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Young man fantasizes about the wife next door
When I was fifteen years old a new couple moved into the house next door. Henk Bloch and his wife Pim had a little one-year old daughter named Christine, but we all called her Chrissie. Henk was a tall blond corporate lawyer who was 40 years old at that time and looked like a football quarterback. Henk actually worked at the same law firm as my dad, but my dad specialized in IP law. Henk had run the firm’s office in Bangkok for 5 years and that is where he had met Pim. She was only 22 when they moved in and she and Henk had only been married for two-years. Pim was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen in my life. She was beautiful in the way that only Thai women can be. Pim had very fine and fair skin for a Thai and had a very slim waist and long slim legs, but beautiful tits that sat up high and firm along with a rounded extremely firm rear end. Pim was about five-foot seven (so quite tall for an Asian) and I would say a firm 110 pounds with long luxurious dark hair and dark hazel eyes. Needless to say she became my immediate fantasy and I spent many nights fantasizing about what it would be like to make love to her.

I got the story on their marriage from over-hearing my Mom and Dad talk. Apparently she came from a well to do Thai family that had large land holdings in northern Thailand. Apparently she was related in some way to the Thai royal family. My Dad said Henk had been a “real playboy” with may girlfriends over the years and he was surprised he had gotten married. However, Henk had met Pim through his business in Bangkok and had become infatuated with her. Pim had got pregnant and her family had given Henk no choice, he either married her or he would have a hard time ever leaving Thailand. He quickly moved back to the USA with his extremely young wife Pim and his new daughter. Dad told him our neighborhood was great so he bought the house next door.

Our house had the nicest swimming pool in the neighborhood and since we were right next door my Mom opened our backyard to Pim and Chrissie with an open invitation to use our pool anytime they wanted. Chrissie was half Thai and half Caucasian and so, of course, she was an incredibly exotic looking child. I guess because of Henk’s blond hair she had extremely light hair, almost blond, that would streak with highlights in the summer, very fair skin, but completely mysterious Asian eyes and a plump mouth. She was an extremely cute child and of course her mom would pamper her. Chrissie for her part, however, was a real tomboy type girl and did not want her mom to dress her up. She loved to swim and be active and to wear jeans and shorts. Really not girly, girl, but a great kid.

Henk travelled to Asia a lot on business so my Mom always felt she needed to help take care of Pim and Chrissie. Sometimes Henk would be away for two or three weeks at a time to complete big deals. Needless to say when Pim came over and would lay by the pool in a tiny white or black bikini and let Chrissie play in the pool it was complete torture for me. Often I would go to the up-stairs bedroom overlooking the pool and look down on her while she was sleeping with her sunglasses on. My erection would just throb looking at her exquisite body. When she would lie on her stomach and her bum would arch upwards it became my central focus. When she was on her back those tits would just point skyward and you could often see the faint outline of her love lips as her bikini molded to her vagina.

When they came over my Mom would often yell for me to come down and “play with Chrissie so she’s not bored….c’mon help Mrs. Bloch so she can rest.” So I would go into the pool and horse around with Chrissie. When Chrissie got to be five-years old and I was nineteen I noticed that Pim (who was still only 26) would often stop her sunbathing and get into the pool and would join us in horsing around. Chrissie would call out to her Mom, “Come in and play catch with Uncle Rob and me!” We would play “catch” which was Chrissie’s favorite game and I would need to pretend to not catch Chrissie but “catch” her mom instead. Well “catching” Pim involved grabbing her around the waist or shoulders and being able to feel her incredible body against mine. Needless to say this just further inflamed my fantasies and often when I was in the pool I would get a huge hard on that was difficult to hide. Sometimes when I grabbed Pim she would thrash around to get away and would push her bum back into my erection and I would be so embarrassed thinking she must feel the hard post pushing into her incredibly sweet firm bum.

I had several girlfriends through High School and now that I had started university I would date different girls from time to time, but I could not find a girl quite like Pim. Pim and Chrissie would still often come over and spend time at our house and none of my girlfriends were really as hot as Pim, so I would still sneek looks at her hot body when she was around. I knew she was unattainable, but still I would fantasize and dream about having her in my bed. Well when Chrissie was eight-years old Henk went on a business trip and just never came home again. Apparently he had been doing a deal in Manila and had met a new girl who was even younger than Pim and he told Pim he was divorcing her. Well Pim told my mom that this was a huge scandal for a conservative family from Thailand so she would need to stay in the USA. She ended up getting the house and a lot of money in the settlement so she continued to live next door.

My Mom talked to me and said, “Rob, you need to help Pim as much as you can. She is a single mom and she is going through a difficult time because of that asshole Henk.” I assured my Mom I would do whatever I could. So, to help out, I would often offer to take care of Chrissie when I had spare time so Pim could have time on her own or go shopping. I would also help her with odd jobs around her house. Pim would always be so appreciative and would put her hands on my shoulders and give me a small kiss on the cheek and say, “You’re such a nice young gentleman. Not many men are like you.” And then she would give me a hug or pat me on the back.

Well, things went on like this with me lusting after Pim, but never having the courage to do anything about it. This year for the summer my parents were taking a six-week trip to Europe since they hadn’t had a good vacation for many years so I was in the house on my own.

Well I didn’t know, but things were about to change. Chrissie was nine years-old and was going on her first summer camp for two weeks so she could be in tomboy heaven swimming in a lake and running around outdoors. Pim would be all alone next door. I was also on summer break and was working on a special research project for my engineering degree, but most of the work was off my computer and by using the internet so I was home most of the time. The first day Pim came over to lie by our pool. She had on a yellow bikini and was, to put it simply, totally stunning. Over the years she had not aged one bit and her breasts still stood firm and she had not gained one pound. I was looking down on her from the upstairs, but the throbbing of my dick got too much so I went back to my computer. About a half hour later I heard Pim call me, “Rob, time for a break, come and join me at the pool.” I walked out by the pool in my shorts and a T-shirt. Pim got up from the lounge chair and put her hand on my shoulder. “C’mon, get a cold drink and come and have a dip with me.” Well, needless to say I could not resist this invitation. I went inside and put on my swim suit and got two glasses of ice and some coke to drink. I came out and set the drinks down. It was really, really hot and Pim immediately took a drink and the cold water dripped down on her chest from the glass and she giggled. I also took a drink and then she reached out and took my hand and said, “Let’s jump in.” We went into the pool and when her suit got wet it molded to her breasts making her even sexier than before. Her nipples became erect from the colder water and the fabric of the suit was very thin so you could completely see them jutting out. Pim smiled and giggled and asked if I remembered playing “catch” with Chrissie. I said of course I did…..she then said, well, “You’re IT!” and splashed water in my face and swam away. I chased her and being 6’1” and a very strong swimmer I caught her while she was still in the shallow end. I grabbed her from behind and her tiny frame was a prisoner inside my arms and I pressed her back against my chest. She quickly gave up and leaned back into me pressing her beautiful bum into my crotch where my penis reacted like it had been hit by a bolt of lightning. Blood started pumping at a furious rate and my penis quickly engorged and stood to attention to honor her beauty. Here I had this beautiful divorcee in my arms and I should let her go, but it was too hard to resist so I held on a little longer. I leaned back against the pool wall and Pim seemed also to not want to get away. This moment was like heaven! The woman I had spent years fantasizing about was now leaning against me with her heavenly bottom pressed into my waist. My arms were tucked snuggly just under her firm breasts so I could feel their weight resting on my forearms. I could almost feel her rock hard nipples that were so close to my left arm, just push up a quarter of an inch and they would touch. Pim sighed and leaned her head back against my chest and said, “That’s so much fun. It’s so nice to just relax and have fun again. You’re so nice to me.” I said yes this was great fun. She asked me if I minded spending time with an older woman who already had a child….wasn’t I bored out of my mind? She said I should be spending time with young teenage girls who could take me out for a “good time” if I knew what she meant…and she turned and winked at me seductively. I just laughed and said there wasn’t a teenage girl I had met yet who could be anywhere near as exciting as her. I think I detected her push her bum into me even harder (there is no way she could avoid noticing my 8” dick pointing into her bum) and then she turned slowly inside my arms being careful to not try to push them away. Pim then looked up into my eyes and said, “That’s the sweetest thing any man could say.” She then leaned into me and said, “You deserve a kiss for saying such a sweet and romantic thing to a divorced and abandoned woman.” I was like a deer in the headlights….star struck….as she leaned forward and pressed her delicate lips onto mine. We kissed for what seemed to me like eternity, but I’m sure was only a few seconds. As she pulled away she arched her back and I could look down and see the top of her breasts, tall and firm, somewhere between a sexy B and a smaller but very firm C cup. This was the most incredible moment of my life up to this point.

Pim then pressed her head against my chest and as I loosened my arms wrapped around her she put her hands lightly on my waist. She then quietly said, “Rob, there is a favor I would like to ask you.” In the state I was in what could I say….”Mrs. Bloch, of course, any favor you want.” Well, first she said, you need to start calling me Pim, I am no longer Mrs. Bloch. The real favor I want to ask you is that the day after tomorrow is my 30th birthday and some of my girl friends are having a party for me. I don’t have a date and I really don’t want everyone looking down on me as some injured bird or a sympathy case. Also, I don’t want them to try to bring some loser guy to try to fix me up. I was wondering if you would be willing to be my date for my birthday? I was speechless…..I was nervous…..I didn’t know what to say, so I hesitated. She then continued, “I know I shouldn’t have asked. I’m an older woman and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be my date, even as a favor. I’m so sorry I asked.” “No, No!” I interjected. “Of course I will be your date. I just thought you wouldn’t want to bring me. I am only a university student and I’m sure your friends are more sophisticated than me.” Pim looked up at me with the most beautiful eyes, “Rob, you are a very tall, handsome and confident young man. You are helpful and kind and wonderful with children. Any woman would be a fool not to want you to be their date. Anyways, you are almost 24 so I am not really completely over the hill am I? Please, join me for my birthday and it won’t be too boring and I will make it up to you in then end, I promise.” Well my nervousness was no match for Pim’s breasts pointing at me and her body pressed against mine. I agreed without any further protests. She then pulled away and took my hand and her long slender hand felt so feminine in mine. We walked out of the pool together and sat on our chairs and took another sip of our cold drinks.

The hot sun quickly dried our bodies and Pim went to lie down on the sun bed again exposing her swimsuit model body highlighted by the yellow bikini. She looked over at me and said, “Rob, the sun is really hot today and I don’t have enough sun protection on my back. Can you be sweet and help me out?” Her hand held out the bottle of suntan lotion with SPF 50 and I took it like the helpless disciple that I was. “Where do you want me to rub it on I asked?” She said, “Start at my shoulders and go the whole way down if its not too much trouble.” So at Pim’s request something I had dreamed about for years was about to happen, I would be able to touch her body. I slathered the suntan lotion on her shoulders and then she said, “Untie my bikini top so you can cover my whole back.” With extremely nervous fingers I tried to undo the silver clasp, but I kept fumbling. She giggled and jokingly said, “Rob, you obviously need some more practice.” Finally, I was able to get the clasp undone after some fumbling which was very embarrassing. As I rubbed the lotion all over her back Pim closed her eyes and said, “Hmmm this feels so nice. It’s very important you don’t get a burn you know.” When I got to the bottom of her back she arched her bum further upwards. My erection was in a heightened state of throbbing that I can’t ever think of having had with such an intensity ever before. I asked Pim, “Shall I do your legs.” She said, “Well, first, make sure you go right under the top of my bikini bottom and around the side so I don’t get any burn.” My fingers edged their way under her tight bikini bottom and my head was literally swimming as the sexual tension was making me dizzy. I then moved down to her legs and she instructed me to do the inside of her thighs. My fingers came within an inch of her love triangle and I was tempted to move closer and brush the bikini fabric, but I was too nervous that she would get mad.

After I finished doing the suntan lotion my erection was too huge and I needed to retreat into the house and force it down. I told her I needed to check my computer and email for my project. I quickly got back into the house and let my cock subside from its state of high excitement. About a half hour later Pim called me again and I had changed into some slacks so I walked out by the pool. She was standing by the door and she leaned into me and said, “Rob, thanks so much I had a really nice swim. Are you sure it’s ok for you to escort me to my birthday party?” I assured her I was more than happy to go to her party. Then she leaned in, put her hands on my waist and lightly kissed me, “You’re the sweetest.” Then she leaned close to my ear and whispered, “Can I ask you one more tiny little favor?” I replied, no problem, your wish is my command. She laughed at that and then with her hair and lips intoxicatingly close to mine she said, “Well, I need a new outfit for the party. Can you come shopping with me tomorrow afternoon?” I almost stuttered as I lost my composure once again, but finally was able to blurt out, “Yeah, of course.” She quickly said, “It’s a date then. Shopping….tomorrow. I’ll come collect you at 3:00 ok?”

I was a bundle of nerves all night and had to masturbate twice to relive the excitement and even then I had a hard time sleeping. The next morning dragged on and I went through my closet several times to select my clothes for the shopping trip. Finally Pim arrived at the door in a stunning lavender sundress and sandles with no make up and her hair pulled back with a headband. She looked 21, not 30 with flawless smooth tanned skin!! What a beautiful face, sparkling eyes, she really was smiling and looked so happy. “Ready to go and hit the shops?” she called. I walked towards her and her eyes sparkled. “Well, well, you do look like a handsome young man. “ I had on a pair of tan slacks and loafer shoes with an nice white shirt. She said, “Let’s take my SL Mercedes….all young men like nice cars.”

At the mall she looked in a number of shops. When we walked she leaned in and held my arm and I could smell her perfume and feel her silk hair against my arm. She said, “I hope you don’t mind, but if you’re my date tomorrow we need to look like we belong together so a little practice will help don’t you think.” I smiled and she leaned in and gave me a hug. Good thing I had picked some slacks with an ample amount of space up front to accommodate my engorged prick. Finally she selected some clothes, a black pleated mini skirt and a black almost see-through blouse and a pair of black thin strap heels with little Rhine stone diamond features. She looked at me, “What do you think? Too young looking for me??” I looked at them and said, “Try it on first and let’s see.” So she went into the changing room and about 10 minutes later came out like a vision from one of my dreams. The pleated mini skirt fit perfectly and was just long enough to look sexy, but not cheap. She tied the blouse just above the mini skirt waist band revealing maybe one inch of flat and firm midriff and with the heals she looked like her legs went on forever rising up to that perfect rounded ass. With the headband and the long silky hair she absolutely did not look 30!! “So, what do you think?” she asked. “Perfect” I replied, “You look perfect!” She looked at me skeptically. “OK, but do I look hot? Would you really take me on a date or would you just do it because it’s a favor for the divorcee next door?” I looked back into her sparkling eyes and I could see she was having so much fun. “Really. If I saw you in a club I would be too nervous to even ask you to dance.” She laughed at that and said, “Good enough for me, let’s buy the outfit since it’s as hot as you claim.”

As we walked back through the mall towards the car we were passing Victoria’s Secret. Pim stopped, put her hand up by my face and said, “You have been too sweet and patient. My husband would never shop with me like this. But I just don’t think my outfit is quite complete yet. You need to be a little more patient and go get a Starbucks while I do a little more shopping, OK? I call you when I’m finished.” With that she giggled and leaned forward and gave me a kiss on the lips right in the middle of the shopping mall and gently pushed me away towards the Starbucks. I was slightly confused but went to get a coffee.

Almost an hour later she called me and I met her by the exit for the car. She had a large bag from Macy’s, but she wouldn’t tell me what was in it and kept grinning and seemed very happy with her purchases.

When we got home I walked her to her door. She looked at me and smiled. She said, “Tomorrow I don’t want you to be nervous. I have my 6 closest girl friends coming with their dates. We have a private room at the club and we’ll have some cool dancing.” I said, “Great, see you tomorrow.” And as I turned she looked disappointed. “Is this how you treat your dates?” she asked. I no doubt looked confused and I wondered what I had done wrong. “Rob, if you end such a wonderful day and don’t give your date a kiss the she is really going to feel you are not attracted to her. Are you not attracted to me?” I started to blush and stutter. “Come here silly boy and give me a kiss….I had such a good time. You were a lot of help picking out the perfect birthday outfit.” I leaned in to give her a light peck on the cheek and she took her left hand and shifted my face so our lips met and unlike her previous kisses this time she pressed in firmly and I could detect the slightest brush of her tongue. My cock needed serious release as it pulsed down below. The whole day of bushing up against her, having her hang on my arm, watching her pose in her new black pleated mini skirt had driven me wild all day. Pim put her arm behind the small of my back and pulled her body in the paper thin sun dress against my body. I could feel her nipples pressing against my chest and her perfume wafted up and made my head spin. As she released me I’m sure I looked completely dazed. “Tomorrow, don’t worry Rob, it won’t be a disappointment.”

I went home and up to my bedroom to have a release. It wasn’t what I wanted. It wasn’t what I needed. I wanted her body. I wanted the real Pim! I wanted to enter her for real, but I knew that making love to her was just a dream. She needed me as a date and she was a little lonely on her birthday, but I had no illusion that it would go further than that. As a 23 year-old guy with a pulsing, throbbing, dick the only thing you can do is close your eyes and keep her vision in your head and masturbate until the release comes. I was still up at 11:00 pm trying to work on my engineering project and not think about Pim when the phone rang. It was Pim. “Rob, it’s late and I see your light’s still on. Get to bed, you will need all your energy for tomorrow. Sweet dreams.” Well, of course that got my stupid brain to relive the entire day and the sun dress, the smell of her perfume, her hair and our kiss. All of this resulted in another erection that simply wouldn’t go away.

The next day I was a bundle of nerves until the evening came. Pim called at 5:00 and said “Let’s head out at 7:00 ok? Come over and we’ll take my car. You drive since I’m your date.” I had on my nicest black slacks and sport coat and very expensive Ferragamo black shoes. I went over to her house and her door was open. I went into the front room and called out for Pim. “I’ll be down in a second.” She called from up-stairs. A few minutes later she came down the stairs slowly. What can I say? She was stunning. Yes, she had the black pleated mini skirt and the black blouse that we had purchased, but new additions included black stockings with an intricate pattern and with a garter belt showing just at the hem line. Also, under the see through blouse was a new black push up bra that was super fine and showed the exact outline of her perfectly pert breast….the effect was luminous so that these perfect breasts just floated in mid-air behind this light curtain of black see-through silk. Her black Jimmy Choo heels had little Rhine stones that sparkled and drew attention to her perfect long and slim feet and the heels added a just right one and a half inches to her height. She didn’t require any make up and had just a hint of lip gloss and blush to highlight her perfect skin. In her ears she had nice size diamond stud earings that also sparkled against her luxurious black hair. She had added curls to her hair and a thin Rhine stone headband, which had an effect of making her look younger. Around her neck she wore a half inch black silk choker with a little silver heart. The total effect was hot, hot, hot. She looked like it could be her 18th birthday, not her 30th.

At the bottom of the stairs Pim did a little twirl for effect, looked me in the eyes and said, “So, what do you think? Still up for a date with this divorcee young man?” I was speechless. She laughed….”Well, you picked the outfit, what do you think?” I just gaped at her and I’m sure I looked like a lost puppy dog. “You’re beautiful!” was all I could say. She laughed and her eyes sparkled. I pulled out my box and said, “Oh, I bought you a little present. It isn’t much, but I hope you like it. Happy Birthday!” It was a very delicate bracelet from Tiffanys with a small silver heart and key. She opened it and then jumped forward, put her arms around me and gave me a kiss. Putting it on she looked at me and said, “You’re learning young man. Very romantic! A heart and a key, a perfect gift for your date on her birthday. You will be rewarded later I promise you.” And she laughed and put her left hand on my arm with a little squeeze. “Let’s go.”

We drove to the club and it was the most expensive club in town. I had never been because it was really for an older crowd and out of my price bracket. Pim’s friend Julie was a PR manager and did the PR for the club so she got the large private room complimentary for the night. Pim let me drive the Merc and we pulled up for valet parking and she let me get out and open the door for her. I held her hand and she stood up next to me holding herself close into my arm. She whispered into my ear, “Rob, you are a true gentleman. It has been so long since I was treated like this. You have earned some more reward points with your gentlemanly behavior. I’ll be sure to reciprocate you when I give you your gift later tonight.” I’m sure I was smiling like I had won the lottery. Pim was really building my confidence as I headed in to meet her friends. I looked at Pim, “It’s your birthday.” I said, “You don’t need to give me anything. Coming on this date is like a dream come true for me.” She laughed, “You’re just saying that, but anyways, I have a special gift for you at home later so I hope you like it.” We smiled at each other as we entered the club and were ushered through the VIP side door.

In the private room the lighting was subdued which only made Pim look more alluring in her black outfit. I met her friend Julie who as from Hong Kong and was also around 35 or so and looked really slim and sexy. Taylor was her PR friend and she was the total California blond, tall, slim, blue eyes and would say around 30 as well. Judy was Korean and if Pim had any competition in the “hotness” sweepstakes then it was Judy. She was tall, slim and was wearing black tights and a sheer white top with a white bustier underneath. If I wasn’t with Pim then Judy would be the one I would hit on. Judy was also the youngest of the bunch, maybe around 25 or 26. Angie was a brunette from Seattle who worked for the Four Season Hotel and looked around 35, but trim and sexy, with larger breast than the others, probably 36B’s and nice curves around the hips. Cindy was around 30 and had met Pim through the health club where they did hot yoga together. Cindy had light brunette hair with highlights and nice 34B breasts that were certainly almost as perky as Pim’s. Cindy was wearing a very expensive looking pair of dress shorts and very expensive looking sandles. Her long tanned legs were stunning as were her perky breast that were shown to great effect by her skin hugging top. Pim said Cindy was totally flexible from her advanced yoga and that she was a serial dater who went through guys at a rapid rate. Pim giggled and whispered in my ear, “Cindy has a very high sex drive, so watch out, I don’t want to find out you have been kidnapped at the end of the evening. She might try to take you home.” We laughed together while I admired Cindy’s athletic and lithe body and my mind couldn’t help wondering how flexible Cindy was causing my already stimulated cock to get just a little more engorged. Kathy was the last one I met. She was a tall slim blond originally from New Zealand who was taking business courses and trying to get a job at Oracle in software marketing. Kathy had a beautifully shaped but and nice breasts and the cutest accent when she talked. She had met Cindy at a cooking class, had joined in the group of friends and now they were all best friends.

I leaned over to Pim and whispered in her ear, “There aren’t any men? Where are their dates.” So Pim turned to Julie, “Hey, what’s up? Where is John and all of your dates.” Julie laughed. “Pim, we decided tonight was all about you and you having fun. We didn’t want any dates or boyfriends putting a damper on things.” I could tell that I looked uncomfortable and Pim was looking questioningly at her friends. I turned to Judy and said, “Well, perhaps I should go and let you girls have fun.” Cindy took the hint and grabbed me by the arm taking me off to the side. She whispered in my ear, “We said we want Pim to have FUN! That means you are going to stay and you are going to dance with her. Understand? Don’t worry we won’t eat you up…..haha….at least not right away.” And then she led me back to the group and announced, “Rob is staying. He is officially Pim’s date and if you want to dance with him you need Pim’s permission.” We all laughed and the champagne started to flow.

Needless to say being surrounded by all these hot older women in a club and getting to dance with each one several times was extremely good for the ego. Pim was an excellent dancer and she told me she had taken ballet and piano as a child so she had beautiful dance movements. Around midnight they brought out the cake and we all sang happy birthday and she blew out the candles while we all toasted her with champagne. Everyone asked her what her wish was and she said, “Top secret.” And we all laughed. Then Cindy and Judy started chanting, “Birthday kiss for the birthday girl. Birthday kiss for the birthday girl.” Well soon all the girls were chanting and they pushed me close to Pim and Judy pushed Pim into my arms. The Champagne certainly had raised my courage level so I reached out, put my arms around Pim’s slim frame and pulled her in towards me. She did not resist and her eyes looked into mine with incredible excitement and sparkle. I closed my eyes and our lips touched. I waited to feel her pull away or to hesitate, but instead her body pushed into mine and her lips, delicate and soft, parted and her tongue gently started to probe my lips. I parted my lips in a daze and let her tongue enter. My cock was pressing against my slacks and her hips gently pressed into the hard 8” rod. We just kept kissing and the girls chanted, “Longer, Longer…!!” and our kiss just went on and on with her perfume filling my dizzy head. When we finally broke the kiss Pim’s friends all clapped and cheered. Pim looked down shyly and I heard Judy go close to her ear and say, “You didn’t tell us that when you dumped Henk you had totally traded up. Where have been hiding Rob you lucky girl you.” And then the two of them laughed thinking I had not heard. Pim turned and they both scanned my body and I could swear I detected a hint of lust in Pim’s eyes and Judy’s also. It must be my imagination I thought.

Well after the birthday cake the DJ moved on to some slow songs. I had to dance one with each of Julie, Taylor, Angie and Judy. Finally it was Cindy’s turn and she took me to the far end of the dance floor away from the other girls. She actually pressed her body right into mine and held me very tight. With all the champagne I was in no condition to resist. Towards the end of the dance she whispered in my ear, “Be nice to Pim tonight. It’s her birthday and she needs a man to make her feel good. Do you understand.” I looked at her and said I would do my best. She said, “Don’t just do your best, make her feel like a woman. She needs something to pick her up.”

Well, the evening wore down and we said goodbye to the girls and go Pim’s car. There was very little traffic this late at night so we made it home safely. Pim held my hand the whole way home and had a perfect sleepy smile on her face the whole way. She asked me if I had had a nice time and I told her it was the best time I had ever had at a party in my whole life. She laughed and said, “They all liked you, but Judy and Cindy liked you too much if you know what I mean.” She laughed. “I’m lucky you’re still with me since you could have taken either one of them home and bedded them immediately.” I’m sure I blushed and turned very embarrassed. She looked at me and said, “You think I’m joking. It’s totally true. They are very hot girls and they told me they think you are incredibly sexy.” I laughed. We arrived at the driveway and stopped the car. She looked at me very subdued, “Are you sad you had to come and bring me back home instead of going home with Judy? I saw how you looked at her and she is very beautiful.” I looked back at Pim, “No, of course not. You were by far the most beautiful woman there tonight and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere except right here with you.” She laughed. “You’re just saying that, but you’re sweet.” I got around the car and opened the car door and took her hand. “There you go again being romantic. What will a girl do?” I looked her in the eyes and looked down at her breasts and lips shining in the moonlight. “I’m serious Pim, you were the most beautiful woman tonight.” She leaned forward, her breasts touched my chest and our lips locked into another incredible kiss.

She took my hand and turned in an extremely flirty way and pulled me towards the door of her house. “Can a girl convince you to come in for a glass of wine? I still haven’t given you your present.” My confidence was high from the party so I followed her into the house. We went into the kitchen and I helped her open some white wine. We sipped the wine with the lights off and she put on some nice low music. She took me into the living room. “I didn’t get that many slow dances tonight because they all took their turns. Can you give the birthday girl another slow dance.” My arms reached out. Pim moved slowly into my arms and she held me gently pressing her body against mine. She kicked her heels off to the side and then whispered into my ear, “You’re a very good kisser. Do I qualify for one more birthday kiss? I looked down at this incredible woman and our lips met and we kissed and kissed while the music played. My cock, as you can imagine, was jumping and pulsing as she applied gentle pressure with her hips. I let my hands wander down her back towards the top of her mini skirt to see if she would push them away, but she only gently acknowledged it by pressing her hips and lips just a little harder into me. My hands slowly inched over the waistline and I let them gently explore over the top of the pleated skirt feeling the firm but just below the thin fabric.

Just as I couldn’t take any more Pim pulled away and took my hand again. She looked up at my face and said, “Time for your present. You’ve been such a wonderful date. So patient, so handsome. Follow me, it’s upstairs.” I looked at Pim. “No, no, you don’t need to give me anything. It was your birthday.” She looked me in the eyes. “Well, I already bought it and I do think you will like it based on what I know about you. C’mon upstairs and let me show you anyways. If you don’t like it I’ll return it.”

I followed Pim up the stairs looking up under her pleated mini skirt the whole time and enjoying the garter belt and black lace underwear. I knew I would be going home and would need to masturbate soon and this would be the vision in my mind. She held my hand and walked me down the hallway to a large bed room with a large king size bed. I was a bid dizzy from the wine and champagne. Pim pushed down on my shoulders and told me to sit on the bed. “You wait here for 15 minutes while I get the present ready.” Pim then disappeared and went into an adjoining room and closed a sliding door. I could hear packages being moved and a few sounds, but I couldn’t really figure out what she was up to. She called out, “Turn on the music beside the bed and light the two candles. I really like candle light, don’t you.” I was a bit confused, but I lit the candles and turned on the ipod by the bed. Soft light and soft music suffused the room. I lay back on the bed, tired after all the dancing and rested while I waited for this mysterious present.

The door slid open quietly. I was laying on the bed with my eyes closed and I opened them to a shimmering vision of feminine sexuality. Pim walked towards the bed like a vision, a white goddess. The candlelight flickered and highlighted the sexiest outfit I had ever seen. Pim was wearing a white baby doll teddy with an underwire bra profiling her already firm breasts. The bra had delicate lace and ruffles and a pink bow tied in the middle of her ample breasts. Her light pink nipples and areola were faintly visible under the delicate lace fabric. A sheer white lace fabric was draped under the bra and fell to just around her hips. The baby doll fabric featured delicate polka dots in white and sheer lace to reveal her toned and firm stomach and tapered waistline leading to feminine hips that curved out nicely. Pim’s sexy hips framed her love triangle and butt line. She had on very tiny matching white lace panties with little pink bow ties on the side of each hip. Her long slender legs had white stay-up stockings with a sheer lace pattern. On her feet were some very cute white mule low heels with satin bows over her toes.

Pim walked close to me and held out her hands and took mine in her delicate grasp. I was helpless, stunned, speechless as she took my hands and said, “Rob, you have been the most wonderful birthday date a woman could ever have. I had so much fun…it’s been so long since I had fun. “ My cock was rising and stiffening as I took in the vision before me. She looked at me with a twinkle in her eye, “Do you like your present?” I stumbled with my speech and she giggled. “Well, you have been sneaking looks at me for years. Don’t you want to touch me?” My hands reached out and she placed them around her waist. I had lost all control. Pim was directing me and I was in her control. I rose to stand next to her. The scent of her perfume, of her hair, intoxicated me. “Kiss me Rob.” She commanded. My lips moved down to her delicate lips shimmering with light pink lip gloss and our lips joined together, her wetness and her delicate tongue probing my mouth. My cock hardened further and she pressed her hips into me, her love triangle pushing into my engorged penis. Her small hands lightly glazed across my shirt and she started to undo my buttons and she pulled the shirt off my shoulders. She lightly ran her fingernails across my chest and shoulders driving my cock towards its full eight inches. Her hands gently probed around my waist and finding my buckle she undid my belt and my slacks fell to the floor. I slipped out of my shoes and she pushed me back onto the bed. Pim straddled me across my boxer shorts. Her cunt was rubbing right on top of my cock. I could feel her moist panties, her excitement already apparent from the dark wet triangle pushing against my hardness. We resumed the most passionate kiss of my life. She lay against my chest, her firm breasts pushing against me.

Pim pulled her lips off mine and looked me in the eyes. “Rob, it has been over two years. I need you now.” She sat up straddling me and took my hands, placing them on her breasts. I started to gently tweak her nipples through the shear lace. Her nipples responded by quickly becoming erect. She arched her back and let her long hair hang back so it was touching my thighs driving me even crazy. She let out a moan as I increased the pressure on her nipples. My hands moved across her firm stomach and I lifted under the baby doll exposing her bare breasts to my hands. I leaned up and forward taking the left nipple into my mouth. Oh my god, what a beautiful firm breast. Pim gasped and cried out, “Oh yes, Rob, oh yes!” I moved to the right nipple and her excitement increased as I continued to nibble.

Pim pushed me down and slid down to my boxers. “You have been such a gentleman. Tonight is for you.” With that Pim pulled my boxers down over my shaft and eight inches of hard cock were released and sprang up in front of her face. Her eyes widened and she had a lustful erotic look in her eyes. “Oh Rob, you’re so big. I had no idea….all these years I have been checking out your package, but really this is incredible.” She moved her lips down. Time seemed to happen in slow motion. Her lips made contact with my cock and she slowly sucked her lips down making maximum contact and swirling her tongue under my ridge. I moaned and my body shook with the intense pleasure she was creating. The feeling went on and on and she seemed to know how to take me right to edge and then ease back and let me get control again. Her tongue was exploring every crevice of my cock head and she gave such beautiful pleasure without driving me over the point of no return. Finally, just when I thought I would explode she lifted her lips off my cock. She said, “Rob, undo the pink bows on the side of my panties.” In a daze of pleasure I reached out and pulled the pink ribbons and the delicate white lace fell away from her love triangle.

Pim rose up on her knees. She looked at me and asked, “Do you like the taste of a woman? Do you want to taste me?” I nodded and she positioned her love triangle over my mouth and gently lowered herself onto my mouth. Her scent, a sweet female sex scent, filled my nostrils. My cock bobbed up and down. My tongue licked her outer lips. Her lips and labia were highly aroused and her juice was everywhere. My tongue penetrated her lips and she cried out. “My God Rob! Yes, Rob, yes please.” My tongue found her clitoris and I delicately rippled the tip of my tongue just lightly over the very top of her clit at high speed. This drove her crazy and she pressed her hips more firmly against my face and chin. My tongue probed deeper. This went on and I teased her again and again, bringing her just to the edge just like she had done to me. She clearly had good control and this was an experienced woman. My girlfriends would have lost control by now and certainly could never build to this level of sexual peak. Finally, sensing my moment, I drove her over the edge and her first orgasm came. She screamed and pressed her cunt against my mouth. I thrust my tongue with full contact against her clitoris and then into the deepest part of her cunt. She shivered and shook in a violent orgasm shaking again and again and moaning loudly. After what seemed like an eternity she collapsed against my body and lay panting against me.

After resting for a moment Pim looked up with a huge grin on her face. She shifted her hips further down my body. She positioned herself just above my cock and the moment I had dreamed about since I was fifteen years old happened. Pim reached back, raised my cock slightly positioning it against the lips of her cunt. Then she eased herself back slowly. Oh my god, she was so tight. She was like a virgin. My cock was pulsing and pumping with blood. She knew what she was doing. She moved ever so slowly careful not to drive me over the edge. She moaned as I entered her and she pushed down taking more and more of my cock. “Oh my God Rob, you’re huge. It feels so nice. It makes me feel like a real woman.” Finally my cock was all in and she lay against me. Our lips found each other in a passionate kiss, tongues probing and touching and the pleasure senses were being built to a new peak with our lips, her cunt, my cock all creating new levels of pleasure. She lifted up and straddled me again. I could see her full protuberant breasts riding high with her erect nipples standing high and pink. She licked her fingers and started to touch my nipples and the areola area on my chest. No girl had ever done this to me and it was like an electric shock. I cried out in pleasure, “Oh Pim, Oh Pim. Don’t, my God, its too much. I’m going to come. “ I grabbed her arms trying to make her stop or slow down. But a smile broke out on her face and her eyes sparkled. I could feel her cunt muscles grab down on my cock and she increased the rhythm as she rocked her hips back and forth with new intensity. She tweaked my nipples faster and harder. I cried out and there was no holding back. My sperm shot out and I experience a release, an intensity I had never experienced before. My balls pulsed and I could experience a feeling of fluid draining and shooting into her. As my come shot out with the culmination of my orgasm release, suddenly Pim screamed, “ROB! ROB!” and her hips moved at incredible speed and her hips pushed into me with a feminine urgency of need and sexual want. She exploded and her pussy throbbed against my cock. She released and came with such and explosion that I have never seen such a release of pleasure with any other woman.

We fell into each others arms wrapped in pleasure and sweat and the scent of our sex mixed with her perfume. We kissed and nibbled each other and I touched and explored her beautiful firm breasts. She whispered, “Was I what you hoped? I hope that was ok? I wanted this to be special for you.” I looked at her. “You were incredible, I have never had an orgasm like that.” She smiled. We kept touching and exploring and I fucked her one more time before we both fell into a peaceful sleep. My fantasy had come true.


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First time I ever comment on a story. Pretty fucking good mate! I applaud you and your victory.

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Well planned and written. The anticipation build was nicely worked and the climax (pun?) scene was not overdone. I enjoyed it as an adult explorative entertainment. The only (mild) criticism was the abrupt ending - I thought it could have been better executed so as to lead into a sequel.

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