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Dante is getting use to his new body
Ichigo Fang 2 (wolven V-card part 1)


Dante was still marveling at his new body transformation, for him it was almost like-scratch that- exactly

like the time he first discovered masturbation. Everything was fresh and new to him as he checked out his

new body in the mirror. Dante had been a scrawny 14 year old ginger kid, 4’ 9” in height and a 4” dick; but

that all changed when Dante had been given a so called “gift” from Titan Tommy- an 18 year old senior on

the swim team. Now Dante was a 5’10”, lean and somewhat muscular shaggy red head with an 11” dick

when hard. With such a drastic bodily change who could blame the kid for being a bit vain. Since his

transformation however Dante had noticed several things that were new about him: he seemed to be

horny all the time and the urges only built if he ignored them, no matter how many times he jerked off he

would still cum massive amounts of baby batter, and he also had super human abilities but he could

barely appreciate them because he couldn’t keep his mind off of sex.

Dwelling on these thoughts, Dante started to feel horny again but he really didn’t want to jerk off again- for

he had done so 12 times that morning and was starting to get frustrated that it was not easing his

horniness- so Dante decides to go out for some fresh air. Dante grabs his favorite pair of blue and black

boxers and his jean shorts, puts them on, and then bolts out the door.

“Dante where are you going?” asked his mom from the front door.

“Going out for some air mom is back later” Dante yelled back as he cut through someone else’s yard and

into the woods. After about 5 minutes of straight sprinting Dante comes to a stop at a clearing, even though

he had sprinted nonstop up to that point he wasn’t even winded- the old him would be gasping for air.

Dante took a moment to admire the beautiful scene before him of the wide open field surrounded by trees

and at its center a small lake. The lake is what really caught Dante’s attention because it was a really hot

day and Dante figured a little dip might be the best way to cool off after his cross country sprint. Dante

walked over to the lake and stood at its edge, its waters were crystal clear and ice cold- a combination

Dante well liked. Without even thinking about it Dante begins to wade in the water allowing it to cool his

overheating body and for good measure Dante did a couple laps just to get his heart pumping. After 20

minutes of swimming Dante climbed out of the lake and crawled his way up the embankment to a shady

spot under a nearby tree. He laid himself down on his back and gazed up at the clear blue
“Awesome” he thought to himself as enjoyed the nice breeze. But his mental serenity was shatter

instantly by the arrival of yet another horniness spike- one of the worst ones he’s had all day- his dick

immediately forms a tent in his pants and demands attention, Dante obeys completely for it felt like if he

doesn’t relieve himself he might explode. He reaches and frees his member from its confines, pushing

his pants and boxers down. Once freed his dick stands at attention pointing straight up at the sky, wanting

to ease his suffering as early as possible Dante grabs a hold of his dick and begins to jerk vigorously. It

felt incredible to him as his hand glided up and down his skin flute and the water/sweat coating his skin

made for excellent lube. After about 5 minutes, pressure starts to build in Dante’s groin region. Dante

decides to use a new technique he had picked up about a month ago which he hadn’t tried on his new

dick yet. He formed a ring with his thumb and pointer finger, placed it around the collar of his dick head and

rubbed vigorously in that concentrated area. To say the least, the technique resulted in a massive amount

of pleasure- it was almost maddening. The technique built up too much pressure and Dante could feel he

was seconds away from cumming. An involuntary jerk knock Dante’s dick from his hands- causing it to

slap his abs with a loud smack- and before Dante could pick it back up he came. Cum erupted from the

head of his dick-it got everywhere- his whole torso + his chin was coated in a thick layer of baby batter. The

orgasm was so over whelming that the 14 year old began to black out from exhaustion, that is until he

“Having fun?”

Dante’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets when he whirled around to see Tommy staring right at

him smiling. He was in the same get up as Dante- no shoes; no shirt, just shorts-his muscular frame well

tanned and his 8 pack abs glistened from sweat. His jet black hair was matted to his scalp and his bright

hazel eyes seemed to glow in the sunlight. Tommy walked over to the startled Dante and towered over

him- which at 6’10” wasn’t hard to do.

“ See you’ve taking a liking to my gift huh” said Tommy as he plopped down next to Dante who was still a

little bit tense that he had just got caught jerking off.

“relax dude I’m not here to poke fun at you, I’m here to explain what I did to you and what you are now- even

though you’re making this rather hard since you’re looking so cute coated in your own juices” said

Tommy. At that comment Dante started to whip some of the cum off his body, but Tommy stopped him by

lying a on his cum coated stomach. “Not yet I like seeing you this way, besides I just got done fucking

Rachael so I’m tapped out of the hornies at the moment- no promises though.” Tommy said as he began

rubbing in Dante’s cum like lotion. Dante finally found his voice and asked “How did you find me?” “I was

screwing Rachael in the back of her car-about five miles that way [he pointed east] when I caught your

scent, so after I finished fucking her and she left to go hang out with her mom at the mall [Tommy laughed

to himself saying something about how Rachael would barely be able to walk] I followed you scent here.”

Tommy said.

“My scent? what are you part dog?” Dante scoffed.

“Not exactly a dog, more like werewolf” said Tommy in a serious voice. Dante dared not laugh but Tommy

could see he didn’t believe him. “You see what I did to you in the locker room was the transformation bite,

meaning you can make other werewolves by first offering them some of you genetic material [in your case I

gave you my cum]” “forcefully” Dante reminded him. “Yes forcefully, and then you give them the bite which

causes a metamorphosis on the genetic level {which happen to you last night].” Said Tommy as he looked

over Dante’s new body. Dante gave him a look. “I believe you about the transformation thing but nor I / you

look like a hulking wolven beast” Dante scuffed. “Don’t believe me, fine I’ll show you!!” Tommy yelled as he

pulled down his pants and kicked them out of the way. Tommy lurched forward on to all fours and began to

growl. Long course hair erupted from every pore on Tommy’s body, his muscles expanded, a fur covered

tail shot out of the end of the tail bone. Within a few minutes Dante was staring a giant jet black fur wolf in

the face- or rather snout. Dante freaked and tried to crab walk away but that is kind of hard to do when your

shorts are down by your shins. He stumbled and then lost his grip and slipped causing him to lay flat on

his back. Tom-wolf found this amusing and began to lick Dante from toe to head making sure to get a

couple of good licks in Dante’s groin region. Dante began to laugh- cause the wolf tongue tickled and he

was getting off on it- which only egged Tom- Wolf on to do it more vigorously. Dante was getting close to

cumming at this point and somehow Tom-wolf sensed it for he stopped for a moment and let Dante calm

down. After a few moments of rest Tom wolf wanted to try something new and moved up a little more on

Dante. Which caused Dante to freak, for it look like Tom –wolf was about to put his massive wolven cock

up his butt and at that size there was no way Dante was going to sit still for that. But instead of penetration

Tom-Wolf’s goal was crossing sword and rubbing his now 28” were -cock against Dante’s newly grown

11” boy cock. Dante got the message half way though and once he realized what was going on he gladly

humped back, loving the sensation of sweaty wolf fur tickling his dick and wolven bull balls slapping

against his ass. A few minutes of this was all the poor 14 year old could stand, with one last hump he

cummed all over himself and Tommy-wolf. His cum stuck to Tommy-wolf fur making it clump together in

sticky masses. But Tommy-wolf had a little more left in him and continued to hump the barely conscious

redhead, making a dirty squelching sound as he went at it. Tommy-wolf was on the verge of cumming

when he felt Dante squirm under him and thrust upwards one final time, and K.O Tommy –wolf let out a

howl as about two gallons worth of cum shot from hid piss slit, he basically drowned Dante in it. Tommy-

wolf then collapsed alongside Dante and transformed back into a heavily panting Tommy. Once he caught

his breath Tommy propped himself up on one elbow and looked over at Dante who looked like someone

had dumped two buckets full of thick cream/ or aged milk all over him. Tommy laughed out loud.

“Its not funny u got it in my eye” Dante said as he rubbed and whipped wolf seed from his face. “Sorry, let’s

get you cleaned up” said Tommy as he picked Dante up and carried him to the lake. Tommy wash all of

his baby batter off of Dante and continue to do so till Dante was completely clean- the scene its self looked

like a erotic Johnson and Johnson commercial, a father standing at the sink bathing his son. While they

worked to clean Dante asked “does this mean I’m a werewolf too?” Tommy smiled “sort of, you more of a

pup right now. But since you’re the first wolf I’ve made I’ll make you my beta” Tommy said as he held the

slender boy cradle style in one arm and gently scrubbing his wolf cum off with the other. “Why do you get to

be Alpha?” Dante said playfully as he stifled a yawn- he was feeling sleep for some reason. “Because in

all sinces of the phase I’m your daddy” Tommy laughed.

Once cleaned off Dante succumbed to his exhaustion and past out- this time fully, leaving Tommy to cloth

them both and to get Dante home. Getting around the neighborhood unnoticed was the easy part, but

Tommy was too exhausted from his wolven transformation and cum-ruption to climb all the way up to

Dante’s room so he had to use the door. Tommy chose the back door, which was thankfully unlocked and

made his way into the house. He listen hard- using his wolven hearing- to detect if someone was home,

which no one was and proceed to Dante’s room. Once inside Tommy lock the door and laid Dante on his

bed, Tommy was about to leave when his own exhaustion hit and he flops on Dante’s bed. Before he falls

asleep Tommy manages to kick off his pants- for he sleeps in the nude- and then everything fades to black.
///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// be continued
Next ones a straight story hope you like Ichigo fang series working hard to get the to u guys/girls quickly!!

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2010-09-15 18:28:05
Great! I've read all of them so far and waiting for a fourth :P I want Tommy to come and bite me! LOL!

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2010-09-14 16:58:40
Pure unadulterated crap. You need fucking with a wire brush. On second thoughts - no, you may enjoy that


2010-07-03 21:17:22

I would love more feedback so I know what to improve on
IF 3 will be up soon.

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2010-07-03 10:31:13
Very good. Read both and waiting on a third

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