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An evening of lust in the dusk
Kinky Evening in the park Bondage, kinky, wife, secret threesome

For almost a year now, Sally and I had been experimenting with a little innocent bondage. She had enjoyed me tying her to the bedposts with silk scarfs. We tried it with me too but I felt too uncomfortable with it, even though she was wonderful in her efforts to please me. It just seemed to me that men are concentrated on their penises, and women are total sexiness in every part of their bodies. I am 43 and average, Sally is just 40 and has a fabulous voluptuous body that seems to just cry out for touching and fondling. And often in public I can't seem to keep my hands off her, and will steal a feel on the street or on a bus. She is so great at letting me do it in secrecy. I have even finger-fucked her on a park bench under her folded coat. Bringing her to orgasm many times in stealth. Once a friend passed while I had my finger into her, and stopped to say hello, Sally just orgasmed several times as I kept it up while she chatted away. Fluttering her eyelids when she came and moistening my hand.

We added a blindfold to our bed mix and it was such a turn on for Sally to not be able to see my actions. I would kiss and slowly lick her pussy slit for awhile, switch to suckling on her marvelous breasts, then use a vibrating dildo, then my cock in her mouth before plunging my mouth over her luscious full pussy, eventually fucking her. I had to do it this way or I would explode myself from her sexiness! She is multi orgasmic and the first time we did the blind fold she told me she came intensely almost right away. Once Sally gets going with her first few orgasms, she has no control over them and you can see them rippling through her as she cums again and again, sometimes without even more stimulation! Getting more intense with each one. It is amazing to see and be in control of such a wanton lusty woman.

I was grateful that she accepted our experiments. When I blindfolded her after I tied her completely, Sally would be totally quiet except for her whimpering when she had an orgasm. A silk scarf around her wrists and ankles, then the black silk over her eyes. She told me she had such an erotic lust when she was tied and blindfolded and her imagination made it wonderful. Her body became ultra sensitive. I imagined that SHE imagined that she was having many lovers all at the same time. I loved seeing her creamy lush body spread out for me like that too. Even lying on her back her tits were large and full. It was like having the freedom of owning a sex slave you could do anything to.

I would take a long time with her, coming in quietly and giving her kisses, then moving away silently before returning to lick at her bulging pussy. I would bring her to the edge of orgasm, then stop and remain totally silent. But sometimes I timed it wrong and she would cum anyway! She waited without a whimper and sometimes I did nothing, watching her twitch and breath faster in her inner thoughts. That was when I learned that she could orgasm without any physical contact at all! And if I was close enough, could actually see her pussy pulsing.
And she admitted that sometimes when she was alone at work, she’d let her mind wander and have the most delicious secret orgasms! Without touching herself! Just squeezing her thighs together. But told me she often did play with herself if no one was around! And it only took a wet finger on her clit.

When we did it on the bed, with her tied and blindfolded, I saw her quiver and shudder and knew when it was happening. When I mounted her right after, her pussy was so slippery and juicy it was wonderful to just slide it into her and it almost made me cum with the first thrust! Sometimes I could just slip it in and hold there and her tiny pulses could make me cum too! This was so lusty for me I could be within her pussy grasp of my cock that it would just go off in the most wonderfully delicious climax and I could just leave it in there to recover and was able to go again with the intensity of the situation!

So of course, like a horny old man, when these sessions went on, I began to have all kinds of other fantasies about it. Like she was my sex toy. I had thought once that anyone could easily sneak into our bedroom and just slip their cock into Sally and she would have no idea it was not me! That idea began to manifest in my mind. Sally lying there naked and blindfolded, unable to do anything except get fucked by whomever came in. I wondered if she could ever tell what cock was fucking her?

Every summer we go to a small wooded park just outside of town. There is a little secluded lake there and lots of open grass area for picnics among the old shade trees. Very serene and relaxing. Most families go to the far edge of the lake where there is a small sandy beach, but we’ve always brought our supper and books to read to while away a great day at the opposite side beneath the leaves. Hardly anyone goes there and it is quiet with only a few bird chirps.

We had a wonderful relaxing afternoon and watched a glorious sunset while eating and drinking a cool bottle of white wine. As the afterglow weakened, I began to think of how exciting it might be to tie Sally up right here, outdoors and have a session of lust. We talked quietly for a while until the shadows grew longer and I suggested it. I knew immediately by her reaction that the notion excited her. She suddenly had a wicked sparkle in her eyes.
“What? You mean right here? How could that work?”
“Well it could. There’s enough twine here and the bungee cords for the cooler would do it.”

She glanced around and I knew she was hooked on the potential excitement right away. “Someone could see. Way too dangerous.”
“Way exciting.”
“Nooo. You mean right here on the picnic table?”
“Well no, sort of over there by that cluster of vine maple trees. Actually TO the trees.”
“Oh my gawd.”
I could almost see her heart jump. Sally was probably moistening with the delicious thought. I looked around, there were only a few people still over at the other side of the lake, way too far away to see anything now in the descending shadows. Another couple by a picnic table many long yards away.
“Why don’t we just stroll over there?” I smiled with the lust in my stomach. My cock was swelling in my shorts. Sally swallowed and glanced all around again. Even in the pale light her face was flushed and her eyes were sparkling with the first appearing stars. The other couple were packing up to leave. A few figures moved far off. Dusk was settling in the park but it was anything but gloom.

Sally stood and started slowly toward the trees I had mentioned. "You mean over here?" She was pretending to just survey the area but I knew the deed was done. I noticed the little flutter in her voice as she looked over the cluster of young maples with multiple stems all close together or crossing. I quickly undid the twine and cords from the cooler and followed. The trunks of the trees were thin and wouldn’t need much twine to encircle them.

“Tom, you are crazy, this is much too dangerous.” She searched around the area again for any people moving but the excitement in her voice was undeniable. I brought out the black napkins from our meal, moved close to Sally, kissed her and said, “There’s no wild animals here. Only me.” I thought I saw movement way off in the trees, but turned to Sally so she would just see me and not be spooked.

“Gawd.” was all she could say as I tied the napkins around her eyes, adjusting to make sure she could see nothing. It was getting darker by the minute anyway. She was breathing harder already and limp as I led her to a position at the trees. Both our hearts were pounding. Silently I secured first one wrist, then the second to overhead branches. Sally stood now with her arms spread out and I could feel her excitement and saw her chest moving as her breathing quickened. I used the bungee cords to restrain her ankles in a slightly spread position. She was now helpless and just swallowed with trepidation. "No worries," I said, "Everyone has gone home now."

I slowly opened the buttons of her blouse, undid her bra and twisted it around to free her beautiful tits, now glowing white in the semi dark and pointing outward magnificently because of her arms being raised. Those heavy breasts begging for attention. I kissed them and suckled slowly on each. She only murmured an ummmm.

Then I slid her skirt down, stooped, freed one leg and pulled the skirt and her panties off in one swift motion then the other, re-attaching her now bare legs to the tree. She was pliable, almost limp. She had some movement in her legs by the elastic of the cords, but was spread-eagle and now naked from the waist down except for her loose open blouse. She looked wonderful and so sexy and I began kissing her slowly while running fingers around her tummy and thighs. I would stoop and just kiss into that marvelous bush. Letting my tongue flutter over her skin.

I gazed at my wonderful wife, how could I be so lucky to have such a lusty adventurous woman. Now her blouse was all askew, bra twisted and her wonderful big tits looking heavy and inviting and exposed and her nakedness so alluring. The small patch of her pussy a dark splotch against her creamy belly. I stared at her with admiration for a long moment, I had her tied up, yet it was she who controlled my mind totally! Her whiteness glowed in the descending dark with her black patch bulging out. It was amazing that this sexy woman would let me tie her and do anything I wanted.

Her pale white body was spectacular in that fading light against the darkness behind her in the trees. I stood watching her for a long time, touching her in between. Caressing, kissing her skin randomly without a sound. A kiss on one breast, sucking one nipple then the other. Letting my fingers barely brush the hair of her pussy. Letting her feel my hot breath on her slit, my warm tongue along her belly, barely touching. Then inserting to sip the nectar and just hold my mouth there on her clit where I could feel it pulse with sexual excitement. I knew she was orgasming already by her throat murmurs.

I regretted that she was tied standing up. So I had no way of getting my cock into her mouth as I often did at home, she has a wonderfully talented tongue. Next time I would tie her sitting lower on a blanket.

I was now crazy with lust. Sally seemed like a Goddess being sacrificed. A white star that dropped from the sky above. My slave to do what I wanted with. Helpless and beautiful and vulnerable. I slipped off my shorts and moved close, letting my cock just touch her slit. Slid it upward and back sharing her moisture. Slid it under between her legs. Her pussy was already emitting liquid. She made almost imperceptible whimpers of pleasure that were so inciting. I stooped down and pressed my tongue into her slit, sucked softly on her now swollen clit, could feel it beating with pleasure.
Stood and finally, slowly pushed my hard cock into her, letting it stop after every tiny bit of pressure. Just lingering within her sweet pussy, tantalizing us both with pleasure. I arched backward so I was not touching her in any way except with my cock. Slowly pulled out again.

That was when I saw the guy watching. A dark shape standing near another tree. We made eye contact. Even in the dusk I could see he was nervous that I might be angry and chase him away. There was indecision there for only a moment. I was enthralled at having this personal lusty glowing Goddess at my whim but suddenly wanted to show her off.

I raised my finger to my lips to signal him to be silent, but beckoned him closer. He approached with hesitant steps, couldn't take his eyes off Sally's voluptuous breasts and white legs. Sally was squirming with anticipation without any idea someone else had arrived. He saw I had removed my shorts and then turned his gaze back to Sally. His eyes wide as he realized how gorgeous she really was, tied and unaware he was there.

I motioned again he should be quiet, stepped forward and again kissed Sally’s breasts. One after the other. The guy came closer. With my heart pounding I moved one hand to her breast and offered it to him. Again with my finger to be silent. He took only a split second to move close, leaned forward and cupped it in his hand, then kissed it and started suckling on it. Sally moaned and he stepped back.

“Tom, this is way too much.” Sally whimpered with a catch in her voice that told me she was filled with the lustiness of being outdoors while almost naked. Next time I would take all her clothes off.
"Really?" I asked.
"No," she giggled, "I'm cuming already."
I emitted a hum and said quietly, “Great. You go ahead and cum for me.”
I stepped forward and slowly slid my swollen cock into her again. Barely holding back my cum, my heart was pumping like crazy. Sally had an amazing capacity to milk a cock with her vagina, to actually grip it from inside!

My cock throbbed as the strange guy took his out too. It was only slightly larger than mine and looked hard as a rock. No wonder.
He began stroking it. We both knew what was next. My heart pounded in my chest. I had no choice at all, I was wild with lust, I was going to let him fuck my wife. Let him? No, I would ask him to if I had to. The scene was too sexy to resist. I knew from Sally’s movements that she had already orgasmed many times and would have a totally slippery and accommodating vagina.

I rubbed her pussy slowly, feeling it’s wetness, finger fucking her and stood to the side while motioning to our new third party that he should fuck her too. He needed no second prodding. He stepped close to Sally bent his knees slightly and slid his large cock up into her wet and welcoming pussy gently. Closing his eyes in pleasure. Almost gasping. I put my palm over his mouth to remind him to make no sound.

But Sally gasped. And moved her hips involuntarily. Clutching onto the cock with her pussy, pulling it deep inside her. He began long strokes. I again put my finger to my lips and pulled him back. His cock came out, pulsing and jerking. I could see he too was trying to control his breathing. Sally moaned aloud. I motioned with a hand for him to take it slow.

Then I sucked her breast again. He took that as a cue to do the same and started sucking her other breast at the same time until I quickly moved away. I could sense something that Sally was thinking. And quickly fondled both her breasts, hoping she wouldn’t believe what she thought she felt. Two separate mouths on her!

Then kissed her lips and slipped into her again. She moved so quickly on my cock now I was unable to hold off my orgasm. She was breathing hard. Her heart pounding. I pretended I was just moving and hoped she didn’t feel me spurting as my cum just slipped out. I suppressed a moan of pleasure. Sally had an amazing ability to just be lost in her orgasms, she said her head would just spin like she was rising into the sky! I was hardly able to stop but pulled out, waited another moment then offered her to my new stranger friend again.

He slid into her, his cock seemed way bigger now. She gasped, "Oh gawd yes." He stroked and she had a loud orgasm this time. Moaning into the darkness and hanging onto the restraints. She sagged under the glistening stars.
I watched my wife being fucked by another guy for the first time. The sight of his cock going into her was so enthralling my own cock was up and throbbing again. Our new friend continued stroking Sally, with long deep strokes, breathing in huge gasps now himself, I knew she was at that stage where her pussy just seemed to grip a cock and even suck the orgasm out of it. Her tits were magnificent when she heaved her chest like that and I leaned in and sucked her nipple. She was vibrating all through her body with the steady rippling orgasmic state she always slipped into when being fucked. He finally looked over at me.
He was asking to cum inside her and I grinned and nodded yes. He shuddered and grabbed her ass cheeks and plunged into her again, jerked his orgasm and held her tight by her hips as Sally moaned aloud and gasped in pleasure of being impaled on a strong cock. Only uttered a ‘Gawd’ in a trembling voice. He stifled his own cry but emitted a grunt as he came. Sally again said, “Oh ... my ..... gawd,” and kept up little jerking movements with her pelvis.

He stepped back and I quickly slid into her once more and fucked that beautiful honey pot steadily even though I didn’t think I would cum again. But her inner pussy was doing that sucking thing again to me. I wondered if she could feel the difference in the two cocks sharing her?
She had a series of very strong orgasms that made her shudder with delight and cry out loudly. The fact that she could orgasm so steadily, what she did with her beautiful cunt, and what the stranger did was so exciting. Sensory overload.

I finally murmured to Sally, “We should maybe go, we’ll have mosquitoes all over us.” Sally sagged against the twine. Only emitted another soft moan amid the vibrations still reverberating through her.

I quickly pulled my new friend aside and whispered, “If you want to do this again, get lost quickly, okay? If the weather holds we’ll be back on Tuesday. Got it?”
He answered, “Sheeze yes, that was fucking unreal.”
“Leave quiet now, I’m Tom.”
“William.” He started moving away. I tapped his shoulder with one last wild thought, “William, if you have a discreet friend, bring him Tuesday evening. But the same rules apply or no go. Agree?”
“You got it, Tom.” He flashed a smile, we shook hands and he disappeared into the dark with one glance back at my glowing Sally, sagging on the twine, still orgasming and squirming with her legs closed.

“Here Hon.”
“I thought I heard a voice.”
“Just me Hon, saying to myself how fucking incredibly marvelous you are.”
I undid her blindfold and stepped close, now hard with new anticipations and ready to go again and fucked my wonderful wife once more, looking into each other's eyes, she had a strange new glint in there. This time pulling an unstifled scream from her lips as she orgasmed in a steady stream of jerking bucking motions that waved over her whole body. I even came the second time. Making my own knees weak.

On the drive home she was vibrant. “Gawd that was something. I felt like I was being touched all over at once. Never had that in our bedroom. You seemed different too. Everything seemed so sexy. The caressing and the smells. And your fucking. Stopping and starting like that. Your cock even seemed different each time you started in again. Like it was a new cock." She closed her eyes and vibrated with another little orgasm passing through her. And the notion flickered over me that she might have known someone else was there. "It was so thrilling," she added.
"I had to stop sometimes, trying to hold off longer."
"Mmm, I had like more than twenty-five big orgasms. I am still tingling all over.”
“So you liked my kinky idea?”
She nestled into my shoulder, “Mmmmm, yesssssss. Can we do that again? I’d love more like that.” I wondered if there was an innuendo there, an awareness of what had happened?

I grinned inwardly, I didn’t know how long I could keep this lusty new adventure going on, or what Sally would do if she found out, but I did know Sally was going to get much much more. My stomach was filled with lust, my heart was still pounding and I wondered if I could last until next Tuesday.

end of part 1

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