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A tale of secret lust and longing a man has for his wife's clothing
This is a tale of secret lusts, longings and desires

None of my stories are intended to offend and I welcome all comments both positive and negative. Feel free to leave comments or if you prefer email me direct on with comments or ideas for stories.

Dressed To Thrill

He didn’t hear the front door open. All he could hear was his own breathing.

And besides, he wasn’t expecting her back for hours, so when it did open it did not occur to him to listen to anything, except his own erotic thoughts.

But then…………….. he did hear her call. “Joe? Are you home?”

He didn’t reply. He was suddenly frozen in a mixture of pure lust, fear and trepidation. And he couldn’t reply anyway with the ball-gag firmly in his mouth and tied around his face. This prevented all but the odd pleasurable moan escaping from his lips. He waited for a few seconds as his mind unraveled the situation he was in and then his worst fears started to come true. He heard the faint footsteps as his wife started to ascend the staircase heading towards their bedroom.

Joe lay still on their King Sized bed. The same bed he had shared with her for many years. Where they had first made love on their second date. Where they had returned to after their sunshine honeymoon and where they loved to kiss and cuddle together on.

Joe looked down at himself. His cock was rock hard and the small rubber cock ring around the base was making his shaft visibly bulge even bigger and harder than he had ever seen it. And the veins rising up the shaft seemed to bulge out uncharacteristically. The more he watched it the more it seemed to grow. And in turn the ring tightened further, increasing the intensity of the feelings which were more than he had ever experienced.

This was a one-off and a first time for Joe. Although he had been thinking about this for a long time he had finally discussed them with an online friend. Not a real friend, mind you, just an anonymous person to whom he could confide his closely guarded secrets. The secrets of dressing and the sexual lusts that he wanted to experience so badly but knew his wife, nor indeed anyone that really knew him, would understand. His ‘friend’ was just a person in a chat room and by email, a person who shared his lusts and with whose encouragement to go further today had led Joe to this point in time.

The stairs creaked as his wife got closer to the forbidden truth.

The bra he was wearing felt tight around his chest and back and the matching black panties were sitting around his bum cheeks but pulled down at the front to allow his engorged cock to show itself in all its glory. They had been pulled low at the front and were now sitting below his testicles. These in turn, already full from 3 weeks of abstinence, had been harnessed in another rubber cock ring which was making them look big and round. And Joe knew they and he were ready to shoot a very big and, no doubt, messy load. His cock jerked as he thought of this and pre-cum oozed from the head and dribbled slowly down one side of his shaft.

Another creak on the stairs.

Why had he tied his hands today? He tried to justify this to himself in the seconds remaining before his wife would see the truth of what her macho football playing husband really was. It was his fault of course. That so called ‘friend’ who had told him to go all the way this time. The ball-gag in the mouth was hard to get hold of in a discrete way but the rope was easier. The rope that bound his hands tightly around the wrists had a special quick release clip ‘in case of emergency’ the instructions in the packet had said. And had Joe read the instructions he would have seen that the rope should be tied in a certain way for this ‘quick release’ to work.

Sadly for him, he didn’t and it didn’t.

His legs felt the tightness of his wife’s hold-up stockings as he listened to the steps now on the landing getting closer and closer. Thoughts flowed through his head and the seconds turned to minutes and seemed to turn to hours as he considered his options. All the time his cock staying firm, upright and bulging beyond belief, the feelings he was experiencing in turn by the way he was dressed and trussed up, in his self imposed bondage, plus the magnificence of his erection had his nerves right on the edge of pure ecstasy. Even if his life, as he knew it, was just about to come crumbling down around his ears.

Joe knew in his heart of hearts that it was only a matter of time before his wife discovered what he was. What he really was. And that moment seemed not far away as the footsteps on the landing got closer to the door.
Joe and his wife worked different hours and he was often in the house alone which only encouraged his kinky tendencies. It had all started with the internet and easy access to porn material. And then the chat room and the emails and the ideas and the experiments and ……………………………and………………………!

When she was away or had meetings she would get up and go to work early and Joe would stay home until it was time to go out later. It began innocently enough with Joe looking at things on the internet and whilst his wife is an incredibly sexy and curvaceous woman Joe knew he needed more.

And in time and through the encouragement of others, he began to look through her drawers and her wardrobe to find the sexy and sluttish outfits to wear after she had left the house. He would get so excited as he slid her silky stockings up over his manly legs, fixing them in place with her suspender belts, feeling his cock stirring as he encased it and his ball sack in her tight silky panties and trying her bras. And one night when she had been away at her Mother’s he had even slept in her holdup stockings and nightdress.

He would dress up like a girl and often go online in chat rooms and sometimes even on camera. Finally he would add her perfume and make up and then prance around the house looking at himself lustfully in the mirror. And this was all before he would take hold of his rock hard throbbing cock before undressing and empty the contents of his balls all over her underwear. Then it would be a hot shower before Joe once again became that macho man and went to his work.
But Joe was not gay. He was a man’s man, a football player. But he did sometimes feel that he might have some bisexual tendencies as he did think about and get aroused at the sight of a hard cock and even more so one that was cumming.

His own cock suddenly expanded as he thought of this and another big sticky blob of precum oozed slowly from the head and down the shaft, tickling it as it went.

And of course for Joe this was a secret. It was his secret for no one else to know. Until recently that was when he had started to chat online and through emails. And then he started chatting to him and finally admitted (or is it shared) his secret with another person.

And like any other day, this morning had been no different as far as Joe was concerned, or at least as far as he let on. It was a lot different for him, a moment in time that he had been waiting for and dreaming of and encouraged on by his friend, was expecting to experience more than he had ever done.

Once he had watched her leave he had quickly gone to his car to remove the box of ‘goodies’ that he had purchased on the way home. Once back in the house he had excitedly up the stairs and opened the box. He picked out pink holdup stockings belt and black lace panties. The panties were always his favorite and he wore them almost every day if not at home then to work. He had slipped on a pair of very slutty red high heels that his feet barely fitted in. Then I fastened the matching bra.

Lying back on the bed he carefully placed the rubber cock ring around his shaft and slid it gently into place. Luckily for him he was only semi hard, at least until the cock ring was at the base of his cock, and then his cock really did start to harden. The cock ring around the balls came next squeezing them tightly adding to the feelings.

And for the first time he lifted the red ball gag from the box and placed the ball in his mouth, as he had been told to, by his ‘friend’! He fixed the clip at the back of his head and reached in for the last item. The rope was thin and had a clip on the side and clear instructions on how to use. A rope’s a rope Joe thought to himself and fixed it around his wrists before pulling the loose end between his knees to tighten it. He reached down and pulled his hands just wide enough apart to be able to pull on his massive shaft. Perfect. A perfect day and a perfect moment!

It was then that the bedroom door started to open. “Are you in here Joe?” Said his wife innocently……………..

Her eyes met his and he watched hers trail down over his body to his cock and then back up again to his face. She seemed to have a mixture of horror and distaste on her face and was simply lost for words.

She shook her head and looked again, at his cock. “Oh my god!” She blurted out. “I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!”
The horror in Joe’s eyes said it all and he felt so sorry for his wife catching him like this but also had feelings of excitement running though his veins. His cock was still rock hard can bulging and leaking precum like a fountain.
“You’re a little sissy slut?” She suddenly said to her husband, well to his cock which seemed to jerk involuntarily at the words and more precum oozed out.
But with all the excitement of the moment Joe felt so ashamed.
“It’s ok, sissy boy!” His wife crooned as her expression changed looking down at her totally defenseless husband. “I’m going to make it all better. I accept you and love you the way you are. Even if you are a panty slut. It’s the dishonestly that bothers me and I am going to have to punish you for it. Do you for that. Do you understand?”
Joe simply nodded his head.
“I want you to lie over my lap and stick that little sissy bum up in the air. Do it now.” She said.
Joe crawled like a trussed up slug across his wife’s lap as she sat on the bed and he felt her hand on his bum cheeks through the thin material of the panties. He felt his cock harden further as she massaged his arse for a moment. Then she forcefully pulled down his panties and began to spank him many times with her bare hands. And as she slapped him hard she spoke.
“From now on you will always tell me when you want to wear my clothes. Do you understand sissy boy?” She said.
Joe could only nod.
“And do you want cock too?” She suddenly asked. 
He tried to turn his head to look at his wife quizzically and thinking it was the right reaction shook his head.
She smiled and told her husband to lie back on the bed. Reaching down she stroked his cock gently as she looked into his eyes. “Are you my sweet sissy boy?” She asked.
Joe nodded.

And then Joe came………………..gallons…………………………..all over his lingerie and chest, his cum spurting up so far it hit his cheeks and mouth.

“Get undressed and get cleaned up Joe!” His wife said firmly as she walked out of the room. “We need to talk!”

And talk they did. And Joe listened and obeyed.


The next day Joe’s wife did as she said she would and was home at lunchtime. Joe was dressed in a short skirt and no panties and a bra and holdups. As his wife entered the room she looked down at him lying on the bed.
“Strip me slut!” She said and Joe immediately began to remove her jacket and skirt followed by her blouse. Underneath she had a black latex bustier that was overflowing with his voluptuous breast flesh. But it wasn’t until he released her skirt that he realised she had latex panties on too and Joe noticed an odd attachment at the front.
“What are these for?” He quizzed her immediately.
His wife simply smiled. “You’re just about to find out!” She giggled.

And he did!

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