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This is a story about a friend of mine named Justin. These events took place during high school of which we were about an age of 14. We are now 18. Justin was one of those really hot guys. He had blue eyes that could read through your eyes, with sweet blonde eyes and a body to die for. I suspect that Justin exercised every day at his fathers home gym. Justin had a six pack with strong muscles. At that time, when I was 14, I worked at the local supermarket, finishing about 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM daily. My mother was a heavy drinker back then and approved that I go to parties and such directly after work. Justin and I were very different people and never “hanged out” or such. He must have been a decent height, perhaps 5’8” with a weight of about 65kg (143lb), including his muscles. I weighed at that time around 55kg (121lb), I was very weak and had a flat stomach that leaded inwards. At that time, he had displayed no actions of his homosexuality, and at that time, well, I wasn’t ready nor having any considerations.
I was working at the supermarket and I had just finished bring all of the items forward and putting the specials out for tomorrow, I was ready to leave at 6:15 PM, I saw Justin buying a few items and exiting the store. I walked upstairs, signed off, walked downstairs and out the store. I was walking down the footpath, away from the store, when I saw him standing there on the footpath, looking with his deep blue eyes that look like they were reading my soul. Justin said “Hey, want to come around my place?”, I was quite shocked. I had little friends and was quite antisocial. I quietly replied “ermmm.. yes”. We walked on the footpath, him in front of me towards his house. I was terribly nervous, worried how his family would react to a stranger. We walked up his concrete driveway and quietly entered the doorway, locking the door as it was closed, nobody else was on home, I presumed they were on holiday as it was school holidays.. I was terribly nervous, my muscles in my arms and legs were very tense and moving at the pace of a snail. We walked into the main room, it looked like the main living room consisting of a kitchen and lounge room. He offered me to sit down on the sofa, him speaking to me with his low, slow, sleezy voice. He was pouring two drinks, I looked around and felt myself sinking into the sofa. I heard him walking towards me and sit down next to me, he asked if I would like a drink, offering it with his hand, I said “o-okay”, nervously. I sipped it, he sipped his, it tasted like Coca-Cola, we both drank our drinks in silence, minutes later feeling the burst of caffeine and my tension lowering. He put his muscly arm around my back and grabbed me towards him, leaving me to rest into his hunky six back. I could smell the manly smell of his clothes.

I was completely nervous, I didn’t know what to do as I had never, ever, been in such a situation like this. He made a quiet ‘heh’ as I was trying not to shake. He lifted me up off, the couch, by my shoulders with his chest pushing against mine and he continued to push me from the lounge room, across the hall, into his bedroom onto his bed. Justin pushed my arms and legs down and stuck his tongue into my mouth and started to kiss me for about a minute. He ripped my work tie and name tag off then he pushed my shirt up and took it off me and ripped his shirt off, revealing his six pack that was to die for, he closed my lips with his fingers and took my dark work pants off and my underwear with it. I was there, naked on his bed with my tiny body. He ripped off his jeans and underwear with it then pulled my legs around his waist and then pushing with his hands against my elbow. I was trapped. He deep kissed me, making me taste his mouth, rubbing his nose against mine. Justin, already curving at the end of the bed, jumped onto me and sat on my chest and then rubbing his cut dick around my face, across my lips, onto my nostril. I had never seen another person’s dick before, it must have been about 6”. It was hard and mildly thick. With one hand, he lifted the back of my head up and pushed his hard dick into my mouth with the other. The taste of his dick, was, as I can explain, just new, I couldn’t explain it. I was so tense, too scared to say anything. Justin had both of his hands at the back of my head thrusting his dick into my mouth, saying with his slow, sleezy voice, “Oh yeah”. Justin continued to thrust his dick into my mouth, down my throat and bring my head towards and from it at the same time, he slowed down and I rubbed my tongue across the side of his dick and around the tip, when I did that, he closed his eyes and let out an oozing sound. I slightly looked at his face, as usual, it was perfect, cream white. Justin put one hand against my forehead and his other hand to pull his hard dick out of my mouth.

I still had the taste in my mouth.

Justing had my legs around his waist, he put my hands around his nick and he lifted me up by my shoulders and put me his empty desk and I rested my back against the wall. It was getting late, he turned on the heater and closed his bedroom door. I looked in sorrow.

At school, during our sexual education classes, we were educated about sexual diseases and forced to take a packet of condoms with us when we left.

Justin came up to me, opened the draw and put the packet of condoms and lubricant to the left of me. He pulled out a condom from the box and rolled it on, from the tip, to the bottom of his rock hard dick. He threw the wrapper onto the floor. Justin then pushed the cap up on the lubricant and put a little bit on his index finger then opened my two ass cheeks and rubbed the lubricant around my hairless asshole. He brought me on the desk towards him, with half of my back leaning against the wall. He pushed my legs up further into the air and put my feet, ankles onward, on top of his muscly shoulders with my arms resting onto the desk.

Justin said with his sleezy voice “I’ve been waiting for this” and rubbed his four skin against my asshole, then inserted the tip of his hard dick into my asshole. It was an extreme amount of pain and I immediately reacted by pushing my chest up and trying to close my asshole as hard as I could. He grabbed my upper thighs and pulled me onto him and pushed his hard dick into me, slowly. It was so painful, I was pressing my teeth into my jaws so hard and breathing shallowly with my eyes half open. I moaned heavily as each centimetre of his hard dick went into me. He said in his sleezy voice, slowly: “Mmm....” whilst releasing a breath. I kept moaning, Justin kept pushing his dick into me. Justin’s dick went right to the end, I could feel it. Then there was the second part, he slowly removed it, this was very painful as well. He only removed it to the foreskin, then pushing into me, I moaned deeper and deeper, then looked to the left at the packet of condoms and lubricant then looking to his abs. Justin kept going in and out of me, getting faster with each thrust then telling me to “Ease”. I didn’t understand what he meant. I moaned louder and louder with each thrust, it was pain but pleasure. The word “Oooooh” escaped slowly with his breath. Justin was grabbing my bony thighs really tight as he was fucking me. I was swerving, but he kept fucking me as I moaned. Finally, after all of that, he made one last thrust, which was the most painful and then he stopped. He came. He slowly pulled his throbbing dick out of me, I saw cum in the condom, which he then tied into a knot and threw into the bin.

Justing was breathing deeply, slowly easing. He lifted me off the table, in the same position, onto his bed. My ass was extremely sore. Justin pushed me further down into his bed, rubbing his cute nose against mine, licking it then biting my neck. He then proceeded to kiss me as before, rubbing his tongue against mine. Justin left the heater on, it was so hot and tiring, I fell asleep with my ass against his dick with my chest wrapped in his arm.

I woke up. I was panicing, my blood was rushing like a river. I looked around with my eyes, but not moving, it wasn’t my bedroom. I was still naked and could feel his warm body rubbing against mine. Justin was awake.

Justin pulled me into him with his muscly arms and put his left leg over mine, trapping my legs in between his. He started licking my neck the biting it. He rubbed his nose against my ear lobe and into my ear. Justin said with his, as usual, slow, sleezy voice: “You liked that last night.., didn’t you?” He continued to rub his nose through my hair.

Justin turned flat with myself laying on his 6 pack. He was hard again. He rubbed his hard dick against my nose. After last night, I was convinced of my sexuality. I opened my mouth and began to suck on his hard dick, first beginning with rubbing my tongue against his four skin and down to the bottom of his dick, with it going into my throat. I kept sucking his dick, loving the taste. He then suddenly grabbed my head and pushed his dick right into my mouth and came in my mouth. The taste was of a salty kind, he then pulled his dick out of my mouth and rubbed the remaining cum onto my lips. I swallowed his cum, taking his seed.

We both fell asleep, I woke up and it looked as if the sun was going down through the curtains. I looked around and saw Justin going over to the table and grabbing the condoms and lube. However we decided to get something to eat as we hadn’t eaten for quite a while. We ate muesli bars.

Ten minutes or so after we ate, Justin left to his bedroom, with me standing still in the kitchen, naked. He returned with the condoms and lube and put it down on the coffee table in the lounge room. He put his chest against mine, him being taller than I am. Justin looked at me, with his deep blue eyes which looked like they read my soul and started to kiss me. He continued to kiss me as he pushed me into the lounge room, laying me onto the carpet.

He sat down, I got half up and started to suck his cock again, I knew the taste of his dick. Justin was hard and ready. He pushed me down with both of his arms, put some lube onto his finger and put it on my asshole again. He unwrapped a condom and made me roll it down onto his hard dick. He got on his knees, with me being flat onto the ground, he lifted my legs so that the bottom half were over his shoulders. He put his hard cock into me, I pushed my head right back as it went into me, like before. I moaned as he went in and out, each time he thrusted his hard cock into me, I released an even deeper moan, he grabbed my upper legs really hard to get a grip and thrusted into me harder and faster than ever before, it hurt so bad that I felt I was going to scream. He then ripped his throbbing dick out of me, ripped the condom off, got his muscly legs over my chest and came all over my face and into my eyes. I kept my eyes closed as he moved the cum off my cheeks into my mouth. He then moved all of the cum off my forehead with the side of his dick, and wiped it on my lips. He put his fore skin over my nose and got the last bit of cum off my eye lids and nose and I closed my lips with his cock in my mouth and he slowly pulled it out, I swallowed Justin’s cum.

My ass was very sore, I could hardly walk.

Justin lifted me up, carried me into his bed, tucked me in and joined on his side, his legs around mine with his arms around my chest, he said, good night.

The next morning, I woke up and put my clothes on. Justin was sitting in bed, watching me with his deep blue eyes and his body to die for and said “See you next time” and winked.

I walked home, very sore. I arrived, opening the front door quietly and my mother was passed out on the floor with a bottle of bacardi. She never knew I was gone.



This is my first story. I would greatly appreciate any feedback that you may have.

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2013-09-26 02:07:29
is this really true?

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2010-08-19 02:09:26
You over used “Eyes the could read through you soul” to much. 7/10

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2010-07-02 10:29:44
Good work mate, nice story

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