of her hose and running down her thighs. Her legs were trembling and her tose were numb.
He looked into her eyes.....nealed down and pulled up her pantyhose placing them back aound her waist.
"Now go home.....just like this and show your husband what you have done" he ordered.
"What.....I can't tell him!"
"Oh, you don't think when you get home he is not going to notice?"
He was right but his brazen approach to what they did unnerved her. He kissed her deeply and helped her into the front seat......" Now on Monday send me an e-mail and tell me what he did when you got home.....I will be waiting for it" and he closed the door.
It went something like this when she got home..........
She walked into the bedroom and stood next to my side of the bed.....I looked at her and she half smiled and half looked like she was scared to death.
" What is wrong" I asked as I sat up.
"I hope you are happy!" she said as she took my hand and put in around and onto her ass. Her dress was soaked.
"What, did you spill a drink?" I asked.
"No" she said as she grabbed my hand. She bent down, lifted her dress and placed my hand up onto her crotch. I was cupping a sopping mess.
"You didn't " I said.
"Are you mad"..........I did not let her finish. I pulled her down and around me and onto the bed. I pulled her dress up and took a look at a pair of pantyhose just full of white frothy cum from some other guy.
"He came in you pantyhose?"
"No.....she stammered.......he came in ME........ALOT!"
I did not hesitate..........I tore open the crotch of her soaked and sticky pantyhose and was able to put almost my whole hand into her at once.......when I did she squirted......yet again. A mix of her cum and his semen oozed out and around my fingers all over her lips and my hand. I was in heaven.
"Tell me you are not mad" she plead with me.
"Honey" I said........"I could not be more proud of you if I tried" and I went down on her.
She was so stretched and sensative that she could not take anymore in her pussy so she rolled around and gave her ass to me and I proceeded to have her that way until I filled her bowels with my cum. She collpesed into the bed and basically fell asleep / passed out. I just sat there, watching my cum ooze out of her ass and mix with hers and her lovers seed as it pooled all together near her clit before dripping off onto the bed.
That guy had to have cum a quart......her pussy was spasming and each time a blob of his thick seed would be pushed out and slide down her lips. It was the most incredible sight and feeling I have ever had. I was turned on for days after that night. She ended up late for her period after that but it was just a flase alarm. She was so fearfull of getting pregnant at 40 with another guys baby. She would not be able to stand the embarrassment............I fixed that by talking her into going back on the pill.
Next time I want to be there when he fills her with his seed.............I told her to e-mail him a thanks from me and an invitation out for another time.
She smiled and agreed.
God I love my wife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2017-01-21 17:53:44
My mate love the office party's where he works as he does this prays on women who are married and leaves as much cum in them. So they after tell a story why they wet meandwifewould laugh then she came home wet from the office he had done her to and she in not on the pill yes

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2015-05-21 06:24:32
Good story but please use a spell-checker in future stories.

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2011-04-13 00:26:51
My wife has always been very shy and reserved in bed. If I thought fucking another man would loosen her up I would pay the bastard to do her. She is a dish and would make any man hard. I have a big black cock and she is a very hot little man magnet; guys are always approaching her and trying to nail her but sex is just not her thing. I fantasize about her getting gang banged sometimes, coming home full of cum and a changed woman. I read a story about a woman who was dragged into a van one night as she was walking home. She was hard fucked and forced to suck four men who took turns with her. She got put back out on the street with no panties, cum in her hair, cum, running down her legs, and a deep desire to get fucked like that again. Happened to a classmate of mine too, but she didn't like it. Three guys handcuffed her and made her suck and fuck them in the van at the same time. Oh well. Thanks to all of you who share your own hot stories. They make things bearable around here.


2010-07-20 01:40:46
outstanding,my wife did'nt tell me untill the 3rd time she had sex with her boss at work,and as in the above story i thanked both him and her,they still get it on some times with my full approval.

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2010-07-13 08:01:08
I liked this story, a husband would feel so many different emotions from this situation. I would be so horny i would have to have my wife as she told me the details..

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