i havent proof read this so take it for face value
Jessica was 8 years old, she was small and petite, and had a very tight pussy hole, and a flat chest.she had dark long hair and a tight ass too.
her dad was a large man with a 6 and half inch cock but very thick and big balls.he striped her of her clothes and made her face down on the bed with her ass in the air.he lubed up his stiff thick cock, thinking of all the times he had used his tool on her and other girls.he jerked his cock with the lube, to spread it all over.he pressed play on his cd player, turning the voulume up loud, cos he knew how loud they both could get.he moved towards her on the bed and got on his knee's.cock in hand he made her spread her ass cheeks apart and he forced his cock in deep strait into her tight ass.
Jessica clung to the bed sheets, as she had done so many times.the music blurting our loud over her stiffled screams and his plesruable moans.he placed his big hands on her back, ramming his body into her as he stroked her ass all over, closing his eyes and thinking of how much was going to cum.his body was big compared to her little one.
his dick stretched her ass wide, but she was use to his dick thumping in her ass that it only hurt a bit.she held on to the bed sheets as he bashed harder and harder, even with the music on loud he could still hear her moans and she could hear his too.

how he enjoyed getting dirty with yougn girls and getting all the plesure he can out of them.he had fucked so many girls before jessica that he knew what he liked in sex and what he didnt.he loved girls to make noises and squirm, but to him that was all part of the fun they were playing.he was gonna mark himself in her ass, as he had done to others in their mouth, pussies and all over their little bodies.
he liked 6-13 year olds but as long as they were under developed and petite in size.but any girl who took his cock was good enough for him, as they all did, they where all good.and none of them complained either.he loved his daughters body and used it as many times as he could.and could always use her whenever he was feeling horny.and even use her for porn too.

jessica moaned in one long continous hum as her dad slammed harder againts her wet ass so full of his pre cum.holding his belly back so he could see his cock fuck her sweet yougn ass.the music raged on louder and he started to get faster just as he was about to cum so much in her tight little ass hole.jessica knew it too as she had felt him do it loads of times, ever since she was 7.

when she was 7 he had made her wear some clothes he ahd got her.a skirt, stockings, black high heels, and small, tight sexy underwear.
he had taken pictures and then set up the camera to film on his bed.he had got naked and got on top of her and lifted up her skirt and slid the undies to one side.and she had felt his thick cock enter her pussy for the first time, she just lay there in pain, her pussy all sore and he held her down as she fougrt againts the soreness, she didnt understand why he grunted and forced himself into her hole, and then he moved faster and he started to make funny noises and then would ram really hard into her as she felt somthing enter her.
he hen pulled out his cock and she saw the weet and gooey stuff on his cock, which he wiped off on her stomache.and then turned her over and went it th backway.

the music stoped and jessica hared him maon loud and ram hard in her ass and she yet out a yelp.he had cum deep in her ass as he had ever done before.he let out a sigh as he pulled out.he told her to spread her ass for him as he always did.
he looked at the gaping hole that was her ass as small amounts of cum seeped out.she knew she had to hold her ass cheeks wide like ussual as he moaned at the work he had done.he felt lucky to have fucked someone so young and willing."Ohh you love your daddies cock dont you babe?!", he told her.she replied like she always did,"yes daddy i love yoru cock so much, wan over my ass , pleaseeee.".
She then felt him moan as he hovered over her as he wanked his cock fast, like he always did.she kept her gaping ass wide open ad he moaned again and she felt shots of his liquidy, slimy cum splash on her ass cheeks and some into her wide asshole.she then let go of her ass, but knew not to touch it to wipe the cum away or he would hurt her.
she turned on her back and rested there for a few moments as he also layed on his back next to her.she knew not to go far, 30 minutes time he would ask for her to suk his cock, after he had gotten a shower and gone on his computer and watched the replay of their session together.
although, jessica had decided, that she was started to like sucking cock, epsecially so that daddy didnt know she was sucking the post mans cock every time he came round in the mornings, when he was asleep after being on his computer all night, and that would be in several hours time......

the silent knock came at the door, but only jessica could hear him as she was waiting by the door all the past 15 minutes.she knew daddy coudnt hear anything, like always.she was wearing her nightdress with pink undies on underneath.she opened the door and the postman stood there.she could she his erection already and had even unbuckled his trousers before she silently closed the door.they often always did it inside but a few times she had done it in his van, because her dad was still awake.she saw the postman bring out a big bag of sweets for her, which he always gave her before she suck on his cock.he went into the living room, next to the halway, his trouser down his ankles and he sat on the sofa,"quickly today jessi, ive got a busy day."he said to her already hard and wanking his cock to get in the mood.she had already taken off her nightdress and pink undies, cos she knew he liked her to be completely she stood infront of him he quickly felt her lucious preteen body, shaking like he always did, incase her daddy came down.his cock was about 7 niches and a bit thick, but not as much as her daddies.she kneeled infront of him and grabed his cock, she had to suck it quickly.oftent this was normal and would take about 5 minutes, normally they could do 15 minutes.and on rare occaisions they had managed to get half and hour in with two blowjobs, a wank and quick sex.she wanked him ans sucked the head of his cock.strait away he had got into the mood and started to moan already, in quiet whimpers, often checking the stairs for her dad.
he had been doing this with her for 6 months now and he enjoyed it, he had often wished jessica was his daughter and was jelous of her dad.
jessica sucked deep but quickly on his cock as he held her head and stroked her face.he layed his head back as she quickly tongued his balls and licked up his shaft and onto his cock end, pre cum came out slowly as she wanked his faster and harder and he post man tried to keep quiet.the sloshing of his wet cock was loud, so jessica started to suck more and quickly using her tongue all over his cock.she knew was going to cum as he moved his hips faser than normal and the exspression on his face.with a last suck the post man shot his thick creamy load all down her mouth, some of it shooting off on her face and in her hair and on the floor.
he stood up as she licked his cock clean just before he pulled up his trousers,"fuck, jessi babe, make sure u clean yurself, so your dad doesnt know, ok...", she nodded as she stood up and he held her face and gave her a quick kiss on the mouth and sneaked off to the front door and closed it quietly behind him.
she was only 8 and she loved sucking the postmans cock.she stood as the door closed and she licked the cum off her lips and the side of her face.she bent down and rubbed out cum droplets off the floor, the cum now sticking to her fingers, which she held up and licked off and swallowed.mmm she thorught, she deffinately enjoyed the postmans salty thick juicy cum.she longed for his cock again.but in a short time she would go upstairs and get under her covers and give her dad a surprise morning blowjob and swallow his cum, imagining its the post mans cum.
she pulled up her pink underwear and slid on her nightdress and ran upstairs to her daddy.

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