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A story based partially on fact and partially on a secret desire
Paul had been dating Jayne for just over a year now. Paul drove past Jayne every morning as she waited at the bus stop. He usually slowed down as he passed because he thought that she looked stunning. She was slightly shorter than Paul at 5 foot 6 inches, she had short blonde hair which framed her pretty face as it curved around her cheeks, she was quite slim, and, as he was to discover later, she was a size sixteen an ample 36C, and, at 23 years old, 9 years younger than he was. He loved looking at her legs which were usually well displayed since she wore very short skirts or dresses, and they looked particularly attractive when she wore black stockings. He tried to imagine what it would be like to run his hands up her legs and under her skirt. Would she be wearing panties? Would there be a tell-tale damp patch on them?
One morning, acting on an impulse, he stopped at the bus stop where she was waiting, wound down the passenger window, and asked if he could give her a lift to wherever she was going. She told him that she wouldn’t want him to go out of his way, but he assured her that it would be his pleasure. She accordingly got into the car, and as she did so, her skirt slid up her thighs to give Paul a glimpse of her white panties. Paul immediately got hard, and Jayne could clearly see the bulge in his trousers. They drove off, and Paul started to chat to her about such mundane things as the weather, musical tastes, and anything else that would help take his mind off the thoughts he was having about this beautiful girl. As they chatted, he discovered that she didn’t have a current boyfriend and that she lived at home with her mother and 2 younger brothers.
All too soon, they reached her place of work. As she made to get out of the car, Paul asked if he could see her again and maybe take her out for a drink one night. Jayne told Paul that she would like that very much, gave him her address and arranged for him to call for her the following evening. Paul drove off feeling very pleased with himself for giving in to his impulse that morning by offering her a lift to work and asking her out on a date. He was looking forward to that first date, hoping that it would be a success and lead to further dates. He was not disappointed. Their first date was an unqualified success, and they arranged another for the following week.
On their second date, Paul took Jayne to a good restaurant and on the way home, she asked if he could find somewhere quiet to stop for a few minutes before dropping her off at her house. He managed to find a secluded place away from other traffic. As soon as they stopped, she reached across to undo his trousers, and soon had them and his boxer shorts pulled down to his ankles.
She put her hand on his erect cock and remarked, “You ARE wet, aren’t you?”
“Being close to you has made me feel very horny, Jayne,” he replied. He put his hand on her thigh and slowly slid it up her her thigh, under her skirt, until he reached her panties. They, too, were damp. He started to pull them down, and she obligingly lifted her bottom so that he could continue unhampered. As soon as he had removed Jayne’s panties, he reclined her seat and swung his leg over to climb on top of her. He was so horny, he wanted to fuck her immediately, and he could tell that Jayne wanted it too. She opened her legs wide and guided his stiff member into her hot wet cunt. As he slipped into her, he kissed her on the mouth and slipped his tongue between her parted lips. She immediately stopped him and pushed his head away from her.
“I don’t like sloppy kisses,” she said. “I’ve never let any man kiss me like that and I don’t intend to you do it. I just want you to fuck me.”
Paul wanted so much to kiss Jayne, to taste the sweetness of her mouth, and he couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t let him. In frustration, he rammed his cock into her cunt even harder, which was exactly what she wanted, and he heard her moan with pleasure. Soon he was pounding her as if he was using his cock as a battering ram until, finally, they both climaxed together. After they had both adjusted their clothing, Paul took Jayne home and arranged to pick her up the following Saturday afternoon.
“We could go clubbing and afterwards you could stay at my house,” suggested Paul. “Bring an overnight bag with you.”
“That would be wonderful, Paul,” said Jayne. “I’ll see you on Saturday then.” Jayne smiled to herself as they said their goodnights. Everything was going the way she wanted it to.
Paul arrived at Jayne’s house on Saturday afternoon as arranged. Jayne had been watching for him, and left the house as soon as he pulled up. She didn’t want to have Paul come to the front door as she was certain that her mother would have something to say about her daughter spending a night away from home with a man. She closed the front door and hurried towards Paul’s car carrying a rather large suitcase.
“It’s the only case I’ve got,” Jayne explained, “and I’ve put some extra clothes in it to leave at your house for when I stop over again.”
Paul thought that was very good forward planning and told her so. He put the case into the car, and then held the door open for Jayne to get in. He drove her to his house where he had prepared a candle-lit dinner for them both. A few years of having to look after himself had turned him into a very good cook.
“This gets better and better,” thought Jayne as she ate her dinner. Afterwards, they both got ready to go to a night club. Paul had ordered a cab to take them there and he was pleased that it was punctual. The club was in a fashionable part of town and was where all the young people went to dance the night away. Jayne made sure that Paul did a lot of dancing and drinking. She enjoyed dancing, so it was no hardship to keep Paul on the dance floor as much as possible. Whenever they took a break from dancing, she got Paul to buy drinks for them both and insisted that they downed them quickly so that they could return to the dance floor. In reality, whereas Paul drunk all of his drinks, Jayne drank only a little from each one and poured the rest away in one of the plant pots that were dotted around the place. She was sad to waste good drink, but, she figured it was all in a good cause. She wanted Paul badly and was going to do everything she could to ensure that she got and kept him.
When the club closed at 2am, Paul was very much the worse for wear, but certainly not paralytic. The managed to hail a passing cab which took them straight back to Paul’s place. She had to help him get the key into the lock since he was having great difficulty with it. When they got inside, she made him sit down on the sofa.
“Let me help you off with your shirt,” she said pulling it over his head. “Now your trousers.” She opened her case and pulled out a short pink nightie which had lace trimming all around the hem, the short sleeves, and the neckline. She put it over Paul’s head, put his arms through the armholes and pulled it down. Next, she removed his boxers, and slid a matching pair of pink panties up his legs. Pulling him to his feet, she eased the panties up.
“What’s going on?” Paul asked. “Why am I wearing these things?”
“Why darling, you are a bit drunk, it’s a little chilly in here, I don’t know where you keep your pyjamas, and I don’t want you catching cold. So I’ve just put an old nightie and some panties on you. No need to worry about it. Let’s just get to bed.”
She led him upstairs to the bedroom, pulled back the covers and pushed him onto the bed. She then undressed herself and put on a blue silk nightie with matching panties before getting into bed beside him. Paul was already fast asleep due to the amount of alcohol he had consumed. Jayne fell asleep soon after.
Paul woke up in the morning with a terrible thumping in his head. It took him a few moments to recognise where he was, and to notice the beautiful blonde in bed with him. She was already awake and watching him intently as he awoke. She smiled at him reassuringly and said very simply,
“Fuck me again, please Paul.”
He moved his hand to her breast, but she pushed it away.
“Fuck me, Paul,” she said again.
He put his hand on her thigh, and slowly slid it towards her panties.
“No, Paul. No touching,” she said. “I’m already wet and ready for you. Just fuck me.”
As he climbed on top of her, he noticed that he was wearing a pink nightie and matching panties. He made to take them off, and as he did so, she said,
“No, Paul, leave them on. It’s more erotic.”
“But how am I supposed to fuck you dressed like this?” he asked.
“I’ll slip MY panties off but you just pull yours to one side so that your tiny cock is released. Then I’ll guide it into me.”
He did as she instructed and she grabbed hold of his cock and guided it into her wet cunt.
“You are small, aren’t you?” she mocked. “I didn’t realise the other night in your car. But it’s not important right now. You have enough to give me a good fuck.”
As he thrust his cock into her, she thrust her hips upwards, occasionally moving from side to side to heighten her enjoyment. As she approached he climax, she started to moan with pleasure, thrust her hips more wildly and grabbed his bum, digging her nails into his flesh. This hastened his climax and they both came together.
“I needed that,” she remarked, “even though your tiny cock only just managed to satisfy me. We’ll have to do something about that. Why don’t you go and take a shower before you fix us some breakfast?”
After he had showered and dried himself, he returned to the bedroom. Her case was on the bed, opened and she’d laid out some clothes beside it. Paul opened his wardrobe to take out his clothes.
“What are you doing, Paul?” she asked.
“Looking for something to wear,” Paul replied.
“I’ve already got some clothes here,” she told him pointing at the bed.
“But those are YOUR clothes,” he observed.
“I know they are, Paul. But I’d be ever so turned on if you were wearing them. And I’d love to dress you myself.”
“No, Jayne, that’s ridiculous. I can’t wear your clothes.”
“But it’s only in the house. Nobody will see you but me. Come on, let me dress you.”
She picked up a pair of red frilly panties, motioned him to lift each foot in turn so that she could put them on him, and pulled them up pushing his cock between his legs so that the panties would hold it in place. Next, she took a bra and put that on him. He had nothing to put in the bra, but she wasn’t concerned with that, for now. That could be rectified at a later stage, she thought to herself. She then put a pink lacy blouse and a short, grey pleated skirt on him. Finally, she put a pair of black stockings on his legs.
“Your legs need shaving,” she said, “but I’ll see to that later. And I’ll need to pluck your eyebrows, and you’ll have to shave. Then I can put some make-up and lipstick on you. We’ll sort that out after you have cooked my breakfast. You will be my slave for the day. That will be a treat won’t it, Paul?”
Paul looked miserable as he set about preparing breakfast. He wasn’t enjoying being dressed as a girl. Little did he know what further humiliations Jayne had in store for him.
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