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Chocolate Delight.
Mr Cadbury met Ms Nestle in a room on Quality Street. it was after eight.

He noticed her Double Deckers and opened her Chocolate Buttons.

Then he squeezed her Easter Eggs as he gave her a bit of Black Magic, before slipping his Chocolate Fingers into her Snickers.

He touched her Fudge and showed her his Curly Wurly & Whole Nuts.

Not to keen to have any Jelly Babies, she let him take her up the Bournville boulevard.

She screamed with Turkish Delight as he took out his Mars Bar.

She wrapped her lips around his Toblerone, it felt a bit Crunchie and she wanted some Time Out.

Screaming for a bit of Aero. she watched as he did a Twirl and came in a very MilkyWay.

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2012-08-09 10:15:51
I'm only really going to give you this wnirnag once Katie.You are in NYC. You can think you are badass as McLovin all you want in your head, but you will get surprised one day.See the issue is you assume you're dealing with same folks who want to go about their day and be happy.Wrong. you will cross someone who couldn't give a fugg about spending the night in lockup over anything.I saw the bloodiest fight to this day on a train because someone looked at another person and then said, Well fuck you . That person was promptly punched in the nose by a smaller person and then had no other choice but to bleed all over the subway car as we all looked with that Oh shyt you just got your ass beat look . Yeah a few of us were smirking.It's hard to keep from laughing when you see a beat down.NYC folks want a fight Katie, please don't get comfortable and provoke them, even if you're in the right. Don't get all Michael Bloomberg this is the elite Manhattan stigma. Don't be a push over, stand up f

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2012-07-17 12:20:58
Wimmers was an okay guy and wrote some awesome stuff before, but now he's just an attention-craving fag. It's sad, but I suppose it happens to only the best of us.

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2012-04-24 23:20:35
Is anyOne else craving candy :p

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2012-03-14 17:13:36
Role model? Ahh please Wimmers who you think you are? Cant you just write some jokes and thank yor fans and stop predending you are God? Thats kinda annoying and not cool dude...

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2012-01-30 01:54:44
i agree with the below comment

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