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Ayoung man is captivated by a work colleague at his new job
This is the continuing story of my busty blonde cyber wife and Muse Robyn. This time Robyn is in work and has a new trainee who likes what he sees and hears!

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Office Junior

Having been with Robert’s Call Centre a few months as a temp I quickly noticed her, as did every other man in the place. Robyn was, and is, fucking delicious with a body to die for and looks that could kill. God know why she isn’t Miss Ireland! Anyway I am a single hot blooded 19 year old male and sit opposite her in the office. I have to keep sitting all day to hide the hard-on that she gives me when I look at her. I have wanked over her almost constantly since I first met her and can’t get her out of my mind even when I am out of work.

And look at her today; she is dressed in a cream blouse over her fucking awesome chest and mini skirt. God she makes me horny.

To put it crudely in all my wildest and horniest dreams I just want to lift Robyn onto the desk, pull up that little skirt of hers and shove my cock deep into her wet cunt before fucking her brains out. She is my permanent wank fantasy and I crave her like nothing else. I don’t know what it is about her but I feel like I covet our time together, even if it is only working together, but I find myself savouring every moment and becoming joyous and turned on simply for a glimpse of that out-of-bounds flesh of her thigh, or cleavage. And she is nearly old enough to be my Mum!

But it isn't just physical. Robyn abounds with joie de vivre! She is rarely down in the dumps and always seems able to see the positives in even the most negative situations. Her glass is always half full! I've never thought of any girl in these terms before, but Robyn is wife material and indeed married to Peter! Lucky cunt he is!

The trouble for me is that after three months my training is over and I am on my own. No more close contact, no more legs brushing, no more furtive glances and no more sensuous scent teasing my nostrils as she leans over to explain something seemingly oblivious to the effect she has on me. And though I still get to sit opposite my delectable beauty with the massive jugs and wonderful smile, we have partitions that turned each desk virtually into its own private booth, isolated from those around us.
Denied a daily fix, I have to keep thinking up new and inventive ways to slip round and see her, finding the most stupid of queries on the most simple of cases. Robyn must think I am a complete moron which hardly helps my cause but she never complains and always greets with me with a smile on her full painted lips.

Six tortuous months have passed and despite a little innocent flirting back and forth, the odd giggle and an ever-helpful demeanor on her part, there is no reason to suspect feelings are mutual. My love, or lust, no, it’s definitely love, it seemed, is unrequited. Besides which, the office telegraph and a suspicion or two of my own suggests Robyn prefers either older guys or possibly even women. Fuck that is a horny thought, Robyn and some horny busty bitch kissing and touching. Fuck I am getting hard again now just through the thought of that!

Plucking up the courage - well not quite enough courage to speak face to face - I send her an e-mail, wondering if she might like to go with me to see a group she likes who are playing in town. Her reply was short and sweet. Thanks but she and her husband already had tickets. Of course, I turn up on my own, hoping, but our paths never cross.

I knew that I needed to get her out of my head and out of my heart. I have nearly wanked my cock off with her in my mind and knew it would have to end. I started seeing another girl I'd known a while and allowed my interest in Robyn to cool, if not extinguish completely. Although, as I fucked Sheila I would close my eyes and imagine it was Robyn’s tight cunt lips around my cock head. But then I would open my eyes and see that Sheila, with her lithe body and gorgeous face and enormous sexual appetite simply wasn’t Robyn!

I knew I need to get away so booked a holiday in the Sun.


Fresh back from my summer holiday in Cyprus and doubtless with a mountain of work to catch up on, I decide to catch a much earlier train, heading to the office an hour in advance of my normal arrival. Robyn's eight-to-four shift dictates that she is always the first in of anyone in the department and well into her day before we've even got our computers warmed up.

As I amble in, still a bit fuzzy from lack of sleep, it is Robyn's deliberately low-pitched voice that provides the only disturbance in an otherwise empty office. Those dulcet tones drift lazily down the aisle and immediately make me feel good to be back. I have to be honest that despite all the gorgeous bikini clad girls in Cyprus, I had missed and was missing the gorgeous lady on the other side of the partition. I am wrapped up in my own thoughts and clearly Robyn in her own conversation that I make it all the way to my desk unnoticed by her. The solid screen between us ensures that she remains hidden and regrettably out of reach.

Although her words do permeate the barrier in my early morning haze and I listen quietly. My attention is immediately drawn as the conversation veers from mundane small talk then suddenly off on an unexpected tangent.

“Yeah, yeah, I know honey; I didn't want to go in this morning either!” She seemed to be apologising. “But as soon as I get home tonight, I want you to be waiting.” There was a pause. “For what? Oh baby………… to fuck me silly of course!”

My eyes widen, eyebrows nudging my fringe and I feel myself shrinking down into the chair, frightened all of a sudden of discovery. I barely dare to breathe for fear of giving the game away. Yet at the same time, I have become curious, not to mention unsuitably aroused. Clearly, from the way the conversation is going, this must be her husband or someone else?!

As the lurid topic prevails, fearful of being caught, I glance around for other potential interlopers. The office is as empty, the first of my co-workers doubtless still battling the trains. She must know this too, myself notwithstanding, hence a willingness to indulge further fantasies with her lover.
“What do you mean, what am I doing right now?” She enquires with a giggle. “What do you think I'm doing?”
There’s a discernible pause as she listened, before sighing deep into the receiver. “Mmmmmmm, that's it, oh yeah I'm just squeezing my right nipple a little through my blouse. Oh yeah, it feels wonderful!”

My cock is starting to harden now as the vivid image creates a fantasy in my mind.

“No, I can’t undress in the office, silly!” She giggles. “But I have my pink lace bustier on today so you know how my nipples look through that!”

On hearing the words slip from her lips like the finest poetry known to man, I shrink deeper into the office chair, a trickle of sweat snaking its way down my brow. I am barely able to believe what I am hearing and that my sexy, yet previously reserved colleague can act so brazenly. But then I guess I know nothing about her and she isn't used to having company at this hour of the day.

I sit totally still and find myself caught in a hybrid of emotions, jealous of the confirmation she has a lover, probably her husband, yet at the same time turned on by her salacious words and my perception of what she is doing to herself, just a touching distance away. If only I could see through the solid screen. If only!

Her breathing just about audible above the air conditioning becomes quicker, punctuated by little groans of pleasure. My God I've dreamt of this moment yet my view is obscured by a great big screen.

“Oh God, hunney!” She gasps into the phone. “I'm going to have to put you on speaker. I need both hands!” She gave out a throaty chuckle.

As the air conditioning grinds to a halt, leaving the office in total silence, I am forced to hold my breath until it hurt. The scraping of her chair on the carpet and movement as she adjusts position allows me to let go a lungful and quickly steal another. It is sheer hell yet as close to heaven as I could possibly come. Suddenly the speakerphone kicks in, the voice of Robyn's previously silent companion filling the still office air.
“Mmmmmm, you dirty little slut!” Rings out the voice, it sounds like a Cornish accented man.
“Lick your fingers, Robyn!” Continues her lover, the male caller.
“Then rub your fingertip between your legs and imagine it's my tongue eating your juicy cunt.”
“Mmmmmmmmmmm!” She murmurs. “Yes Sir!”

All I hear is an exaggerated-sounding slurp, followed by her throaty groan. I picture her fingertips easing aside her black thong. It’s always a black thong in my dreams and fantasies and whenever a hint has inadvertently been revealed in the past. In my imagination her fingers breach her pink little pussy lips. I hear a light moan to confirm the hunch. Is it also my imagination, or does the first hint of scented female arousal cling to the air and waft over the screen. I am desperate to take a deep sniff but know that will disclose my position.

“Find your clit and roll it Robyn, work those fingers!” Commands the voice from the speakerphone.
“Oh God, yeah!” She exhales; her chair creaking painfully as she busily pleasures herself mere yards away from me and sadly concealed the other side of the partition. Feet away from the object of my desire and I can't see a thing! All I have is a very inadequate picture in my head, albeit a vivid one but it’s not enough.

“Oh my god, Pete!” My sexy co-worker groans as she pleasured herself busily. “You've got me so fucking turned on!”
“That's it, sweetie!” Encourages the mysterious man. “Do it!”

I imagine her husband, Pete to be older than Robyn and doubtless the dominant one in their relationship. She did say Sir! Though she is confident in the office, I have Robyn pegged as a submissive. In my fantasies, at least, I'd dominate her totally and she'd willingly oblige my whims. But that’s the beauty of fantasy.
“Tell me how it feels!” Pete orders, breaking the spell.
“It feels wonderful!” I hear her marvel dreamily. “My clit is sooooo sensitive this morning.”

Whilst I am in rapture hearing the commentary, it was sheer torture being denied an audience to an event I doubt I would ever experience again. Sitting statuesque so as not to give myself away, I wrack my brain to work out how I might engineer a view of the fantasy love of my life.

As I ponder this thought, Pete continues. “Now imagine that hard young cock ramming deep into your slutty snatch!”
Pete’s breathlessness suggests that he too is busy eagerly pleasuring himself too.
Robyn’s exhausted tones slip from her lips. “Oh yes baby, I need that cock sooooo badly. I dream of it and imagine it, holding it, kissing it, touching, stroking it and feeding it in all of my holes! Feeling it fill my cunt and my arse and pumping it until the seed spurts deep inside me!”

My ears prick up. Is she talking about Pete? Or someone else? That just makes me want her all the more. But if I can't have her at least I should be able to watch what she is doing.

Unable to contain myself any longer and with the opportunity of a lifetime so near yet so far, as carefully as possible I ease the chair back and lower myself to the carpet, rotating on my backside so I lie flat beneath the two conjoined desks like a mechanic under a car. Robyn is so wrapped up in her own thoughts that thankfully my giveaway scrabbling for position seems to have gone unnoticed. Though whether my lustful co-worker can stop herself in any event I can't say but certainly she appears to be straying dangerously close to the all-consuming point of no return.

Tilting my head back among a mesh of spaghetti wires and cables, a thick cloud of dust rises and threatens to choke me. Yet it is worth the effort. Worth just a brief glimpse of what I have dreamt of for months. And slowly but surely my fantasy babe’s extremities come into view. Fuck, this is awesome, with laced stockings riding up her perfect legs and the glimpse of pale thigh skin at the top! God I fucking love her! I inch nearer on my back like a snake to its prey. My eyes chance upon her cute little feet, freed from a pair of heels that are kicked inches from my face. Her toes are curling and uncurling to match her breathing. Oh how I could just take hold of Robyn's big toe between my lips and run my tongue across the underside. I want to lick every part of that scrumptious foot simply because it was a part of my dream date.

“Oh fuck, yes!” She exhales, perhaps subconsciously picking up on my telepathy, the unmistakable scent of female excitement wafting beneath the desk to tease my sense of smell.

Tilting back as far as my neck will allow, my eyes find her stocking clad calves, quivering lightly as the sensations from her circled clitoris spreading through your entire body. Then, as my field of vision widens, it is up to her tremulous knees, held together by the lowered black thong. And then those milky white thighs at the tops of the stockings, firm and fully exposed. What little amount of skirt that covers her middle I finally see it! Robyn’s pussy is staring me in the face. Quite literally and dripping wet! Oh how I long to climb all the way under the desk, to spring up and kiss and lick her inner thighs, to nuzzle at the skin, sink my teeth in and send her into an even greater frenzy of lust than she is already.

It is all fantasy of course but what a fantasy and now my eyes can see and behold what previously they've been denied. I am in rapture.
“Ohhhhh!” She growls, that delectable swollen pink snatch, seemingly freshly waxed is in full view of my lecherous gaze. Petalling lightly, there is a feint glistening around a pair of labia that seems to blow a kiss my way. Oh how I yearn to return the kiss in person, to tongue that syrupy cunt and make this horny bitch writhe in ecstasy. I want to flick my tongue eagerly at her clit and hear her beg me for more, whilst teasing the knot of her tight arse with a fingertip. I want to taste and drink her cum until I am sick of the taste.

I want……………….I want……………………..fuck! I want her so fucking badly, my beautiful horny lady…………………….!

There is no doubt about it. This gorgeous pussy, only a few feet from my mouth has me mesmerised, yet in a flash her fingers are suddenly elsewhere, outside of view. The answer comes quickly.
“Oh God, my nipples are like bullets!” She wails to her invisible companion. Those huge shapely breasts regrettably out of my line of vision.

The sad fact is that I can gain no better vantage point without my head leaving the desk and entering the open. So I know that despite my endless excitement I have to content myself with watching her pussy. Not a bad booby prize I suppose! Waiting in heightened anticipation for it to receive attention once more my breathing is becoming uncontrollable and very nearly giving me away. Thankfully, Robyn seems to be preoccupied with hedonistic abandon with her own actions and the words of her lover coming through the speaker system. I just wish for Pete to command her, his wife, to finger herself once more.

The order comes and I smile as her cunt hole is plugged with two eager fingers as the painted nails suddenly become buried inside to the accompaniment of a deep pleasurable groan. Expertly the digits work in and out, in and out, pausing only to squeeze the clit, upon instruction from the man on the speakers. Her fingertips dance so expertly circling the luscious labia then penetrating easily inside, all sticky. Once inside they curl over her sensitive clit. From her pretty stocking clad toes all the way up to her flat belly her skin seems to be trembling uncontrollably.
“Oh fuck, Pete babe, I'm gonna cum soon!” I hear her moan, her voice now reaching a new high pitch.
“Oh God, Robyn hunney, me too!” Sounds her husband from the speakerphone.
“Yes!” She groans and moans breathlessly.
“Keep imagining the thick cock drilling you!” Resonates his voice. “His full sack itching to unload his thick hot spunk right up your slutty cunt! Beg for it bitch!”
“Fuck yes! Yes! Fuck me hard, harder, harder!” Robyn suddenly gasps.

I know now he is not talking about his own cock as I suspected earlier. Fuck! Does this mean that my dream date fucks around!

“Oh fuck, yes!” She pleads, a hair's breadth from the throes of ecstasy.
“Beg!” Pete shouts!
“Oh fuck, yesssssss, I want it in me. Please give it to me, let me feel it! I want his lovely cock right up inside me.”

I have to confess that these two are fucking good at this. My only complaint is that whilst it is just about physically possible, a quick tug of cock is out of the question. But how I want to, but I know that if this goes on for much longer then I won’t need to touch it, it is so close to emptying its load without any help from my hands.

Pete continues, his voice now laced with sighs and moans. “He’s bending you over the desk, you slut and then he is penetrating you and fucking you hard from behind like the complete cock hungry slut you are, while I sit in front and make you lick my cock! Now beg for it bitch!”

Wow, this guy really is good! An expert in the art of phone sex who knows exactly the right buttons to press for Robyn.

Nearing her time she stands, turning around and leans back against the chair with her arse wiggling in the air. I have the perfect view as one leg is half-raised the thong still attached at her knees. Mashing her fingers together to resemble a swan's head, she thrusts back and forth aggressively into her pussy, mimicking the action of a cock fucking her from behind. In and out go all the fingers, right to the bottoms, each thrust eliciting wail after wail of pleasurable moans. Juice pools in her palm as she frigs herself ever harder.

“Fuck me Liam, fuck me hard!” She groans.
“Yes! Fuck her, Lee!” Echoes Pete from the phone. “Make the bitch cum!”
In and out pistons the hand, her cunt is stretched and dilated heightened moans filling the whole office. She is now well past the point of no return.

Oh how my male colleagues would have killed to witness this. The grin of knowing spreads across my face mischievously.
“Beg for it Robyn!” Pete continues.
“Oh fuck, yessss. Please Sir, fuck me harder!” Robyn shouts breathlessly, the words tailing off before she shrieks like a startled cat and all of a sudden the frigging slows as her climax rips through her body!
“Oh fuck, Leeeeee-aaaaaam!”
Cum spurts from her cunt and gushes over her knuckles as the orgasm prevails. Her toes curl one final time and her body pulses repeatedly. Leaning forward over the chair with knees planted on the floor, her breath is racing but she finally gains control of herself, before hungrily cleaning each finger with her mouth and tongue smacking her lips together.

Oh how I want to taste the syrupy drops on those fingers. My cock explodes in my trousers and I feel the hot spunk fill my boxers.

Satisfied, she smooths the tiny skirt back down her thighs and adjusts her thong back in place. A few loving parting words to Pete and the office is quiet once more, but for the thumping off my heart.

God knows how I manage to get back out of the tight spot without being discovered and back into my seat. I sit silently for fifteen minutes. Finally I emerge around the corner as if I'd just arrived.

“Good morning, Robyn!” I smile.
She immediately looks up with sparkling green eyes and a sexy smile. Through red painted lips she says. “Good morning, Liam!”
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