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Sex, sex, sex!!
As we were nearing the park I ribbed my brother, asking him if he was going to the toilets to let men get at him, he went very red and told me it was getting too crowded and dangerous to hang around there too often. I laughed and asked how he managed now then and still crimson he said that the park-keepers shed had some loose boards at the back and on Sundays he sometimes went there with the big fat man or somebody else. I could see he was getting all hot and bothered so I giggled and told him I would go and play on the swings for half an hour and he could go off on his own. He was very relived and still with a guilty look on his face wandered off, I knowing that I was going to follow him to see where he went. He must have been really ready as he never looked back once as he went through a gap in the tall hedge and I gave him a few minutes and then followed. It was a fairly large shed and there were machines parked round it and I picked my way round them and went to the back, hoping there would be a window and when I spotted one was disappointed that it was so dirty there was no chance of my seeing what was going on inside.

Downcast I was about to go when I realised that there was lots of holes in the planks where knots had fallen out and looked through some of them until I found one that had been made bigger for some reason. I soon realised why when I could see my brother, laid back along a bench, trousers round his ankles and a man who imagined to be the fat friend at him. Mercy me!!!!!! I was shocked to see that the man was sucking on his cock, bobbing his head up and down so that he was not wanking him with his hand and he was handling his ball sack as well as roaming all over his exposed body. I was excited by both the sight and the sounds as my brother moaned and groaned with pleasure and I too was starting to tingle, hurriedly taking my panties off and for the first time in my life played with my own slit and hole as I watched. Now I knew I would not like to have a man in my mouth but it was obvious both my brother and fat man were enjoying what was happening as my brothers moans and gasps were getting louder and louder. I was working my own fingers furiously as my brother squealed and bucked on the bench and the mans head was going fourteen to the dozen as he brought him to his peak and when he let go of him there was no sign of any cream so I knew it had been swallowed.

A hand grasped my shoulder and I was so frightened I feinted, coming round after I don’t know how long. My dress was round my neck and a man stood over me having a good look at what was on view. He smiled in a very friendly way and asked if I was alright and helped me to my feet, telling me I had better have a sit down so we should go into the shed. I was protesting as he lead me past an old grass cutting machine and when he removed a loose panel of planks was sobbing with fright and quickly played my last ace by telling him that my brother would be mad to know I had been spying on him. He laughed loudly and the two inside realised that we were entering, my brother looking embarrassed and the fat man beamed as the man pulled my dress up as he said he had found a young girl with no knickers on peeking through the spy hole and three males were looking at my naked lower half. Fat man had a wicked look in his face as the man told him I was the boys sister and I was really frightened when he pulled my dress off and apart from my shoes and socks I stood naked and sobbing as even my brother had a good look at me and his penis started to rise.

Fat man led him to the bench and made him lay on it, drawing his skin back, and as the other man stood me beside him we watched as he hardened and wriggled then I was told to take over and show them how I did it. I wanked him slowly, still sobbing on and off with continued worry and the new man stood behind me and reached round to my crack and ran a finger up and down it, the first man to handle me far a day or two and I relaxed then and at last started to think I might see some fun. Fat man urged me to suck on my brother but I was adamant in my refusal so he said we should change over and my brother should have a turn playing with me. I was stretched along the bench and new man had a finger up me for a minute before a rampant brother took over and needed no second asking to use his tongue on me. This was new and I began to tingle with excitement as the tongue worked nicely and made me very wet then fat man went to his cock and sucked on him at the same time, new man laughing as he said it was time for him to loose his cherry. I did not know what they meant but did not have to wait to find out as fat man told my brother to get his cock in me and fuck me silly and he slid his sausage into me and pushed it in and out. Both men laughed wickedly as he soon moaned and gasped and I felt him pulse and then cream filled me before I had even got used to him and heard fat man telling his friend that I definitely looked like I had not had enough prick.

My brothers penis softened and he pulled out of me and I sat up so that I could have a look round and I could feel his sperm dribbling out of me, both men watching with smiles on their faces. All the new words used flashed through my mind and new man did not let my brother rest and was already playing with him again as fat man came to the bench telling me not to worry as there would be plenty of prick coming my way. He dropped his trousers and unbuttoned his shirt and I almost laughed out loud, he was very fat, his belly big and hanging down and boobs bigger than I had ever seen with hair on them that went all over his body and legs and a penis so small it looked out of place. I wondered how I would get my legs wide enough to go round him, realizing that he intended to get it in me, but he had his own ideas on that and as I was once more flat on my back I learned that there was more than one position I could be in to take a man. He lifted my legs up and put one on each of his shoulders and pushed into me and surprisingly I could feel him moving up and down inside me even though he was so small and his sack pushed against my bottom so that I could also feel the two balls inside squash against me. He lasted ages and at last I gasped a few times as I really started to enjoy myself, the thrill of having two cocks one after the other adding to my pleasure and when he growled loudly and I felt him pumping cream into me I actually had a few involuntary moans myself.

He stayed in me and I could still feel him twitching and I thought he was going to be able to carry on and suddenly wanted more for the first time since going into the shed but was disappointed when he pulled out and just watched his semen come out of me. A glance in the direction of the other two saw the new man handling my brothers third erection and he was led over to me by it and told to fuck me again. His cock worked on me and I was enjoying it as my insides gripped it and I felt nice inside, knowing though as it throbbed that he would not last long even though it was his second time. He panted and gasped as he shot into me and I at least got my first tingle in my tummy and had a groan or two as the semen filled my hole and at last some satisfaction made me shiver slightly.

There was spunk all over the place and we left the two men to get rid of all the evidence of our visit and as we walked I had to keep mopping my legs as semen still dribbled down them. We sat for a while so that I would be empty by the time we got home and as I was deep in thought my brother was chatting normally and I did not think he even gave a though to the fact that the first two times he had fucked and shot in a woman it was his younger sister. Things were quiet at home and even though I wanted more cock would not let my brother sneak into my bedroom at night even for a wank, thinking more that there must be something more exciting for me from sex than letting cocks spunk up me. He had his fifteenth birthday and started work, I my thirteenth passed and still would not let any man get at me, although uncle Peter tried hard to get me on my own and Uncle Bert kept sending word with my brother that I ought to sneak a visit to him Ron on the other hand did not make one advance towards me even though I saw him often. My brother was not around much now he had started work and both mother and aunt kidded him on that now he was earning the girls would take more of an interest in him but he just blushed and said nothing. A month into my thirteenth year brought some changes and suddenly I lost a lot of the puppy fat I had carried for as long as I could remember, my bum now looked quite shapely and I had a waistline. My boobs that were always rather large took on proper grown up separated mounds and nipples got hard, haloes became sensitive spreading out quickly if touched, all this did not go unnoticed by the men folk of the family and I often blushed with some of the private compliments.

It was after tea on a Friday and I was kicking my heels and wandered into the park which was had a sparse collection of dog walkers and the odd youth or two kicking a ball about. I sat on a bench near to the gap that led to the shed and had a quiet chuckle to myself while going over what had happened on my one and only visit. I recognised the man that sat at the other end of the bench as the one that frightened me and started it all off and he smiled but did not move any closer but just said that I had changed a bit and asked how old I was now. It sounded a little funny as it had only been a month or so since he had been handling me and my brother and I just assumed it was a way of starting a conversation, but he noticed my quizzical look and laughed and said he meant it. He laughed again when he asked if I had knickers on and I blushed so he told me to show him and then looked round and said I had better not as there were a few people about. I felt a bit awkward and he put me at ease by smiling while telling me it was too dangerous to go to the shed in the week but if I had the nerve we could go through the gap in the hedge and I could show him.

He left me and went through the gap and so it was up to me and I did hesitate then convinced myself that not a lot would happen and I would enjoy a flirt and perhaps it was time to have a finger in me for a few minutes as it had been a while. He was waiting and led me behind a large machine so it was obvious he was expecting more than just a look up my skirt and he wasted no time in slipping my panties off and he was at me with two fingers. I was surprised how easily I took them and he had a nice smile on his face when he pulled them out and proudly said I was definitely growing up now as I had made his fingers wet with my own juice. I did not quite know what he meant so he pushed them back in again and waggled them about and this time he let me see the silky glistening wetness that clung to them, telling me that it was sex juice that I was now making. I was intrigued now and he had my full attention when he asked to use his tongue on my clitoris, a word I knew, I parted my legs so that he had easy access and he was soon exciting it and the tingles I was used to came on strong and made me gasp and wriggle my bottom to make his tongue hit it just right and I was enjoying it. I knew he was getting excited and was not surprised when his hand want to his zip as he told me he needed some attention but he had some difficulty releasing his manhood from the enclosing underpants.

It was already swelling as it came into view and I gasped, open mouthed as the biggest and thickest man sausage I had ever imagined flopped out rapidly coming to attention under my stare. He admitted that he was very sexually worked up and needed release begging me to suck it for him and make him shoot, I was adamant that I could not do that but told him I wanted to wank it to see how big it would get and grabbed it with both hands and stretched the skin back pumping my hands up and down the thick meat. It was so long I could use one hand to keep the skin back, squeezing it near his ball sack while sliding the other up and down what was left and making him gasp as the end went nearly black and he just managed to tell me, between gasps that it was his bell-end, begging me again and again to suck on it. As it started to twitch and jump in my hands he made one last plea for me to suck on him, I pretending not to here, knowing it was time for him as he moaned and gasped and thick white creamy spunk came out of his pole and landed on the grass in front of me. He was obviously pleased and it twitched a few more times before he was empty and calmed down, I surprised that there was not a lot more than juice there was from such a big cock. He relaxed and I could not help but handle it again, half hoping it would swell again, telling him I would like to see its big bell-end go purple again and he laughed and said if I sucked it for half an hour I might get my wish.

I was honest with him and told him I would never have a cock in my mouth but I would love some of it inside me and did he think I was old enough to take one like that yet. He said he would love to try and at thirteen I was definitely ready but we would need time and a good place to relax so that I could be got ready to take it and it was my turn to beg him to try soon. He looked at me and told me that we could visit the fat man and have lots of time in private and when my eyes lit up he warned me that he would want to fuck me as well and I giggled and told him already I loved cock so that would be all right so he told me to meet him in the park the next afternoon. I was on edge all evening, willing the time to pass and my brother kept giving me funny looks, guessing something was in the wind. I could not get to sleep as every time I closed my eyes I was attacked by a giant penis that split me in two so I was tossing and turning when my brother sneaked into my room and asked me why I had seemed so excited all evening. I told him what had happened and by the time he knew I was going to try to take bigdick his erect cock was poking out from his pyjama flies and I relaxed more as I took it to hand and he asked me to stretch his foreskin right back for extra pleasure as I wanked him.

Knowing how quickly he got excited I was soft and slow as I worked on his cock so that I could ask him about the men’s growing urge for me to suck them. He told me it was a feeling like no other when it happened and he wanted it a lot himself, giving me a funny look and asked me if I wanted to try it on him. I was quick to put him off and speeded up to get him nearer his peak to take his mind off trying to persuade me, it worked and I had to hurriedly grab a tissue to catch his ejaculation as it shot out of him. I was able to sleep after that and was tingling inside even at breakfast, wondering how my life might change once more by the end of the day, having to put up with my brothers smirks as he watched me closely for the rest of the morning and I was relived when it was time for me to wend my way to the park, my legs already feeling like jelly…….. See you all later!!

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