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She's so happy to have him back home again, she takes him to something called a "gloryhole"

So glad to have him back home again, Mary took her husband to Central City for something special. Putanna told her about something called “gloryholes” in the adult bookstores. He’s going to love this. I know he loves to see me get off on other guys…and girls.

Traffic slowed them. Eventually they entered the adult bookstore – X ‘R Us -- in the busy central district. Rows of shelves displayed XXX films in VCR and DVC versions. Magazines on one long wall. Glass cases of sex toys. She had no idea what many of them were for.

Mary and John approached the counter, manned by an aging hippy with dirty blonde hair tied in a ponytail. “Can I use one of the rooms with hole in the wall?” she asked softly, timidly. Surely I’m not the first woman to come in with a request like this! Dressed conservatively in a long-sleeved white blouse, short denim skirt with ragged hem, and sandals, she would have been perfectly presentable shopping on the boulevard. The clerk stared – she was the only woman in a large shop of about twenty male customers – and said, “Ten dollars for women’s room for an hour, twenty dollars for men’s room.” Mary forked over a Hamilton and told him they’d take the women’s room. His eyes narrowed. “Okay, if that’s what you want, but it’ll be an extra five if he goes in with you.” He nodded slightly at John. “And when you’re ready, flip on the switch for the red light and open the hole. Got it?” She nodded.
And John thought, holy crap, fifteen bucks for an hour in a shitty little backroom. They must make a mint in here.
Mary fished out a fiver. She looked around, saw mostly men in the store, most pretending to study a movie in their hand. She walked down the hallway lined with doors. John preceeded her, looked back and saw no one looking at the moment; he popped in one marked WOMEN. Mary followed. “Whew, we made it in here!” she said. “I was a little scared back there. Now what?”

The old guy at the counter beckoned a regular. “Teddy, watch for the red light, then go next door. And gimme twenty bucks.” Teddy quickly whipped out a bill and sauntered casually down the hallway, went into the room adjacent the newly-lit red light.

John and Mary looked over the Spartan room – a sink, a straightbacked chair, a toilet off in the corner. Black-and-white tiled floor, nicely waxed. Two Kleenex boxes. Both were surprised that the room looked clean. She hit the switch as she had been told, to turn on the rid light outside the room, meaning this place was “open for business”.
MARY: Puttana said gloryholes are for guys to stick their cock in the hole in the wall, and you get to suck ‘em off. It’s anonymous cocksucking.
JOHN: You’re a freaky little slut, aren’t you? I thought you just brought me in here for a kinky little fuck in the city. Okay, do it.
Pleased at her adventurous twist…and ready to watch his sexy whore-wife blow a complete stranger, sight-unseen.

Mary pulled the shirt out of her skirt. Unbuttoned the front. Nothing appeared in front on the wall as she opened the hole, sliding the circle up and hooking it to the top. She wanted to open herself for John’s benefit – unbuttoned her denim skirt, slipped it off. Now only in panties and bra, and the loose blouse, she watched the hole in the wall, her hand rubbing in her panties. She knew by now that John, like most men, got hot watching women play with themselves.
Suddenly a white penis poked through the hole. Already rigid. Circumcised. The big blue vein already throbbing.

Mary grinned at John in triumph and went down on her knees, grabbed it softly, put her puckered lips to the tip and gently put her lips to the tip, kissing the end as if it was her first-ever junior-high boyfriend. She looked at John, who nodded to her. Her tongue flicked out, licking the end, poking into the slit, and then a slow roam around the head. She made sure John could see everything she was doing with her mouth. “Ummm….delicious,” she gloated, warming to the task. She let spit drip down onto it. John moved closer. With a wider mouth, her tongue spread over her lower lip as she had done with James that time before and slowly slid the head of it onto her tongue. John watched as she inched more of it into her mouth – this stranger’s cock in his wife’s mouth, and her obviously enjoying it. John was beside her now, also on his knees, and he watched raptly as she took a third of it in her mouth, still wide open so he could see it inside her. He smiled and pressed her head forward. Mary closed her mouth on the erection, sucking her cheeks in and stroking now. “Jack him off, baby, suck him hard,” he whispered.

John came behind his wife, hands on her hips to life her slowly to a standing position. She never let go of the prick she was sucking. He stripped her panties off, spread her legs, slid his cock in the comfortable wet as his wife sucked off another man. She is the very definition of Erotic, he thought. Mary felt John slide inside her and she redoubled her efforts on the penis in her mouth. Her stroking paid off quickly, something she was good at – the stranger’s semen shot into her mouth two, three times forcefully as her husband plowed into her. She turned her head to swallow and felt more hit her cheek. She rubbed her face all over the sticky wet cock, thrilled with herself. I win, she thought, I did it. And swallowed. It slowly grew limp in her hand and then disappeared into the dark behind the hole.

Mary rose, pulling her husband out of her. “Oh my god, that was great! Fucked and sucked – who was that masked man? John, that’s the first time I’ve ever gotten fucked and sucked off a dick at the same time! Thank you, baby, it was fabulous!”
John’s boner stuck out long and hard. “You’re my Whore-Queen, baby,” he said, stroking himself. “You’re the best.”

Mary stood and stretched her back, unkinked her knees. She stripped off the blouse so it wouldn’t get wrinkled, faced him only wearing her bra now. She snuggled into him, put her thighs around his hard-on, turned her face up and opened her mouth to him. “Clean me up, baby.” He obliged, licking the white fluid from her cheek and then tasting deep inside her mouth. “You taste like come,” he teased. “Have you been giving blowjobs to strangers again?” “Oh, Mr. Smarty-Pants-Detective, I cain’t never hide nothin’ from you!” Her eyes sparkled as she licked her lips and her legs squeezed his dick.

A commotion in the room next door drew their attention. A rustle of clothing and then another cock poked through the hole. “Ohmigod, John,” whispered Mary, “look at that!” John gaped, “What the hell?! Is that real?”
The penis extending now from the hole looked to be fully a foot long. At least three inches wide. The monster prick from Hell. And chocolate, too! Was this some NFL linebacker? “Holy shit, it looks like the “yard o’ beef” from the grocery store! “ Mary whispered, “It’s true! They DO have bigger dicks! I’ve NEVER seen one this big!” John grinned a little, knowing her experience was still limited.
She bent near it, anxious to touch the monster to see if it was real. Gingerly grasped the shaft halfway back. It fills her hand. She’s reminded of a boa constrictor from the Discovery Channel. The huge black monster responded by dipping up. Her eyes were huge, mouth an open O. “Take him, baby – I’m watching everything you do.”

On her knees again, she grasped the long black yard o’ beef with two hands, gave it a careful stroke, as if it was going to grow and coil around her like one of the jungle monsters. More than anything now, she wanted this monster, but also to play to John, her favorite audience. Wondering if she could even get the head of it in her mouth, she took a deep breath, opened wide, stuck out her tongue over her lower lips and slid her head forward to rest the head of the giant on her tongue, like before, to show John. It filled the entrance. She felt a new, strange charge inside her loins, like when John and the Toys had all pissed on her in the bathtub. This was tapping deeply into her emotions somehow. Was “fear” part of her sexual thrills? She locked eyes again with John for safe haven. He air-kissed her. Reassured, she moved forward, pushing more of the cock into her mouth until it filled her. She closed her lips around. He nodded – take it, baby, suck it hard. She sucked her cheeks in, bobbed on this black thrill. There was no way she could ever get a dick this big inside her. A fucking horse!

John knelt now beside her, watching her pink lips surround the black meat, her two hands stroking the head in. He was in awe of his wife so willing to take this strange black giant cock and suck the living hell out of it. ”Baby, I want to see you fuck it!” “REALLY?! Her voice quavered as she stroked, both hands full. A little fearful. God, it’d split me!
“Put it in you – can you take it?” Despite many locker rooms and gym showers with men of all sizes, John had never seen one this big either. He wanted badly to see his wife take this monster inside her….see what happens. What a rod.

Licking and sucking on the head of it, kissing, running her tongue down the length. “John, he’ll SPLIT me!” Her insides twitched furiously at the thought, her stomach felt queasy. She was instantly back to eleven years old when a girlfriend told her about a book her daddy had with pictures of a man sticking his thing into a woman’s hole. A very scary thought back then. With her body rebelling, she pulled on all her resources as the penis in her mouth brought her back to what she knew – KNEW – was so enjoyable in her adult life now. “Oh baby, my pussy would love to take this big guy in! Help me.”
John pulled the chair over. He grasped the cock as she let go to sit and slouch down so her ass was directly at the hole. John held and stroked the organ while she raised her legs against the wall and spread them. They trembled, against her will, as she pushed into the wall. John aimed the head into her familiar swollen red labia, the inner lips showing out, pink and lubricated. He slid the head into her opening and it popped inside. They both heard the AAHHH! From the other side of the plasterboard wall. “Oh fuck, that’s what I mean!” they heard in a muted baritone.

She pushed into it and felt the huge width stretching like never before. She feared for a brief moment her vagina would tear, then another thought piled in that her belly was going to collapse. It must be up in my fucking womb! John watched, amazed, as the huge black dick pushed inside his wife’s spread legs, withdrew, and drove in again. A second time, Mary felt she’d be split, and she clenched her muscles, closed down to protect herself. The pressure of his pushing stopped momentarily. Now she felt something adjust inside – was it widening to accommodate him? She loosened again, carefully, working her hips on the chair, fucking him back slowly and with gently pushing. It’s not possible for this monster to get all this way inside! She suddenly felt teary, like the first time she’d ever had swx. I can’t believe I’m feeling like this. John watched as again and again, the huge, thick black dick pulled out and then slid back into his whore. What a sight! Mary’s eyes were closed now, he saw. She was concentrating entirely on the pounding and pulsing in her pussy, so completely filled and stretched. Nothing like any fucking she’d ever had in her life. She was finding it difficult to keep tears from sprouting.

Mary reached out for John’s cock, jacked him as much for the thrill as for the security of a safe haven. A landline to keep her alive. Now abruptly, she stopped, let go. Pulled away from the giant and popped it out. She instantly pushed away the chair, knelt and clamped her two hands on the lengthy shaft. Whispered, “Baby, you have to do him with me! I am so fucking horny right now – I want his stuff to blast in my mouth so bad! Help me! You wanted me to fuck him, so now help me suck him off. Be my whore for me. I HAVE to do this!”
There was no way he could refuse his wife. Her eyes glistened, ready to spill tears, he knew she was rabid and he couldn’t refuse anything she asked now. She’d never acted like this before.

This prick wasn’t James’ puny little four-incher. Mary held the monster. John nestled beside her, grabbed the shaft, too, and joined her stroking. She pointed the glans at him. She needed him to take it, too, to share…to protect her. She needed him to do this together with her, there was no other way. He opened his mouth, tongue laid over his lower lip like she had done. She guided the cock onto his tongue, stroking, watching and smiling with relief as he tasted the underside and then slid it into his mouth. Mary kissed his cheek and murmured soft words as he slid onto the cock. She ran her tongue down the long shaft as she watched her husband’s cheeks inhale. “That’s it, baby, suck him just like that.” Goosebumps popped up on her arm as it wrapped around the black dick and stroked, as she watched her husband help her, share with her, save her, and her body trembled. What is going on with me? I’ve never felt like this before, not even thirty years ago when I let John put his fingers inside me for the first time!

John moved her hand off, used both of his to take over the stroking, continued his sucking on the end. She held back, watching the magic, feeling safe now, almost crying. The stranger moved forward, managed to poke his balls through the large hole. Mary moved, taking one in her mouth to nurse – safe now – rolling the ball in her mouth. Sucking the ball. She slid over to the other. They were so big, only one at a time would fit. Not at all like the first time she took both on that date in the drive-in! Again my past comes up, she thought as her mouth gently worked and her eyes watched the shaft disappearing in her husband’s mouth. I love him so much.

Oh god, I wonder if I could fit these in my pussy?! Baby, suck his balls, trade places with me.”

John dropped off, moved below, licked the bag gingerly. She raised, took the head of the giant dick once more in her mouth with new gusto and confidence, began nursing on it like a baby bottle. Her low moans of pleasure encouraged John in the quiet and privacy of the little room. They began hearing gasps and short breaths from the other side of the wall. It was time. The couple held the huge black penis and worked it together. She moved off the end, a couple of inches away, determined to see the treasure as it exploded….and then it came, first the swelling of the wide head, then a pulse came through the shaft and a beautiful gushing fountain of hot white come shot out from the slit, spraying Mary’s mouth and face. She aimed the cock at John, he took the next shot directly in his opened mouth. She planted her lips firmly on the end, sucking in the continuing spewing, ecstatic at the expanding head in her mouth. John reached now and took it from her, filling his mouth with the stranger’s spray.

Together, their lips surrounded the glans as they had done with James the Toy, and they kissed and licked the last bits of fluid as it oozed from the monster as their hands jacked him off together.

Oh god, he’s done, Mary thought. I’m safe. I’m still alive, holy christalmighty. What happened to me? She pressed her lips to John’s more to feel his touch on her again than anything. Both of them were wet with semen inside and out. Abruptly she stood, her back to the wall, and brought the black dick up between her legs, stroking it as if it came directly from her own loins. She bend over, backed into it and took in inside her once more before it could get soft. She had to control this thing, take charge once more for her sense of recovery. “Ohgod, John, it’s like being fucked by a giant snake!” She took John’s cock in her mouth, sucking. Something I know, my landline, my god! Overcome with emotion, she teared up in utter and complete joy at being reamed out in back and taken in front at the same time. She felt one man at a time would never be enough anymore. Fear became balanced by the familiarity of her husband’s cock in her mouth, grounding her to solid safety. The welter of conflicting emotions still tore at her….

Shortly, she felt the monster dwindling inside her, shrinking. Her slickness couldn’t hold it in, the penis slid away and pulled out of the hole in the wall, disappearing from her life. Mary suddenly felt empty, abandoned, had never felt like this before after sex. What a strange sensation after being on the clouds! She rose slowly, saddened somehow, moved the circle down to close the hole. It Was Over.

John held her as tears flooded her eyes. Neither knew if they were tears of joy, or sadness, or tremendous emotion finally released. Her breath caught and she felt on the verge of outright bawling. What the hell is THIS all about, she thought, catching her breath, and angry at herself for this unexpected emotional storm. John pulled her face to him, kissed her eyes and wet cheeks. “Are you okay, baby?”
“…I’m okay John…it was just…it was just so MUCH…great, I mean…like nothing I’ve ever done before…please…don’t hate me…I HAVE to fuck that cock again…I was so scared…it just fills me up so goddamn much it’s incredible…”
“Be calm, hon, I’m here, you’re okay. I’ve got you. Sure, baby, whatever you want. You’re my Queen. I loved everything you did. You’re okay. We’ll get him again somehow.”
They hugged tightly for a little more as he calmed and comforted his wife, brought her back to sanity and safety. She wouldn’t let him go, she needed his touch and warm arms and naked body against her.

Shortly, calmed now….she washed up at the sink, dressed, combed her hair and fixed her face. Mary quietly watched her husband dress, rinse his mouth and scrub his hair. Goddamn! I can’t believe that thing! She told herself this was not going to be the last time for this.

John poked his head outside the door, saw nobody was watching and exited, walked down the hallway as Mary trailed. As they neared the door out of the porno shop, she spied a tall black man dressed in a dark blue pinstripe suit, reading a magazine. He was the only black in the shop. As she passed near him, he looked directly at her. He said, “You were great.” He slipped a business card in her hand.
Mary looked directly in his soft eyes, gave a wan smile. And then, surprising even herself, she opened her mouth slightly and ran her tongue over her lips, going out the door with goosebumps.


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Chap. 24--"Tears and Fears" Thanks for a great read!!! I shall have to go back and read the rest..

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