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A man at home lets his imagination run wild
None of my stories are intended to offend and please feel free to comment. All comments are welcome whether positive or negative or feel free to email me direct with your comments or ideas for stories on

This is a tale of male deviant self satisfaction and a wicked imagination involving a wife’s infidelity and number of other lusts.


Home Alone
I unzip my fly and take out my cock. I feel flaccid and warm in my hands. I am alone in my bedroom and the lamp is not lit, plunging the room into darkness. I close my eyes and as I start to stroke, feeling myself getting harder and thicker. I allow my mind wonder into the dirty abyss that is my middle aged thoughts. Full of wicked perversions of the most lurid and secret kind.

And the first thought that comes into my mind, as always, is you. I see you in my mind, your long smooth legs and the curve of your hips and waist. The plump fullness of your bum cheeks and the trimmed hair between your legs. Your pierced bejeweled belly-button. The rise and fall of your generous breasts ad large nipples that so love to be suckled.

My cock thickens further as I think of what you are and what you will be getting up to right now. Or perhaps I should say getting them up to right now!

You will be being treated like a toy by other men. The older men, foreigner men. All grubby, dirty and vulgar, leaching at you and talking about you in the most crude way. And you willingly dance in front of them in skin tight jeans leaving little to the imagination that show off your wonderfully curvy arse. And then there’s the even-tighter top just about covering your big braless breasts as you giggle and smile at your audience.

My cock throbs now! Reaching down I tie the strap around the base and tighten it as I feel my cock start to expand further, the veins now protruding boldly along the shaft.

Five of them are with you tonight whilst I imagine sitting in the corner watching, as I do so often. They all touch and caress your perfect body whilst whispering in their broken English how they love your fat tits, your full arse and your blonde hair. They tell you how they want to fuck you so hard you will come over and over again. Their old grubby hands are roaming all over your causing your skin to feel hot as they edge closer to their goal. I can hear you breathing heavily in my mind and my cock throbs again.

Now they are fondling your juicy fat udders and I can hear an audible gasp from the men as they rip your top off to see the real size of them. At the same time I can hear a gasp from you as their hands start pulling roughly at your hardening nipples and mauling the surrounding breast flesh.

In my mind you seem shy and timid as if you haven't done this type of thing before!

I know very differently!

Your breaths quicken quietly in anticipation of what is the inevitable end to this evening. The horny hairy fat ugly dark skinned men will take advantage of your beautiful wonderful gorgeous curvy body as you live out your fantasy.

Two men push you down and peel your jeans away from your skin while the others watch and talk about you in their vulgar manner. And you love it. You know you do! You’re pushed down onto the bed now in nothing but your panties and these old dirty pervy men are touching and feeling you all over. Their grubby old hands are all up and down your thighs, your tummy and big soft breasts, pulling at your nipples. And then dark skinned hands are pulling at your panties until they rip off to expose the trimmed cunt lips beneath.

With your eyes closed you are quite happy to simply let them do as they wish. You love the touches, the caresses, the lewd comments, the vulgar profanities but most of all you love the fact that whist they have you under total control, the opposite also applies.

And the dirty greasy old bastards love it. The fatter hairier ones turn you over and greedily spread your arse cheeks with their index fingers and thumbs. They are unveiling your clean and tight female anus. You can see through their hungry vile eyes and into their souls that the devilish glory of a foreseeable conquest is now in sight!

I shiver in trepidation as excitement takes over knowing that you will finally get what you want, what you need and what you love.

The men will watch and touch and lick and suck and fuck you like real men do. With their big cocks they will fuck you hard and fast and very dirty with no regard for you or your feelings. You don’t care, you just want cock, more and more cock. You want them to cum, to shoot all over you, to cum inside you, to fill you to the brim with their man-seed.

You, and I know, you will be used and your body abused by these men who don’t give a fuck about you! They just want your holes, all of them! And you suck their big dirty cocks while the rest of your holes are filled to the brim with their meat and then their cum and then more of their meat and more of their cum. All five of them will shoot their hot sticky jizz deep within you as your alternate holes are left dripping from their abuse and exploitation of your gorgeous body.

My mind drifts again as I hear you scream with pleasure to Leon, my new friend with his magnificent big black 12” cock. He is telling me his monster is hard and wants to cyber fuck both you and I. I oblige and start to touch my anus with a saliva-drenched finger. I imagine you lavishing your tongue and lips on his cock getting him big and hard. I circle my rim and push a finger in and out, then two.
He sees what I am doing and I see his hard cock and balls in their current state. You have made them that big, thick and full of cum! He smiles as he leaves you and approaches me, hard and ready to explode.

My cock is throbbing all over now and I tighten the strap further around my shaft base to increase the intensity. I masturbate myself in a quick defined motion as my cock head oozes precum providing a lubricant for my hand.

Two 18 year old dark haired girls are dressed in black thongs, tight bustiers and thigh high leather heeled boots. They are touching and caressing and kissing each other as I watch and they watch me my cock stiff and hard. I am tied to the bed and they are putting on a show for me to enjoy. Showing themselves and each other to my desires. The bustiers are loosened by each and the hands are all over the other’s breasts as they tongues intertwine in each other’s mouths.

And they approach the bed. My cock expands as they reach down, their hair trailing over my engorged cock as they lips continue to kiss. Their breasts being drawn slowly up my legs and then my cock being pushed into the soft fleshy valley.

A moan escapes my mouth as my mind works overtime and precum oozes from my cock.

My over-excited imagination skips back to you. You are now on your knees between the circle of the men. Your mouth, cunt and arse all leaking sticky strands of cum as they pull on their hot hard cocks again. And in unison you are being showered from all sides as they shoot from their exploding cocks, being splattered in the face, hair, breasts and back.

I watch as Leon drives his 12 inches into you! My cock throbs and I know I am only moments away now.

The dirty vile foreigners and Leon have gone and you are left on the bed quietly in a fetal position. I know you have enjoyed yourself you always do in my dream world.

You look shocked to see me! Was this real or a dream?

I open up your arse cheeks and cum begins to leek and gurgle out of your small anus. I cover your bum up with some fresh underwear, a little white cotton frilly pair of panties with black polkadots on. You stand up and place your palms and face against the wall spreading your legs and breathe a sigh before you proceed to push her arse out so as to let me play. I run my finger up and down your crack as spunk pushes out itself through the thin cotton dampening your panties and seeping onto my fingers. I reach around and force my wet spunky fingers between your lips which you lick and suck them.

I pull your panties down over your full bum cheeks and slip a finger between your crack and wipe up the gooey mess before pushing my middle finger up into your used abused arsehole as you sigh in pleasure.

I continue to let my mind run freely while I pull and tug at my big stiff manhood leading myself onward and upward towards my long awaited climax. I stretch out my legs and ease a finger under my arse again to play.

I suddenly explode and blow my load all over myself.


“How was your Mum today?” I ask as my wife walks into the house.
“Oh the usual, cantankerous as always!” She smiles. “That’s old people for you. What did you get up to today?”
“Nothing really!” I reply smiling secretly to myself.

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It's spooky how cvleer some ppl are. Thanks!

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