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Part 2

It is now 4pm. After removing your piss soaked underwear and stockings you are taking a shower.

You are enjoying the feel of the water over your body, you begin to apply the soap, starting at your ankles and working your up your legs.

You work the soap over your legs, they are smooth because you shaved them this morning. You move your hands over your pussy, you part the outer lips and touch the hood which covers your clit, it is still sensitive following the attention it has been getting already today. You let out a soft moan, thinking about it.

You move your hands onto your breasts. You cover them in soap and tilt your head back as you apply gentle circular movements over them. Your nipples harden and you let out another small moan.

You are letting the water pour over your head and your eyes are closed, so you are a little startled when you feel another set of hands covering yours.

You move your hands away and let this newly arrived pair of hands hold your soap covered breasts. The hands begin to move over you, gently at first, and then a little harder. The fingers spread and grab handfuls of your soft flesh.

You are pulled backwards towards the body of the man who the hands belong to. Hands which are now gripping tightly onto your breasts. You tilt your head back and close your eyes as your lover’s lips move onto yours. I kiss you deeply, my tongue exploring deep inside your mouth.

My hands move down and circle your waist. I squeeze you tight against me. My cock is hard and it slides between your soap covered upper thighs.

My hands move down to your pussy and caress the folds of your outer lips. The lubricating effect of the soap makes your pussy slippery to the touch.

My hands move around your hips and rest on the cheeks of your arse. I grab your arse cheeks and squeeze them firmly. I move my hands to your shoulders and push you forward slightly so that you are bent over in front of me.

You reach over and hold onto the wall to steady yourself. You part your legs slightly as my hands return to your arse. You feel my thumbs work into your backside, probing to find your tight hole.

My thumbs pull apart your arse cheeks to reveal to me the rose shaped hole within. My right hand releases its grip on you and my finger touches you on the tightly closed hole.

You bend lower to accommodate my finger as the soap covered digit slowly pushes inside you. You feel the first knuckle pass into you and clench the finger tight, knowing the second, larger knuckle will be entering you soon.

You relax your anal muscles a little to allow the finger to probe deeper into your tight hole. You feel the second knuckle enter you and you moan.

The finger now pushes deeper into you. You feel my other fingers slide under you seeking out your pussy. You feel my long middle finger find your waiting pussy. The finger enters you with ease. You push back towards me as I begin to finger fuck both of your holes in a slow rhythm. Your pussy is now ready for more.

My ring finger joins my middle finger and they both slide deep into your wet, soapy pussy. You feel the finger in your arse begin to twist and turn with each stroke. Your muscles contract and relax with the rhythm. Your arse is now ready for more.

The fingers in your pussy withdraw. You tense slightly, then relax, knowing that you will need to be relaxed to allow entry into your tight anal hole.

You feel the two fingers at the entrance to your arse. You feel them push hard against the hole until your sphincter muscles relax enough to allow the two probes to enter. The rhythm starts slow, then gathers pace. Faster and faster the fingers enter into you. My right hand is fucking your arse while my left hand is pressed on you back, keeping you bent over.

Your eyes are closed. You hear me whisper “Anna, are you ready?”

You feel the rhythm of the two fingers fucking your arse start to slow down. You feel them make one final, deep thrust, then slide out, they are gone. You feel slightly empty, but you hope it won’t be for long.

You part your legs wider and you bend over a little further, knowing it will help. You feel my hands grip your waist on either side. You know what is coming.

You feel the tip of my cock on your arse cheeks. You feel it rest on your hole. You try to relax, but the anticipation is making you tense. Then your muscles begin to do what you want and relax slightly, and you then feel the tip of my cock push its way into your tight arse.

I slide my cock into you, slowly and deliberately. Your body reluctantly accepts the invasion and your muscles squeeze tightly as the hard cock penetrates deep inside you for the second time today.

You feel my balls hit the top of your thighs and you know I am fully inside you.

My grip on your waist becomes tighter and I begin to slowly slide my cock back and forth inside your tight arse. On each stroke, you feel the large bulb of my cock head reach your sphincter before it is thrust in once more.

You brace yourself as the rhythm increases. My cock is now sliding quickly in and out. My grip on your waist gets tighter as I almost lift you off your feet with each thrust into you.

You shout “Yes!” as I jackhammer my cock deep inside you. You sense I am close to climax. You feel my body tense as I begin my final orgasmic thrusts. Then, you feel my hot cum explode from my cock and shoot deep into your arse, filling you with warmth and wetness simultaneously. We both relax and let out contented sighs.

My cock is still inside you. I lean over your back and whisper “Mmmmm Lover. Shall we go back into the bedroom?”

We spend a couple of minutes drying each off with towels before I take you by the hand and lead you to the bedroom.

You climb onto the bed and lie back fully outstretched with your eyes closed. You feel the added weight on the bed as I climb on beside you.

You feel my breath on your cheek and on the side of your neck. You feel my lips kiss your neck softly, then kiss your shoulder and move towards your chest. You feel the line of kisses move towards your right breast. You feel the kisses move to your nipple. You feel my mouth open over your nipple before you feel my teeth close gently onto it. You feel my teeth tighten their grip slightly forcing you to let out a quiet moan.

You sense my mouth leave your nipple and then feel the kisses resume below your breast and continue down to your waist. The line of kisses moves to your hips and then to the top of your right thigh. You feel them on your thigh and you hope they will move to your waiting pussy.

The kisses move lower down your thigh and you part your legs slightly hoping to encourage them towards your pussy.

You feel my weight shift as I move into a position over you. You feel kisses being planted on the inside of your right thigh and then the left, just inches from your pussy.

You part your legs further. You feel the kisses begin to move closer towards your newly cleaned, pussy lips.

You feel me kiss each of your outer lips in turn, then you feel a kiss on the fleshy hood which is barely concealing your waiting clitoris. You instinctively part your legs wider, allowing your pussy to come into full view. You feel good offering up your pussy to me, and excited in anticipation of what is to come.

You feel my tongue on your pussy, it is licking gently at your wet pussy slit. You feel my tongue move higher, towards your hardening clit. As the tip of my tongue reaches your clit you let out a soft moan and push your hips towards me. My tongue is forced deeper into your pussy and you feel the tip of my nose on your clit.

My tongue is now deep inside you licking and lapping at the juices it finds. You sense my tongue move lower and touch the sensitive area close to your anus. You raise your legs allowing me to reach your anal rose. My tongue finds the hole and gently circles the edge causing you to moan once more.

My tongue returns to your pussy slit and buries itself deep inside you. My hands are on your inner thighs, forcing your legs to spread wide. My tongue laps at your pussy like thirsty dog, it runs from your anus to your clit and back again, thrusting deep into your pussy as it passes by and probing into your anus when it reaches there too.

Your pussy is now covered in your own juice and my saliva, you feel my tongue on your clit. You feel it circle the hard bud. You feel my hand pull the hood clear, leaving your clit fully exposed. You feel my tongue lick and flick the bud, the rhythm increases, faster and faster. You are now breathing faster in time to the attention your clit is getting. Your legs begin to move wildly around and you know you are close. Your orgasm builds inside you. You feel the wave of it overtake you. It runs from your arms and from your legs, as it heads straight for your pussy before exploding out through your clit. My tongue is still flicking at it as the orgasm takes over you and you scream out! YES! YES! YES!

You sink back onto the bed thinking that it is over but you are shocked as you feel my hands cup beneath your buttocks and force your hips up towards my mouth. My open mouth attaches to your pussy and begins to suck in the fleshy lips and stiffened clit in one. My tongue darts onto your clit and flicks from side to side causing a fresh wave of orgasmic pleasure to wash over you. The relaxation comes when I release you to fall back onto the soft bed.

Your head is back and your eyes are closed as you sense me move up along your body until my mouth finds yours. You open your mouth and our lips meet. You taste your pussy and you suck on my mouth to enjoy it some more. Your hands move to my buttocks as you feel my hard cock positioned at the entrance to your pussy. You raise your hips and sense the tip of my cock at the entrance to your pussy. You spread your legs a little more and then feel me thrust into you. You are wet and the initial thrust is deep and fills your pussy. You can feel the head of my cock hit the cervix deep within you.

We kiss deeply as my cock begins to slide in and out of your wet pussy. The strokes are long and slow, filling your pussy with hot cock flesh. The strokes become quicker as I build up the rhythm within you. The bed is beginning to bounce beneath you. Each bounce is coinciding with a thrust making each stroke deeper.

My hands are gripping your wrists above your head. My mouth is pressed firmly on yours. My cock is pounding into your pussy. You feel the familiar waves of pleasure begin to wash over your body. Your fingers are tingling, as are your toes.

Your orgasm builds and builds until finally it overtakes you completely. Your hips thrust up towards me and force my cock to penetrate deep inside you. Your pussy contracts repeatedly, milking the hard organ buried within you. Finally you sink back once more onto the soft bed and let out a moan of complete satisfaction.

You are just beginning to wonder what is going to happen next when you feel my cock slide from within you.

You open your eyes and see me motion for you to roll over onto all fours. You assume the doggy position, resting down on your elbows to make sure your arse is pointed upwards towards me. You part your knees and enjoy the feeling of being exposed like a bitch ready for the taking.

You bury your head into the pillow as you feel my hands take a firm grip on your hips. You feel my cock briefly pause at the entrance to your wet, swollen pussy, before it is thrust deep within you.

The wetness of your pussy allows me to fuck you hard and fast immediately. You are being pounded from behind and you want it to be deep, hard and fast. You are not disappointed, my cock is ramming into you so hard you feel like your pussy will never be the same again!

I continue to ram into you for several minutes before you feel me pull out of you. You turn to look behind you and see me climb from on the bed and walk towards you, my hard cock is pointing out in front of me.

As I reach the edge of the bed you adjust your position slightly and open your mouth ready to take my cock.

You take hold of my cock and close your mouth over the shiny head. You are still on all fours on the soft bed and you realise you need both hands to balance. You feel the fingers of my left hand run through your hair and then grab hold of a handful. Gripping your head, my hand then pulls your mouth further onto my cock.

You run your tongue on the underside of my cock enjoying the sensation of the frenum. You feel the head of my cock deep in your mouth and you resist the urge to gag. You are on all fours and having your mouth fucked hard and you are wondering what other pleasures I might have in mind for us to do today?

You feel the pace of the face fucking quicken and you sense I must be close to cumming. You open your mouth and look up into my eyes. You see my right hand sliding up and down the length of my cock, the slit is pointing at your open mouth. My left hand grips a little tighter on your hair and then I cum my hot creamy load into your mouth.

The first spurt is a direct hit. It hits the top of your mouth and slides down your throat. The second spurt hits your right cheek, the third hits the corner of your mouth. You collect the hot liquid with your tongue and swallow it, licking your lips afterwards.

You open your mouth and I place my now sensitive cock inside. You roll your tongue around the bulb and gently lick the final drips of cum from the slit.

I pull my cock from your mouth and stand before you. You climb from the bed and stand in front of me, I fold my arms around you and we embrace. My hands run down your back and rest on your arse cheeks.

I put my lips on yours and my hands begin to squeeze your buttocks and pull your hips tightly towards mine. You are a little surprised, but very pleased, to feel my cock begin to grow hard between us.

You break off the kiss and slowly drop to your knees in front of me. My cock is standing out once more, level with your face. You lick the tip. The cock twitches in response. You lick the underside and slide your tongue the full length of the smooth shaft. The cock responds by pointing higher in the air, aiming for the ceiling. The erection has revealed to you the base of the cock and the tight, shaved, balls just below.

You lick the base of my cock and allow your tongue to travel over the smooth sack and under to the hard root below. You glance up and see me smiling at you. You take your cue and allow your tongue to continue to explore the area beneath my ball sack. You lick from side to side, then from front to back before eventually letting your tongue reach the tight hole of my anus. You feel the hole pucker and relax as your tongue teases the opening. You circle the rim with your tongue a couple of times before deciding to place the tip on to the hole itself. You make your tongue as hard as you can and drive it gently into my arse. You know you have only penetrated a fraction of an inch but the hole responds by squeezing and relaxing, encouraging your tongue to probe a little deeper.

You grip hold of my legs and push your tongue up between my arse cheeks and into my anal hole. I tense up and then let out a deep breath. “mmmmm. Thank you Lover”

“You deserve a drink.” “but first you need to get dressed” I say, nodding towards the clothes laid out over the chair in the corner of the room.

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