Mike's nympho cousin gets more than she thought when he comes over
Introduction: mikes got a cousin that is a total nymph. She loves bein his little cumslut! This is the first of many of their sexual adventures. I will be going into detail about every one of their sexual adventures and fantasies in my later stories... This story involves incest and pedophilia so if these topics offend or disturb you stop reading and please don't leave nasty comments... Constructive criticism please and enjoy! :)

Mike was 16 and he had a 11 year old nympho for a cousin. Ashton, Mike's cousin, was a fiery little redhead who couldn't get enough sex. She had to pleasure herself several times a day. She was a total cum-slut! She LOVED rubbing Mike's cum all over her and then licking it off. She even once let her 2 year old sister lick a little off.

 She was just barely growin her little breasts and she had a nice tight little cunt that Mike just couldn't keep his 6 1/2"  cock out of! He loved the feel of her tight little girl cunt tight on his cock.

Mike was always over at her house helping her mom with stuff, because her dad had left when she was little. Whenever her mom was away, Ashton and Mike would fuck as much as they could! Mike had taken her virginity, taught her to give a handjob, taught her to give a blowjob and even fucked her in the ass for the first time.

Mike knew a couple of the other guys in the neighborhood that were Ashtons age and they had all told him that Ashton was a hot little cock-tease. That had given Mike a idea... He told Ashton to be ready for a new surprise next weekend when he came over.

So when next weekend rolled around, Mike came over and Ashton greeted him at the door wearing nothing but a small towel. She yanked Mike in the door telling him her mom wasnt home and begging him for a surprise saying, "Please Daddy! Please!!"

Mike told her to go get on her bed naked and be waitin for him. He then called up all 4 of the guys in the neighborhood and told them to come over.

When they got there he walked them back to the room and said, "Well guys. Are you ready for your first gangbang?"

Ashton looked shocked and surprised, but Mike could tell by the way her pussy was getting wet that she was willin. So all the guys took up there positions. Mike got right in front of her pussy and turned her on her side as a one of the guys got right in front of her tight little ass. The other three guys got right in her face. They all got undressed, and she put one guys cock in her mouth and grabbed ahold of the other two.

Mike started to fuck her in the her tight little pussy real fast while the other guy slowly fucked her tight little asshole. This was driving Ashton insane!! She started to scream with the guys dick in her mouth. The vibrations from her scream pushed him over the edge and he blew his load right in her mouth, which he dutifully swollowed every drop. 

One of the guys she was jacking off blew his load right on her chest and the other followed. Just then, the guy that had been fucking Ashton in the ass blew his load, which just left Mike who was viciously fucking Ashtons pussy. He came inside her, shooting six shots of his seed into her womb.

Ashton, who still hadn't cum yet started rubbing the two boys sticky load all over her chest and down into her pussy where she started to finger herself viciously til she came.

Ashtons mom, Kristen, had been watching the whole time. Kristen was immensly turned on by watching her nephew and the neighborhood boys gang bang her daughter.

Kristen was burnette milf with nice D cup tits and a beautiful shaved pussy. She knew that Ashton masturbated a lot and enjoyed hearing her daughter please herself. Kristin was reminded of when she was about Ashtons age, when she had been just like Ashton. She was bi and she had often thought about eating out her daughters pussy whenever she heard her masturbate. Well now was her chance...

Kristin walked into the room full of naked boys wearing nothing but a smile. She asked the boys, "do any of you boys have anything left for a horny milf?" with a wink at Mike. Mike decided that he wanted Kristin all to himself so he said, "let's save this for another day boys. Yall get home" as he walked over to Kristin and bent her over the bed with her face right in her daughters wet cum filled pussy. She dutifully began to eat the delicious young cunt while Mike put his cock in her pussy and began to pump in and out. Allthe boys stopped gettin dressed as she began to man his name out loud. "Oh Mike!!! Ya fuck my sweet pussy!! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!!! Oh Daddy please fuck me!!!"

Ashton was deeply enjoying her first time being eaten out. She cried out in lustful ecstasy as her mom ate her pussy! "Oh Mommy! Eat my pussy!! Eat it!!! Oh god I need it soo bad! Please mommy please!" 

Ashton screamed one last time as she came all in her moms mouth! Mike was pushed over the edge as he came in his aunts hot pussy

"Get outta here now" said mike to all the boys. 

"Mmmmm I think you should spend the night tonight" said Kristin


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2012-07-30 15:40:44
Redheads are sluts no matter their age

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2010-07-06 10:32:58 foreplay at all...just jump right in utterly boring....
2 out of 10....Thumbs and other appendages down.....


2010-07-05 18:58:39
Okay while all yjis was going on where was the little sister?


2010-07-05 16:40:49
Thank you all for your constructive criticism and all your suggestions will be taken into consideration... Thank You Again


2010-07-05 00:33:45
7/10 good story although i think the other boys should have been his age or older and bringing in the mom was ok but i prefer reading only about young little girls getting fucked. by the way she is almost too old for my taste, but overall i rated it positive; wouldn't mind reading more especially if she has younger female cousins or friends!!!!

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