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America is the land of opportunity
Welcome to the Working Week

written by Marc Rollins

“You’ve go to do it till you’re through, so you’d better get to it.”

“Now that your picture is in the paper, being rhythmically admired, you can have anyone that you have ever desired.”

“ Get it on, right on.”

Sandra spilled off of the airplane like a torrent of flyaway hairs, and loose leaf paper. It had taken her nearly ten years but she’s finally done it, she’s finally made it to America. She’s filed all of the proper papers and she has a work visa. She’ll start studying for the tests to be a citizen as soon as she gets a job. This is it. This is the rest of Sandra’s life.

Sandra goes through customs and is given the green-light. For an instant though, Sandra thought something may go wrong with her checks; she did a few unsavory things to get to where she is.

Sandra moved away from Russia because her brother had gotten involved with the mafia out there, and in turn Sandra became involved. Sandra only wanted to meet a nice man and have a good family, and that can’t be done with the Russian mob after you.

“So your family’s had to kill to survive huh?” Dimitri had asked her a few weeks before she left. “If they knew how I felt they’d bury me alive.” Sandra had told him. Dimitri knew she was leaving, but he was the only one. Not even Sandra’s brother knew. If there was one person Sandra could trust it was Dimitri. Her brother and Dimitri have been friends for a long time, and like most people Dimitri found Sandra terribly attractive.

Sandra was the jewel of her family. She had long, silky, blonde hair and beautiful skin. Her hair was slightly wavy and laid perfectly on either side of her smooth, high cheek boned face. Her body was perfect with medium sized breasts, a small waist and a perfectly round ass.

Sandra left her brother a lengthy letter the morning she had left. She told him why she was leaving, and why should couldn’t tell him sooner. He took it hard though; he and Sandra always looked out for each other. Now she has deserted him. Sandra never finds out, but her brother drinks himself into an early grave because of her.

Sandra left everything she ever had for just a chance in America.


Sandra called a taxi and rode to the hotel she was staying at. The scenery in the city was beautiful; it was autumn and overcast. It had finished raining and there were puddles everywhere, reflecting to overly bright clouds. Red, orange, and a few green leaves swirled in the streets, dancing like they were putting on a show.

It was all so beautiful. Especially Sandra


The next day Sandra went to the factory she was supposed to be working at. She got in and had a word with the foreman; a short, fat man with wispy hair and a penchant for thick glasses lenses, who told her that her contract was canceled and she was replaced. He said he was sorry, but Sandra knew he wasn’t. She called him a cock-sucker and left.

On the walk back to her hotel she stopped at a cafe and bought a coffee, which she drank sulkily. After feeling bad for herself for about fifteen minutes someone who was sitting at a table near hers walked up and said “Having a bad day?”

Sandra looked up and saw a haggard looking business man. Never the less, he had a gentle look on his face. “You could say that.” she told him, and her Russian accent caught him off guard. “Did you just move here?” he asked, and she told him yes. “What’s the problem?” He asked her next, so she told him “I had a job lined up, but it’s fallen through.”

The man scratched his head and said “Why not just go find a different one?”
“There aren’t many things I’m good at.” she told him.
“You can learn, there are jobs that teach as you go.”
“Like what kinds’a of jobs?” Sandra batted her eyelashes.
“Well, you could be a receptionist, or a bank teller or something like that.”
“What does a receptionist do?”
“Well they do clerical work, filing papers and taking phone calls at an office building.”
Sandra thought for a moment and then asked “Do you know any place I could get a job?”
“Yea,” the man paused before he said “I can make a few phone calls.”
“Thanks.” Sandra said whenever the man handed her his business card.
“Give me a call tomorrow, I’ll see what I’ve got.”
“Thanks. Oh, and by the way Danny; my name is Sandra.” she said, holding her hand out to shake his.

Danny left and Sandra reached for her coffee cup. She paused before she took a sip; she was thinking about what kind of job she could get, and how much it would pay. Soon her phone was ringing-- Dimitri was calling from Russia with bad news. “The mob found out you left, and they are pissed. So are the cops here. The police there have been notified and they’re looking for you. If you try to use your work visa, or credit cards or anything they will track you down and send you back here.” he told her. She didn’t panic though. She new things would work out.


The next Day Sandra called Danny and asked him if she could trust him. Of course she could, he told her. She confided in him her new dilemma, he said they should meet and talk out her options. So he gave her directions to a diner near her, where they could eat and talk. They will meet at noon the next day Danny told her.

After her phone call with Danny, Sandra spent the rest of the day walking around the city. Watching the leaves fall from the trees, watching the clouds form and dissipate while mist drifts from the sky. Twilight came, and so did night.

All of the lights over the city twinkled and flashed like a million stars to Sandra. It was majestic, magical. While standing on the pier, looking out over the ocean, Sandra got the strange sensation of total confidence. She felt like anything was possible. She could make her dreams come true.


The diner was called “Pal’s”. Sandra found Danny inside, he was sitting at a table in the back left corner. Sandra sat down across from Danny. They ordered, and talked.
“Okay,” Danny started, hushed. “Okay, so the police in your country want you back, so the government canceled your work visa?”
“Yea, pretty much.” Sandra rolled her eyes at the situation.
“Okay, well I can still help, we’ll just need to find you a job where you can get paid under the table.”
“Anything in mind?”
“Yea, I got a few things, give me one second.” Danny said while he got up and walked out the front door, pulling his cell phone out of his jacket pocket.

When Danny got back to the table his food was sitting there getting cold, and Sandra had already eaten half of hers. “Anything?” Sandra asked excitedly. “Yea, I have something perfect, but...” Danny trailed off.
“But what?” Sandra pressed, with a big grin on her face.
“Well, Sandra... You know you’re a very beautiful girl.” Danny said, reaching across the table to touch her chin.
“So?” Sandra asked, her smile fading away.
“Well, you’re a very beautiful girl. I have something that you want, and you have something that I want. We can help each other out. Right?” Danny reasoned.
“What is it that you want?” Sandra asked, hoping it wasn’t what she thought it was. Though what else could it be?
“Well, you know.” Danny smiled.
“Sex?” Sandra asked, partially angry at Danny; she was also angry at herself.
“Sure.” Danny said. He put his elbow on the table and gazed at Sandra with his chin in his palm.

Sandra thought about it. No one would hire her without a work visa, and she’ll probably have to do something like this no matter what. So why not get it out of the way? She just has to make it until she can figure out what to do about the police in Russia.

“How much?” Sandra asked.
“I don’t know, six months?”
“Six months? How about two weeks?”
“Okay, five months.” the haggling began.
“I’ll give you two months, and you hafta get me a really well paying job.”
“Look, I’m doing you a favor here, no one will help you like I would, and no one is gonna hire you without a work visa. Give me three months.”
“And you’ll get me a high paying job?”
“Okay, three months.”

Danny and Sandra shook hands. He told her to call him tomorrow morning, they’ll meet to discuss her new job, and their arrangements. Danny paid the bill and they left. Sandra went back to her hotel room and drank a bottle of wine, wondering if she should go through with this.


Sandra met Danny at a Holiday Inn at ten o’clock, where he was waiting for her. She went to room one hundred thirteen and knocked. Danny opened the door and invited her inside. The hotel room smelled clean, like air freshener; it was sweet, but slightly sickening.
Sandra sat on the bed while Danny sat in the chair opposite her and said “Okay, you’ll be working as a receptionist for a pharmaceutical company uptown.”
“How much does it pay?”
“It pays thirty-seven dollars an hour, seventy thousand a year; my friend John Franklin is the manager of the building and he can help us out.”
“Okay, when do I start?”
“Monday, nine in the morning.”
“Okay, what about... this?” Sandra said the last word with a hint of disgust in her voice.
“Okay,” Danny started up gleefully, not noticing her displeasure. “Starting today I get you for the next three months. Any time I want it. If I call, you meet me where ever I want.”
“Three months to the day?”
“Yea, to the day.”
“Okay, are you ready to start now?” Sandra asked hesitantly, sliding her left shirt strap off of her shoulder.
“Yea, I am.” Danny told her, licking his lips.


Danny wrapped his right arm around Sandra’s waist and started kissing her neck, pulling the shoulder strap on her shirt off. He bit her collar bone when her pulled her shirt down, then he threw her on the bed and pulled off her skirt and shoes.

Danny moved his mouth over Sandra’s body, kissing her bare skin, or else kissing her through her bra and panties. He leaned over her like a dog over a bowl of food, and the way he kissed and licked her was not unlike that of a dog.

Sandra laid there while Danny’s hands explored her body. Then he kissed a bee line up her chest and neck so he could get closer to her mouth, where he put his tongue. He kissed Sandra hard and tasted her tongue, he tasted her sweet lips. Sandra kissed back, but only half heartedly; she wasn’t here of her own accord, but she could at least try to enjoy it.

Danny unhooked her bra and pulled it away. Her perfectly perky breasts jiggled a little whenever Danny started suckling them. Chills ran down Sandra’s spine. Danny moved his hands up and down Sandra’s back while he sucked her nipples.

Sandra leaned back on the bed and Danny sat up so he cold grab ahold of the waist band on her panties. He pulled her panties away from her crotch and passed her ankles. He tossed them across the room and turned his attention to Sandra’s pussy.

She lifted her knees toward her chest to try to hide herself a little, but Danny grabbed her knees and spread them apart. Sandra’s pussy was smooth and nearly hairless, the lips were perfectly small and her clit was only slightly exposed from under it’s hood. Danny pressed his face into it.

He licked circles around her clit, and drew shapes with his tongue on her pussy. It felt good, though Sandra tried to hide it. Danny reached up and pinched her nipples and licked her pussy even more ferociously, he was lashing her pussy with his tongue like the Romans flogging Jesus.

Tears welled up in Sandra’s eye as she got closer to cumming. Danny could feel her body tensing up while he ran his fingers over her breasts and torso, so Danny took his index and middle fingers on his right hand and started tracing circles around her pussy opening; teasing her, making her juices drip out.

Sandra moaned and shuttered.

Danny kept licking her pussy, but he slowed as Sandra’s breathing got back to normal. Danny looked at Sandra and she smiled at him, so he sat up and said “Now it’s my turn.”.

Danny grabbed Sandra by the hand and pulled her up. Then he gently grabbed the back of her head and moved her face toward his raging hard-on. Sandra hesitated for a second to think about her situation. Then she took Danny’s cock, headlong into her mouth.

Danny’s arms slumped to his sides whenever Sandra took hold of his dick with both hands and started going crazy on it. Danny’s body spasmed once or twice when Sandra pulled his cock out of her mouth and licked up and down the sides. She pulled his cock away from her face and stroked it roughly, then she started licking his balls.

She took his cock back in her mouth and tried to deep throat it, but it was too long so she did the best that she could. Danny put his hands on the back of Sandra’s head and started moving her head up and down, so he could throat fuck her; but Sandra started coughing, and pulled away from him.

He grabbed her and said “Sorry, I won’t do that anymore.” She nodded at him and got back on her knees. She kept sucking his cock and cupping his balls, rubbing them whenever she tried to deep throat.

Danny put his hand on Sandra’s should and lift her up a little so she could look at his face. “Okay, get on your back.” he told her, and she did so. Danny put his knees on either side of Sandra’s ass and put his arms under the back of her knees; he lifted her up and leaned over her to put his dick in.

Danny pressed his cock against her pussy opening and started pushing it in and out just a little, testing the water before he jumped in. He slid it in a little, just the head, then he rammed it home. He hit Sandra’s cervix and still had a few inches of dick hanging out of her.

“You’ve got a tight, shallow pussy.” he told when the sweat started to drip off of his chest. He fucked her slowly at first, feeling the texture of her pussy, focusing on the soft warmth. Then Danny dropped Sandra’s legs onto the bed and put his hands on either side of her shoulders and started fucking hard and fast.

Sandra moaned and gasped and reached for her clit. She started rubbing it and this turned Danny on even more, so he started fucking faster and harder. It had been a while since Sandra had sex and this sex was pretty damn good, it’s no wonder she’s cumming so fast.

She shuttered and tensed again, and Danny kept fucking, faster and faster until Sandra had multiple orgasms; she felt euphoric, like she was rolling. Her head moved from side to side when Danny fucked her even harder. The sweat was now running down Danny’s arms. Small puddles were forming where his hands were on the mattress.

Danny stopped shortly and told Sandra to get on her knees. He wiped sweat away from his forehead before he got behind Sandra and put his hands on her hips. He put his dick against her pussy opening, and teased it a bit before he stuck it in. He stuck the head of his cock in and pulled it out, then moved it in a circle around her pussy.

Danny put his cock back inside Sandra’s tight little pussy and started fucking her like a bull. He held on to her hips and tugged on her waist and smacked her ass; all of it moved Sandra closer to another orgasm.

Before Sandra could reach another orgasm though, Danny pulled his cock out of her pussy and grabbed her by the arm. He pulled her around to face him and he stuck his dick roughly into her mouth and started cumming.

He came in her mouth and down the back of her throat. She start coughing but tried to swallow his cum.

Danny fell back on the bed and said “I think I’m going to like this little arrangement.” Sandra felt ashamed for a few moments and then realized, “This might not be such a bad thing after all.”
They showered and got dressed. Danny said he’d call Sandra tomorrow, and that she was a great fuck. He kissed her on the lips and then went for the front door. He was gone and Sandra was alone again.

She went back to her apartment and had another bottle of wine before she fell asleep.


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2010-08-14 23:36:53
write more :) great writing.

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2010-07-05 15:49:20
Why do insist that we beg you to write more?


I don't give a shit.

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2010-07-03 06:31:42
Loved this. Seriously. Wished it was longer. Keep writing this series :)

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Great story. This kinda stuff really happens. WRITE MORE A+++

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