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This event took place during my high school years of where I was about 16 years old.

It was a snowy day, the roads were shut and the winds were tumbling strong. Unfortunately there was still school.

It was 07:00 AM on Friday, I woke up to my alarm buzzing. The temperature was FREEZING, I dozed off then 45 minutes later my alarm went off and I reluctantly decided to get up out of bed. I took my heaped blankets off and walked straight to the wall and turned on the heater. I looked at my alarm clock and saw that it was 07:47 and hurriedly rushed to my wardrobe and put on a set of clothes that I did not even consider wearing as I was in such as rush to not miss my 08:00 AM school bus. I ran downstairs and let the dog in and walked towards the kitchen, I didn’t have time to pack my lunch, I didn’t really mind. I ran upstairs to grab my watch, my dad was in my room hanging my fresh clothes into my wardrobe. I grabbed my watch, said bye and ran downstairs, past the hall and waited by the window next to the front door. A few minutes passed and I saw the bus’s two flashing lights picking up people from down my street, the bus was heading towards my house, I ran outside, towards the bus, pulled myself up into it and run down and found a free seat whilst the bus driver closed the door and took off.

It was a very short ride from my house to school. We arrived at school. I walked off the bus onto the bus stop and made my way to my locker. I waited there as it was snowing and very cold outside. The warning bell went, I quickly grabbed my books for first class; English. I arrived there along with everybody else, we all had rushed in and all of the heaters were on max. My English teacher didn’t show up, not that it was bad or anything. We were all chatting about things. There was the gay guy in our class, I didn’t know his name and there was a friend of mine sitting next to him, well he wasn’t a close friend or anything, but more friendish than an acquaintance. Jackson was a year younger than me, he was creamy white skinned, small body, short to medium brown hair with curls and deep brown eyes. His name was Jackson, he was neglected by his family, they were slightly poor. He was quite skinny, you could always see in his shirts that they went very inward towards the stomach. I was sitting at the table next to him chatting away to my friend about Halo. We were chatting about multiplayer, then in the corner of my eye I saw Jackson put his hand on the gay guy’s knee, under the table, then he grabbed Jackson’s hand pushed it away, got out of his chair and headed for the door saying “I’m going to get a drink”. The power went out.

Twenty seconds later, our year level coordinator entered the room and said “Unfortunately there is no more classes today, you are free to leave due to the bad weather and unsafe nature of being here”. The year level coordinator left the room, closing the door behind him. Everybody rushed out like there was no tomorrow. There was just Jackson and I left, I was walking towards the door, he was behind me. He said “Hey, can I chill at your house for a bit? My parents aren’t home and the house is locked”. It was cold and snowy outside, I replied “Okay”. It was snowing badly, no power, we left outside one of the corridors and headed through the freezing snow towards my house. I opened the front door and we ran straight inside and felt the very warmth of the house. Jackson ran up to my bedroom and switched on the xbox. I walked into the kitchen to grab a drink and saw a note on the bench saying “Problems at one of our offices in Europe, emergency business trip, be back on monday next week, be good.” I scrambled the note and through it in the fire and walked upstairs into my bedroom. Jackson was in my bedroom trying to get the xbox working, there was no power so I opened the curtains.

I sat on the end of my bed, thinking about what he did to that person in class. He gave up and walked back, stumbled over and fell into my lap. It felt so good, I knew he was confused. We sat in the same position for 2 minutes, his muscles were very tense. He felt me rub my hands down his sides. He nervously said “uhherm.. you’re gay?”. I had only ever had sex with a guy about 2 years ago. I was secretly gay. I replied “yah”. His tension lowered and he turned around and I pulled him down by his back and starts to kiss him. I rubbed my nose against his cute little nose and kissed him and rubbed my tounge against his. He tried to get off me, but I trapped his legs in mine and held my arms tightly around his back and continued to kiss him. He gave in. I let go of him and sat up, I pulled his little shirt off and took mine off. He was very skinny, mainly just skin and bones. I pulled of his tracksuit and pulled off my jeans. We were both in our underwear, I was leading this and hard. I pushed his head down onto my briefs, rubbing his little face into my dick that was underneath the cotton layer. I let go and pulled myself up to the start of the bed, against the wall and watched Jackson crawl to me. He was standing on his knees, I squeezed his briefs, grabbing his erect dick. I pulled my briefs off and continued to grab his dick through his briefs, his head went back, I got on my knees and pushed him back and startled tickling him until he couldn’t get back up. I lifted his legs up and ripped off his briefs. I pulled his legs towards my waist and kissed on the lips, once. I turned to my side, opened my bedside drawer and grabbed a condom. I opened the wrapper with my teeth, rolled it on and through the wrapper on the floor.

I was sitting there about to fuck Jackson. I asked if he had ever had sex before he replied “.. not really”. I put his legs in the air and opened his ass up and spat on his little tight hole. I rubbed my foreskin against his cute little ass. Jackson didn’t know what he was in for. I put about 2 centimetres of my dick in him, he said “OWW, IT HURTS”, I replied, “I know” and I pushed my dick harder and harder into him, his face was all red and seating. His eyes were closed, tight. I then started to pull out of him. I got to my four skin, Jackson thought it was over and tried to get up, I said “Where do you think you’re going?” he paused and said “but..”. I pushed right down on both of his elbows so he couldn’t get up and continued to fuck him harder and harder, he was moaning heavier and heavier. The snow storm outside was strong. Jackson was moaning so loud in pain, it didn’t matter; nobody could hear him. He enjoyed my warm dick inside of him.

I kept fucking him, he couldn’t even lift himself up it was that painful. I was about to come, it was coming. I pulled out really fast and he weeped, I ripped the condom off and threw it on the carpet. He said “What are you doi..” I got on top of him and next thing he knew, his face and mouth was covered with my cum. I rubbed it all into his mouth and made him suck my dick with it, rubbing my fourskin on his nose and lips, then watched him innocently swallow my man juice.



This is my second story. I will continue to write. Please leave in comments as I value your feedback and constructive criticism.

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2010-09-25 16:26:44
i agree and your mean if he was crying

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2010-09-14 16:53:59
Dont give up your day job. What the fucking hell is a tounge? Shame about the crap weather really - you might have learned how to spell.

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