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This is my second story, the first was pure fiction. I hope you like this one. I would love you all to vote and leave comments
Sometimes there are things that you would like to talk about but don’t know who to talk to or what sort of reaction you may get ,so you say nothing. I have decided to put my story into words here where no-one recognizes me.

This goes back a number of years however the details are as vivid today as they were then.

My sister Jenny is a couple of years younger than I am. We grew up more as friends than brother and sister. I always looked out for her at school and we laughed and shared secrets as we grew up in a normal happy home with our parents and an older sister.

At the time Jenny had just turned 20 and was in her third year of a law degree, I was almost 22 and working for a computer software company.

Then a series of co-incidences came along.

Firstly, being similar ages we had a number of mutual friends. Two of them had announced the date for their marriage. The Bride has asked Jenny to be her Bridesmaid and the groom had asked me to be best man so my little sister and I were kind of paired up.

Secondly, when I met Jenny in the city one day for coffee she said “hey stud, who are you taking to the wedding” I had to admit that “currently this stud has no partner and would be going alone” She giggled and told me that she and her most recent boyfriend had broken up and she was thinking of going alone as well. We decided, then, that we would go together. The wedding was being held at the bride’s home in a small country town about 6 hours drive north and we could share the driving. Jenny asked where I was staying and when I answered that I hadn’t made any arrangements for accommodation yet, she raised her eyebrows with that “you idiot” kind of look and reminded me that the town only had 2 motels and when she had booked weeks ago they were already almost fully booked. By the end of the coffee we had decided that she would call the motel and have them configure the room for 2 single beds and for a few nights we would share her accommodation.

The time came to head north and I picked up my kid sister at her apartment for the trip. She had two bags packed, I said “hey Sis we are going away for the weekend not for a month” she just smiled and said “a girl need choices” I slapped her softly on her cute little ass and put her things into the trunk next to my one overnight bag. By the way, Jenny is one of the cutest girls I have ever seen. She is a petite 5’2” has long curly blonde hair and the brightest blue eyes you could ever wish to see, her smile lights up a room and her laugh which is somewhere between a giggle and a full on laugh melts my heart. I suspect that half my relationships failed because I compared my girlfriends to Jenny and found them wanting. Having said that, I must add that I didn’t think about my sister in a sexual way, well, except for a recurring dream or since I was 13 and masturbated with her panties, but lets not go there.

The trip was pretty uneventful, we stopped a couple of time to eat and swap drivers and arrived a little after 11pm both tired and ready for a good night’s sleep. I picked up the key from reception and parked outside our room. It was a carbon copy of most 4 star motels with a bathroom on the right of a hallway leading to the main room. The main room was reasonably large with coffee making facilities, bar fridge, desk with the usual Internet and phone, a couple of lounge chairs, TV on the wall and finally the two single beds with nightstands and lamps between them. Jenny managed to just about fill the tiny closet with her things while I threw mine into one of the lounge chairs.

Jenny took the first shower and came out in a long T shirt ready for bed, she looked beautiful. By the time I came back from my turn in the shower she was in bed asleep. I sat and watched her sleeping for a while before I turned out the lights and drifted off.

Next morning was wedding day and we were up early for a healthy country breakfast before I dropped Jenny at the bride’s home . I met the groom at the bride’s aunt’s house where we were to get ready. All the wedding suits and accessories had been delivered earlier in the week so there was really nothing much to do, we sat on the wide verandah and had a cold beer to settle our nerves a little.

We arrived at the church in time to chat with guests before being ushered inside to wait for the girls to arrive. As they stepped into the entrance to the church they were silhouetted by the outside light and a murmur rippled through the congregation, The bride looked stunning. She works in the fashion industry. I have no idea what the gown was made of, however it was white and translucent, underneath it was possible to see just enough to know that she was wearing the most beautiful lingerie, white stockings with suspenders tiny panties and matching bra the stilettos just topped everything off beautifully. I looked at the groom and almost broke into laughter at the look on his face then I looked around the packed little church and I swear not a single male eye was moving off the bride. That was until just behind her and holding the trail of her gown Jenny came into view. Her gown was similar in design but less elaborate. It was made of the same material but in a very pale green and her underwear was identical and just slightly more visible due to the color difference between lingerie and gown. Another murmur rippled through the church. I think a quick survey of the congregation would have found most of the men and a few of the women were having some very un-church like thoughts right about then.

The ceremony was fairly short and we were soon outside with the cameraman bustling around getting the usual family and friends photos for the wedding album. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t in my imagination that more of the males were lining up for the photos than usual. We slipped into the wedding cars to be whisked away to the backdrop spots for the bridal party photo shoot. As I slipped into the back of the second car I leaned in and whispered to Jenny “Do you know that there isn’t a guy here that doesn’t want to fuck you tonight” Jenny just laughed and said “surely not the groom” I laughed with her and conceded that the groom probably had someone else in mind. She grabbed my hand and squeezed it the way she had when we were kids and whispered in my ear “and what about the best man” I think I was too stunned to answer but eventually managed to plead the Fifth Amendment. We both laughed.

I think the photographer thought he had died and woken up in fashion shoot with these two beautiful women. He took great care to capture the bride and groom in every light and angle, then the 4 of us and finally he said “now what about some of the bridesmaid and best man” so I took Jenny’s arm in mine and we posed. Click. “now turn to face the best man” he instructed “lift one foot slightly and lean up for a kiss” I was feeling a little weird but Jenny followed his instructions and I found myself holding my sister by the waist and looking down at her twinkling blue eyes and waiting lips. “oh well what the hell” I thought. I leant down and kissed her softly as the camera flashed again. Sliding back into the car for the short trip to the reception Jenny burst into a fit of laughter. When she was finally composed enough the answer my question about what was so funny she asked if I thought mother would like a copy of that last photo to put on the hallway wall with all the other family snaps. We both laughed again, I hadn’t be so happy in years.

The reception was the standard affair, drinks, food, more drinks, speeches (thank god for the drinks) more food. The bridal waltz started and the groom lead the bride onto the dance floor, she looked beautiful and I saw a few men in the gathering receive nudges from their partners and imagined the “stop staring” that they were getting. Next the MC called on the bridesmaid and best man to join the newlyweds with Jenny on my arm I stepped out onto the floor took her in my arms and we waltzed. I knew every red blooded guy there wanted to be in my place and was caught somewhere between pride for my sister and jealousy for my dance partner. As the first of them cut in to dance with Jenny I whispered “save the last dance for me”.

Cake cut, gifts unwrapped, promises to “catch up soon”, things were winding down. The bride and groom were kissing everyone in sight and ready to head off on their honeymoon. Guests were drifting away. As we left Jenny grabbed a bottle of champagne from the bar and we jumped into a pre arrange taxi for our motel.

Back at the motel and co-incidence 3.
Room service had been to make up the room, corner of the bed turned back with the usual small chocolate on the pillow however instead of our single beds they had reconfigured the room as one king sized bed. I looked at Jenny, she shrugged, passed me the wine and said “here, open this while I find some glasses. She turned the room music to some classical channel and came back with the glasses I pored the drinks and proposed a toast to the most beautiful woman at the wedding, she blushed clinked my glass with hers and we sipped our drinks. Jenny then proposed a toast to the best man and put an emphasis in the BEST. We laughed and sipped again.

Putting our glasses aside I swept her into my arms and we began to sway to the soft music. As we danced she undid my tie and with a flourish tossed it onto the chair with the rest of my things. Doesn’t seem long since I had to tie those for you she giggled, then she undid the top button of my shirt, “mmm that’s better” I sighed. She continued to undo the buttons until my shirt was open and rubbing her soft fingers across my chest she said “mmmm even better”. I slipped out of my shirt and tossed it with my tie.

It is a well documented fact that men have a serious design fault. They were made with one brain and one cock but unfortunately only sufficient blood supply for one to function efficiently at any given time. As the blood found its way to the latter, the former lost control. I found the tag to the zipper at the back of jenny’s gown and slowly pulled it down to where it ended just above her ass. I was then able to run my hand up and down her bare back, we danced close. Jenny stepped back and held her arms over her head. I stood looking uncomprehending at her. “Don’t just stand there, lift it over my head silly” hands shaking I took her beautiful gown and gently eased it up and off, I placed it carefully on top of my shirt. Almost too afraid to turn I looked back to Jenny, she had kicked of her stilettos and was standing with an impish grin in her lingerie. She stepped back into my arms and we danced again. Her almost naked body against mine was too much my cock was now fully hard and straining in my pants.

Little hands were at my belt undoing it, next the button on my pants the zip and they were falling to my ankles. I bent down removing my shoes and socks and slipping my pants off. Jenny was sipping her wine and watching me, the smile never leaving her angelic face. Back in my arms we swayed to the music. All sanity gone I undid the clasp of her bra, this time when she stood back and held her arms out there was no hesitation I added her tiny bra to the growing pile of clothes and pulled her close. As I said earlier Jenny is petite her perfect little breasts, now hard pink nipples and wrinkled areola pressed into my chest . I was in heaven.

I have no idea how long we danced this way or who was leading and who was following but we dance our way to the side of the bed. Jenny sat on the edge then swung her legs up and wriggled into the centre, without another thought I joined her on the bed. I kissed her throat then her ears and finally her lips. They were soft and warm, I ran the tip of my tongue along them and they slowly parted, gently I pushed my tongue into her mouth and was met with her's we kissed deeply our tongues dancing and our breathing mingling she felt and tasted wonderful. I kissed my way down her throat to her chest tracing her nipples with the tip of my tongue before sucking each one in turn into my mouth she moaned softly. Driven completely insane by the beauty of this woman I kissed my way down to her stomach, twirling my tongue in her navel. For some reason as I felt the jewelry there I remembered out mother’s hissy fit when she found out the Jenny had gone ahead and had her bellybutton pierced. Nervously I kissed my way further down, expecting her, at any moment to say “that’s enough”. She didn’t. I was running my tongue across her pubic mound just above her tiny panties she smelt wonderful. I could not resist, slipping her panties to the side. I ran my tongue through my sisters puffy pussy lips.

She was wet and tasted delicious I licked her from the top of her slit just below the little triangle of hair all the way down her smooth shaved lips to her rosebud ass and back. Jenny rocked her hips to my face and I concentrated on giving her as much pleasure as I knew how. As her whimpering grew I concentrated on her clitoris and she pushed up to my mouth. I felt her start to tremble and then stiffen. She garbed my hair and pulled me hard against her as her orgasm swept through her. I kept my mouth over her sucking softly until the spasms subsided. I kissed my way back up her trembling body to her lips and kissed her softly.

I felt Jenny’s hand wrap around my hard cock, I had somehow wriggled out of my boxers. I kissed her deeply and I felt her guide my cock to her wet pussy. I still did not quite know what to do in this situation. She pushed her hips up to mine and my cock slipped into her. Slowly I started to move, each stroke pushing into her a little deeper the warm velvet wetness of her vagina around me was amazing and I started to fuck her with long slow strokes my balls slapping against her ass as my entire length slipped so easily into her tightness. Jenny kept pace with me perfectly we fit and move together like we were made for each other. It wasn’t too long before I felt those familiar feelings in my stomach and groin I whispered “Jen I need to cum” she wrapped her legs around me locking her heels behind my ass and purred “yes babe, so do I”. I almost panicked, I had expected to pull out, instead I was being held in. I quickened my pace lost in the most wonderful feeling. My balls started to tingle with that churning feeling I pushed deep and help myself there, the tip of my throbbing cock gently against her cervix. Then I started to cum, not the usual 2 squirts and a couple of follow ups. I came like never before 5, 6 maybe more times my cock twitched and erupted deep inside her. Jenny was panting. Her pussy was pulsing around my cock. then most amazing thing happened, the muscles of her vagina started to contract in a way that felt like she was sucking me into her. Milking me, I shot another thick load of seed deep into her as she gasped, panted and writhed against me. Finally we collapsed, although my cock was still throbbing and her pussy was still squeezing me occasionally. I rolled us onto our sides still buried beep in her and between gasps and panting for air we kissed. I eventually managed to say “god Jen what was that? it was fantastic” she snuggled into me and said “that was my first” I chuckled and said, “yeah Sis like you didn’t lose your virginity to that jerk you were dating when you were 16”. She slapped my ass which just made me throb inside her again and said “what i meant was, that was the first time I have ever had a multiple orgasm” I didn’t know what to say so I kissed her softly and said “good, I’m glad it was with me”.

We must have dosed of at some point because the next thing I knew I was waking up and daylight was filling the room. Jenny was asleep on my chest. I realized this time it was real. It wasn’t just another wet dream with my sister in the lead role. I slipped out of bed and into the bathroom, desperate after too much to drink the night before. Then I showered, washed my hair, cleaned my teeth, shaved, anything to avoid going back into that bedroom. I could try to blame the alcohol but that was a pretty lame excuse, how could I face the sister I had loved all my life after what I had done last night.

My thoughts were interrupted by a soft knock at the door “hey Bro, unless your planning golden showers you had better unlock this door and let me in”. I did as she asked. She stepped in wearing nothing but her beautiful smile. She slipped her hands around me lifted one foot and tilted her head back, eyes closed and lips waiting. I kissed her and the fear and panic drained away. I lifted her off her feet and twirled my tongue in her mouth, I really was in love. I had never been happier in my life.


2016-03-24 23:51:36
I love this story. Pay no attention to the carpers, those can't write and have no story to tell. Please continue. I would like very much to read more of your works.

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2016-01-03 01:30:36
I got bored and drifted off. :(

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2014-07-28 00:39:04
yet another grade school drop out that thinks they can write, WELL HE CAN'T. wrong words no real background piss poor character development screwed up details just to name a few of the many stupid errors. this needs to be deleted and rewritten by a GOOD WRITER that uses a GOOD EDITOR.

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2013-12-29 00:02:39
I don't agree with the comments below at all. I enjoyed the whole series. If you want completley polished work go to Amazon not here.

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2013-12-03 20:18:20
don't read anymore of this series the writer ruins the story at the end. like an idiot he adds another couple and also adds master slave shit which always ruins the story. so if you want a good loving story look else where this isn't one of the good ones.

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