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8 years later...
It had been 8 years since they had last seen each other. Cindy had gone to Atlanta when Mark graduated from college. Mark had recently married so all that had happened was Cindy giving him a blowjob at her hotel after graduation even though Cindy had wanted to do so much more. They had stayed in touch over the years, but not very frequently in the last few years.

When they had reconnected on Facebook a few months ago it seems as if no time had pasted at all. They picked right back up at the flirty fun relationship they had before. It was always nice to have someone who you just clicked with. Hanging out, having drinks, going to movies and the sex was awesome too. So when they started talking on Facebook it just seemed natural that their sexual sides would play back into the relationship.

The first time Mark asked Cindy to make a video of her touch herself she was a little taken aback and she thought she would never be able to do that. When he sent her a video of a friend using her vibrator it made her very excited so she thought "what the heck" and made a short video with her phone. After sending it to him she wonder would he be sharing it with anyone else? Now she had graduated to make 15 minute movies with a video camera in her room and sending them not really concerned any longer if others saw them. Mark always had a way of bringing out the slut in her, but she liked it.

Now, after months of talking about sex in a few short hours it was actually going to happen. They had arrange to have a weekend together and planned to do nothing but fuck. Cindy didn't sleep very well the night before in anticipation of what the following day was going to bring and as she boarded the airplane she could already feel the dampness between her legs. Just the thought that within a few hours she would have Mark's cock in her mouth was driving her wild and making her pussy wet as hell.

Mark had told her that he couldn't just park and wait in front of the arrivals so after she picked up her bag she was suppose to call and let him know so he could drive over from the waiting area parking. "Hey, I am here at baggage claim." Cindy told Mark on the phone. "And my bag was already here when I walked up so it won't take me long to get outside."

"Okay I am on my way and will be there in just a few minutes." Mark told her.

Their time together would be limited due to the fact that Mark was a married man. When he married almost 10 yrs ago his wife had been a virgin, but he never suspected that she didn't like sex. This weekend would be a way for both of them to let off a little pent up sexual steam. As Cindy waited on the crib she thought about what they had planned for the weekend. Today they would have about 11 hours together and would be naked most of the time. Then tomorrow about 8 hours, standing there thinking of their skin pressed together and her straddling Mark's cock was making her so horny. Her phone rang and looking at the screen it was a text from Mark asking, "Are you wet?". She sent back a message saying, "Very".

Even though she was excited as hell to see him, she was also nervous. She could feel the butterflies in her stomach as she wondered if things would be awkward or seem like they had seen each other only days ago. Cindy saw the car approaching and could see Mark's smiling face through the windshield. Just seeing his face put her at ease. As he parked and came around to her hugging her and saying "Hey, how are you doing?"

As they drove to the hotel they chit chatted about the flight, joking and laughing. Mark reached out touching her leg and a little jolt sparked through her. Cindy really wanted to reach over and start stroking his cock, but was afraid she wouldn't be able to stop she wanted him so badly. They arrived at the hotel and Cindy went to check in. After checking in they went to the room to settle in.

Cindy turned on the TV to find something just for some background noise. Mark came up behind her kissing her neck and taking both of her breasts in his hands. As she pressed her body against him enjoying the feel of his lips on her neck and hands on her breasts she could feel his cock pressing against her ass as it got hard. Reaching behind her she started to stroke his cock through his pants as he moved his hands under her top and under her bra grasping both breasts in his hands and pinching her nipples.

"Ummm" Cindy moaned.

"Your nipples are so hard." Mark whispered in her ear.

Cindy was working on unbuttoning his pants so she could get to his cock. For months she had been thinking about having his cock in her mouth, pussy and up her ass now the time was here. As his pants fell to the floor she turned around and got on her knees taking his cock in her mouth.

"Fuck yes" Mark moaned as she started to suck his cock. "Wait let's go over to the bed" he said. As they both quickly undressed Cindy knew it wouldn't take long for her to make him cum. They had made a deal not to masturbate or have sex for the entire week before their meeting. She knew from their recent conversation that he was ready to explode and she couldn't wait for him to do it in her mouth.

As Mark laid back on the bed Cindy enjoyed the view of his naked body. Her focus was on his rock hard cock standing up waiting for her mouth. As she crawled up the bed between his legs taking the head of his cock into her mouth. Sucking gently on the head wrapping her tongue around pressing her tongue into the slit sucking out the drops of precum there. Sliding her mouth down the shaft. Licking her tongue along the underside of his cock as she moved her mouth. Wrapping her hand around the shaft of his cock sliding her hand up and down as she moved his cock in and out of her mouth.

"Ummm" Cindy moaned with pleasure against his cock.

"Turn so I can play with you pussy" Mark told her.

Moving around to the side so he could reach her pussy. "Maybe you better get a towel, I know how wet your pussy gets and I want to try to make you squirt" Mark told her. Cindy got up to get a towel thinking about their discussions of how much he wanted to know if she could squirt. She had been watching videos lately of women squirting either from masturbating themselves or with help from a partner. She had hoped to get some insight on how it was done because she didn't want to disappoint him. Going back to the bed she spread the towel then knelt down on it within reach of his hands. Then she went back to working on his cock.

Mark reached between her spread knees feeling her pussy. "Nice, your pussy is so smooth" Mark told her. She had her pussy waxed before coming on the trip. As he slid his fingers into her pussy Cindy let out a little gasp of pleasure. Cindy continued to work her mouth on his cock sucking, licking stroking up and down his shaft. Mark had one finger in her pussy and working her clit with his thumb. Cindy could feel her orgasms building up inside her. She worked faster on his cock. Mark slid a second finger inside her pussy pressing faster and faster against her G-spot. Cindy sucked faster and harder on his cock. Moaning against his cock as she began to orgasm she could feel her juices gushing from her pussy.

"I'm going to cum!" Mark said as the first ropes of white hot cum hit Cindy's tongue. She continued working his cock sucking every drop as blast after blast splashed into her mouth. As he finished cumming Cindy did not remove his cock from her mouth, but continued to stoke and suck on it.

"Okay, okay stop" Mark said. Cindy giggled, she remembered how sensitive he was after orgasm not even wanted to be touched, but she wanted to touch him. Touch him all over, but she finally let his cock out of her mouth laying over on his chest as they both gasped for breath.

After a few minutes of resting Mark asked, "So what toys did you bring?"

Cindy got up and opened my suitcase. Cindy had told Mark about the toys she used while masturbating and he asked her to bring them so we could play with them together. Laying each item out on the bed for him to see, there was the red Rabbit vibrator, pink vibrating butt plug, smaller blue butt plug and the g-spot tickler as well as, various lubes and massage oils.

"Nice" Mark said "I don't know what I want to play with first." Cindy started loading all the batteries into the toys that required them. "Lay down I want to play with you pussy" Mark told her. Laying back on the bed Cindy spread her legs wide for him. "God, I love your hairless pussy it is so sexy" he said as he ran his hand over her bald pussy mound. As he stroked his fingers back up her pussy he slid his fingers between the lips, "You are so wet" Mark said as his fingers grazed her clit making her hips buck up to meet his hand.

Leaning down he spread the lips of her pussy flicking her clit with his tongue making her moan with pleasure. Taking the Rabbit vibrator he slid it inside her pussy which was so wet it met no resistance. Working it in and out of her pussy as he licked her clit.

"Oh that feels so good" Cindy said as she pushed her hips up serving herself up to his tongue. Mark turned on the rotating shaft of the Rabbit still moving it in her pussy. Then removing his tongue from her clit he turned on the clit stimulator and pressed it against her clit as he drove the vibrator deep into my pussy.

"Yes, fuck me with it I want you to make me cum." Cindy told him moving her hips with the rhythme of his strokes. He started fucking her faster and faster with the vibrator. Cindy could feel her orgasms building as her breath quickened. "Yes, that's it you going to make me cum!" Cindy said as her hips bucked up to meet his hand. "I'm cumming" she cried out as the first wave of orgasm came over her making her whole body shake.

As she was coming down from her orgasm Mark spread her legs and knelt between them. Putting her feet onto his shoulders he slid his cock into her pussy pushing deep inside her. "Yes, fuck me" Cindy said as Mark started pumping his cock in and out of her soaking wet pussy. Pushing her knees toward her shoulders allowed him to plunge even deeper into her. "Oh yes, fuck me deep and hard" Cindy told him as she thrust her hips up to meet his every stroke. Mark's cock was slamming against her g-spot and Cindy could feel the orgasm rising up inside her, telling Mark "Your going to make me cum" just as she felt the gush of cum from him hitting her g-spot over and over. Mark continued to thrust into her as he felt her pussy walls grabbing his cock as each shock wave of her orgasm coursed through her. Mark hated to take his cock out of her pussy, but he really wanted her on top riding his cock.

"Trade places with me." Mark said. Cindy smiled she knew how much Mark loved for her to ride his cock, not that she minded she loved the fact he would just let her have her way with him taking her time enjoying every stroke. Cindy got on her knees and let Mark lay down on his back. Cindy reached over taking his hard cock in her hand and bringing her mouth down to suck on the head of his cock. Oh, how she loved to suck cock, it was one of her favorite things to do, but she also knew she wanted Mark's cock in her pussy so she climbed up straddling his cock.

Cindy pussy slid easily down onto his cock. She lifted her hips up so just the head of his cock was in her pussy and bounced up and down only taking in the sensitive head of his cock rubbing her clit against the shaft of his cock. She was leaning forward on her hands placed on either side of him. Then she sat up taking all of his cock into her pussy.

"I love riding your cock" Cindy told Mark.

"It is yours to do whatever you want with" Mark told her and she knew that is exactly what she wanted. "Get up on your feet" Mark instructed as Cindy climbed onto her feet keeping his cock engulfed in her pussy. On her feet she was in a good position to ride up and down on his cock and Mark met her movements with upward thrusts that sent his cock deep inside her. As he thrust faster and faster inside her Cindy knew she was going to cum letting the feeling build just waiting for the release. She loved the build up the most, sometimes she wished she could just have that feeling all the time and never have the release of orgasm. But her body would not stop as she threw her head back enjoying the feeling of release.

"I'm cumming" She told Mark as he continued to thrust into her pussy. Cindy came down off her feet, but still had her pussy wrapped around Mark's cock. Laying her head on his chest she said, "Just give me a minute", but it didn't take long for her to start moving up and down his cock once more. Pushing herself up with her hands so she was staring down into his face, his eyes were closed but there was a smile on his face. Getting up on her knees a little so she could pump his cock in and out of her pussy.

"Your pussy is so wet and can feel your juice dripping on my balls" Mark said.

"That's because you cock makes me so fucking wet" Cindy told him as she quickened her pace pumping up and down on his cock. "Come on baby, I want you to cum again. I want to feel you hot cum shoot into my mouth.' Cindy said as she rode him faster and Mark was thrusting his cock harder and harder into her pussy.

"I'm about to cum!" Mark said as Cindy pulled up off his cock and took him in her mouth. Sucking and stroking his cock she liked the taste of her juices that covered his cock. His balls were covered with her spilled juices Cindy noticed as she took his balls in her hand. She could feel his balls tensing in her hand as they got ready to shoot their delicious juice into her mouth.

"Suck my cock!" Mark told her "I'm almost there" he said as Cindy furiously pumped and sucked his cock. Then she felt the first glob of cum hitting her tongue and she continued to squeeze his balls until ever last drop had squirt into her mouth.

Cindy sat up and laid down beside Mark throwing one arm across his chest and one leg across his thighs, Cindy said "That is exactly what I needed. I have been thinking about you making me cum for months and it was even better than I had imagined."

"Good" Mark said smiling.



2011-05-17 11:31:55
Good story there must be some truth to your story, maybe some personal experiences?

Anonymous readerReport

2010-06-30 09:52:05
Great story, sorry did not know everyone was an English major.

Anonymous readerReport

2010-06-29 20:40:05
Story contained many misspelled or incorrect words. Constant changes in tense and swapping between first and third person made the read very distracting and caused a lack of smooth transition. Either relate it as a personal experience in first person, or keep to a third person perspective; don't combine.

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