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Master Class’ is an epic tale of blossoming lust between a group of young girls. It begins with sweet Rachel losing control in her English class one day and the amazing consequences of her naughty actions.
Rachel looked down at the book in front of her, Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’. She was finding it hard to concentrate – English was so very boring and her thoughts kept on drifting off to other places; Miss Taylor was stood two desks away talking with one of the other girls, her back to Rachel, and her beautiful teacher the cause of Rachel’s distraction.

Rachel had struggled with feelings for her pretty English teacher ever since the very first moment she had set eyes on her on the first day of the new school term only three weeks ago. This was Miss Taylor’s first year teaching at the girl’s sixth form school as a newly qualified English Literature teacher. She had started her first lesson with Rachel’s class nervously, but this was all but ignored by Rachel, the teenager unexpectedly and immediately intoxicated by her incredible new teacher. The impact Miss Taylor’s striking beauty and playful blond bob had on Rachel was instant and shocking. Details such as these on other girls were simply not something that Rachel took any notice of, but in Miss Taylor’s case the combination was absolutely mesmerising; Rachel not remembering anything from that first lesson apart from this confusing infatuation.

At first these feelings were a little disorienting for a 17 year old girl; although Rachel knew she was a late bloomer and there was still a lot she did not know about the changes happening to her body, she was still surprised and more than a little scared by the sudden rush of sickly excitement whenever she was near Miss Taylor. The fact that she did not immediately recognise these new feelings as an adolescent lust was not helped by the fact that she was feeling this odd longing for another girl. It confused her, it worried her but it excited her all at the same time.

For the first few weeks Rachel was uncomfortable whenever she made eye contact with Miss Taylor; every time she looked into those deep hazel eyes she felt an overwhelming rush of panic, excitement and a strange heat deep in the pit of her stomach, something that was like a glorious ache, an ache that needed to be satisfied but Rachel did not know how. Each time she caught her stunning gaze Rachel quickly averted her eyes, the girl scared that Miss Taylor might detect these weird feelings within her just from her look.

To add to her strange predicament Rachel was forced to wrestle with these unfamiliar and uncomfortable feelings completely alone; the girl unable to talk to any of her friends about them, the teenager unavoidably embarrassed, Rachel knowing all too well that her childish classmates would be less than sympathetic if they realised she had a strange obsession with their young female teacher.

But then, last night, when Rachel lay awake, a now familiar insomnia brought on by the racing thoughts of her beautiful English teacher again disturbing her sleep, she had found that the fingers of her right hand had unconsciously reached up to her small nipple, teasing and pulling at it pleasurably. At that moment, as the surprising new feelings of electric pleasure flowed from her lightly stimulated breast, she suddenly realised that this was more than just an odd crush – this was a deep desire and a powerful lust. At that moment she knew that she was feeling a strong sexual attraction to Miss Taylor – even though she was her teacher and even though she was a girl! These were new, exciting and very scary feelings, but, after wrestling with this frightening revelation for a few worrying moments – the conflict of her sexuality the most troubling aspect – Rachel realised that she could not ignore the strength of these feelings regardless of who they were for. After examining the depth of her attraction toward Miss Taylor and coming to terms with this shocking same-sex crush, she realised that this should be enjoyed, nurtured and experimented with. The girl had definitely never felt anything like this before, but Miss Taylor had awoken something wonderful in Rachel, something that Rachel now wanted to explore to its fullest extent.

For today’s lesson Miss Taylor had opted for a conservative look; the young teacher wearing a sensible grey pinstripe pencil skirt and a white blouse. As she bent over the other girl’s desk and the fabric of the garment stretched revealingly taught over her slightly bent and pert behind, Rachel could only think naughty thoughts.

The mesmerised girl was unable to help herself; with her lust drenched eyes Rachel traced the fine curved profile of Miss Taylor’s bent behind down into her thigh, the teenager following the unbroken slenderness of her sensual curves down her long, elegant legs with her gaze. Her skirt ended just below the knee, Miss Taylor’s ankles and calves naked and accentuated by a pair of delicate patent black strappy heels, the teacher’s bare skin perfectly smooth and gently tanned.

Rachel imagined kneeling behind Miss Taylor and licking at the clean flesh of her calf, the girl wondering for a second what Miss Taylor’s warm skin would taste like and smirking before continuing her fantasy, the teenager working her imaginary tongue up her teacher’s leg, pausing at the crease behind Miss Taylor’s knee, tickling at the fold of her leg and waiting for her teacher to shudder with sensation before moving up, kissing the back of her thigh with pout lips, slowly sliding her hands underneath the front of Miss Taylor’s skirt and pushing the garment up to reveal the delights below.

Rachel caught herself mid fantasy, her lips moistening with the erotic thought, her breath panting. She quickly regained her composure, chastising herself for staring for so long. She anxiously licked away the growing saliva and settled herself. ‘I should not be looking at my teacher in that way.’ Thought Rachel, the girl smiling, her legs slightly parting under her desk unconsciously, her cheeks flushing pink with the beginnings of arousal. She glanced nervously around the classroom to check that no one else had seen her looking at their teacher, and, to Rachel’s relief, all the other girls were hard at work on their reading project, their heads down.

Rachel knew she had little to worry about – she had deliberately positioned herself at the desk at the far back corner of the classroom, a great place to admire her teacher from afar without rousing any suspicion – but she was still being careful; this surreptitious voyeurism still new to her, her natural caution making her a little nervous. But she still found herself smiling with a perverse intent, the danger of the situation somehow adding to the thrill, the girl allowing herself to drift back into her exciting and lustful vigil.

Rachel now turned her attention to Miss Taylor’s white chiffon blouse. Her collar was unbuttoned and parted wide, the opening revealing the smooth skin of her shoulder and a glimpse of bra-strap from Rachel’s current viewing angle. The blouse was open all the way down to just above her cleavage where it was loosely buttoned over her small breasts. Pinching in below and shaped perfectly to her slender waist, it ended an inch above the slim black belt of her skirt, a small gap revealing a thin band of glowing skin all around, this glimpse hinting at the athletic and flat stomach beneath.

With Miss Taylor’s position now by the side of Lyndsay’s desk Rachel could examine her profile, the girl delighted that she could now just see through the gap in between Miss Taylor’s blouse buttons. Rachel’s heartbeat increased excitedly when she caught a glimpse of what was hidden beneath; her teacher was wearing a sexy black embroidered balcony bra, it delicate and expensive, the cup cradling a small and pert breast softly, the mound gently rising and falling inside with each of Miss Taylor’s steady breaths. Rachel imagined pushing a finger through the gap between the buttons, creeping it under the intricate fabric of the black bra and teasing around Miss Taylor’s areolae, feeling her breast tighten lightly as the nipple became erect and then touching the small mound teasingly with her fingertip.

Rachel now felt the still new feeling of her own nipples becoming erect at the thought, her nubile chest warming, her skin drawing in around her rising sensitive lumps, the tips becoming tight and receptive and tingling with a need to be touched.

She licked her lips again, the girl nervously daring herself. She moved her finger up to her mouth and surreptitiously moistened the tip of one finger with her now very damp and pouting lips. She cautiously glanced around the classroom, checking that no one else was looking, her heart pounding with the excitement and the thrilling fear. She paused for an anxious second – but she could not resist – the girl suddenly pushing her finger into the gap between her own blouse buttons eagerly, feeding her wet fingertip under the soft cotton of her small training bra, the girl searching out her own hard nipple.

She gasped with the shooting pleasure as her moist digit found her tender teenage mound, the girl biting at the back of her other hand in an attempt to mute any uncontrollable suspicious noises escaping from her lips. She shivered in pleasure as she gently traced the edge of her erect nipple, her vision slightly blurring with the wave of sexual excitement, her eyes still locked onto the gap within Miss Taylor’s shirt. The brief glimpses of the hidden delights within and the incredibly secretive stimulation now caused a strange warm dampness to seep into the cotton of Rachel’s knickers. She gasped at this odd new feeling – the girl briefly worrying that in all the excitement she had somehow wet herself – but the teen quickly realising that this was different sort of wetness; it felt nice, it felt right, it felt sexy! She concentrated on this slimy heat and began to enjoy the slick feeling, the hotness below now a pleasant addition to the new tingles of excitement she felt all over her body as her finger flicked back and forth over her erect breast, each pass working to heighten the once dull ache low in Rachel’s crotch into a burning fire of sexual need.

As the pleasure and excitement tingled over Rachel’s teenage skin she bit at her finger tenderly, licking at the back of the knuckle with her tongue, the girl imagining it to be Miss Taylor’s stiff nipple and enjoying the resultant shudder of pleasure rush through her at the thought. Rachel now felt a screaming desire in her very wet crotch, a sickly pulsing want for a wonderful ache to be satisfied. Without realising how, she knew instinctively that she had to touch herself there, she knew that the only way to relieve such a need was to caress parts of her body that she had never explored before. But how? The girl looked questioningly down at her skirt, her mind, now intoxicated with desire, the teen wondering if anyone would notice if she slipped a hand down the front.

She released her nipple and plunged a trembling palm under the desk, the girl fumbling hungrily at her skirt waist. But it was too tight and at just too awkward an angle for her virginal delvings to not to be too obvious. She franticly searched her options, a powerful lust driving her on. She bent forward in her seat, grasping at the bottom of her skirt and hitching it up over her knees. She then shifted her weight onto her right buttock, tipping herself over a little and then lifting her left thigh slightly off the chair. She traced the line of her skirt with the fingers of her left hand, freeing the hem from under her and letting it fall behind the back of the chair. Before she dropped her bottom back onto the seat she worked her left hand under her now slightly elevated thigh, pushing it under herself, the girl working her fingers toward the aching dampness in between her legs. She sat a warm, slightly sweaty buttock back onto her wrist, the teenager keeping her weight on her right thigh, the position allowing the fingers of her now trapped hand just enough freedom to push aside the damp gusset of her knickers and work their way though the moist velvety heat of her tingling and sensitive vagina.

Her hidden finger, now shaking with anticipation, touched lightly at the soft, slick warmth of her young body, the tip teasing tingling parts of her that she had never explored before, parts of her that she was aware existed but she had never considered to discover until now. Each tender contact of fingertip against slimy hot flesh ignited wonderful new feelings of electric pleasure in the teen, each delve and thrust into damp, glistening, temperate darkness an incredible new epiphany of sexual joy. She panted excitedly as her fingers quickly sought out her tiny tight opening within her slimy warm softness, her fingertips teasing around her wanting edge, the girl enjoying the rush of anticipation before her first ever penetration, her chosen finger trembling with her barely contained excitement as she paused.

Then, with a faint gasp, she gingerly entered herself as far as her awkward position at her school desk would allow, the girl delighting at the incredible feeling of her soft lubricated flesh enclosing around her delving finger as it slipped inside, the surprising warmth within her a wonderful shock, the pleasure from this gentle virginal entry rippling around her young body. Her heart fluttered and her vision swirled as she examined this incredible new sensation. With the penetration a raw desire flowed through her sparkling mind as she glanced back to the delicious image of her teacher, her renewed lust-drenched vigil of Miss Taylor demanding that she continue her exploration more vigorously.

She flicked her finger in and out of herself hungrily, the girl quickly shifting her weight again, an instinctive move, the teenager needing to push her fingertip up inside herself further, deeper into the enveloping warmth, a lust for pleasure mixing with the ever building desire for her stunning teacher forcing her to ignore any pain she now felt in her twisted wrist. Despite the awkward position her finger entered her depths easily, her tip slipping deeply into the lubricated folds of her young vagina unhindered, each extra millimetre of penetration a stunning addition to her rising thrill. She began to gently rock on her chair, the girl thrusting her finger deeper and harder into herself, the once gentle tingle of electrifying sexual pleasure now becoming a powerful building wave of erotic joy slowly sweeping through her entire body.

She bit into her right hand more violently as a fresh onslaught of deep pleasure pulsed from within her as she fucked her finger, this jolt of amazing sexual electricity causing a faint but uncontrollable moan to escape from her lips despite her best efforts to contain it. This involuntary noise immediately forced her mind back into reality through the fuzziness of her masturbation with a stab of sharp panic, the girl suddenly feeling very self-concious indeed. She quickly glanced away from the intoxicating image of Miss Taylor’s sensual profile and checked the room to see if she was still enjoying this dangerous moment of sexual discovery unnoticed.

“Oh God!” Rachel immediately jerked bolt-upright in panic, her finger withdrawn, her legs crossed, hear heart thundering; Louise, the girl sat just to the right of her, was staring at her, her mouth wide open in shock, her eyes wide with surprise. How long had she been watching? What had she seen? Their eyes met and immediately they both looked away in embarrassment, both girls caught staring but in very different ways.

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I like the store and lookforward to reading the sencon part on your willoapink

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