This is too much
I decided that it was time. I stepped to the bathroom door and said “Girls, why don’t you join us?”

The other door opened and the girls, Amy, Jenny and Kellie walked in. Craig and Art became a little modest and covered their privates with their hands. My daughter said “What the fuck?”

I said “Oh my dear, the girls have been watching you for quite some time. They have enjoyed your escapades as much as you have. It has made them quite curious and they have allowed me to become their teacher. Girls, why don’t you tell everyone what we’ve been up to. . .”

The girls looked at each other and Amy started to tell everyone about watching her mom have sex and how they were caught pleasing each other by their grandpa. Amy went into detail about how they were curious and wanted to experience what their mother obviously enjoyed. I noticed Art and Craig looking at the girls and saw that they were no longer covering their privates and were once again becoming hard. I could see their mother looking at them with a kind of shocked face, obviously confused.

I took this opportunity to involve the girls. “Oh yes, the girls have been very curious about why their mother would do what she does and I’ve been helping them understand. They have been very apt pupils and willing to learn as much as they can. Kellie, come over to me and show them what you’ve learned about how to pleasure a man?”

With that the youngest girl walked to me and looked me in the eye while she reached out and fondled my hard on. She said “Can I suck it now?”

I responded “Oh yes my love, let’s show everyone how much you’ve learned.”

She started to slowly stroke my member and moved forward to take me into her tiny mouth. She closed her eyes and took as much of me as she could and began the forward backward movement that I’ve learned to enjoy. I said “Oh yes baby, you’ve really gotten good at this! Suck my cock really well and I’ll reward you be fucking that hot little pussy of yours! Amy and Jenny, don’t be shy. . .why don’t you go over and introduce my friends cocks to your sweet little mouths?”

The girls went to the bathroom and each got a warm wash cloth. They didn’t hesitate and walked over to the bed. Amy knelt next to Craig and Jenny knelt next to Art. I watched as they cleand off the again hard cocks and then their hands reached out to the them and while looking into the guys eyes they started to stroke them.

“Relax guys, just lie back and enjoy it!” I watched as both girls leaned forward and took my friends hard cocks into their mouths.

My daughter was watching this with a look of confusion but her lust betrayed her. She put one hand between her legs and began to finger her pussy while the other hand was massaging one of her tits. I expected some words of protest but it was obvious that she was not thinking about her daughters but she was thinking about carnal pleasure.

I was in heaven watching my little girls pleasuring my friends while my little Kellie sucked my rigid cock. I thought this was so hot and I was trying to decide how this should all play out. These three little ones had been virgins just some time ago and now they were involved in group sex! And they did not have to be coerced!

Art and Craig were both mesmerized while watching these little girls pleasure them. The girls were sucking and stroking their cocks and were obviously enjoying themselves. After just a few minutes I said “Girls, it’s not fair that you still have your clothes on. Why don’t you take a moment and get naked for us.”

It didn’t take long for them to shed their clothes. Then they went right back to their assigned cocks.

“Kellie honey, you are doing such a good job! How would you like me to reward you?”

“Would you fuck me?”

I told her to walk to the end of the bed and bend over. I looked at my friends as I held my cock and pointed it at her sweet young pussy. As I penetrated her she let out a gasp. I pushed forward and went all the way in as I said “Oh yeah, I love your sweet little cunt!” I started doing her with slow long strokes and said “Guys, why don’t you fuck my sweet little girls?” With that said both Amy and Jenny stopped sucking the boys and they rolled over onto their backs. Art and Craig put themselves between the girl’s legs and placed their erections into the girl’s cunts. I got very excited watching my little girls getting it from new cocks. The girl’s eyes were closed and they looked like they were really enjoying the new man meat. The boys were not saying anything and were drilling the girls with all of their might.

Watching the others made me so fucking horny! I continued to fuck my little girl with long hard strokes. I was making sure that I went balls deep with each forward thrust. She felt so amazing and I didn’t think it could get any better. Kellie said “Oh yeah that feels so good! Oh yeah, I really like this! No wonder why mommy likes to do this, oh yeah!”

I was really enjoying fucking my young girl while watching my friends do her sisters. I was getting out of control and asked Kellie “Would you like to take the next step? I can show you what other things mommy likes.” I pulled out of her and said “This is going to hurt a little but I’ll go slowly until you say okay.” I picked up the lube and swirted a dob into my hand, I rubbed it all over my cock and then used me middle finger to rub around her little asshole. I slowly inserted my finger ans she tighenedup. "Relax little one." She did as she was told and my finer pressed un and her spinckster losswned and my finger went all the way in.

I held my rock hard cock at the entrance to her brown hole and started to push forward. I got my tip in and she moved forward onto the bed and said ‘Ow! It hurts! It hurts!”
“It’s okay baby, I’ll take it easy. Let me know when it feels better.”

I waited and noticed that the others had stopped fucking and were watching us. Kellie said “It’s okay, go slow. . .” With that I pushed onward. “Relax baby, just let me in. Your mommy likes it and you will too.” Her little bum was so fucking tight and I already watched my friends get off without getting off myself. She was a trooper as I continued to sink my cock into her tiny ass. Ever so slowly it went deeper until I was all the way in. I waited just a moment and then began to pump my straining cock into her tight little asshole! Oh my god the feeling was incredible! And she was taking it like a real woman! I couldn’t take it anymore and said “Oh jesus, you fell so good! I’m going to cum in your ass!” And then I went as deep as I could and came like never before!

End of part 7


2011-10-13 16:33:42
when i was her age my brother tried to get in my butt. it hurt as much as when he fucked me the first time


2010-07-19 09:51:50
Love your stories!! Young girls are great to suck and fuck, don't you think? How terrific that you found 3 who want you to fuck them at every chance possible. Will your future stories branch out and have some bi-sexual activity? Reading about someone pleasuring pussies and cocks is very erotic to me. I'm horny from all your stories. Thanks!!!!
Love, Art

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2010-07-17 14:22:14
I have enjoyed all of the installments of this story, however, I feel that these last two have been rather rushed, where as the first five had more detail. These stories are outstanding, dont rush it. :)

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2010-07-14 11:00:09
Excellent story!!!!!!!!!!!

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2010-06-30 00:09:39
oh i love little kellie, she would've been my choice to fuck also, does she have any friends maybe some younger girls to join in!!! oh how i would love to be with kellie every night!!!!!!!! what do her panties look like and what size might they be?!!!

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