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Chapter 4: Who Does He Really Love?

Well, three months had passed since Cody and Zack first had sex. It was now mid-December and fall was almost over. For the first month and a half after that fateful night, the twins had enjoyed each others' presence every second of every day. They could always be found staring at each other, lost in the other's eyes for moments at a time, even in school, where they had promised they would never show signs of love. They had sex or jerked off together each night and everything was perfect in the world.

But, not even two months after he and his twin had first shared saliva and ejaculated into each other's mouths, Cody noticed Zack had started to pay less and less attention to him, and more and more attention to girls. Zack had continued sweet-talking Maddie, which Cody was okay with because Zack had told him it was only to keep appearances, but Cody also saw Zack reacting wildly to hot chicks and repeatedly asking them out and doing stupid things just to be near them. Every time Cody had asked him about that, Zack answered that it was just acting and he still loved Cody.

To Cody, Zack was not exactly telling the truth because now the two of them were only masturbating together twice a week and they had only hade sex once in the past month. Zack also now always seemed to be on dates with girls and Cody rarely got to see him. In what he saw as payback, Cody refused to sleep in Zack's bed anymore, even if he got a nightmare, in which case he would sleep with their mother in her bed.

That weekend, their middle school's Holiday Dance was coming up. Seeing as Zack had just broken up with his latest "girlfriend", who he had gotten with through the "Ask Shirley" column in the school's newspaper, which he wrote, the twins had decided to ask their twin friends, Jessica and Janice to go with them. The girls agreed and so the two pairs of twins found themselves in Carey Martin's car together on Saturday night headed to the middle school.

The four of them talked about recent happenings in and out of school and were laughing the entire time. Inside, Cody wished he could have just stayed home and "played around" with Zack but Zack wanted to go to this dance and so Cody came along.

"I'll be back at 10, to pick the four of you up," Carey reminded them as she let them out of the car.

"Okay, Mrs. Martin, see you then," Jessica and Janice said together, in their British accents.

"Bye guys, I love," said Carey as she blew kissed to both of her sons.

"Bye, mom, we love you too," said Zack and Cody, slightly embarrassed.

The blonde twins walked their dates into the school's gymnasium, where the dance was talking place. It had already started and the DJ was playing hot club music. So, Zack and Jessica went off and started dancing. Cody and Janice found a spot and danced together also. Thirty minutes later, Janice told Cody she was thirsty and asked him to go get her a drink. Cody said okay and walked towards the snack and beverage table.

Cody chose a glass of fruit punch for Janice and turned around. He began to head back to the spot where they were dancing when he heard the song go "Cause our lips can touch. And our cheeks can brush. Our lips can touch, here." As that first line started, Cody saw something that left him heartbroken. There, ten feet in front of him, was Jessica and his brother, his lover, kissing. No, they weren't kissing, they were making out! Cody felt tears begin to drip from his eyes.

"Cody!" cried Zack, as he broke the kiss with Jessica and saw his brother staring at the two of them.

Cody walked away. Zack tried to follow but Jessica decided to be aggressive and planted another big kiss on him. So, Cody walked back to Janice and gave her the punch. He then told her that he had to go to the bathroom and he would be right back. He walked into the bathroom, chose a stall, sat on the floor and started to cry. Zack was the biggest liar ever! Just three months ago, he had told Cody he loved him with all his heart and now, he was making out with one of their friends, who was a girl? He couldn't believe it.

Cody stayed in the bathroom for most of the dance. When he came out, it was almost time to leave. Janice was really mad at him for leaving here there. He said he was sorry and that he just had a really bad stomachache. For the rest of the night, Cody was in a very morbid mood. At ten o'clock, Carey came back, just as she had said and the two twosomes got in the car. They all talked some more until they dropped the girls off. Once the girls were out of the car, Zack tried continuing the conversation with Cody but Cody stayed silent.

The family got home to the Tipton and went upstairs to their suite. Cody did not say a word the whole time. Zack continuously tried to ask him what was wrong but Cody ignored him. The two took showers, got in their pajamas, and said goodnight to their mom. Now, they were in their room. Cody read a few pages of his book and Zack played some basketball. Finally, at midnight the two decided to go to sleep. Cody got up to turn off the lights but Zack stood in front of him.

"Cody, why don't we sleep in my bed tonight?" asked Zack, still trying to get his brother to talk to him. When Cody said nothing, Zack leaned in to kiss him.

"No Zack, I don't want to sleep with you or kiss you tonight," Cody said, angrily, and then, with sarcasm, added, "Why don't you just kiss Janice?"

Cody turned off the lights and got in his bed.

"I knew this was about that," Zack said, "Cody, it was just acting. Janice was the one who planted one on me in the first place. I swear."

"Good night, Zack," said Cody.

Zack closed his eyes and fell asleep, thinking Cody did the same. Well, he was wrong. Cody stayed awake the entire night thinking about what he was going to do. He knew his dad was playing a show a few towns over on Tuesday. He figured that if he walked to the next town over and got on the subway, he would be able to make it in time and then ask his dad if he could stay with him for the next five years, so he would never have to see his brother again.

It was around 3am when Cody got out of his bed and went to the kitchen. He quietly made himself some sandwiches for the next day's journey. When he finished, he got dressed in normal clothes, put a watch on, put money in his wallet and put that in his pocket. Then, he kissed his mom goodbye, and opened the door, locking it on his way out.

Chapter 5: Runaway

It was eight o'clock the following morning, Sunday, when Cody had finally stopped walking to eat some breakfast. He had been walking for the past five hours and had covered around four miles. He was tired but he knew he had to keep going if he wanted to reach his dad by Tuesday. Cody was in the middle of eating his peanut butter and jelly sandwich when he started to think about how his mother and Zack would be waking up around this time and wondering where Cody was. He felt tears coming but got the thought out of his mind, finished his breakfast, and continued his trek.

Back at the Tipton, Zack woke up and looked over at his brother's bed. It was empty, but Zack just figured Cody was already up and having breakfast. This was a brand new day and hopefully Cody would have overcome his feelings from last night and Zack would be able to explain to him what really happened. Zack saw how upset Cody was when he saw Jessica smooching with Zack and he wanted to explain to him that it really was Jessica who had asked Zack to kiss her and not the other way around.

He walked into the next room where he saw his mom making breakfast. She had already made her bed and gotten dressed for the day. The weird thing was, Cody was nowhere to be seen.

"Hey, Mom, where's Cody?" Zack asked.

"Isn't he still sleeping?" Carey replied as she turned around and saw her older son standing in the doorway of his room.

"No, he's not in his bed," said Zack, "did he go downstairs?"

"I haven't seen him all morning," said Carey, now getting frightened, "why don't you go to the lobby and ask everyone if they've seen him?"

Zack went back in his room and got dressed. He then headed to the elevator and took it all the way down to the lobby. The whole time he wondered where his brother could be. When the elevator finally opened, Zack ran out and headed straight towards the candy counter. He asked Maddie if she had seen Cody at all that morning and when she replied no, he ran over and asked Mr. Moseby who also had not seen Zack's twin. Zack continued to ask all the staff there, including Arwin, Esteban, the doorman, and even the concierge, but no one had seen Cody. This was bad. Zack went back up to his room and told his mom. Carey was in full panic now. She decided to call 911.

"Hello," said the woman on the other side.

"Hi, my son is missing," said Carey, shaking.

"Okay," said the woman, "how long has he been gone for?"

"Around eight hours," said Carey, knowing that Cody had been there when Zack and Cody had fallen asleep the night before at around midnight.

The police woman continued asking all the routine questions and Carey answered them, getting more worried with each one.

"Alright, ma'am, I'll send some officers over in a few minutes," said the police woman as she wrapped up the interview.

It was 9am when the police officers arrived in the Tipton Hotel lobby. There, they met a worried Carey and Zack. The police officers asked Carey to describe her son.

"Well, he looks exactly like, him," she said, pointing at Zack, "because their twins, but here's a picture of him, just in case."

Zack, who was also worried about his baby brother, wanted to add, "he also has a 4 ½ inch dick and a nice ass" but knew that this information would not help in locating Cody and it would also be very strange if he knew these things, so he kept his mouth shut. A few minutes later, when the officers got all their info, they left, looking for Cody. Carey and Zack also got in their car and tried to find Zack's other half. They searched all his favorite places around town and even stopped by some friends' houses and asked if Cody was hiding there. They couldn't find him.

"Where are you Coco?" Zack said to himself, feeling tears about to burst from behind his eyes.

It was now almost two o'clock in the afternoon and Cody had been walking for two hours since he stopped for lunch. He was now almost nine miles from the Tipton and was nearing the edge of Boston. Cody knew he had to be especially careful now because the outskirts of Boston were not known for housing the friendliest of people. So, with every step he took, he was constantly on the lookout for scary people. He missed his mother and brother, but he knew that he had to do this if he ever wanted to get over Zack, just as Zack had gotten over him.

He was passing an alleyway when he heard some voices. The voices sounded like kids his age, so he decided to check out what they were doing. Cody walked down the alley and spotted a group of five boys, who looked like they were teenagers. They looked like people he didn't want to mess with, so he quickly hid behind a garbage can, so they couldn't see him. He started breathing heavily but listened keenly to their conversation.

"You guys, ready?" asked one of the boys with brown hair. He was about half a foot taller than Cody, had dark brown hair styled just like Cody's and was wearing a black sweat suit.

"You know it," the other four replied. Then, to Cody's surprise, they all began to strip. Each of them pulled off their shirts, revealing slightly hairy chests, and then pulled down their pants and underwear. Now, each of the five boys were standing naked in the middle of this alleyway, gripping their cocks. As Cody stared at them, he noticed that four of them were cut and one was not and each of them had a massive bush of pubic hair. They all began to stroke their penises and got huge erections. If Cody had to guess, he would say they were all around 6-7" long. Cody felt his own dick grow just by looking at them.

Then, once they were each hard, two of them got down on all fours and two stood behind them, while one stood in front of them. The boys on the ground instantly started to suck the boy's, in front of them, penis. Next, the two kids behind the "four-legged" ones, stuck their huge penises in their asses and started humping. Cody then heard a lot of moaning and groaning and wished he could be at home doing this with his brother.

"Gotcha," Cody heard a voice behind him say, as he felt the back of his shirt grabbed and he was pulled up onto his feet.

"Hey, boys, looks like we've got ourselves a spy," said the teenage boy, holding Cody's collar.

"What do you reckon we should do with him, George?" said the red-headed kid.

"Well," started the boy holding Cody, "why don't we make him pleasure us?"

"Yeah," the other five started screaming.

"You saw what those other five were doing to each other?" George whispered to Cody, well now you get to be the one on all fours!"

George then let go of Cody and threw him on the ground.

"Take off your clothes, bitch," commanded the red-headed kid.

Not wanting any trouble, Cody did as he was told and pulled of his shirt, jeans, and underwear.

"Ooh, looks like someone's still wearing tighty-whities," taunted a black-haired boy.

Cody ignored him and dropped his clothes on the ground.

"Good, now let's get started," said George.

They had Cody get down on all fours. One of the boys put his dick up Cody's ass, and it burned. Cody wanted to cry, but then two of the other boys stuck their cocks in his mouth and he was told to suck as hard as he could or else they'd kill him. Cody began to suck but did not enjoy it like he enjoyed it when he used to suck his brother's penis. Zack's penis tasted so good while these guys' tasted like poop.

The gang of boys continued to rape Cody until they all had came at least twice. When they were all done, they got their clothes back on and allowed Cody to get his back on also. Then, the leader, George, told him that if he ever told anyone about any of this, they would hunt him down, rape him again, and then kill him. He then asked Cody if he would ever tell anyone and Cody just shook his head back and forth, whimpering. The six fifteen-year olds walked out of the alley and Cody followed. Cody was now even more determined to finish his adventure and reach his dad by Tuesday's concert.

In the Tipton's lobby, Carey and Zack had just returned from looking around Boston for Cody all morning and into the afternoon. Now, Carey wanted Zack to stay at the hotel and rest while she continued looking.

"But mom," Zack argued, "he's my brother and I love him too."

"I know honey, and I promise we'll find him, but I really want you to stay here for the rest of the day," answered Carey.

"I don't want to," said Zack, now annoyed, "I want to look for my brother!"

"Honey, we've been looking for almost six hours and I really want you to rest. You have school tomorrow and I don't want you to be tired for it," said Carey, "Maddie said she'll watch you here in the lobby and if you want to return to our suite, she'll still be here. You know my cell number, so please be a good boy and stay here."

"But mom, Cody's hurt," said Zack, who just had a weird feeling. He was hurting all over and he knew that this was his twin telepathy with Cody because this had happened before, when Cody had broken a bone in gym class and Zack had felt like he broke his too but his was fine.

"Zacky, don't worry, I'm going to bring Cody home," said Carey. She kissed her son and left the hotel.

Zack was really heartbroken. His brother was somewhere on his own, hurt, and probably tired and he could do nothing to help him. Also, he had no idea why Cody had run away in the first place. He thought it maybe had something to do with Jessica kissing him but he didn't think that was enough to make someone run away. So, Zack told Maddie he was going up to the suite and headed up there. Once he reached the suite, Zack ran to the couch, hid his head in a pillow and cried his heart out. Zack and Cody had not been apart for this long since Cody had gone to his stupid Math camp the previous summer, and even then, Zack missed his little brother. Once he was done pouting, he sat up straight and thought about all the good times the twins had had. Then, he felt a swelling in his groin area and decided to release some tension.

Zack unzipped his pants, pulled them and his briefs down and then sat back down and stared at his boner. He wrapped his hand around it and stroked it up and down, up and down, up and down. He closed his eyes and tried picturing Cody there, masturbating with him, but every time he did, he started to cry. Finally, fifteen minutes, later, Zack ejaculated, and as he felt his orgasm, he cried "Cody, I want you!" and then fell back into the couch.

Cody checked his watch and saw it said six o'clock as he passed by a sign that said "Now Leaving Boston." It had taken him almost all day, but he finally reached the city limits. He would stop at around ten o'clock to sleep and then the next day he would make his way to the concert hall where his father would be performing on Tuesday evening. He was getting very tired and kept feeling pangs of pain from being raped a few hours before. Only about five minutes later, did Cody hear sirens and then see a police car pull up next to him.

"Are you Cody Martin?" asked the police officer after he pulled down his window.

"Yes," replied Cody.

"Your mother has been looking all over for you son," said the officer, "please join me in the car and I'll bring you home."

Cody thought for a minute and at first wanted to say no and just run away but then, when he remembered Zack and his mother and what they must be feeling like, he complied to the officer's request and got into the back seat of the police car.

It was 6:30 when Cody stepped out of the police car and walked into the Tipton's lobby. When he walked in, Carey ran over and hugged him. Her face was covered in tears. After she finished saying how happy she was that he was home, she reprimanded him for running away and wanted to know why he did it, but said he could tell her tomorrow because she knew he had had a long day and said he must be very tired by now.

Then, Zack, fully dressed again, walked out of the elevator, ready to ask Maddie for some candy, when he looked over to the front door, and saw his brother there. Zack ran over and hugged Cody so tightly that he could have squeezed the life out of him. Zack wanted to kiss Cody but remembered they were in public and he did not want to reveal their secret so he just kept hugging his little brother. "Cody, I missed you so much," said Zack.

"I missed you too Zacky," replied Cody.

The Martin family then returned to their suite, where Carey got on the phone and ordered them some pizza for dinner. Meanwhile, Zack and Cody went into their room to have a little discussion, but first they kissed. They hadn't kissed in over two months and Cody loved every second of it. After they kissed, they talked. Cody explained why he ran away and Zack told him that it really was all acting and he never loved a girl in his life, other than their mom. Cody said he wasn't sure, and so to make it up to him, Zack said he'd break up with Jessica and never get a girlfriend again. That night, the two of them had the most awesome sex they had ever had and Cody was happy to be home.

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man seeing thatcody ran away made me cry cause ive actually met them and they seemed verry close

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Sorry to moan But Jessica and Janice have an English accent not a British one. If it was a British one then there would be no Scottish, Irish or welsh accents. Otherwise great story. :)

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Fantastic story with superb writing skills, except that you did mix up Janice + Jessica at one point. Other than that, I really have enjoyed this series. Yes, a little more lengthy and deive sex scenes would be nice, but the way they are is good, too, as we can use our imagination - which is often more intense and detailed than what another person tells us. Don't worry about the detractors here; keep up the excellent writing, and please do write more on Cody + Zack! Gay stories, like life, ought not to always focus on the sex but to speak of the love between the characters and the background and setting, as you have done in your series here. Well done, my friend!

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