In a Southern State
It was a beautiful summer day, and a light breeze was blowing the new green leaves. Candyce, a girl of 17 walked up the steps of the new government office-building. She had a applied for a summer job there and was just checking back to see if she had gotten the job. She opened the doors and walked in, the air-conditioning in contrast with the hot, summer day. Candyce asked the assistant if she could see if she had gotten the job. The secretary told her to wait in the executive's office. Candyce made her way upstairs and down the hall to the office, and sat down. She looked around the room. It was comfy, like the executive who used this office was used to being there a lot. She noted an expensive leather couch and armchair. She took a seat on the couch and began to go over her resume. After a few minutes, a man walked in. He had light brown hair, a suit, and Candyce thought he was very handsome.
"Hi..." He said. "Candyce Jones, right?"
"Yes, sir. I was trying out for the summer job..?"
"Well, let's take a look at your resume."
Candyce handed him her resume, feeling giddy when their hands touched.
He sat down next to ehr on the couch as he read the resume, Candyce couldn't help thinking that he was probably well-endowed, since he seemed so big and muscular. He noticed her looking at him and smiled, glancing up to see that she had a few buttons of her blouse undone, revealing a white lace brazier and numerous amounts of cleavage.
Candyce scooted slightly closer to him, feeling horny. I wonder what he thinks of me, she thought. Am I doing the right thing? Candyce rubbed his leg with hers, and he moved closer. She reached up and began to touch his clean-chaven face. He dropped her resume and cupped one of her breasts in his hand. They passionatley began to kiss, and Candyce unzipped his pants with her free hand.
"Ooohh....I thought you were sexy when I walked in.." he breathed.
"I did, too.." She answered between kisses.
HIs pants were soon on the floor, and her blouse was off. They both laid down on the couch. He threw off her skirt and bra, her panties came off soon after. He looked down at her clean-shaven pussy, and began to have a hard-on. He took off his boxers, and sat up. She knelt on the floor, tugging and licking at his dick. Candyce had been right, he was well-endowed. She geussed it was maybe a 10-incher. She fit as much as she could in her mouth, then began fondling his balls.
"Uhhnn...I'm gonna cum.." He told her.
Candyce dropped his hard dick and resumed laying down on the couch, legs open, exposing her tight, pink twat. He stuck a finger in her opening, then eased in his dick. He started to get a rhythm going. Candyce was gasping and clutching onto the side of the couch, sweat already beading on her face, her breasts bouncing up and down at the force of his dick.
"Uhnn...uhnn....Fuck me.." She whispered.
He felt an orgasm rising in his balls, and the cum jetted out, flooding her tight pussy. Candyce began to scream, but he put a hand over her mouth.
"Shhh....Or the office will hear us.." He explained.
Candyce nodded, spreading her legs wider.
"Let's take..uuhh....a break.." She gasped. He slid out of her pussy, making a squelching noise. He sat up, as she knelt down to resume sucking his dick, tasting her own juices as well as his. After a few minutes, she laid back down, ready for another session. She shut her eyes, waiting for him to enter her, but he began to lick her pussy, getting out as much of the cum as was dripping out. Candyce arched her back in ecstasy, loving every minute with this handsome man, not even knowing his name. When he had lapped up most of their succulent sex-liquid, he laid down and she sat on top of him, legs spread. She raised herself over his dick, letting her pussy come slowly down onto it. Then, she began to move up and down, her head back. He grabbed her hips and forced her down all the way to his balls. Candyce gasped.
"OOhhh..Uhn..uhnn.....harder...Faster!" Candyce cried out.
He began to go faster, and her breasts began to bounce up and down. He cummed inside her one more time, letting it flow far up in her, each bounce making a squelching noise. Then, they both rested, his dick still far up inside her, too tired to do much. Finally, she slid off, and began to suck the remaining cum out of his balls, leaning up to french-kiss him. She swallowed the load before resting beside him, both of them plastered with sweat. Then, Candyce asked the first question that came to mind.
"So....Did I get the job?.."

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2011-11-14 08:40:20
Some people talk shit about this story. I don't agree. I like it
its only a bit short


2007-07-27 09:29:18
well i no 4 a fact i got turned on by this story! so all those fucks out ther whp said its not a good story r fucking lying. it was fucking brill. well done


2006-07-11 08:57:17
geez some people are assholes. If you dont like the story, theres no reason to get abusive, except to prove yourself as limp-dicked retard.

Ive read better but at least it had good punctuation and spelling


2005-11-11 10:46:56
shitty story fuck head


2005-10-24 12:03:40

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