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this happened 3 years ago
I was on my face book account when I got a message from a girl named Megan Lymith. Once asked her out but she said no. I liked her mostly as a friend but a little bit I'd like her as a girl friend. I didn't like her because of her looks but because she was nice and cute and we had stuff that we both liked. She liked anything classic wise for music and I do to. She liked TV shows that I liked. But man she had looks to. Nice curves on her body, nice but (as from what I saw with her jeans), nice sized breasts for her size and not to small and not to fat lips. She had nice straight always-tan legs, and long straight bleach blond hair. I liked her because she was nice, great taste, since of humor and a great personality. That's what I like in a girl.

Anyway I got a message from her asking me to meet her somewhere. So I replied saying "sure, where at?" Just a few seconds later she replied. "How about over at CG Market?"

"Sure, when?" I said.

"How about noon?"

I thought about it for a minute and replied "Sure, how about we ride bikes or something?"

She replied quickly yet again and said "Yeah lets. But at two I have to get my mom something from Wall mart."

After I got that message I thought to my self "wow, I'm actually hanging out with the girl I like." I then replied. “OK. So just text me by my number when you ready to meet.” I then gave her my cell number and she gave me hers. I though to my self “Wow I got a girls number!”

Time went by fast enough for me to finally meet in the parking lot of CG Market with Megan Lymith. I waited no more that 30 seconds then I heard her call my name out and I looked behind towards city hall. As soon as she got up to me I noticed that her boobs have gotten a little bit bigger since school had gone out. She came over and gave me a hug and I felt her tits press up against me.

“Long time no see, huh?” she said.

We both chuckled a little bit and I said “Yeah only two months ago. Ha. Seems like yesterday actually.”

“Yeah. So shall we ride?” she asked that with so muck enthusiasm and with such a big grin.

That ride lasted till two o’ clock and we were all ready over at Wall mart and just like she said she ran inside and came out with one bag with two boxes. And I could just tell at what they were. Or so I thought. I thought they were period stoppers. We were just under a bridge when she stopped and reached into a bag. She pulled out a box of Trojan man condoms.

“Whoa…. Did you get those for your mom or-“ she interrupted

“No silly, for you!” she said.

“Wait what? Why would I want a box of condoms? It’s not like I have sex or any thing!”

She started talking in a way that would be in a playful but yet serious voice. It was just her way I guess. “I know you don’t but for practice. I got my ex a box of condoms once, too.”

I had to force my self to get the bulge in my pants to go away. As soon as I swallowed she looked down. “Oh god, don’t notice!” I thought to my self. She raised an eyebrow.

“Well… that’s not a thing you see out in public every day.” She said grinning and staring at me

“What, what are you talking about?” I tried my best not to sound nervous but I think I stuttered a bit.

“Oh like you don’t know. Nice shorts, bony man.” She started laughing and I couldn’t hold it any more I started to grin and broke out into a big smile.

“Just don’t tell anybody ok. I don’t want to be embarrassed.” I said. She still didn’t stop laughing. I thought to my self “Great, now I sound like a crybaby.”

She stopped laughing for a minute after I stopped talking. “Ok, but only if you promise to take the condoms, bony boy!” she broke out laughing again.

“Ok, fine.” I said with a sigh and snatched the box out of her hands.

She stopped laughing finally and we continued on our bike ride. We went to her house and stopped to drop of the other package. I was inside waiting for her when I saw the guitar collection she had. She had guitar designs like on them like famous guitarists. She had one like Edward Van Halens guitar. Another like Jimmy Hendrix’s guitar.

She came out of her room with a tighter shirt and a pare of jeans cut into tight short shorts that the cupped pussy and pelvis area to make a cute looking camel tow. I don’t think she was wearing a bra either. I could sort of see the out line of her nipples when I looked at her tits.

“Whoa, you look… you look…” I was sweating practically and swallowing my tong. “You look hot.”

She chuckled a bit when I said that. “Thank you. I thought I’d slip into something a little more summer like. You know?”

“Ummm…. Yeah I guess. Wears your bathroom at?” I asked that because I was starting to get a boner.

“Down this hall to the third left.” She winked at me and when I was behind her she sort of pinched my ass.

I went into the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. I pushed down on my six-inch dick to make it go down but it wouldn’t budge. I pulled out a condom from the box and said to my self, “Buddy, you might come in handy later.” The boner finally went away and I came back out and she was leaning up against the door.

“You ready Freddy?” she said that and I replied with a faint yes with a quiver in my voice like a ghost recording.

As we were riding bikes, she sort of swooped up above me and as she was peddling, I could see her thighs and butt moving in patterns of such a way that was hot. I could tell that she is wearing a thong by the thin strap that’s just over the top of her short’s waist strap. We were just pass Culp Creek trailhead and up the mountain were there was nobody what so ever.

She stopped in the middle of the trail and I stopped right beside her. The sweat was just a shiny coat on her skin. Her legs were tan with shiny strips on them. Her shirt was wet in places by the water that she placed on her to keep her nice and cool.

In a low and breathy voice she said, “Joey… come here.” I moved my bike and my body closer to hers and she put her hands over my waist and wrapped her arms around mine then released me and put my hands on her tits.

I tore my hands away acting like what the fuck just happened. “Whoa…. What are you doing?”

She started to talk but stopped then started to talk again. “Oh come on. We were just playing. Live a little.”

I put on a grin and put my hands on her waist again not sure what her reaction was going to be. She put hers on my shoulders and slowly slid them down to the top of my waist. I put my lips to hers and pulled away. She liked her lips in sign of enjoyment. Again my lips touched hers and our tongs met and danced together like a bride and her groom. Her hands her now touching my butt. Then touching my crotch. Now touching the tip of my six-inch cock. My hands moved from waist to butt, then to her tits. I pulled the shoulder straps off and revealed her tits.

The urge to taste and suck on her juicy nipples were so over whelming that I couldn’t hold my self any longer. I cocked my head down words and as soon as I put my mouth on her right breast nipple she shivered and took deep breaths. With my other hand I put it on her left breast and squeezed and pulled on her nipple.

She put her hand on my chest and slid down with her hand down to my shorts. She grabbed the tie I had in the lace and untied it. She first felt the bulge in my shorts then she pulled the waist strap down bellow my cock and balls. She also had a hold of my boxers.

My heart was beating faster than I could imagine. I was breathing harder than I thought. She then put her warm moist hands on my cock and started to jerk. I was taking deeper and deeper breaths every time she jerked. I urged my self not to cum to quickly and then she put her warm mouth over it. I could feel her tong circling the head of my dick dancing like to people in the moonlight. She then started to go forward and back.

“Mmmmm… ahhhh…” her moaning was like music to my ears.

I then made a moan of my own. I then realized what we were doing. But it was already to late because I couldn’t stop my self from cuming this time. I cumed little bit more than I usually did. She swallowed fast but not fast enough because I looked down and saw her take her mouth off my cock and I squirted a bit on he face and tits. A little bit of saliva and cum escaped from her lips and she then swallowed about half of the cum. Then she said this with cum coming out of her mouth “Mmmmm…. Sweet, just like you. Your turn.”

She then stood up and turned around and bent over. “Are you sure you’re a virgin because you seem to know what to do.” I said that while she was still looking at me with a grin.

I then slid my finger from the top of the seem down the butt crack and over the pussy to the zipper and button. I un-buttoned and un-zipped the shorts. I then pulled on the shorts to the mid part of the butt. She stood one leg up then the other and I completely pulled off her shorts revealing a thong.

The thong was black and was very tight. The sweet sent sneaked into my nostrils. I then took a deep whiff of her sweet aroma. She was so wet that you could see the out line of her pussy and vulva. I pulled on the thong so hard that it snapped. “Oh, we got Mr. Strong back there. I then saw the neatly shaved pussy. I put my hands on her butt cheeks and I then put my face near the vagina. I first started to circle it. I then placed my tong on the center of the pussy and forced my tong into paradise.

I thought to my self “So this is what a pussy taste like.” It was soft and warm inside. I could taste the fluids of her and smell them. She moaned and moaned. Her moans were so loud that a dog at a house above us was barking and howling. It sounded like she was trying to get words out of her mouth. She finally got her senses back and said, “I’m going to cum! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!”

I then felt her pussy contract and tighten on the inside and I felt her love fluids coming into my mouth. “Wow…. Your tong is amazing…” she said that breathing heavily. “I wonder how you would do on the inside.” She said that with a wink. She stood up, still on her knees and pulled off her shirt. She was now completely naked.

I then grabbed my cock and pressed it up on her pussy. I pushed and with one smooth push my dick slid smoothly into her tight pussy. She moaned and struggled not to yell. I started out slow at first but slowly got faster. She grabbed my hands and put them on her breasts she made me squeeze them as hard as I can. She stood up and pressed her back against me. She then stood up and raped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck.

“Ohhhhh……… It hurts but feels good at the same time.” I was listening to her and at the same time paying attention at what was going on down at the bottom.

“Ok… in or out, tell me quick.” But it was already to late. I could feel my self erupting inside of her. I was breathing heavily and my legs were shaking. My legs were shaking so hard that I almost collapsed. But before I did I set her down in the grass and I sat right next to her.

“I guess we better get dressed before somebody comes.” She got up and got a bottle of water and washed her breasts off, her pubic bone and her face. She then quickly got dressed and I washed my face and pubic area and dressed quickly as well.

We are still boy friend and girl friend to this very day

anonymous readerReport

2011-06-24 10:53:56
Cracks me up we are all on a sex stories site and you complain about grama seriously? Get your nuts off and get the hell over it lol

anonymous readerReport

2010-09-25 03:42:24
You have the writing skills of a 10 yr old. You ARE 10 yrs old aren't you?

Anonymous readerReport

2010-07-08 19:25:11
Yeah lots of spelling errors, also, sex on a bike path? Particularly tongs and humor is spelled humour in England although if CG market is in Orlando then the story was not written in England. Good plot though and everything else, just grammar and sex on a bike path.

Anonymous readerReport

2010-07-07 21:33:54
Ok, so CG market is an Orlando conveniece store chain, and the term ride was used to mean bikes. As a non-American, I am clueless to these things.

Anonymous readerReport

2010-07-07 21:31:37
Also, clarify what CG market is. An amusement park? It seems to me to be a local thing.

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