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My first story. Probably part one of two. :)
The cell door slammed shut with a loud clang. Amber heard the familiar sound of keys jumbling against the metal, locking her inside. She looked out of the window into the florescent lit hallway, and into the correctional officers eyes. He stopped and stared back at her before walking away, and out of sight. It was labor day weekend, and there were only a few C.O's on duty this evening. Although, there were many other newly arrested law breakers. Mostly on drug charges, but Amber was here on prostitution charges for the third time this year.

"God damn it," she thought, "I am fucked now.." Since this was her third strike she would be in county jail for at least 3 months, then spit back out on the street. As a nineteen year old community college drop-out, she had little to look forward to. Other than her long legs and pretty face, she had little redeeming qualities. She had been out on the street for too long, and had fucked too many people for not enough money. She was tired, lonely, and sore. She laid down to rest on the hard cot when she caught the familiar green eyes of the officer standing outside of her cell.

Correctional Officer Nathan Jackson was thirty four, and had his eye on the young prostitute since the first time she entered the county jail. He thought himself to be decent looking, with a strong build and fully capable of pleasing the women he would sometimes meet at bars. He certainly wasn't deprived of sex, but he had been working at the place for six years and was tired of the mundane repetitiveness. He broke protocol by strip searching her himself, instead of calling down a female officer to do it, and he did this all three times she had been booked. The thought of screwing her made the hair on the back of his neck stand up. He loved her long brown hair, and her small round ass. He was risking his job, but the pulsing cock against his leg as he used his gloved hands to spread her thighs "looking for illegal contraband" gave him encouragement to do so much more.

Amber was laying on her cot, staring at her reflection in the dingy mirror bolted to the wall. It was dead quiet in the building, except for the occasional argument between cell-mates. It was probably three or four in the morning. The sound of heavy foot steps coming near alerted Amber. They walked right past her door. The past week weighed heavy on her mind. Her self-employment was a curse and a blessing. Since puberty, she had been overly-sexual and often masturbated several times a day before finding better ways to satiate herself.

The lack of sex left Amber with headaches and restlessness. She loved fucking, but she hated the fact that the only way she could earn a decent living is to sell her body to desperate, horny men. She closed her eyes as her small hand slid down into her state-issue panties. Her troubles drifted away as her thoughts came to the correctional officer who let his fingertips linger a little too long on her body when searching her. She noticed his breath quicken the back of her neck, and recognized him from the last two times. Thinking of his stiff cock that evening, and how his eyes seem to follow her made her feel wanted, and made her shaved pussy become slick with liquid. "I don't have anything else to do" she remembered, and she quickened the pace of her delicate fingers pumping in and out.

Amber pushed her cheap bra and coarse shirt up over her full breasts, thinking of what would happen if the officer walked by and saw her pleasuring herself. She pinched her nipples in between her fingernails and moaned softly to herself. It had been over seven days since she had came, and she was more than ready for the orgasm that would overtake her soon. She plunged another finger in her pussy, forcing a moan out of her mouth and into the quiet of the cell she was within. Her back arched as she began to rub her swollen clit with her other hand.

Jackson was working the last shift of the day this month; his favorite shift. Most others hate the position, since there are less people on duty to pass the time with, but this was why he loved it. He got up from his desk to check on the inmates via surveillance camera. Upgrades to the security system last year left a high-powered camera at his disposal, and when he pointed it toward the call of his favorite young woman, his cock jumped. He could barely tell what she was doing, but it was clear enough. His cock jumped at the idea. "Maybe this would be easier than I thought." he said quietly to himself.

As Amber neared her climax, the echo of footsteps coming toward her made her heart beat even faster. Her eyes were suddenly glued to the brightly light window. The sound of keys against the door of her cell and the sight of the tall man coming through it made her hold her breath with bewilderment. Officer Jackson closed the cell door behind him after making sure that the other guards were still oblivious to his location. He stepped closer to the bed and looked over her nearly bare body, stopping at her hands in her white prison underwear.

"Don't stop." he whispered, and moved his gaze to her breasts, while feeling more blood rush to his painfully hard dick.

The girl stared into his eyes with a look of confusion and lust while continuing to finger her slick pussy. Her eyes drifted to his crotch, where his pulsating cock rested. She glared at him while arching her back in pleasure once more. Her slightly open lips taunted the thirty four year old. He wanted to slide his thick cock between those soft, pink lips but instead he bent down closer to her. Jackson pressed his hand against her chin and stuck a finger inside her mouth.

"Suck on my finger like it is my cock between your little lips." he said in her ear. Her wet tounge suckled his finger with in a masterful way; almost enough to make him come in his pants. But soon, he could see that her body was about to relieve its self. Her teeth began to softly bite down on his finger as she moaned. Her legs shook as she closed her eyes and threw her head back. The officer's radio went off on his belt, asking him to come to the front. The girl paid little attention to the intrusion, and continued sucking on the man's finger as she felt juice run out of her pussy and into her cloth panties. He pulled his hand away from her and stood up to leave, and began to think of all the ways he could have fun with his new prisoner.


2010-07-09 04:19:39
Hi, I like this story and I wanna to know where is part 2? Please continue to write part 2! =)


2010-07-09 01:47:43
now you need a pretty good

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