This is a true story but all names are changed for the privancy of me and the others involved. Enjoy this is my first entry so any feed back is appriciated
Grade 8 summer and I’m with my friends from school and a few guys we just had met at a small dance in my small town. We decided to all hang out in a corner of the dance floor and start to play truth or dare because they were calling us pusses saying we were all losers and babies so we wanted to prove them wrong. There were 3 girls and 6 guys so we were out numbered but we didn’t care and we were in a area where many people could see us so the guys sat so they were facing the dance floor and us three girls sitting with our backs to it so no one really knew who we were. We were excited about playing truth or dare but a little nervous being young and na? we didn’t really know what to expect and knowing the guys were all 16 and 17 so we knew they were more experienced then we ever were.

So we all started and Jake went first he was the one I really liked because he was really cute and was the leader of the group. He dared me and my friend savanna to kiss each other a small peck on the lips at first we both hesitated not knowing what to do then he said come on I thought you guys were cool. I looked at him and he got up so I said don’t leave and he said then show me what you got I then moved over and kissed savanna and she blushed and he sat back down and let me go. I wasn’t sure what to do so I asked Jeremy what he had done with a girl for a truth. He said he had gone all the way with his girl and a few others this shocked savanna cause she really liked him.

Jeremy got to go now and he looked at savanna and said I dare you to sit on my lap and move around making me hard she looked at me then him and started to get nervous. Jake stood up and said either do it or leave we don’t need any babies in this game. She then got up and sat on his lap getting nervous he said ok move around till you feel me getting hard she started to move her but around in circles grinding on him as he started to grab her ass and get hard he then said ok that’s good you made me hard and let her go back to her seat. She then got to go but was too embarrassed so she let Calvin go he dared Sarah to get on her knees and start to kiss his crotch with his pants on she looked around and got nervous so Jake again stood up and said listen do it or go she got scared and decided to leave so Calvin went to go apologize and they never came back.

Next Ronnie went and noticing there was only 2 girls he decided to make it interesting and dared us to make out I looked at her and didn’t even hesitate I really like Jake and didn’t wanna make him mad so I moved over and started to kiss her she pulled away so Ronnie said you need to make out with her back sweetie it’s the dare she looked at him and started to make out with me back then he said it was enough so we stopped. Savanna sat back in her seat and blushed as the last guy got to dare me then Jake whispered in his ear and he changed his choice and dared savanna to take of her underwear and sit with her legs wide open. Since she and I both were wearing skirts she refused and got all nervous Jake said then I guess you have to leave she then said ok fine she took them off and opened her legs as Jeremy gave her a kiss and sat beside her with his hand on her leg. She got nervous but liked Jeremy so she did what he wanted her to do.

Then Jake dared me to take off my panties and sit on his lap with my skirt so he could play with me I looked at him and he gave me a innocent smile and said come on sweetie I just wanna have fun so I listened and took them off he put them in his pocket and I sat on his lap with my skirt pulled up so my bare ass was on his jeans and he started to touch in between my legs. Ronnie and Jeremy were watching and Ronnie moved over so he was beside me and started to rub my leg I looked at Jake and he whispers in my ear that its ok and to just let his touch me. I smiled at Jake and did as he said I let Ronnie touch me then Jeremy started to touch savanna and she moved away his hand so he got mad and hit her across the face.

Savanna looked at him in shock and he said listen bitch you wanna be a baby then go I wanted to be your boy but your sitting her giving me nothing let me play with you or leave. She looked at him and says sorry and starts to lift of her skirt he smiles and says he loves her and starts to play with her clit making her wet. Jake the takes me by the hand and says were going out to the car and tells Ronnie he can have me next and I just look at Jake and smiling hoping he’s joking as I hold his hand and follow him into the parking lot and into his car. He looks at me and says Cylie I really like you and I wanna be your boyfriend but I can only date you if you are a good girl. I shake my head ok and then he opens the door and we both get in the back seat and he lays me down and moves his hand up my skirt. He starts to play with me making me wet and kisses me to ease the nervousness. I kiss him back and he starts to take out his dick and puts it to the entrance and I get scared and say no I can’t do this. He looks down at me and says with a smile on his face baby you can and you will because I’m taking your v card one way or another and if you struggle ill have to get Ronnie and Jeremy to come help. I look at him scared and say no please don’t do that. He smiles and kisses me as he starts to thrust inside me I moan and cry a bit in pain and he covers my mouth not wanting me to scream. You’re a good little girl baby just keep quiet and boy are you ever tight young virgin I love it he says as he starts to go faster muffling my screams with his hand and threatening to hurt me if I scream. He finishes off and starts to cum deep inside me moaning and telling me I’m a good slut and gets up and puts his pants back on and pulls me up.

He pulls me outta the car and cleans me up a bit but doesn’t give me back my panties and hold my hand and brings me back in when we get there we see that savanna and Jeremy are grinding and he is trying to get her to have sex but she wont. So you tell me to sit on Ronnie’s lap and he walks up to them and tells her to listen to Jeremy or we will leave her here alone to get raped by the bodyguard. She looks at him scared and agrees to have sex and Jake says since she was so mean about it she will fuck him in front us so he tells them to come over and Jeremy undoes his pants and Jake tells her to sit on his lap like a good girl. She hesitates so Jake hits my ass and tells me to help her out. I walk over to her and tell her its ok and to just do it. She listens and starts to move slowly over his cock. Jake tells me to hurry them up so I shove her down on his cock and she tries to scream but Jake covers her mouth and slaps her. Jeremy starts to fuck her very hard and she moans in pain and Jake just laughs and tells me to make out with her now being jakes girl I don’t wanna mess anything up so I start to make out with her and she gets mad and hits me. Jake gets pissed and pulls her off of Jeremy and punches her in the stomach and tells her to fuck off and never talk to me ever again.

I look at Jake scared because he hit a girl and that girl was my best friend and he just kisses me and says its ok baby doll I’m here for you. I smile and he puts his arm around me and tells me I’m coming home with him so we all go to the car and drive to his house Jake drove and I was in the passengers seat and Ronnie and Jeremy in the back. Jake touched me the whole way back making me wet but I was still in pain from when we had sex. We got to his house and no one was home so we went up to his room and I saw a camera. He smiles and says baby its ok I just want to remember this night for the rest of our lives. I wont make you but it would make me love you more sweetie he kisses me and tells me he loves me. I look at him and then tell him fine I will let him tape it but as long as he promises no one will see. He promises and tells me i'm the best girl ever and that he wants to be with me for life. Ronnie and Jeremy say they wanna join in and Jake says only if my baby is ok with it I tell him i’m not really into them and I just want him he looks at me disappointed so I quickly say i’m just joking. He smiles and says see guys I have the best girl ever. They smile and say ya you do.

Jake then starts to undress me and Jeremy and Ronnie are sitting on the bed waiting for instructions. Jake tells me to lay down so I do and then says Ronnie can play with me for a while I agree and close my eyes wanting to pretend it’s Jake. He starts to kiss me all over and rub my pussy and starts to dinger me with 2 fingers I moan a bit but the Jake slaps me saying I cant moan if its not him. I say I’m sorry and he says its ok just don’t do it again. I be quiet as Ronnie feels me up and fingers me then Jake tells him that’s enough then he lets Jeremy finger me and then forces me down on my knees by my hair making me choke on his dick. He finishes fast and cums deep in my throat after only a few minutes then Jake picks me up and tells me that is enough for the night and lets me lay down and sleep.

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2014-04-09 09:04:47
Ok your a terrible friend and any asshole that likes this can go to hell

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2010-09-29 02:02:45
tell the anonymous reader to eat shit and die. honey write more stories,
if you want, you dont put up with that bull shit .i bet they have'nt had any pussy in years. dick want get hard, sons of bitches.....


2010-07-16 14:25:59
Okay guys, what the hell is wrong with you. Don't just bash the writer and tell her not to write again. Get over yourselves enough to be a decent critic and give her some constructive advice. Both of her stories are good, they just need some proofreading and to be flushed out a bit in some areas. My advice is that your write the rough draft then proof read it and adjust it a couple of times. I give you 5 out o 10 and Kudos for dealing with these primitive screwheads.

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2010-07-11 03:05:18
seriously, was it agood fuck or were you raped?twice?

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2010-07-03 04:54:38
possitiv with the two others,
first think, then write. was troublesome to read

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