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A little celebration.....
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A deadly hush descended on the pitch.
Dave, 12 yards out from the goalline, measured himself up. I watched from way behind, the other end of the pitch, silently screaming.This was it. This ws the moment. Full-time, a sideways dig had landed Shaughnessy with a welt above his left eye, and us with one final penalty kick. One more goal, and we were ahead. One more score and Reid would win us the match.
He drew his hand over his brow, and the screech of the ref's whistle signalled the beginning.
Dave took a step forward, hesititated, and sent the ball sailing towards the net, but his hips had been open - the goalie misjudged, a mistake I had never made, and he feinted right. The ball buried itself in the right top corner.
For a minute there was silence.
Then we ROARED.
Reid turned, looking stunned as 9 of our teammates barrelled him over. Pierce was on the pitch, shaking the ref's hand, Dave draggged into the centre of the pitch. I could only watch, waiting for it to hit me. After weeks, months of training, losing, winning, shields, matches, we were the champions. The roar of the crowd pulsed through me. I was suddenly shaken into action by the pull of my team - breathless screams and and pushes. I ran forward into the curling crowd of footballers and let them sweep me along in shoves, screaming a high pitch that the guys weren't reaching.
"Just you fucking wait until tonight!" Taylor roared.

I arrived at 10, maybe a half-hour after everyone else, my mother having abandoned me to meet friends for a night out in Sterling. Taylor's house was incredibly close to mine, a two minute walk, or light jog as I was fond of doing, a blot on the countryside, now illuminated by lights, thundering music, pulsing bodies that spilled out a sliding door onto the lawn outside. Supporters, friends, girlfriends had crushed in, and grinded against each other in breathless celebration. I had dressed down a little, a very short, very tight white dress bought without my mother, hair loose, but I had thrown on a cardigan after seeing myself in the mirror. The pale half-moons of my breasts were pushed just above the seam of the strapless sheathe, my legs extending below it. I didn't wear a bra, though it wasn't that noticable, as the dress was quite tight. A slick of mascara made me feel a little more confident. I wanted Reid to see me, to know that this was for him, the dress deliberately the same shade as our football shirts- a reminder......
"Aliisooonnnn" Tucker swayed at the door, breaking onto a beam before pushing a can of Dutch Gold into my hand.
"Reid's looking for you inside" he half-whispered, as the crowd behind him chanted and shouted. His words sent a little shiver down me, but I smiled, took a swig of the can, and pushed through the crush of bodies.
I smiled at the calls that extended across the packed room at my entrance. I was drawn instantly to a tall figure a t the centre of the room, chatting to a group of the lads and girls over the burn of the thudding music, young, pretty girls, some I recognised, hanging on his every word, laughing, giggling. Jealousy burned through me as one snaked her hand around his arm as he spoke. One of the lads - Beckett nudged Dave, and he turned to see me across the room, and grinned. Stumbling a little, he left the group behind him, and pushed his way over to where I was standing. We met somewhere in the middle, and without saying a word, he kissed me.
He kissed me. In front of the guys, in front of those girls, and a dozen other strangers. He kissed me like this was it, this was all we could have, and it was all he wanted. Dave kissed me tenderly, passionately, his tongue pushing against mine, lips moulding to mine.
The thudding music dimmed to a dull hum under the screams and whistles of the crowd around us. I was frozen, and Dave started to pull away - I could taste the regret he was feeling, and it snapped me out of my daze.
My hands found his neck and held on to him, my tongue slipping through his lips. That was all he needed. Wrapping his hands around my waist, we kissed open mouthed as the lads behind us chanted his name -David Reiiddd.....DDaaavviddd Reiddd.....and when Jamieson shouted, much to the delight of the crowd
"Reid's finally getting some!"
he raised his middle finger while grinning against my mouth, his other arm wrapped all the way around my waist, as close together as we could be. I could feel the heat of his body through my thin dress. Finally after minutes, hours, he broke away, and the crowd cheered. I could still taste him, sweet and lingering.
"I fucking knew it" Dawes shouted from the back, grinning, quite drunk by then. Beckett went through the charade of shaking Dave's hand, and clapping him on the back before Dave gave him a cheerful knock.
Beckett gave us a playful push towards the dining table, pushed against the wall, serving as a makshift bar, on which bottles and cans of every deion had been placed - vodka, beer, wine, spirits, anything and everything the underage crowd could get their hands on.
"To celebrate" he grinned, and a little reluctantly I reached for a beer, but he redirected my hand to a bottle of vodka.
"Live a little dear" he winked, but Dave's hand closed over the bottle first, and he took a swig.
"Like paint stripper" he coughed, and passed it to me - the stuff was bloody strong, and my eyes burned.
Beckett sighed
"Load of pussies" and downed about a fifth of the bottle in a swallow before winking at me.
"Play nice Ali - and stay safe, y'know how we guys get" and shouldered Dave as he bustled past.
Dave smiled a little at the suggestive comment, but before I could say a word his lips caught mine again. This time I could taste the alcohol on his lips, but it wasn't a turn-off, it even turned me on a little, because although he was far from drunk, it excited me to think that he could ever lose control. And now that it was out, that the lads knew about us, there wasn't much point in holding back. And I was sick of hiding this.
"Here save something for the honeymoon" Tucker leaned in.
"Stop perving dude" I pushed him away laughing, before dragging Dave back against a wall with me, and kissing him deeply I raked my fingers up into his hair, nicely messed up. His breath was hot against my skin, a whispered suggestion, and I knew that this wasn't enough.
We spilled out the sliding door onto the pitch black lawn, and he pulled me towards the side of the house, where we wouldn't be seen. I was a little dazed by then, but the shock of cold air sobered me up. Dave pushed me against the stony wall, and anchored me there.

"I want you like you can't imagine" his breath was harsh against my ear. His fingers twined with mine by my side and he pulled my hands up above my head, pinning me against the wall behind me. Wrapping the long fingers of his right hand around both my wrists, Dave trailed his left hand down my cheek, and rested it at the hollow of my neck. I swallowed, and without warning he yanked the front of my dress down to uncover my breasts, round and full in the moonlight. I gasped involuntarily, and he smiled. Bending forward a little, he brushed his lips over the exposed skin at my neck, grazing me a little with his teeth, brushing his hands up and around my breasts, squeezing, and pushing me back against the cold wall. My dress was riding up around my thighs, and a cold breeze drew another gasp from me. Dave squeezed my nipples, and my arms came down around his neck, pulling him closer. He was getting hard - always reliable. The night air was heavy around us and I could hear the music from inside seeping out doors and windows. His eyes glinted in the blackness and his mouth came down on mine again, harder, more force than ever before. I moaned into his open mouth and hungrily he bent down to slip his tongue into my mouth, hands still cupping my warm boobs. The stony wall scraped me as I tilted my head upwards. Maybe it was the alcohol but something, some slight hesitation was gone. It was like the first time I had sex with him, in the changing rooms, where he hadn't cared about me, but this time it was the opposite - this was passion, not just wanting sex, wanting him, but needing it- like oxygen, like air. I breathed him in and he crushed his lips against mine again and again, lips burning against mine, tongue wrapping into mine. He pushed me back against the wall and pulled back
"Let's ditch" he murmured, a glint in his eye, and I nodded.
"My house is free" I whispered.
"Thank fuck" he grinned and pulled me away before pulling my top up again, gently, smoothing his fingers over the place where my skin, the pale half-moons of my breasts met thin fabric.

It was 15 minutes later when we stumbled from the taxi, Dave fumbling for his wallet, that I pulled him into my house for the second time.
"Every guy there was checking you out" he murmured, breath against my ear.
"You look so fucking good right now. But you're mine" his voice was low.
I shivered against him, truth in every word. I didn't want anyone but him.
His hand closed over mine and pushed the door gently open, pushing me forward into the darkness.
Dave had been here before, and knew where we were going as he pushed me gently, moving up the stairs, until we found the door to my bedroom, the last place we'd had sex, almost a fortnight before.
I spun and pulled him in with me, groping for the lamplight in the darkness. I stumbled backwards, his palms pushing me, and fell back on the bed, giggling lightly.
His palms pinned against the duvet, either side of my waist, and he bent over my body on the bed, bringing his face closer to mine, then kissing me lightly, biting down softly on my lip, breath tickling over my exposed skin, eyes hidden. His hands roamed over my chest, and without warning, pulled down my dress my the hem so that my breasts popped out, a raspy sigh escaping him. The last time we fucked I'd kept my bra on.He'd never seen the lovebite he''d left on my left breast, but if the one on my neck's reception was anything to go on, I was sure he'd like this one too...
I dropped my hand slowly and watched a new expression dawn on his face as his finger traced the fading bruise on the soft skin
"That's fucking hot"
I pressed his hand harder against me.
"You like that?" I murmured hot against his ear as he ground his body against mine. My fingers wound into his hair, pulling his face closer so that I could kiss his lips. My fingers went to his open shirt and pushed it off, fingers slicking his skin. He pulled the t-shirt that was underneath off himself,.His fingers rushed over mine, pulling the hem of my dress up to my waist, while pushing me up further on the bed at the same time.
A quiet sigh escaped my mouth at the feel of his fingertips on the soft hidden skin of my thighs. Pushing himself backwards to kneel on the floor between my open legs, dangling towards the carpet at the edge of the mattress, he slipped his hands under my hips and angled them upwards.
Dave's fingers pushed against my ankles. slipping me free from my heels, one after the other. He let them slip to the floor,and then pulled me forward on the bed. Dave hooked his fingers into my underwear and gently pulled them down until they dangled around my ankles, then pulled them off, and pushed the lace into his pocket, grinning.
Mock-glaring, I sat up on the bed and wrapped my hands around his neck, puling him up until his lips were millimetres from mine, and kissed him, long and hard. I felt him murmur heatedly against my lips before he pulled back.

"Fuck my ass Dave"


I heard her say the words, but something in my mind refused to believe it. She turned her head to look at me and repeated the words.
"Fuck my ass Dave"
I breathed out slowly.
I ran my palms over the soft skin of her ass, and replied, trying not to sound too desperate.
" sure Ali?" I wanted this so goddamn much, but if she didn't, it wasn't worth it.
"There's baby oil on my bedside counter" she continued.
"I'll be gentle Ali, I promise" I said, trying not to trip over myself to grab the bottle. Suddenly all I could think of was her tight pussy - if that was tight, how tight would her ass be?
I squeezed a tiny amount onto my fingers, and reached forward to rub in onto her ass. I felt her tense at my touch
"I won't hurt you" I said, and I meant it. She trusted me to do this. I was going to do it right.

I squeezed more oil directly onto her ass, and rubbed it in in short, deft strokes. Finally I coated myself, and when we were both slick and ready, I asked her again.
"Are you sure you want this Allison?"
She answered by lying down on her front, sticking her ass further in the air.
I didn't press it further. Sliding forward, I placed my hands on her ass, and rubbed my thumbs over the peach-soft skin. I placed the tip at her entrance.
Then I pushed.
There was a hitch of noise from Allison, and I tried taking it slower. Truth is, it was the most fucking incredible thing I'd ever done. I looked down, and only the head had disappeared inside her. Her ass stretched around it, tight and squeezing.
She shifted and settled, so I started again, pulling out just the tiniest bit, and pushing in again gently.
"Fuck" I whispered, but she stayed quiet. I retreated, and squeezed more lube onto my cock, needing to be deeper.
I slid forward again, but deeper than Allison was expecting. She tensed and arched her back, and I groaned - the sensations were incredible. I could feel every inch of her skin underneath my hands, she was so warm and wet and tight. I slid in further, almost to the hilt, and rested there, leaning forward over her body to kiss along the crease of her spine. Her breath was shallow and I hoped I wasn't imagining the small moans I could hear. I wanted her to enjoy this too, but I would settle for just not hurting her.
I slid out, faster, and slid back in, winding my fingers down to massage her clit, rubbing her small slick nub. She pushed back against me and panted softly.
"That's it baby" I murmured, and slid my thumb into her pussy and sliding out of her ass, before sliding in again, matching my thrusts with circles from my fingers.
"You're so fucking hot" my lips traced her spine again, whispering against her skin, sinking further into her. She ground back against me and muffled moans into the pillow. I heard her sigh my name, her fingers curled around the edge of the bed, anchored. Her shoulders rippled with each movement. She turned to lock my eyes biting her lip, and I ground further into her, releasing my cum deep in her ass, ripple after ripple caressing her back.
"Dave!" she called out, throwing her head back as I pounded my full length into her ass.
Slowly I withdrew, leaving a gaping hole, both of us spent, and lay on my side beside her.
She turned her head to look at me, a trace of a weary smile on her face. Her eyes were red-rimmed, and I pulled her against me, burying my hand in her hair, against my chest. Her breath curled against my skin.
"Thank you" I murmured, meaning the words that I knew weren't enough.
She shook her head gently and curled in closer to me. Silently I thanked whatever the hell it was that had led her to me, feeling the heat from her body, burning against my own.

When I woke I could hear water running in the en-suite, the sheets warm beside me where she had slept. Silently I crept out from under the blankets, dressed myself and was downstairs when she opened the bedroom door and called my name. She appeared at the bottom of the stairs, clutching a towel around her, her hair wet around her shoulders, dripping in rivulets onto the carpet around her.
"Where are you going?" she asked, a look of complete seriousness on her face. She walked forward and put her hands around my neck, pulling my face down to hers, the towel dropping and pooling around her ankles.
"Nowhere" I lied against her mouth, my hands finding her breasts. She pulled me into an adjacent room with her, her mouth finding my ear
"Damn straight. You're staying right here" she whispered, soft and harsh at the same time. I couldn't stop the grin spreading across my face.
It was the living room, somewhere I'd never been before, and she pushed me back towards one of the couches, and pushing me down, she pulled her hair back into a messy wet ponytail.
She lent forward to kiss my mouth.
"Down to business" she murmured, and settled on her knees between mine. Hastily she undid my zip- again - and pulled my cock out. Her hands were still a little wet and the coldness shocked me. She wasted no time in placing it in her mouth and slicking down the sides, working her way down, bit by bit, licking and sliding.
"Deeper baby, deeper, take it all" I groaned, my hand forcing her to take me further into her throat, relaxing and tightening around me. I groaned deep in my throat and wound her hair around my fingers, tightening and watching as she bobbed up and down on me. Ali swirled her tongue over the head, before plunging down on it. My hands went back to grasp the cushions as I let out another groan and my eyes rolled back as she moaned along the shaft, making me wetter, slicking my cock with her tongue.
"Fucking incredible" I breathed
And I'm pretty sure it was at the moment that my back arched, that I spurted into her mouth that I heard the front door click open, and voices in the hallway.

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