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The summer vacation continues to its last day and the best day with Maggie
This is part two of “Expect the unexpected”. Thank you for reading more :D

The sleeping bag didn’t bother my sleep that night. I had a few dreams about Maggie. Mostly just me thrusting myself upon her over and over and squeezing her erect nipples until both of us came.I guess I didn’t get enough of her last night. Dusk turned into dawn and the fourth day started. Again it was speedboat day, and the family was still sore from yesterday and this was just going to make it worse. Which was good for me.

We got to the cabin after the boating. Nothing really happened with me and maggie during that time, which gave me the feeling she was backing off. Soon it was bed time for all of us, so I got into my sleeping bag next to my sisters bed. “Aaron can you please sleep in the living room?” My sister asked. I was pissed because I was in the most comfortable position.
“Why?!” I mumbled.
“Because you snore!”
“GAHHHHH!” I roared. I got up and dragged my sleeping bag down the hallway into the living room. Maggie was lying there. Her legs spread wide and one slouched over the edge of the couch. I settled down onto the cold wooden floor which felt great considering it was summer and hot. The stillness in the room kept me up. I lay there, staring at the fireplace and and the fake wood that was within. I shifted myself so I was looking up. “AHH!” I quickly shouted. Maggie was bent over me. “What”? I was propped up on both of my elbows.

“Lets go out to the docks.” She sounded serious. I thought about it, we could do absolutely everything. The dock was secluded from the ocean, it had a river/lake that you would have to go through before you got to the ocean itself.This was a good thing because of the police patrolling the shoreline. And it was just ours so no other could tie off on it.

“Alright then.” We got up. She lead the way to the window. She slowly opened the window so no creaking would wake up someone. We both managed to climb out and shut the window. The dock was just a short walk away and soon we were standing next to the boat.

“Do you have the keys?” She asked. I searched my pocket. I felt the keyring.

“Yea I still have it from my dad.” We both jumped onto the boat. I started the engine, no one at the cabin would ever think we were doing something even if they did hear an engine. I untied the boat and pushed off, jumping onto the boat during the process. Maggie took the wheel. She lead us into a corner where no one could see us. She must have done some planning during the day. She turned off the engine and dropped the anchor (a button drops the anchor).

“We’re here, now what?” She leaned against the fence of the boat.

“Lets go swimming.” I took off my shirt. When I had the shirt covering my eyes I felt her hands explore my abs.

“Let me help you baby.” I had my shirt off. Her blue eyes, looking up at me, glowed in the moonlight. Her fingers dug in between my boxers, pulling them down with my shorts along with it. She saw my cock and kissed it.

“You fuckin tease Haha!” I said jokingly. She laughed and stood up, her face came close to my chest. I took my hand and pushed her chin up twoards mine. “You’re really beautiful.” Her cheeks turned bloodshot red that could make fireflies seem dull. She said nothing but giggled. I took her tank top off. She wasn’t wearing a bra, her breasts glistened and danced from the tank top. I took my mouth and wrapped it over her nipples, making a ocean of my own on each.

“MMMMM!” She moaned. She did the honors of taking her pajamas and underwear off. Doing so we eventually migrated twoards the ladder at the back end of the boat. I threw her off pretty far.

“Hahahahaha!” I fell into the water laughing as she came to the surface. The tube was still on the boat which gave her the idea to pull it off and climb on top of it.

“Come here big papa.” She joked. I swam over and pulled myself up on the tube, landing on my back. She leaned over me and we made out for a good 2 minutes. I pushed her from sitting to now her on her back. The tube didn’t have enough room for me to sit at the end over her and eat her out. So I hiked my leg over her face and went into the 69 position. I moved my tounge like a vortex into her pussy. “Yea! Yea! Yea! Come on baby! Im about to cuuuuuum!” She screamed as water gushed out. I took my hand and started to rub her cunt fast and hard, making more water spray out like a geyser. She had one orgasm after another, her pelvis pushed out several times into the air. When she calmed down she took my cock and jammed it into her mouth. I started to fuck her mouth, still in the 69 position. I felt that I was about to cum, so I had to take it out.

“Don’t make me pop a cork early.” I told her. I got off of her and took her thighs, pulling them and her pussy towards my hard penis. (I had about 4 inch girth I think). “You ready for this?” I asked. With no hesitation she responded.

“Yes!” I then gently pressed the helmet of my penis into her vagina, letting her get used to it since I didn’t know if she had sex a lot or none at all (I doubted that). “Come on aaron stick it in me!” She was really hot and horny as was I. I penetrated her with my hard cock, over and over for what seemed like 10 minutes. I didn’t want this to end so the whole time I was multitasking by having fun but also concentrating on not cumming. At the end of the 10 minutes I pulled out and flipped her over on her stomach.

“Stick your ass out bitch.” I commanded. She proudly stuck her ass out as she did on the boat the day before, but this time I had access. I asked her if she did anal, she said no. Which I have never done either so I slowly but surley stuck the tip of my penis into her ass. “You ok? Tell me if it hurts babe.” My cock went 2 inches in, and I stuck with that, going in and out slowly. I figured she was ok because she hadn’t said anything so I kept going. Since my hands were free I ordered one to massage her clitoris and the other to her hanging tity. Both of our pantings got louder and harder as I pushed more in and went faster. She squeezed the handles of the tube and had her head down.

“Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!” I put two fingers into her moist pussy, challenging my cock at a game of speed. But my cock couldn’t take much more, I pulled out and moved her face twoards it. She welcomed it with her mouth wide open and I came on her tounge. “Mmmmm.” She swallowed, man this chick does it all.

“Damn.” I said as we fell on our backs next to eachother. It was about 2 O’ clock. We had a lot of time left. So we decided to just lay next to eachother and talk for the next few hours.

That was last year, and surely wasn’t the “Last year”. I got lucky again this summer, but that’s a whole different person and a whole different place. Thanks for reading =). More to come I promise you.

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2010-07-04 00:25:02
that was awesome, i hope i even have half of a great time as you did

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