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lonely co ed finds gets what she wants?
Sitting inside the sorority house, she watch’s the fire dance inside the fireplace. Thinking about all the stuff she is missing at home. Unable to make it home for the holidays she is stuck in the house by herself. There might be one other girl here, she wasn’t sure about that. All she knows is that her boyfriend isn’t here either. He went home for the holidays too. Sighing to herself she just watch’s the flames dance. Getting fed up she gets up and goes to the computer.After hours of searching she comes across an ad for a party going on just down town from where she is. Shrugging she decides to go. Quickly getting dressed in her tight jeans and a low cut sweater. She heads to the party.Inside the party there are many familiar faces, ones she thought had gone home for the holiday, plus a lot of unfamiliar faces she had never seen around town. She walks over to the bar and orders a shot and a drink. Quickly shoots the shot and then grabs the drink. Looks around the bar and watch’s the crowd.Someone comes up behind her and wraps their arms around her waist. She tenses for a second and thinks what the heck, you only live once! She relaxes against the body.“MMmmm…. you feel good against me!” a soft cat like smooth female voice whispers in her ear.“Really, well that’s good to hear isn’t it!” she says to the stranger. Inhaling and smelling jasmine and vanilla coming from the stranger. She smiles and says “so you have me in your arms now what?”“You coy little vixen. What would you like done to you?”“Not sure…but I guess I am at your disposal!” she says back. You hear the stranger laugh softly.“Well then, lets test how far you’re willing to go to please me!” she says. “Have you ever been with another woman? And answer honestly!”“No I haven’t!”“Good then tonight will be your first!”“Oh goodie!” she reply’s with a hint of joy in her voice. The stranger grabs her hair at the base of the head and pulls, she gasp in pleasure and in pain.“By the way, from now on you will address me as mistress!” says the stranger! “Do you understand!”“Yes, Mistress!” she responds.“Good little girl!” says her mistress! Before she realizes it, she is being blindfolded! Surprised by this she goes to set her drink down. Her mistress grips her by the hand and begins to drag her away from the bar.“From now on you don’t speak unless I tell you to. Do you understand?” Enjoying this experience. She smiles and nods her head. “Good girl!”Her mistresses push her against a wall, she assumes. Pulling off her sweater, taking her each of her hands and handcuffing them to something above her. Her mistress begins to unfasten her jeans slipping them off her. She feels her hands exploring her body. Squeezing her breast, she feels something wet against her nipple, and then she feels her lips around them. While she feels her fingers slipping inside her panties. Flicking her clit with the tip of her finger, just enough to where she can feel her nail. She moans in excitement!“You like that, you little whore!” Mistress whispers in her ear!“Yes, Mistress, I do!” she says“Good!” She continues, playing inside her panties. Finally after playing with her clit, she grips her panties and rips them off of her. Leaving her completely naked and attached to the wall. Mistress steps back and doesn’t touch her. She begins to squirm thinking that her mistress left her there. She begins to try to cover herself up with her legs. When she suddenly gets slapped on the thigh.“Do not move! You’re not getting off there until I am done with you my little slut!”She places her foot back down on the ground, and sighs deeply. She feels herself getting wetter with anticipation. Many thoughts running through her mind. Where is she, who was all there, had they left the bar at all, what was going to happen next, and would she regret this later? She lost all thoughts as soon as she felt what happened next.Suddenly her mistress had spread her pussy lips and shoved something long and hard inside of her. The shock sent her into another orgasm! As her mistress slammed what ever it was inside of her repeatedly. She ran her fingers over her clit intensifying her orgasms! She tries so hard not to scream out in pleasure!“You want to scream and let the world know what kind of whore you are don’t you! My little bitch!” Her mistress says. Just then she feels teeth on her nipple. Biting hard, and licking at the same time. Her mistresses fingers moves faster against her clit. The phallus thrusting harder and harder inside of her.“Yes…Mistress!” she says between orgasms. Her mistress releases her nipple and laughs. Pulls out the phallus, she hears it hit the floor what ever it was. Her mistress steps away from her only for a moment. Reaches up and takes off her restrains. Only to guide to lay on the floor, flat on her back. Cuffing her hands to something above her again.“Now my little bitch, it’s time for you to please your Mistress!” With that, she suddenly has her mistress’s pussy hovering above her lips, “stick out your tongue you little whore!” she obeys, as her tongue connects with something wet and warm. “Now lick!” with this command she begins to lick it furiously, slipping her tongue inside her pussy lips. She feels her mistress adjust herself to where her pussy is lower. She begins to thrust her tongue inside her pussy, while sucking up her mistress’s pussy juices. “Good whore!” her mistress cries out just before she reaches orgasm. Sending her pussy juice all over her face. Lapping it up like a cat laps up milk, she realizes she wants more. She begins again to furiously fuck her with her tongue, hearing her mistress moan out louder in orgasm. Her mistress gushing out juice all over her face. Suddenly her mistress grips her hair and thrust her face in deeper. She begins to rock on her face, while she thrust her tongue inside ofher pussy faster and faster. Her mistress screams out in pleasure. She rocks faster and faster on her face, while her tongue is getting deeper in her mistresses pussy.“AH…fuck that pussy you whore!!!” she screams out! Sucking her juice that comes squirting out of her mistress sends her in a hard orgasm herself. Finally her mistress stops rocking on her face. She slips off of her. Leaving her there completely venerable. She feels something cool against her face. A washcloth, her mistress is wiping her face clean.“Now like a good little whore, when I untie you, do not take off your blind fold. Until after you counted to ten. Do you understand me you little whore?”“Yes Mistress!” she responds.“Oh and I will be watching you, so we will be having another round of fun!” With that her mistress leans down and kisses her on the lips. As she was kissing her, she is unfastening the restrains again. As soon as the restrains where off, she broke the kiss and was gone!She quickly sits up and begins to count.“One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten!” she rips the blindfold off her face and looks around. Finding her self in the bar still, in a dark corner room. She quickly gets what’s left of her cloths on and heads out the door.She arrives home, jumps in the shower to wash what’s left off of her. She walks over to her computer, flips it on and begins to check her email. Sitting her mailbox was one email. Labeled To my Whore! She quickly opens it up.My whore! You did a wonderful job tonight and performed very well! I will be contacting you again. From now on whenever I call you, you drop everything and come to me. No matter what. Failure will result in punishment!Sweet Dreams my whore!She sits back in her chair and sighs. Noticing she is wet again. She reaches down to start masturbating. When her cell phone rings.“Hello” she says“Don’t you dare masturbate you whore, I want you to want my touch!” says her mistress!“Yes Mistress! But forgive me, when will you touch me again!”“In one week! Enjoy my whore…imagine me fucking you all week! And if I catch you masturbating with anything you will be punished! See you in a week!” and with that the line went dead!


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If this is how you feel, wish I culd get to know you...

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