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This isn’t the Philippines- Part 2

“Stop whining” I tell Alex after her constant complaining to dad and I get out the car to help unload the bags.

I’m Alexander. I have a twin sister Alexandra, we’re both blonds with blue eyes and 17. Our dad is 33, black hair and blue eyes and our step mother or whatever you want to call her is a brunette with brown eyes. If she wasn’t a gold digger or a cheating whore I’d have tapped her by now. But I don’t need her ass when I have about 20 more on lay away in about six different countries. My sister is no different than me. She probably has more guy friends than I do babes, but damn! She is beautiful. I don’t even think the fact of her being my sister will hold me off for long.

I’ve done worse.

“You can find someone else to fuck with” I joke and she punched me on my back, something that always leaves a long sting. I sucked in air through my teeth.

“Don’t even start it” mom said getting out the car with the hosts help. She says it like we’re about to fight too. We’re 17. We haven’t fought in 4 years.

When she gets out and straightens herself, she turns to Alex. “Oh, come one Alex. I’ve been here before and there are a lot of cute Samoan boys around here if you’d look.” she tries to assure her, but of course Alex has been through model to model in America and London (We have houses/castle in both areas.) and she’ll find most of the hottest boys obsolete. She’s fucked so many times she’d find anything in a boy that could displease her. Which is why her boyfriend Will is killing himself trying to stick to her standards and the same for Rafael too, her Philippine boyfriend. There’s at least one boy in one country spending his life trying to please her.

Yes, she’s that hot. And from what I heard the best fuck.

“Things have changed since the 14th century lady.” I had to smack her. She knows that dad hates when she says something about his perfect wife and it’s an insult too since she’s about five years older than dad and he’s the one living in the 14th century. “Sorry Ma” she apologized.

“It’s alright. Y’all go on to the beach. We’ll check in.” she says walking over the dad and taking his arm. Alex and I didn’t have to be told twice on why she wants us gone.

I saw immediately what girl I was going after and left Alex to the girls playing volleyball. With luck I can take more than one back to the hotel. Since dad doesn’t much like flying we had to come by boat. It’s been nearly a month since I last had sex and two girls would help ease my 8 inch cock.

Yeah. I think I’ll go for two.

I sat and watched for who I wanted as a second. The first was a beautiful brown girl with a great set of breasts, long black hair, fat ass and full lips. Everything else that’s there, has no point in describing.
My second girl I decided to go after had brown hair, small hips, but a big fat ass that jiggles every time she took a step down the beach. She looks young too, probably still a virgin. But the only thing that crossed my mind was:

I’m getting in that ass!

It didn’t take them long for them to notice me staring at them. Eventually they started checking me out. Not so hard to get attention when your nicely toned with abs and muscles. My dad and I go to the gym five times a week to stay in shape. Me and dad get hit on girls around my age all the time. They think we’re brothers since dad still has his twenties face. Plus there’s only a 16 year difference between us too.

The young girl came up to me first and I could tell how she walked that she was going to be easy.

Young and Naive. The best combination if you’re looking for a quick fuck.

“Hello” she said with a thick accent. But no matter the accent I can tell when my body have made a girl nervous.

This bitch is going to be easy.

“Hey” I smile back, “You noticed me looking at you.”

“Yes” she says blushing madly.

“Good. Then it worked. I just wanted to see if you’d like to help me see what’s around here. If that’s alright.” I smile and she quickly stammered.

“Ah, uh, Yes!” she says, then she stuck out her hand. “I’m Kali” she said nervously.

“I’m Alex. Uh, I have to go find my friend right quick. Do you mind waiting for us at the ‘Sadie’s by the sea’ ”

“Yes!” she says all excited and oddly enough she just left. Again. She’s going to be easy.

About five seconds later my “friend” came over. Her volleyball game done with. She was older than me, I can tell that, but older women are hot. Especially this one.

“Were you looking at me earlier?” she says and I just smiled. This girl can speak English fluently.

“Yeah. You’re hot.” I tell her simply. “I was wondering if you’d help me find my inn.”

“There are many people around here who can help.”

“Yeah, but it’ll be nice to walk around town with a hot girl with you.” I smile at her, “Besides. I heard you earlier. I thought you’d be the only one around here that speaks English” (Lie)

“Well. I guess I have nothing better to do.”

“Good.” I say standing up and I know she was checking my abs while I stretched. I was sitting for awhile. “Oh, I’m Alex” I tell her giving her my hand.

“La” she says and I almost laughed.

“That’s a simple name” I tell her.

“It means the ‘Sun’” she says.

“You do shine” I mumble, but enough for her to hear me but think I didn’t want her to.

“Do you remember the name of your hotel?” she asks me.

“Sally? Sari?”

“‘Sadie’s by the sea’” she says nodding. “It’s close by. No more than 15 minutes.”

“Lets make it 20” I smile.

In those twenty minutes I talked and asked questions like a simpleton. I made her laugh so many times she let me slip my arm around her shoulder. I told her a lot about myself and she told me about herself.
She’s 19. She lives by herself in a small house on the other side of the island. Currently unemployed, but looking for work. Her father died by a tsunami that happened last year and she plays a lot of sports.
I showed compassion, caring and trustworthiness. Enough that she’ll accept that she’s my “friend”.

Kali was in the lobby when I walked in and she didn’t like seeing me with my arm around another girl. I simply ignored her with that.

“Kali, this is my friend La. I met her earlier today.” I said and with that it wasn’t a lie at all. When they shook hands I knew I had both their pussies in mine.

“So, thank you again” I said to La and before she could say anything I added, “I’m hungry. You two want to come up and eat. We can order service.” They looked at one another and nodded and I simply smiled.

I sent them to my room while I “ordered” the food. When they were gone I immediately started taking my clothes off. This part is the easiest.

When I entered in there about 5 minutes later, enough time for them to settle down. They both just looked at the flaccid 4 inch cock. Jaws dropped.

“What are you doing?” La accused rising from the bed.

I just smiled and walked over to Kali who was too stunned to say or do anything. I grabbed her face and kissed her deeply, as if she was my lover. She fell under my spell in an instant. That’s one for the young and naive. (Probably thinks I love her now).
I moved over to La and she backed away. I grabbed her arm and pulled her into me. She felt my dick hitting her leg and it was getting the right effect. I was softly getting hard as I humped her thigh.
I quickly slipped my hand up her shirt and grabbed her breast. I softly stroked her nipple, as softly as possible. She shuddered and fell in my arms.

This is a little thing I can do that always eases the older or more aware girls. My fingers softly stroking their nipples is like I’m stroking them with a feather. It sends tingles throughout their body that feels both good and weird, but not bad.

This bitch is mine.

I used my other hand and slipped it down her pants. Her pussy was soaking.

“Come here” I ordered Kali and she hesitantly did what I said. “Take off your clothes.” I ordered and she obliged innocently. I got myself a little slave... another little slave.

I undressed La and halfway she started doing it herself. I got myself a threesome.

When they were naked, I didn’t waste time. I grabbed one of each of their boobs and slurped it in my mouth. Their nipples both stiff. I stopped and pushed both girls onto the bed. I got up on it and laid horizontally on them. My now hard 8 inch 6 girth cock in Kali’s face and La’s full breasts in mine. I took both of them in my mouth and lowered my cock into Kali’s. She was resistant. Defiantly a virgin.

“Open your mouth. I won’t hurt you.” (Yet) I smile and she opened her mouth. I slid my cock in easily.
She closed her mouth around my cock and I quickly started fucking her face, nice and slow for the little virgin.
But for the experienced woman I went after her breast hungrily. I tackled her nipples with my tongue, another feather replacement, and I bit onto areola as I lapped her nipple. I cupped her other breast and fluffed it, squeezing it repeatedly. Her breasts are perfect. Soft, warm, tender and delicious.

I wonder what Kali’s ass is like.

With that I switched over clockwise and fount Kali’s pussy in my face. I flipped us over, shoving my cock deep down her throat and turning us over so her ass was in my face and her pussy was dripping in my open waiting mouth. She tasted sweet.
When I started to eat her out she squeaked that only made me eat more hungrily and squeeze harder on her big fat beautiful ass cheeks. I smacked them again and again till they turned red and I know I made her cry.

She popped my cock from her mouth and I was ready to yell at her till I felt another mouth. A more experienced mouth.
I turned a little bit so I was directly under her face and then started to thrust up. Hitting the back of her glorious throat with every thrust. She choked a few times but recovered quickly. I decided to play dirty.
I wrapped my legs around her neck and went harder down her throat. She choked and coughed my cock out. I pushed Kali off and switched onto her, grabbing her by the wrists and holding her down as I forcibly slammed my cock in her cunt. She bit off a scream.
I grabbed Kali by her ass and lifted her onto La’s face.

“Eat her” I told her and she picked it up quick. She placed her hands onto Kali’s ass cheeks and spread her open. I heard her slurp up juices.

I started to ram her hard.
La is warm and juicy, but she is clearly stretched out. She must have had another cock that’s bigger than mine. But doubt she hasn’t had anyone who’ll ravage her as hard as I can.

Stamina is something I forever work on in the gym. I was fucking her 2.5 beats per second and she was screaming into Kali’s cunt.

I saw the opening I wanted and I leaned forward to eat out Kali’s ass. She squealed again as La came three times straight onto my blur-of-a-cock and I continued to turn her pussy inside out. I have at least two more hours on my cock. Believe it or not, fuck if I care. This dick had so many pussies it’s hard to satisfy.

I quickly stuck two fingers into her virgin ass, she squealed like a pig. She is way too inexperienced. I think she said she’s 14. (Which was lucky as hell for me. One more year apart and it would be child abuse). And hell yeah I’m abusing this bitch!

I slammed in a third finger and decided to quickly take it out. Don’t want her too loose. This should hurt.
I slid out of La and firmly placed my feet on the bed as I lowered onto Kali’s ass. My cock did not slide in easily and she was scratching and trashing madly at the bed. She was screaming something in her language, but it didn’t take a genius to know it was “STOP!”.

I love working this bitch dog style.

I stuck my fingers in her mouth and her screams became muffled. With that, I slammed my cock in her as hard as I can. I had to put my fist in her mouth to shut her up. She’s over exaggerating; she knows it feels good.
I started slow for her till her screams turned to whimpers, and then moans, then I sped up. A bang every 3 seconds. Then every 2, then one and finally to my fastest 2.5 a second.

She was screaming again. Fuck! I don’t care.

Her ass was so tight! It took 15 minutes just to loosen her ass up. So she was screaming for 20. Eventually La got tired of her screaming.

La got up from under her and went in front her, sticking her loose red cunt right in her face to shut her up. I went faster and harder after that. That was the hottest shit I ever seen!

After about 5 more minutes of working her ass I backed up off the bed so I was standing up. I started pumping her ass harder and faster. Using my leg power as the extra fuel till my balls were slapping on her cunt so hard it was echoing throughout the room. My balls were getting wet and juicy from slapping her soaked cunt.
La must have heard it because she quickly got off the bed and dropped under my legs to suck my balls. I flipped my head back to the ceiling and moaned loudly.

This is the best threesome I ever had!

I reached down and grabbed La’s hand, telling her to get up. When she does I reach over, grab her by her hips and pick her up to lay her on Kali’s back. This gave me full access to her turned out pussy as I banged Kali to my limit. Which was still an hour away.

I ate out La out as if I was fighting it. I bit into her clit and walls as hard as I could, trying to get as much juice as possible. She gave me her all.
I went further in, still keeping my beat with Kali’s ass. My nose, chin and mouth dug deep into her cunt and I loved what I smelled, felt and tasted. Not the best pussy I had, but still up there.

I slid out of Kali’s ass and positioned my cock to the entrance of her virgin pussy. Her moaning stopped. She asked La something in their native tongue. La smiled.

“What?” I asked.

“She wants to know if it’ll hurt” La laughed and she whispered something in Kali’s ear, but in the middle of it I grabbed Kali by her ass cheeks and shoved in as hard as I could. The snap of her hymn even louder than her scream. This should be about my 8th virginity I’ve taken and turned into a loose cunt. Most likely not my last either.
I stayed in her for awhile, letting her adjust a little till her whimpers became moans again. She was really loving it now and I was really loving her pussy. Tight, juicy, warm and currently; bloody. Most guys, or those I know, don’t like taking girl’s virginity. Mostly because they say breaking a hymen is like breaking through a cement wall with your dick. But I love leaving my impression on them. 7 (now eight) will now remember my face and name because I introduced them into this new life and I introduce them in such a painful and pleasurable way it’ll scar their mind and body.

This bitch’s pussy is going to be red for weeks.

I savored my first Samoan virgin pussy for a good ten minutes before I started destroying it. Got to leave my mark of course.

She screamed for a little while, but she calmed down when the pain adjusted to her. She was now glazed over with pleasure. In a little while she’s going to be asleep. I’ll have La take her home or something. I really don’t want her clinging onto me when she wakes up thinking we’re lovers or something.

La won’t have the same problem. She knows this is a one time thing and she’ll remember it. That’s what I like about experience girls.

Young and Naive= clingy.

Experienced and aware= one time fuck buddy.

My young and naive went out like a light in 5 minutes. I fucked her sleeping pussy for an extra ten. La went back to sucking my balls. I made sure I fucked Kali hard enough to salt them up for her.

For a minute I thought I was about to cum. My cock was throbbing, but the build-up wasn’t there.

Oh, I have to pee.

I slipped my cock from out Kali’s sleeping pussy and grabbed La’s head. She took my cock into her mouth without knowing what I had in store for her. I got it as far own her throat as I could and started to relieve myself in her.

I held it in her as long as i could, but she got the better of me. She grabbed and squeezed on my balls. I yanked out her mouth and splashed her face with piss.

I wish I drunk soda earlier. It would have been hotter if my piss was yellow.

I splashed her face two more times before sliding back into the sleeping Kali, letting her have the rest. It wasn’t much but it was nice pissing into her hot cunt.

I even think I heard a sizzle.

La was mad for a minute. I guess she’s not used to being pissed on.

I didn’t care though. I was too horny for her to start crying and shit. I bent down grabbed her by the legs, pulling her up. I slid my cock into her.

When I laid her all the way onto my cock she gasped. I felt a drop of my piss hit my forehead from trailing down her open jaw. Weirdly enough that turned me on.

I started to fuck her.

I backed her up against the closest wall, which just so happened to be the one connected to Alex’s room, and I ravaged her. Her screams passing onto Alex as Alex’s screams were reaching my ears.

Something about hearing my hot sister being fucked silly flipped my switched too hard. I fucked La faster. Thinking of my hot Alex as I did.

I need to fuck her, was my thought.

My screams. Those should be my screams, not whatever fucker is ramming her.

A picture on the wall fell as I got angry. La was screaming louder. She lost her breathe and her screams became breathless. I felt her cum on my cock. The condom busted. I slid out of her.

She was spent.

I took the broken condom off and splattered her face. A little trademark for when she wakes up and I’m not here. I walk over to Kali and do the same.

This cumshot was disgruntled, much like my other ones. Neither of them were the girl that I imagined in the end of my play times. The thought of fucking Alex killed the joy of spraying these girls of a lower degree, like it always does.

Why the fuck did you fuck them then?, my conscious asks and it usually asks when it knows there’s something better.

I sigh, slap Kali’s face with my dick for the hell of it and get up to start packing my bag.

Alex will let me stay in her room till these two, or one, stop trailing me. It’s not the first time I had to do this, usually I’ll just get another room on a different floor or something.

But nah. I think I’ll give Alex what she’s had coming to her for the pass three years.

This might be fun!, I think as I head out my room, bag slung over shoulder and card key in hand.
Walking off to begin my journey to my sister's pants.

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