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Love between siblings living on an American frontier farm
The harsh country burned around them as Daniel and his brothers worked the rocky grounds of the new lands. Their parents and he were from the old country, hoping to come here for a new easier life, but finding it entailed much work as well. Danny sniffed the air and smelled his sister's stew cooking. "Time for dinner boys." He announced as he hitched up the horses and they made their way back to their roughly made home.

Pearl moved around the table plopping a dumpling into each of her brother's bowls of stew. She was the only female left on their farm, and with that came a surplus of feminine duties. As the three younger boys settled in next to the fire, Danny waited. His eyes moved over the curves his little sister had been building beneath her heavy skirts.

“Come here Beauty.” Daniel held his hand out to her after he placed his dish in her washtub. Pearl sighed and wiped her hands on her apron, pressing back a lock of dark hair. she stood before him as he ordered, looking up at her eldest brother as he moved his rough hand over her pretty face. She had turned fifteen a week earlier and her eldest brother had decided he was through waiting and he would awaken his little sister further to the cruel world, though with the harsh world he planned to show her many pleasures. He had already been teaching her the ways between a man and woman since she was thirteen. However, tonight he had more in store. He tucked his fingers in her tightly bound hair and yanked it back, roughly forcing her to tilt her head so his lips could meet hers. Her eyes closed as he moved his rough, sun burnt lips over her softer ones. He kept her inside on purpose, making his brothers and him do the rough "man’s" work or any other outside jobs he could, in order to keep his baby sister as a prize after a long days work. He moaned against her soft lips. The others kept busy around the fire as their oldest brother molested their little sister. “I think it’s time, little dove,” he murmured against her lips, “that you share my bed.” She opened her eyes to find his staring down at her. His pale eyes offset the multitude of freckles that covered his sun-dark skin.

“You need a haircut.” She stroked the curls of his dark red hair that coiled becomingly down past the tops of his shoulders.

“Do na change the subject, little sister.” He ordered in his thick Irish accent, turning her towards the ladder that led up to the upper levels of their home.

“I’ll join you.” Ethan jumped up his golden red hair curling like a halo around his beatific face. He was always eager to participate when it came to his little sister and pleasures,

“Not tonight.” Daniel ordered, his pale blue eyes ordering the second eldest brother to back off.

Daniel was big, like Pearl remembered papa being, and red as she remembered mama. She was the opposite, dark like their father, and small, yet plush, like their mother. She moved ahead of him, up the ladder, across the landing to another ladder. This time he stopped her as she ascended. He deposited his lantern on a hook while she waited. She was used to his lifting her petticoats to admire the sight of her long curving legs leading up to her plump, jutting buttocks. His hand stroked her naked limbs, glad, for once, that they were too poor to afford her to buy fabric for pantaloons. He moved up higher, making her stay still as he kissed and suckled his way up her calves, pressing her thighs apart slightly so he could caress them with his hands and lips, and ending at her perfect, fat ass cheeks. She shuddered as he bit and kissed each one before he smacked them and ordered her to continue up into the top room, the one their parents had occupied when they were alive, on the third story.

“Undress, Pearl.” He ordered as he closed the rough-hewn hatch, and set down the lantern as he watched her and began undoing his own shirt buttons. She did, looking to the side bashfully as she undid the buttons of her rough calico dress.

“I need to buy you some nicer fabrics, little sister.” Daniel had moved in next to her and was undoing her bun, then braids as she continued to undress. He pulled away to look at her, his hands holding her arms aloft so he could see her heavy round breasts, their puffy rosy nipples beckoning him, the swelling of her hips with the small triangle of dark curls in their center. He admired her smooth skin, pale and glowing next to the long dark waves of her hair. "Aye, ye are the most beautiful woman in all these parts my little dove," he whispered. He was always gentle with her, never whipping her when she was out of line, as he sometimes did the younger boys. “Put your arms around me, my beauty.” He whispered against her cheek as he circled his own around her waist, his hand landing and squeezing a plump buttock.

She did as he ordered, her much smaller limbs having a tough time circling his broad shoulders and chest. She had to stand on tiptoe to hug him, delighting him with the feel of her large round breasts pressing into his hairy chest. He lifted her up with a toss to land in his huge arms, smiling up at her as he hugged her hips when she laughed at the sensation that made her tummy giddy. To him she was nothing compared with the heft of the many items he had to maneuver throughout the day. Though, at dinner he always insisted she eat a large portion of the meals she made in order to keep her plump and pretty. She hated how his eyes were always boring into her whenever they sat down to a meal, watching to make sure she did not eat lightly.

He lay her down upon the large feather tick, his large, rough hand roving her soft body as he kissed her. She cried out softly in protest when his lips left hers, but she stopped as she felt his mouth suckle, his tongue caress the sensitive spot beneath her ear. Then down over her throat to her gleaming collarbone, around the swells of her jiggling tits to land his mouth upon a puffy, rosy, silver dollar sized nipple until it peaked in his mouth. He moved across her chest with his lips, lifting her other plump breast to his lapping tongue before he pressed his lips around his sister’s other puffy nipple and sucked it in deep. She loved it when he did this, moaning softly, caressing the curls of his sweaty head and trying not to let the others hear her as her eldest brother pleasured her. His mouth moved down further along her body, kissing her belly as his hands caressed her waist and hips. She parted her thighs as he often had her do, closing her eyes as his mouth found her sweet, juicy pussy, sucking at her furred outer labia a moment, and then lightly licking the wetting crease between them. With her groans he became more earnest, his tongue moving between her outer lips to lap at her inner folds. His fingers squeezing as they parted her labia, allowing him access to the darkening clit that throbbed within. He smiled as he suckled and licked the little berry then tugged gently with his teeth and lips at her moistened folds, enjoying the way his baby sister lost control when he did. He held her shaking thighs down and apart as he continued tugging and sucking the little spot until it threatened to burst. He could hear her groan as she pressed a pillow to her mouth, and he felt her pussy muscles roll in ecstasy as his tongue continued lapping and massaging her swollen inner lips and clit.

Pearl panted, her eyes closed as she moaned and quivered in the aftershocks of pleasure. Her big brother moved over her, kissing the pudge of her tummy, the inward curve of her waist, the round plump curve of her breast, before settling his heavy weight on top of her and pressing his hard mouth, sopped with her pussy's juices upon her soft one. His tongue shoved itself inside, moving, circling, and tasting every part of her sweet mouth.

Pearl drove her older brother mad with lustful longing. He had often visited the local brothel, closing his eyes and crying out his sister's name as he came in the various prostitutes’ twats. Tonight, he decided he would no longer would wait nor have to imagine. "no darlin…" he ordered when she tried to sit up and grabbed at his thickened cock as he had taught her. "not tonight, my little love." He pressed her to lie back down, his eyes on his pretty sister's face as he moved his erection to settle between the sodden lips that he had been sucking on moments before.

Pearl closed her eyes, letting her brother do the work, as she waited, not knowing what was about to happen. She made soft surprised noises, her eyelids lifting, her dark eyes looking into Danny's pale ones as he centered his thickness into the tight, wet crease of her inner lips. He kissed her tenderly, the springy curls of his hair hanging down around his handsome Irish face as his eyes moved over her pretty, small one. He was thirteen years older, the creases around his eyes and mouth showing his many years of hard labor in the sun. he still had the strong accent of the country to which he was born, while she barely did, partly due to her being born in the new lands, in the same bed he was taking her virginity in.

Pearl's eyes grew large, frightened as he pressed in slightly and she felt a surge of pain. “Danny! Please! Stop!” she pressed against his thickly muscled chest.

“Shhhh…” Danny grabbed his sisters delicate wrists and forced them above her head, grunting in slight anger at her resistance. He held both of her small hands with one of his large ones while he stroked her hair with the other, trying to console her. He started to sing to her in his wonderfully melodic voice, like he did when she was little, and like he did for a frightened foal, kissing her mouth lightly as he maneuvered his cock back to where she had caused him to shift away from. He held her hip tightly with his free hand and shoved in.

Pearl cried out, moving her cringing face to the side as her oldest brother’s cock shoved into her, breaking the thin membrane that stated her virginity. He kissed her face as he began slowly pressing his erection into her tight cunny. He began again to sing the lilting Celtic lullaby softly to her ear to calm her as he slowly fucked her, his baby sister, stopping the song to groan on occasion at the sweet tightness of her small pussy. She made feeble cries and moves of protest as he continued, his big body dwarfing hers, as he shifted her pelvis to meet his to allow deeper entry into her wet and bleeding pussy. “Oh my sweet baby sister…” he murmured against the tiny pink shell of her ear, “what a wonderful pussy you have, my little rose…” his lips suckled the spongy lobe of her ear as he pressed his pelvis harder against hers, shoving his dick in deeper and deeper, and giving his patience over to his pleasure. He released her hands and held his heavy body above her, smashing his hips against her opened soft thighs, she lay with her eyes shut tight, and trying not to cry as her large older brother fucked her, painfully pressing his cock inside her torn pussy high and deep. The lullaby became rougher as he continued, getting closer to his own orgasm, causing him to have to pause it when he would grit his teeth. Whenever he did quit singing, it gave the room a strange thick silence with only the sounds of his cock noisily slurping inside the tight confines of his sister’s cunt, wet with her quim and blood, alongside her small pained gasps.

"Oh thank you, thank you, thank you…,” he murmured a small blasphemous prayer, thanking for the feeling of having his cock implanted tightly inside his sister’s small pussy. He grunted one last time and arched, pressing his cock in high into his little sister's twat.

Pearl felt the splattering sear of a liquid heat as her eldest brother released his seed into her. Danny gasped as he did, falling upon her then clutching her tightly to him, his mouth caressing her sweaty throat as she cried silently. His hand stroked her cheek and hair as he reveled in the feel of his little sister’s pussy still clutching his thickness nicely.

He held her smaller body to his large one as he turned them onto his back, clutching her fat buttocks to keep him nicely implanted within her pussy. “That will be the only time it will hurt, sweetheart.” He murmured to the dark waves of her hair as she rested her head upon his broad muscled chest.

Pearl felt safe nestled snuggly in her large, eldest brother's arms, his large hand holding and squeezing her plump tit as they drifted off to sleep. They slept their first night together in the same bed, and from then on, would almost never sleep apart until the day of his death many, many years later.

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2013-01-14 12:32:50
- Such pretty ptohos! And I was so excited to have you on the blog today. You definitely keep some crazy hours, it is always so interesting to see how everyone else operates! Thanks for sharing :o).[]


2010-07-06 20:21:19
thank you both for your remarks. I will work on continuing this story then!


2010-07-06 17:43:20
I liked this story. I love Incest from the Female point of view. What happenes in the Female Body can best be described by a female.

What was good about this story was the tenderness and love shown by the Brother, in a time when it is assumed that it was all Male, Plug and No Play. Also that people who are Not Rail Thin also enjoy Sex and have a desire to wanted and loved.

Also in that Era going down on his sister and the pleasure that brought her.

A good story tha can be followed with a part to.

The Story is much better then the Rating.

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2010-07-05 22:06:32
Very nice, loved how realistic it was.


2010-07-05 17:38:56
I appreciate your response. I write with women in mind, or at least me in mind, so that probably doesn't appeal to some. I'm glad you liked it, though!

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