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how a woman and her half sister, learned to love each other

she was my sister, i kept repeating that.... i had to... She and i would take a shower together, and i would watch the water slide off her tall, tanned body. she had perky breasts with small round nipples, a big bubbly butt that shook, and quivered every time she moved. she was a foot taller then me, with shoulder length jet black hair. she shaved her pussy, and it was so compact, and tight, and looked so delicious...

she's my sister...
she's my sister...
she's my sister...

She and i had become closer over the past few months. she shared with me that her and her boyfriend had an open relationship, because she was Bi, so i had to confess that my husband and i were open for the same reason. she and i lived in two completely different states, so when she said something about coming for a visit, my heart leaped, because i did love my half sister, and because she had been the point of a shared fantasy between my husband and I for months.

she came alone, because her boy friend couldn't get off work, and she left the kids with him, so after a day of talking about family this and that, my husband came up with the idea of introducing her to a good friend of ours, who just happened to be a stripper, who just happened to be working that night. she smiled because she hadn't been in a strip club for years, and had never went with her little sister.

as we walked into the club i heard a voice yell out, "Jon, Jessica! over here!" it was Mandy, my favorite stripper that had grown to be a close friend, i smiled and took my sister by the hand and led her over to her. Mandy hugged me, and i felt the pressure of her large breasts against my face like always. Mandy was just so much taller than me. "Mandy, this is my sister, Ronda." the shook hands, and that's when i noticed, that my sister, could have nearly been an identical twin to Mandy, instantly, my mind flashed with thoughts of us three naked in bed, rubbing each other, and me sliding my tongue over Ronda's tight pussy.... SHE'S MY SISTER.....

"You ok babe?" Jon put his hand on my shoulder and guided me to a seat, i had shook off the mental image for now, but i could feel my thighs getting moist from the heat i was putting off. my sister was just so beautiful in the black-lights, she had her hair in a ponytail, and i could see the glowing white of her bra through her shirt. the music pounded, and she, as she always did, stood up and swayed back and forth, i have no idea who was on stage, but i do know Ronda was wearing a black thong.


I snapped out of it, and watched Mandy get down to nothing but a g-string, I gave her a dollar, and as always she lifted my shirt, for the whole room to see my breasts, but something different happened, i heard a voice yell. "oh yeah Jessica, work it girl." and i felt a soft hand reach around from behind, cup my breasts and shake them, and then squeeze my nipples, my pussy throbbed as i flooded under my skirt.

i turned and looked, and my sister was laughing and smiling. she lifted her shirt, and turned to show the crowd, so i took the opportunity, and ran my arms around her and cupped her beautiful breasts and shook them, and rubbed her nipples. i could hear a roar from the crowd telling me they liked it, but i felt a shiver run through her... i think she liked it too...

during the night, my husband had found, as he likes to call them, thick fun lady, and began talking, it was looking like he was going home with her, leaving my sister and me alone for the night. i bought her a lap dance, and got me one from my usual girl, Mandy, but i couldn't take my eyes off my sister. Mandy noticed, and just smiled at me and said, "you two are HALF sisters, and i can tell, she's wet as hell. Take her home Jessica, she's needing some help tonight." i shook and smiled. she is my sister, but, i don't think i had ever wanted another woman more, than i wanted her.

she had been drinking at the club, and she giggled and talked dirty about what she'd do with more than a few girls down at the club. Jon had promised to take some pic's of his "date" with his phone, and that left Ronda and me all alone. she was giggling about one stripper named Taylor, speaking people, and i blurted out. " well I'd love to run my tongue over Mandy's pussy." she stopped laughing, and smiled. "you know, i realized how much she looks like me, but i bet her pussy isn't as tight as mine." she laughed loud at that, and i spoke without thinking, "I'd love to find out.." her mouth dropped open, and she blushed.

we rode without speaking for the next 10 minutes. she sat in the car for a few seconds longer when we pulled into the driveway, i walked over to her side and opened her door and gave her my hand, she took it and stood up, and looked into my eyes, differently than she had before. she was so beautiful in the moon light, a slight wind blew her hair off her shoulders, she had lost her hair tie in the car somewhere. she took a step forward, and put her arms around me, and squeezed me, and whispered in my ear, " tonight was awesome, I've really missed you." i squeezed her back and said, "me too." without thinking i pulled back, and looked into her eyes, i moved forward, and she kissed me...

i pushed her onto the hood of the car, as our tongues moved over each others. her skirt was soft and warm, i slid my hand under it, and over her thighs. i let the tips of my fingers just barely touched hey soft wet lips. she stood back up and pulled off her thong, and raised her shirt, i pushed her back to the hood, and slid a finger inside her tight wet pussy, i could feel her flooding her sweet pussy juice all over the hood, i lowered my head to her breasts, and began licking gently on her nipple, as she moaned. i stood up straight, and kissed her deeply, and put pressure on her, making her lay down on the hood. her legs had goosebumps from the cool night air, and her beautiful pussy just oozed with sweet juice. i kissed her knee, and ran my tongue up her inner thigh, stopping right before i touched her pussy, i was half afraid to when Ronda moaned out, " please Jessica, don't tease me, taste me."

i shivered, as i slid my tongue over her slit, tasting her warm juices for the first time. i licked deeply and quickly. she nearly screamed out, as i found out, that she was a squirter. she flooded the front of my shirt, and it made me cum just feeling her warm girl jizz all over me. she stood up, and turned around, "do you like my ass Jessica?" i smiled and pushed her face down onto the hood. i smacked her ass and watched it jiggle, i bent down and kissed her right cheek, and i slid two fingers deep into her slit. i worked her G-spot and it made her buck and kick, and it made her beautiful ass shake with every movement of my finger. the moon light on her shaking ass was too much for me to take, i kissed the small of her back and said " we have to go inside, i've got some things i want to do to you."

we went straight to the bed room, where i took out a few of my toys, and pushed her back onto the bed, she gasped as i slid a toy slowly inside her tight pussy, i loved watching her tits shake as she shivered. for a while i just worked her over with my toy and watcher her beautiful face and body react. her tits shook and bounced as she gasped when she was about to orgasm, and she would smile, and close her eyes when i slowly slid it out and then slammed it back into her beautiful hole. but i couldn't watch her forever, i just had to taste my sisters cunt, again. as i slid the toy out slowly, and then back in, i leaned down, and ran my tongue over her clit. instantly she gushed out, and flooded a giant wet spot on the bed. i began licking deeply as i slammed the toy harder and faster into my sisters wet slit.

she leaned her head up, and open her beautiful eyes, and smiled. she pushed the toy away, pulled me on top of her. as we kissed she began rubbing my clit. she whispered, "let me go get my bag, i brought my favorite toy, and i want to share it with you." i smiled, and rolled off of her, she got up and bounced into the living room, with her ass shaking along behind her. i closed my eyes and pinched myself to see if i was dreaming, but i wasn't, this was one of the greatest nights of my life. just then, she reappeared, holding a pink thing. it took me a few moments, but i realized it was a feeldoe. i had only seen one online, and thought it would be amazing to have one, leave it up to my sexy sister to have one. she threw it on the bed, and i looked at it, as she kissed my thigh, i wasn't expecting that, so i let out a loud moan, and she began sucking my clit and quickly slid two fingers inside, and i exploded, gushing all over her arm and face. she said, "hell yeah bitch." and i came again. she stopped sucking my clit, and worked one more finger in, and then another, and then, i could feel her pushing her whole hand in. i love to be fisted, and she has small hands, that fit inside me perfectly. she worked me hard and fast as she kissed my thigh. my eyes rolled into the back of my head as she pounded away, but all of a sudden it stopped, and i opened my eyes to see my sister about to sit on my face. i grabbed her hips, and ran my tongue over her slit, just as she did the same to me.

i could feel her warm tongue sliding in and around my clit and slit. and it only made me suck and lick her just that much faster and harder. i buried my face between the glistening slits of my sisters pussy, and lost all other thoughts. i didn't even notice she had stopped licking my pussy, till she said, " ok Jessica, on your knees." i got up and quickly got on my hands and knees, and she mounted me doggy style with her feeldoe, i could hear her moaning, as she slid it in and out, i knew i was about to cum, and i think she could tell it too, because she slapped my ass hard, pulled my hair, and said, "cum on this hard cock you slut." it was too much, i came so hard it nearly pushed the toy out of my pussy, but she just grabbed my hips, and worked it back in. she fucked me and spanked me, and scratched my back till i passed out from the pleasure. when i woke up, she had her arms around me, i looked at her beautiful face, and kissed her lips. she woke up and smiled, and said, "to think, tomorrow night, your husbands going to be home, i bet he'd enjoy being in between us, don't you?" i smiled and nodded, and kissed her again. tonight was amazing, but tomorrow, was going to be mind blowing.....


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2011-07-15 08:20:04
I am fourteen and my sister five years older. We've never got on at all although I admit most of the arguments were caused by me. My sisters fiancee was killed in a road accident and she is absolutely desolate and so I feel sorry for her and set our differences aside. To weeks ago I heard her crying in the early hours of the morning so I went to her room and got into bed with her, she was naked ! ! I'd always slept bare so our skins were together which was nice, and soon, although we had never touched each other before, we were feeling each other. I did for her what I'd long done to myself, nipping my nipples, wetting my fingers and sliding them in my slit and pushing them into my cunt hole and she did the same for me. I was amazed when she showed me how to put my hand fully into her cunt and even more so when she got hers into mine quite easily. With her hand inside my cunt she licked my clitoris and I had my first orgasm. I love my sister now and will fuck only with her from now on


2010-07-14 01:45:51
Great story, keep up the great work, can't wait to read more from you ;)

horny stepsis julyaReport

2010-07-12 16:58:22
Wow now that was good story, to have fun like that, I thhank you for the memories, when I had my stepsister to seduce me, and it was my best fuck ever, and now she can't get enough of my toys to fuck with have fun

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