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spidey fans should love m 1st story be gentle
spider- man
the beginning

for ppl who always wondered about the sexual life of that web slinger
i suggest some spiderman knowledge before reading thanks

peter parker was bit by a radioactive spider… blaa blaa blaa

peter rolled over and looked at his gorgeous wife mary jane. her red hair shone in the early morning light. Peter watched her breath as her incredible 36 d tits slightly moved up and down beneath the sheets. Peter laid back and thought of having sex with his beautiful wife. His 8 inch cock began to harden as he thought about mary jane. Peter slide back the covers on mary jane and began rubbing her massive tits through her bra. Mary Jane sighed deeply in her sleep. Slowly peter pulled down her black lacy bra and began to swirl his finger around her tit. Mary Jane's tits were huge but didn't sag. Peter leaned in and began sucking on her fat pink nipple. She had sexy brown aeroles that were just the right size. Mary janes nipple hardened in peters mouth and he bit down sofly. Mary jane still asleep let out a small gasp. Peter began to stroke his throbbing dick as he sucked on mary janes nipple. His tip began to throb and a small trail of pre cum began to leak from the massive purpling head. Peter could hold back no longer as he pulled back the covers completely and mounted mary jane putting his dick over his sleeping wifes face. Mary Jane awoke with a shock then smiled and said "Good morning tiger i can see someone is up". Mary jane liked the tip of peters dick and moaned. "i was having the best dream of u fucking me". mary jane said. Mary jane began to suck peters cock she wrapped a hand around his tool while her tongue ran deep circles around peters head. Mary jane began forcing all of peters cock down her throat. she gagged on his huge cock. Peter began face fucking mary jane. Her huge tiptoes bounced up and down as peter fucked her face. Peter let out a loud moan as he began to shoot a huge load down mary janes throat. Mary jane swallowed a few times then opened her mouth with remaining cum in it and showed peter. Mary Jane said" I love it when you shoot me with your web so nice and sticky.
Peters dick was still hard as he began to kiss his way down mary janes body. He kissed her flat stomach which had a little baby fat but was still very sexy. Peter began to pull off mary janes black lace undies. He noticed how wet she was and could smell her dank pussy. Peter kissed down her red landing strip. Mary jane closed her sparkling green eyes and moaned. Peter began to probe her pussy with his tongue. He swirled his tongue and grabbed Mary janes clit as she began to rock. Her hips squeezed peters head begging him to go deeper as his tongue probed her pussy. Peter began to finger fuck mary jane. He started with long hard thrust but changed it up frequently. Mary janes body began to quiver as she yelped oh god petty and began to cum all over peters face and tongue.

Peter wasted no time crawling on top of mary jane missionary style. His dick was raging hard. I love u babes peter said as he bent down and gave her a long passionate kiss. their tongues interlocked as peter s dick began to penetrate mary janes tight wet lips. ugh she moaned and his cock began to slide deeper and deeper into her tight hot pussy. Peter pulled out and slowly began to thrust in and out. Mary Janes tits bounced up and down slowly as she gazed longfully into peters eyes. Peter could see the fire building in her and he began to pummel her pussy.
"ugh ugh ugh oh good oh good oh god fuck me spider man fuck my pussy hard" mary jane screamed. Peter began ramming in and out of mary janes pussy at a break neck speed. her tight pussy held on 2 peters dick for dear life as his big rod streched her to the limit

"oh god pete oh god pete pete pete ugh im going to cum"

mary jane began to cum fiercely oh peters dick. Peter rammed into her pussy harder as he began to shoot his load deep in 2 mary janes pussy.

peter sighed as he laid on top of his beautiful wife and kissed her passionately. His dick was still hard so he rolled her over

"oh tiger whats got you so aggressive this morning?"

"that sweet pussy really gets me going pete replied"

peter pulled mary jane up into a doggy style position and smacked her fat white ass. A red hand mark appeared

"owwh pete u bad boy "

"ik u like it like the dirty red headed slut you are now imma take that fat ass"

Peter spread mary janes cheeks as he began to lick her anus. mary jane wiggled her ass in peters face pushing back into his tongue thrust moaning for more.

oh god pete lick my asshole.

Peter pulled his tongue out of mary janes ass a slight plop noise was heard
Peter lined up his wet dick at mj s back door and began to squeeze his big dick inside of her. Mary jane began to thrust back as they immediately started fucking like animals

ugh ugh ugh ugh oh peter fuck me harder fuck my fat ass

Peter said : Bitch take this dick take it all

peter began to smack mjs ass repeatedly as he humped her ass his dick going in and out at a speed only possible for a super hero

mary jane put her head down and screamed " ohhhhhh good fuck me wreck my asshole make me shit pancakes for a month" peter took his hands of mjs ass and grabbed mjs swinging tities he began to maul her tits as his dick slid in and out.
Peter twisted mjs nipples hard

awwwwhhhhh fuck mj screamed

u like that bitch peter retorted

awww fuck aww fuck awww aww mary jane said as her anus clenched and she began cumming

peter took his hands of mjs tits and grabbed her clit

mj screamed as her organim went crazy

peter began to cum in mjs ass

fuck bitch take it take it you dirty slut

awwwh my god my fucking god fuck me like a champ mj screamed

mj and peter collapsed to the bed in a sweaty fiery heap

peter rolled over and said " well its time for me to go fight some crime keep that pussy hot i ll be back later " peter jumped up pulled on his costume and jumped out the window

mary jane smirked as she used her hand to clean up the cum dripping from her pussy and ass she began to suck on her fingers

mj said go get them tiger as peter began to swing away

more to come

1st story b gentle =)

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Wish mj was wearing leather pants.

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throw tor web on her face


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throw tor web on her face

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I think this is a good story.

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