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A very young and very lovable princess is betrayed, raped and murdered by her own subjects
***WARNING: This story includes rape, murder, torture and deions of all the aforementioned horrors. All these horrible things happen to a very young girl who is also a very lovable character. If you have a weak stomach for such things, DO NOT read on.

***WARNING: This story is actually a short story. If you are looking for instant sex, find a new story or scroll down half a page. This story is longer so that you can be engrossed in it, you can know the characters, their motivations; you can feel their pain and you can understand the plot. All making for a much more sickening and horrible experience when the rape does occur. (Still, it's pretty short.)

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy.

The woman walked swiftly through the rain, her bronze skin gleaming under the water, the white fabric of her tight shirt and pants becoming transparent as she became more wet. Her brown eyes were large with nervous excitement, her brown hair blowing silently in the silent wind.

She arrived finally at a large golden building with an arching roof and two great wooden doors at its center. She whispered an incantation and the doors moaned open, and with a panicked inhale, she stepped inside.

The place was dark, just a circular room full of pillars and grey marble floors, a few candles burning on the walls.

“Hello, Vehem. Thank you for coming.”

The soaked woman looked up in disgust.

“Did I have a choice? What is this about Atavas?”

The woman called Atavas stepped out of the darkness and into the candle light. Her skin was pale, her body slim. She had thin blue eyes which looked like a cats, and her black hair fell down to her back. Her face was youthful and innocent, but there was something evil about the grin it housed, something sadistic.

“I think we found something of yours Vehem.” The woman said, pointing over her shoulder to her seven female companions who were skulking in the shadows.”

“And what would that be?”

“Your brother.”

The wet woman froze, staring deeply into the other, as if to measure her honesty.

“What do you mean?” she asked finally.

“I mean we have your brother…and if you don’t do what I ask…he will die.”

“When did you—you can’t…Atavas! We are on the same side, you are a guardian of the kingdom, what are you…”

Atavas smiled pitiably at the other woman and waved her towards the sole window in the room.

“You are right Vehem, we are both meant to protect the kingdom, and we must do that more than ever now that Titan is ready to attack us.”

“No,” Vehem said, staring at the ceiling, “The rulers have gone to talk with the leaders of titan, there will be a truce.”

Atavas shrugged. “Maybe…but not all the rulers have gone.” She pointed out of the thin window to a grey and foggy beach below.

There was small and beautiful girl running through the fog, fighting a few men in armor. She was angelic, her little body perfectly defined, her devious pink lips curled up in a smile, her bright green eyes like emeralds against her white skin and raven shoulder-length hair. She was wearing only a black bikini top and tight black shorts as she ran through the cold morning, but it did not seem to phase her. She moved with incredible speed, her perfect features becoming a blur as she bounded from one man to the next, throwing little elbows and fists at them and dodging their equally god-like speed in counter-attacks. But for all the violent theatre, it was quite clear that both sides were only fighting playfully, because all the men were wearing grins as big as the girls. Some bursting into laughter as she jumped onto their shoulders.

“Princess Adriana?” Vehem said, staring at the spectacle below. “Well yes, of course they left her behind, she’s only eight years old, I doubt she’d have much to say at the negotiations. And anyway, one ancient to watch the kingdom, always at least one of them here. Those are the rules.”

“Their rules.” Atavas whispered angrily. “Aren’t you embarrassed? To take orders from an eight year old girl? I don’t care if she is an ancient, she’s just a child. It’s bad enough that we have to listen to all her equally immortal siblings, but her…a child.”

Vehem laughed. “Oh come now Atavas, you know that Adriana never gives orders to anyone, even if she has the power to. Everyone loves her, and she loves everyone in the kingdom.”

“But she can.” The other woman snapped, “That’s the point. If she wanted to, she could give any order to anyone in the kingdom. Ridiculous.”

“Of course,” Vehem replied plainly, “She is an ancient. They have always ruled the two worlds. And it only makes sense that they do. I mean look at her, she’s eight and she is already stronger than any of us.” She pointed towards the beach. “She’s already moving as fast as the Kings Guardians. Ancients rule Titan and our home of Eshem. We’re her to help them, and they are here to lead. Don’t forget that it was they who gave us power and immortality.”

There was a sudden change in the face of the sadistic looking woman and she smiled widely.

“I agree. We need them to rule, we need them to be safe. Which is why the little princess must be taught a lesson…for her own safety.”

Vehem stiffened. “Watch your words Atavas, you are creeping near treason.”

“Nonsense, I merely wish to see our favorite ruler safe. And she is not.”

“What do you mean…she is not?”

“I mean she trusts people too much, she is so kind, but she is too kind, she thinks people can be depended on, that they are as strong as her kind. But they are not.”

“She trusts no one too much.” Vehem said simply.

Atavas gave a sickening laugh and turned her attention back towards the window. “She trusts YOU too much.”

“I am her first guard, of course she trusts me. And I would never betray her which is why…”

“Her first guard,” repeated Atavas, “Yes you are. She treats you like a mother. And she has given you the gift of trust…hasn’t she?”

Vehem pulled violently at the other woman’s shoulder. “Where are you going with this Atavas?”

“The princess,” the other continued nonchalantly, “has given you the gift of trust. You cannot sneak up on an ancient, you can’t attack them secretly from anyone distance, because they can sense harmful intent. Even when they are asleep they are not vulnerable. But they can give the gift of trust to someone as a sign of love, they can choose not to sense someone’s intentions. Which means that if they give it to someone…that person could get the drop on them.”

“No ancient would ever—“

“You mean no ancient but her would ever do something like that Vehem. I told you, she is young, she is na?, she is too trusting. She gave you the gift as a sign of love didn’t she? She chooses not to sense your intentions as a sign of respect! Which means you could hurt her when she was asleep, hurt her before she could react.”

Vehem moved backward, her eyes wide with surprise, her body tense in preparation for a fight.

“You have crossed that line Atavas. To speak of attacking one of them…that is treason.”

“It is to protect her! She must learn that she cannot trust a person, it is the only way to convince her. She wont believe you if you just tell her, she has too much faith in us, she must be shown.”

“Maybe…” Vehem sighed, “maybe you’re right. But it is not our place. I’ll talk to one of her siblings when they get back from Titan, she will listen to them.”

“No!” bellowed Atavas, her innocent face becoming suddenly thin and horrible, “we will teach her now.”

Vehem turned towards the door. “Good luck with that.”

“Your brother, Vehem…don’t you want to know how he is?”

“You’re bluffing.”

Atavas tossed something across the floor, it landed with a crash and laid still at Vehem’s feet.

“If I was bluffing…would I have his locket?”

“I could report you to the council for this Atavas…kidnapping another citizen of Eshem, you’d be exiled.”

“But you wont,” the woman said simply, “because by the time you got to the castle, your brother would be dead.”

“What do you…what do you want?”

“I told you, I want to help Adriana, I want to make her realize she has to be more careful.”

Vehem turned and stared at the woman near the window.

“And you’ll teach her that by doing what?”

“You’re going to hurt her when she is asleep.”

“Ha! It wouldn’t mean anything, her body is too strong for me to do anything worthwhile before she woke up.”

Atavas nodded and pulled something from beneath her block, sliding it towards the other woman as she had with the locket.

“This is…” Vehem stuttered.

“A shard of black rock,” Atavas finished, “indeed it is. The only poison strong enough to weaken even an ancient. Now of course it doesn't matter since you'd never get it near them before they killed you...but you are another story...aren't you? You stab that into her when she is asleep and she will wake up weak and vulnerable for the first time in her life. That will teach her to trust no one outside her kind. That will make her strong. Eliminate her one weakness…people.”

“I’ll…I’ll think about it.” Vehem promised, turning towards the door.

“No, you’ll do it. The life of your brother in exchange for making our little princess wiser—it is win win, Vehem.”



Vehem said nothing, she bowed her head placed her hand on the door and whispered an incantation. But she did not step out into the grey and wet morning, a whisper pulled her back.

“The seal.” Atavas repeated again, more loudly. “Give it to me.”

Vehem stared down at the black ring on her finger.

“It is Adriana’s seal isn’t it? If anyone else tried to touch it they would be thrown back in pain, repeated attempts would lead to death. But she has made an exception for you once again…hasn’t she Vehem? She has broken the rules of her own kind, trusted the seal of her birthright to a mere guardian. She must learn a lesson there aswell.”

“What do you want with this?” Vehem asked, slipping the ring off her finger and offering it to Atavas.

Atavas brushed back in fear. “Do not play games with me bitch. Only you can touch it, and so you will place the seal on this royal document.” She handed a thin scroll to woman before her. “Do that and you can leave, and after tonight, your brother will be returned home safely and you can decide if you want to turn me in or not.”

Vehem began to unravel the scroll but stopped when Atavas grabbed her hand.

“You know I only want what is best for our kingdom,” Atavas said sternly, “you will trust that.”

Vehem placed the ring against the scroll and it burned with black smoke for a few seconds, she then handed the scroll to the waiting hand of her acquaintance and walked out into the rain.

The world was dark and the rain still crashing against the windows of the castle when Adriana entered her chamber, sand falling from her legs and water dripping down from every part of her little body.

“Hi!” she squeaked, spotting Vehem on her bed.

“You’re soaking your majesty,” Vehem said, a guilty but unnoticed tone to her voice. “Come here, let me dry you off.”

Adriana eyed the woman for a second, then smiled and skipped over to the bed, laughing as Vehem pulled a giant purple towel over every part of her body.

“You must be tired your majesty.” She whispered.

Adriana smiled and nodded quickly, hopping up onto the bed.

“You should have seen what I did to Pasish,” the girl said excitedly, “I dodged one of his kicks and poured a whole handful of sand in his hair. I felt bad though, so I let him do it to me afterwards.”

“Well, you’ll have to tell me all about it in the morning ok?” Vehem insisted. “Right now it is my humble opinion that your majesty should get some sleep.”

Adriana nodded and kissed the woman on the forehead. “Good night Vehem. Love you.”

“I love you too…your majesty.”

The girl fell asleep quickly, feeling completely secure in the arms of her First Guardian, and the woman she loved like a mother.

Minutes after she had drifted into dreams, the door to her chambers opened with a whisper and seven women drifted silently inside. And behind them followed Atavas, her face twisted up in nervous excitement.

The women set themselves up and the sides of the bed and Atavas gave a nod to the teary eyed Vehem.

Vehem hesitated, her eyes full of apology as she stared down at the small slumbering girl who was breathing softly on her chest. She inhaled deeply, reminded herself of what was at stake, of the promise which Atavas had made to her. Just a lesson in trust…she’ll be ok. With one final glance towards the excited women surrounding her, she thrust the glowing rock into the girl’s ribs, pushing it so that it was completely engulfed by flesh and blood.

There was a pause as every soul in the room seemed to be suddenly frozen in expectation. Then the girl convulsed, and the whole room came to life with cheers of excitement. Her little fingers and toes bent and became stiff and she rolled uncontrollably off of the bed and onto the floor. When she hit the solid grey marble her mouth shot open as if to scream but only silence escaped as the pain in her side seemed to be suffocating her.

She was shivering uncontrollably on the floor, staring up at Vehem, her bright green eyes full of tears. Tears that Vehem knew had so much more to do with betrayal than pain.

"I'm sorry. Adri...I'm so.." Vehem whispered.

Before she could finish speaking, Atavas grabbed the small girl and tossed her like a wooden doll back onto the bed. She had one hand on Adriana’s side, pressing the jagged rock even further into the shivering and sweat covered chest. Her other hand was controlling Adriana’s head, forcing the girl to look up at her conqueror.

Atavas stared down with a look that could have been mistaken as pity.

"Not so tough now bitch? Come on little something..anything." She taunted, spitting into the girls mouth as she forced it open.

She bellowed a great and victorious laugh as she waved the other women over to share in the complete humiliation of a child who had always been untouchable.

Pale hands began crawling all about the small body, spit covering the silky skin and dripping down onto white sheets which were now soaked in a mixture of saliva and sweat.

When hands were not forcing her head somewhere else, Adriana was cocking her raven head backward, staring up at the woman who had loved her like a daughter. The only woman she had trusted. The woman who had now weakened her, and handed her over to her end.

"I can't! I wont let you! You said we would only stab her with the rock! Only teach her a lesson!" Vehem shouted finally, watching one of the guardians break Adriana’s pinky finger, just for the fun of hearing it snap and watching the girl shiver.

"Stupid...stupid bitch." Atavas said with a mirthful grin, "You already have."

She waved her hand forward and three of the guardians broke away from their new toy, setting themselves upon Vehem instead.

Vehem ducked a dagger from the first, rotating her leg into the air and pushing her foot up into the woman's chin so hard that the other's body crashed against the ceiling.

The remaining two women approached more cautiously after the unconscious body of their fellow soldier landed with a thud at their feet. It seemed that they were beginning to remember why the woman before them had been chosen as special First Guard for the princess. They attacked together, the first sweeping Vehem's leg, the second aiming a pale hand at her head. And as Vehem flipped into the air to avoid such amateur attacks, she was caught suddenly from behind by Atavas, who had moved when the other woman was distracted.

"Must I do everything?" Atavas whispered softly to the woman now locked in her grasp. She licked Vehem's ear as she spoke and gave a sadistic giggle as the other struggled hopelessly to try to break the hold.

With a glance down, Atavas observed the position of her victim, and everything she could do with it. Vehem's arms were pulled together behind her back, Atavas' hands acting like cuffs. She smiled as her sick mind decided on the proper attack and she leapt into the air. With a loud crack! she landed, both her feet placed on the middle-back of Vehem's thighs. Vehem toppled to the ground under the weight and at the same time Atavas pulled up on her victim’s arms, forcing Vehem's body to arch back unnaturally. Vehem’s caramel skin was like hot marble under the moonlight, her bare legs crying tears of sweat and exhaustion. Then the skin on those legs started to stretch, as if something inside was pushing out. There was another loud crack and a glass shattering scream from Vehem as she was bent so far back that her thigh bones shattered, jagged pieces of bone now cutting through her skin and showing themselves as Atavas continued to bend her back. Atavas continued her noisy and vomit inducing work until she had folded Vehem so that it seemed her knees were in her hips. When she had broken Vehem completely, Atavas stipped her naked, to complete the shameful attack.

Now the three guardians who had attacked her, hovered over Vehem. They were spitting on her and laughing loudly. One was fingering her defenseless pussy, and the finger quickly turned into a fist, which was shoved up to the elbow in to woman's stomach. Once inside, the guardian, whom had been the one to get kicked into the cieling, got her revenge by scraping her long fingernails against the bodies inner workings, pulling at anything she could find. She finally pulled out, her hand covered in blood and transparent juices and she joined the others in stomping Vehem's chest and face, shattering all the bones to match the shattered bones in her legs.

Vehem was nothing more than a shell when her attackers finally released her. Her legs were folded completely behind her body, only the topmost part of each thigh remaining at level with her pelvis, and only because that is where Atavas has chosen to break her. Vehem’s body, which was laid flatly on top of those broken limbs, was so still that she appeared to be dead, only a slow breathing signaling her survival. Blood running slowly from her gaping pussy. Her pupils were rolled completely back in her head, so that her eyes seemed wide and entirely white, and her mouth was open and drooling, her tongue hanging out in a humiliating comedy—a final sign that she had lost all control of her body to pain.

Atavas smiled upon her handiwork before spitting on the blood covered Vehem and moving back towards her true target.

"I'll kill you when it's over." Atavas said plainly. "But first, I want you to see what we do to the girl you were supposed to protect...the girl you betrayed. She'll be begging for death Vehem. I promise you. She'll be begging. I promised you we wouldn’t do any serious harm, remember? I said we’d simply teach her that she couldn’t afford to give trust to anyone. Well…I assure you, when we’re done, she wont need to worry about that ever again."

She smiled when she arrived back at the bed. All of the women were staring down at beautiful little Adriana, who was so drenched in spit and sweat that her skin glistened like the skin of someone who has just stepped out of a bath. The girl was silent, her little chest moving up and down rapidly, her teary green eyes fixed on the ceiling, as to avoid the mocking faces of her abusers.

And as lovely as it was to see the little bitch broken so badly already, when there was still so much to do, that was not what made Atavas truly smile. What made her smile was the fact that the perfect little bitch was still wearing her black bikini top and her tight little black sleeping shorts. Atavas’ followers were so loyal that they knew to wait for her to finish with Vehem before they stripped the girl. So fearful of her, that the thought of her wrath was more powerful than the idea of being the first person to rape an ancient.

"Shall we?" she said softly.

The circle of women cheered, some whistled. And a few bent low, whispering promises of complete humiliation death to the small girl on the bed.

"Knife." Atavas commanded, holding out her pale hand impatiently.

One of the guardians quickly answered the call and thrust a small silver blade into her master's hand; though they were all confused as to what she intended to do with it. It was far too early to kill the girl. They had not even begun to have fun.

"You know, you ancients are so fucking full of yourselves," Atavas said spitefully, slapping Adriana across the face. "Even now, you've been outsmarted, you've been weakened, and yet you don't don't beg. You're still so prideful, too prideful to beg me for mercy. Is that right?"

Adriana said nothing. She simply stared to the ceiling, as if her surroundings were just part of a dream, a fog.

"Of course." Atavas said plainly. "But I promise you this. You won't be so stoic when this is over princess. Your body will feel things no one has ever felt before, you will be begging for a chance to scream, to push some of the pain out of you. But you wont be able to…"

Adriana’s eyes grew large, her chest frozen, there were gasps as Atavas plunged the small blade deeply into the girl’s chest, burying it near her collar bone. She pulled it out after jamming it quickly left and right, and licked the sweet blood off the blade.

"Going to be hard to scream with your voice box sliced in half little princess. Oh don't worry," Atavas said, petting the girls head like a comforting mother, "you'll be fine. A cut like that won't slow down an ancient, even one with black rock in them. We need you nice and alive for this next part."

She bent low and kissed the girl on the forehead, then sprang up, gave a primal scream, and tore the black bikini from the glistening skin of her victim. With a quick look to their leader for permission, two guardians bent low and began to lick the perfectly pink and still undeveloped nipples.

Atavas laughed and nodded to the women behind her. They were all staring at Adriana’s pelvis, watching the little gap between her shorts and her skin, the small gap caused when the lower stomach falls below the hip bones. That tiny gap of air was begging for a hand to be shoved inside of it, to feel that perfect heaven which the tight shorts were hiding. Atavas did not need an invitation. She moved with the same primal passion she had shown earlier and tore the girls black shorts from her shivering legs.

This time none of the remaining women dove in, they all seemed to be enchanted, frozen in disbelief. It was one thing to imagine raping an ancient, quite another to start doing it. But this feeling was something else entirely. There was something about watching such a sacred girl having the most vulnerable part of her body revealed against her will, something euphoric about treating someone so pure, so poorly.

"Pathetic." Atavas said simply, looking at the flushed excitement of her followers. "Here, get to it."

And with that she placed her hands on Ara's weakened knees, which were locked together tightly, and forced them apart. Revealing a perfectly shaped pussy--two soft lips touching and revealing only a slight line in-between their embrace--small and almost hidden, covered in the same silky skin as the rest of her body.

"Ah ah." Atavas said quickly, waving off one of the women who dove for the girl as soon as her legs were forced apart. We'll need to keep them open, keep them apart properly for a proper little slut."

The women nodded in agreement and waited for their master’s next move.

Atavas moved to the side of the bed and lifted her own leg up onto it, putting the foot against the outside of Adriana’s left knee. "On three." she grinned wickedly.

The women counted in perfect unison. "One...two..."

On three their voices were drowned out by the sound of breaking bone. Atavas grabbed Adriana’s foot and pulled it towards her, while at the same time keeping her own foot against the girl’s knee. The leg snapped in half at the knee like a stick, the only thing keeping the shin and thigh bones together now was the skin which contained them. Adriana’s eyes dilated, and her back arched so violently that the back of her head nearly touched the top of her butt. She had no time to breathe after the attack as she was instantly pulled back down and three women were caressing her chest. Two were biting her pink nipples, the other was forcing a long tongue down the girl’s throat while playing with the jagged and bloody rock in the girl’s side.

Atavas was still at the side of the bed, giving a great laugh as she lifted the broken leg up and down like a lifeless log, lifting it and dropping it as entertainment for the howling guardians. Each time she dropped it with a thud onto the bed, Adriana’s little chest would freeze and she would nearly suffocate in pain and on the tongue which was exploring her throat.

"Geez, just don't make these ancients like they used to. I guess that black rock really works." Atavas said mockingly, moving to the other side of the bed, and throwing the leg down one more time.

When she arrived at the other leg, everyone in the room knew what she would do. But that did not take away from the uncontrolled excitement with which they watched her do it. Her foot was against Adriana’s knee, and her hand was on Adriana’s squirming little foot.

Without being asked, the guardians who were not pleasuring themselves on Adriana’s upper body began to count. "One...two..."

On three there was a familiar crack. Adriana’s body rose off the bed but her back could not arch out a breath with the three women on her chest and so she was completely breathless. Her pupils did not dilate; they rolled entirely into her head so that her open eyes were completely white. Tears began to run down her face but she did not move. Her perfect silk-white skin began turning a hazy shade of blue. She was gagging pathetically, choking on the tongue in her throat as her body demanded air. Her small arms growing weaker and weaker in their fight against the women on top of her.

Finally the brown haired woman who had been making the girl choke on her tongue pulled out, giving Adriana a second to recover from the shattered bone and take a large inhale. And it was only a second. As soon as the girl took a breath and her skin was once again a pretty shade, the woman forced her tongue back down the warm gagging throat.

Atavas was now lifting and dropping both legs, laughing merrily as Adriana would convulse like a little spring each time she touched one of the separated bones. Finally, she spread the two powerless legs as far as they would go and pointed to the silky little pussy that was humiliatingly open.

“Well go on then princess…” she said softly, as she bent low and kissed the silky lips between the limp thighs, “tell me to stop my lord, and I’ll stop. I promise,” she said with another kiss, “just say the word and I’ll stop…oh…that’s right. You can’t say anything…can you? Well then, my little slut. That must mean you like it.”

There was a flood of laughter as Atavas continued to mock the little master. But the room fell silent as everyone began to watch the woman weave her arms in and out in a slow ceremony. There was a crash and something dark and heavy landed on the floor at her feet.

“I’ve summoned something to help us make this a little more interesting.” She said happily.

Atavas knelt low and gave another small wave, whispered an incantation, and the black box flew open. She removed from it seven silver tube-like devices. The women watched her with a mixture of confusion and excitement.

“Karish.” She said.

A dark skinned woman with long curly black hair stepped forward.

Atavas gave a smile and stepped behind the woman. She then positioned the silver tube so that it was protruding out from the top of the dark woman’s pussy, and tied two strings behind the woman’s waist. The third string, which hung beneath the tube, she slipped between the wet lips of her follower’s pussy, and pulled it up through the woman’s ass cheeks, finally tying it to the other two strings.

There were murmurs from the women in the room as they stared at their slightly embarrassed counterpart and their perfectly pleased master.

“A strap on!” the brown haired woman exclaimed finally, taking a break from Adriana’s throat.

The others spoke quickly in excited understanding.

“No,” Atavas whispered, “It is not just any strap on.”

And with that she wrapped her left arm around Karish’s neck, pulling the dark and naked body close to her own. The woman gave a slight jolt but gave in quickly out of more fear than arousal. Atavas then moved her right hand behind the woman’s back and began pulling the knot of strings up and down. Karish gave a great moan and fell to her knees, which only caused her master to increase the speed at which she moved her hand. There was something cold and heavy about the string which was sliding back and forth between the dark pussy lips. It had been covered in a substance which seemed to increase the nerves in-between her legs a hundred fold. It was an irresistible feeling and the woman could not control herself. Her pussy was soaking, glittering liquid running down her thighs and humiliating her as it dripped to the floor in front of all the other guardians. After only thirty seconds of the advance she was screaming, her stomach flexing up and down and liquid spraying from her pussy as she orgasmed uncontrollably.

And then, something strange happened. As she fell to floor and gave a final moan, a white liquid shot out from the silver tube resting over her bladder and then more and more of the substance shot forth until it was under her heaving stomach like a small puddle. And after seconds of resting on the floor, a smoke began to rise from the imitation cum and the exhausted woman leapt up with a horrible scream. Though the goo was leaving no mark on her or the floor, it was very clearly burning.

The women gasped in amazement as their counterpart grabbed the torn black shorts of Adriana off of the bed and wiped at the substance on her stomach so feverishly that it seemed she intended to wipe her own skin off.

“Relax,” Atavas said slowly, grabbing the woman’s panicked arms,” just relax. It doesn’t last long.”

Karish nodded as she could feel the invisible fire on her skin begin to cool down, then she stared at her stomach in disbelief. Not a single mark had been left under the cum which she had wiped away, she had expected to see scarred and burning flesh—but, nothing.

“Not just any strap on.” Atavas repeated plainly. “Each time you girls orgasm you will cum on…or inside, our little princess. And for some reason…I think she’s really…really not going to like that.”

The women paused for a second to take in what they had just seen, then screamed with excitement and jumped over the bed, each woman grabbing up a silver strap on and tying it onto themselves in the same way that their master had. Their eyes were large, their thighs now completely wet as they imagined cumming inside the girl and watching her feel like she would burn, from the inside out. The whole time being unable to so much as whisper an objection.

Atavas moved towards the bed and began caressing Adriana’s angelic face. The girl was no longer crying, and her breathing had slowed during the previous event which had distracted her abusers. Her bright green eyes were still directed up at the ceiling, and even as she was laid out naked and helpless, her little face was proud and hopeful.

“Are you ready?” Atavas whispered, “Are you ready for us to wipe that look off your face? Ready to cry yourself dry? Ready to beg me to kill you? Even if you have to do it in sign language?”

Adriana did not move.

“Well then.” Atavas said with a clap, “get to it girls.”

The women lined up, their bodies shivering in nervous excitement. Each was staring down at the small girl, taking in for the first time, the fullness of her wet body, rather than just one perfect part of it. She was like a sculpture, her skin a soft white marble, every part of her firm to the touch. Every line of her little body was exactly where it should be. There was an outline of her ribs under her glinting skin, you could see a faint outline of ab-muscles as well under the white covering, something that an average eight year old girl would never be able to achieve. And her hips curved perfectly to meet her upper body, so that each side of her chest formed the outside of a C.

And though such beauty, such perfection, might make a thing less desirable to break; for the seven guardians it only made the girl that much more desirable to destroy. She had been born as a god-like being, royalty and waited upon since the day of birth. And worst of all she had remained humble through it all, been polite and kind where an average being would have been polluted with power. And now they realized that even her body was more perfect than theirs could ever be, her angelic face, green eyes, her silky black hair and her pink lips, each part of her was simply too good, so much better. And they hated her for it. They wanted nothing more now, nothing more than to mutilate and destroy what they could never be.

The brown haired woman who had been tonguing Adriana so relentlessly jumped onto the bed and knelt above the girls head, getting ready to press her strap on into the throat which she had become so obsessed with.

Beside her there was a woman with long blond hair who had one leg on the bed and the other on the floor. Her strap on was point at the girl’s shoulder, only because everywhere else was already taken.

The two women who had been licking the girl’s nipples and caressing her chest stood at the side of her, their strap-ons pointed at her ribs, though they seemed confused about what to do next.

The remaining four women were equally confused. A manly looking woman with short red hair stood at the side of Adriana, her silver tube pointed at the round and tight outside of the girl’s butt, and there was a very skinny almost skeletal guardian who stood in exactly the same spot on the opposite side of the bed.

Karish, who had recovered from her master’s advance and her own involuntary product demonstration, was lying on the bed beside Adriana, and each woman knew what she intended to do. But she would wait to do it, like each woman there, she knew who would go first, who had to go first.

Atavas was smiling in pure joy, a grin so wide that she looked, for the first time, truly and perfectly happy. She crawled up onto the bed and pulled Adriana down a bit so that the girl’s silken pussy lips were hovering just above Atavas’ waiting strap on.

“”Fuck her to death.” Atavas said happily. “Well, close to death,” she added.

And with that, she thrust forward with an animalistic force and then stopped at once, frozen. And each woman in the room was also frozen, the whole place was silent but for Vehem’s slow coughing in the corner and a new sound. Tears. Tears were running down Adriana’s face like rain for the first time, and her little body writhed back and forth, as if she thought she could pull herself off of that thing which now impaled her. The women watched, as if waiting for something, as if in shock that the stoic little girl now looked so pathetic covered in her own silent tears, so weak as she struggled. As if the little girl who had been nothing but kind to them, might now deserve some pity.

But it was not for pity that they waited, or for the sound of more tears or the sound of moving sheets under a struggling body. They waited for a drip…and they heard it. Atavas’ grin grew so large that the bones of her face nearly escaped the skin over them. Each woman sprang to her tip toes and watched as a single drop of blood slipped out of the impaled pussy lips and crawled down silky and sweating thighs until it dripped onto the white sheets below.

A roar of delight echoed off the walls and Atavas pulled out of the girl, sending more blood splashing up from her silver strap on as she did so. And it was like each woman had known that taking Adriana’s physical feature of purity, her virginity, had been the signal. Known it without ever saying it. For as soon as the blood spilled out from between the girls legs, every woman dove forth.

The brown haired woman thrust her strap on into Adriana’s throat, forcing it further and further down with grunt after grunt of power. The girl’s tongue tried to force the choking object out, but that only made it that much more pleasurable for her attacker. It was like she could feel it, like the string between her pussy lips was somehow it’s own part of her body. She could feel the girl’s tongue trying to force her out, as if the girl’s tongue was pressing and fighting the place in her pussy where the string was. She pulled out of Adriana’s mouth, gave the girl one second to breath, then went back in so violently that she saw blood spray out of the open mouth, and she forced almost the entire silver tube down the warm throat. Stomach fluids and spit getting stuck against the silver tip of the strap on as they tried to escape from that gagging throat.

At the same time, Atavas was pushing into Adriana with such force that her entire body was flying up in the air and she was being forced back against head board. But she could not reach it, for the woman in her throat was forcing her body in the opposite direction. And so her little body bent up, thrust after thrust it arched up and she was nearly bent in half as both woman pushed in and out, over and over, as if they were trying to outdo the other.

And when the little body had been arched up off the bed for the third time, Karish made her move. She slid beneath Adriana so that the girl landed on top of her dark chest. Without hesitation Karish thrust herself towards the head board, forcing her strap-on up Adriana’s round and tight little ass, blood dripping from the girl again as her second hole was impaled.

Karish thrust in and out quickly, like a jack hammer, but she made sure to never pull out entirely, so that Adriana’s suffering body could not even arch. Her strap on held the girl down, the other two forced the girl up and bent her, and so the princess felt like she was being torn into pieces. Each part of her body reacting differently, each part trying to move naturally while being controlled.

Adriana’s eyes were wet, her green pupils glimmering in the rain of her own tears, drool and spittle and blood were dripping from the corners of her mouth as she gagged again and again on the imitation cock inside her throat. And her arms were still flailing violently, trying to push away the women who were killing her slowly, and loving every second of it. But when her little arms swung up, they were slapped aside by the five women who were currently not fucking her, and every now and then her arms would be caught, and one of the women would break another finger, for the fun of it.

“This bitch doesn’t have enough holes.” The manly looking red head said angrily, watching the seductive little body bounce up and down in its helpless rhythm. “There is going to be nothing left of her when you’re done.”

The other four women who were standing and drooling over the body nodded in agreement.

“Well--” Atavas said breathlessly, pulling out of the bleeding pussy, “if she doesn’t have enough holes--” she pulled the silver knife off the sheets behind her, “you make more.”

When her master handed her the knife the manly looking woman simply eyed it, stupidly.

Atavas sighed and took it back, then to the horror and excitement of every woman in the room, she thrust the blade into the outside of Adriana’s tight little bottom, leaving a bloody wound just above the girls thigh.

“You make more.” Atavas repeated.

And with that she crawled back ontop of the body which was still being thrust up and down by the other two women.

The manly woman stared at the wound, and contemplated what she had been told, and finally, she pressed her own strap on inside the cut, moaning in pleasure as warm blood and flesh took her inside the little body, her strap on now resting inside the girls perfectly shaped ass cheek.

When she thrust in and out for the first time, Adriana writhed with such force that the silver cock inside her mouth was thrown out. The left side of her little body pulled violently as it tried to take itself off of the silver tube which was pushing into it again and again like a thick knife, the right side of her body simply remained limp, even the arm. As if the pain on that side was so great that it was entirely paralyzed.

The woman on the opposite side quickly grabbed up the knife and did just as she had seen, plunging the blade deep into Adriana, though she cut into the upper thigh rather than the butt. She moaned in equal pleasure as she entered into the warmth of the body for the first time and sent blood gushing as she pulled back out to look at her handiwork, only to thrust back in with a grunt and grin. Her imitation cock making contact with the girl’s thighbone.

Now each woman who had minutes before felt left out was reaching for the knife. The first woman to get it was the woman near Adriana’s left ribs, she sliced quickly between the third and fourth rib, making sure to keep the wound small enough for her to feel the skin like pussy lips. She began to thrust in and out violently and the instant she did, Adriana’s eyes rolled back into her head, and blood forced itself from the corners of the girl’s mouth, only slowed by the cock in her throat. More blood dripped from Adriana’s nose and the girl’s face was so soaked in new tears that they were almost instantly washing the blood onto the sheets below. Her eyes began to shut and the women began to scream louder and louder as this vision of the broken and pathetic princess pushed them closer and closer to orgasm.

“I can feel it!” the woman exclaimed, thrusting in and out with more power, “The string…It’s like I can feel it. I can feel her heart…I’m bumping it…I’m fucking her heart!”

And each time she pressed in, Adriana’s body would convulse with what little strength it had left and more blood would shoot from the girl’s nose and mouth.

Next the woman near the girls shoulder grabbed the blade and she plunged it deep, near where the shoulder meets the neck. Blood rushed out of that vital spot but it was quickly staunched when she thrust her silver cock deep inside of it, and she nearly collapsed as she did so. It was like she could feel the cock as though it were part of her body, feel as it pressed against the outside of the girls windpipe.

The last woman did not reach for the knife however, she simply smiled. She had been eyeing her part of the body for some time, and she knew now that she needed to create no hole in which to enter. She already had one.

With a violent jolt she rammed the tip of her strap on into the side of Adriana, and it entered into the open wound which housed the black rock. She pressed harder and went further and further into that cut below the ribs, forcing the black rock entirely inside the girl. With one final jolt she forced herself entirely inside the girl and Adrianna’s eyes closed completely as the jagged poison rock sliced into her inner organs.

On seeing the stoic girl flopping around on their cocks with a lifeless face which no longer showed a sign of anything but fear and horror, each woman began to fuck her harder than before. The cocks could be seen under the skin, moving up and down like waves underneath the silky sea.

The women fucking her thighs and butt grunted furiously and blood sprayed each time their cocks made impact with the wounds, they pushed in so deep that they could feel the tips of their devices reach the other side of the spot on the leg which they were fucking. The only thing keeping them from punching a hole through the other side was a thin layer of skin.

Atavas gave a great groan and pushed with such force that she could feel something inside the limp girl tear and she laughed as she saw her cock poking up through the girls womb, the tip of it pushing out the skin on the girls lower stomach as if it was about to break out. And with one final thrust she gave a great scream and began writhing wildly.

As if they had been waiting for permission, every woman now gave an uncontrollable moan as they followed their master’s lead and ogasmed.

They all tried to grab a part of the girl as they had orgasms of such force that they felt they were falling off the earth. The woman at Adriana’s throat grabbed onto the girls arms and pulled them over her shoulder, snapping them both like twigs. The two women at the girl’s chest were shaking so violently in their orgasms that their cocks were slamming left and right, shattering ribs and crushing organs.

They all writhed violently, and so the limp body they were all connected to writhed in equal violence, blood and cum and juice and spit flying into the air from the little creature.

Each woman finally pulled out, after they had covered themselves, the bed, and Adriana in the exploding juices between their legs. They all tumbled off of the bed in exhaustion, all except Atavas. She stayed on the bed to watch, to watch the other juices which had exploded out of them, out of those new parts of them.

They all stared now and watched as smoke began to rise off of the girl and from the wounds they had given her. Cum-like liquid covered her entire body like a gooey film, and it started to drip, alongside blood, out of the holes they had put into her.

Atavas gave a laugh of delight and pressed her knee into Adriana’s stomach. Now more cum began to poor quickly from all the wounds that had been left in the girl. White glue-like liquid also pouring from in-between her legs and from her nose and mouth and ears. Every part of her on fire with that unholy substance.

The women laughed like fiends as they watched the goo pour out endlessly from the girl and they began to make mocking sounds of “ooh,” and “aww,” when Adriana began to struggle again after appearing so lifeless.

She was moving slightly left and right on the bed, but she could hardly move because of what had been done to her. The true picture of her pain was on her face. Her pupils were so small that they were almost non-existent, every muscle in her face was shaking so wildly that it seemed she was having a seizure, and her mouth…her beautiful little mouth was mouthing something silently. She was begging, the ancient was begging for mercy. The little princess who had hope for everything and everyone, had lost hope for herself. She had been broken.

“What’s that?” Atavas said, leaning close, “Oh sweetie…I can’t hear a word you’re saying. So sorry.”

The women gave another laugh.

And then the smoke from Adriana’s cum covered body rose to its highest point, lifting off of her like a steam, making her whole body feel like it was engulfed in fire.

“Look at that.” Atavas said in wonder, “Imagine what it feels like inside of her. We left quite a load in that little slut…imagine feeling like your insides were being burnt to a hollow.”

Adriana rocked back and forth uncontrollably, her broken bones making that movement as equally painful as the invisible fire. She was in such pain that she began to pass out, and the women all bellowed with pleasure and mockery as they heard a new dripping between her legs.

“She’s pissed herself!” Karish exclaimed jeeringly, “the cowardly little bitch pissed herfself!”

The girl’s eyes went as wide and as white as a ghost’s, her little broken arms shivered, her whole body convulsed violently, and then she, was still.

“That’s it then?” Kardish asked. “We’ll need to make our way to Titan before they see what we did. And especially before the other ancients return. The rulers of Titan will give us safe harbor. They may talk of truce, but we know they will love nothing more than to have the enemy ancients humiliated in the death of one of their own. They'll reward us kindly.”

“That’s it?” repeated Atavas, “not in the least. She’s still alive.”

The women all stood breathless.

“Look.” Atavas instructed, pointing to the girls stomach. And they all looked at the girl, she was unconscious, but her little stomach was still fighting for breath, rising and falling so slowly that it might not have been moving at all. “Ancients don’t die that easy. Lucky for us. Because we still need to bring this bitch before the people.”

“The people? Leader, they’d kill us, the kings guard would be on us the second we left this room.”

“Not quite.” Atavas assured them. “The one thing the people love more than their little princess is themselves. The princess is a traitor, she tried to sell the people to Titan.”

“You’ll never convince--” Kardish started.

“I already have. That document I had Vehem place the princesses seal on, it was a contract with Titan for one hundred thousand Eshem citizens to be sold into Titan slavery as payment towards a truce. And I have ordered copies of it to be spread throughout the city, to be hund on every wall of every home.”

Atavas walked slowly towards the bed, sat down, and began petting Adriana’s raven head.

“She is not going to die by our hands,” Atavas whispered, and she bent low and kissed the girl on the lips, her hand caressing Adriana’s chest, her fingers sinking into half an inch of blood and cum which covered the girl’s skin. “No—no. You’re going to be tortured and killed by the very people whom you loved so much my sweet…the very people who loved you. We’ll see just how much they do…”

All the women looked on silently, staring at her broken little body, now covered and made slick in pussy juice, spit, blood, cum, and her own urine. They had destroyed her, made her beg before it was over, and she looked as beautiful as ever under the lights of the room. More beautiful, because for the first time she was not something sacred or pure, not some ruler, she was nothing. She was just a wet piece of trash that belonged to them. And they were not done with her.

(To be cont...)

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