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Sequel to Sam & Alicia 1-6
This is a sequel to Sam & Alicia 1-6. Sam & Alicia 6 went on line 1 year ago, but after a PM from a reader I decided to continue the series.

Hi, I'm Sam. Rosalie my mum told the last two episodes, about the two days she spent in Sydney fucking Gerald, and then the start of her trip to San Fransisco to work (and play) with Gerald and his new girl friend Mary.

Of course we didn't know anything about that trip yet, because we did not hear anything from Rosalie for several days after she flew out of Sydney. Then, out of the blue, Alicia and I both received an email from someone called Josh.
Dear Sam & Alicia, You don't know me but I have come to know Sam's mom very well over the last few days. I'm Gerald's son, I'm almost 16. I live some of the time with my mom, sister and mom's boyfriend and some of the time with my pop. My pop bought a house very close to mom's boyfriend's place so that my sister and I can go from one to the other easily.

Rosalie has told me about the sex you guys have with each other and with her and Phil (when he's in Sydney), and Wendy and Ted, so I know that is OK for me to tell you what has been happening here since Rosalie got here.

Between the work that Rosalie came to do here with Gerald and Mary, and all the sex that they have been having, Rosalie has been too busy to write to you, so she asked me to let you know what she has been up to. I don't know much about the work side, except that they say that she may have to stay longer than originally planned, because of some changes to the contract that they are working on. I don't suppose that you are any more interested in their work than I am.

The good news is that I can tell you lots about their sex activities, because they have included me in all their fun.
The email went on to tell the story told in Sam & Alicia 6, but from Josh's point of view, rather than Rosalie's. It started with Josh sitting at his father's computer wanking while looking at porn. Then Rosalie walked in on him totally nude. A few minutes later Rosalie asked him to fuck her, and he had a wonderful time fucking and playing with Rosalie until Gerald and Mary arrived home early and walked in on them while Rosalie was giving Josh a blow job.

At first Gerald was upset but Rosalie and Mary convinced Gerald to lighten up and include Josh in all their fun, and Gerald quickly agreed. Consequently Josh was able to give me and Alicia lots of details about Rosalie's sexploits in San Fransisco. That night, after the cocktail party, the four of them slept together in Gerald's king-size bed; Gerald fucked Rosalie and Josh fucked Mary, then the four of them cuddled together and fell asleep.

The next morning Josh fucked Rosalie and Gerald fucked Mary, before they all got into Gerald's super shower stall, with jets on four side, which would have been large enough for a few more people. Josh, of course, was in seventh heaven; 24 hours ago he was a virgin, yet here he was, having fucked Rosalie and Mary several times, sharing a shower with them and his father.

We wrote back to Josh, thanking him for all that he had told us. We told him that we felt as if he was our brother, even though Alicia and I are not brother and sister, and that we would love to get together with him some day.

We shared Josh's email with Wendy and Ted, which led to a great night during which Ted and I double teamed first Alicia and then Wendy, while the other woman commented lewdly about what was happening in front of her.

Our close friends at school knew that Alicia and I slept together nearly every night, and fucked at least once each night. They were all jealous of course; all my male friends asked me if they could fuck Alicia, and all Alicia's girl friends kept asking if I could fuck them. We discussed if we wanted to agree to any of their requests. Alicia didn't fancy fucking any of my mates; they were all a bit too immature for her. After all, apart from me, she had Phil, whenever he was in Sydney, and Ted, her father, to fuck her. She didn't feel drawn to anyone else my age, even though she and I were so good together.

On the other hand she quite liked the idea of watching me fucking some of her girl friends, and she said so. Since we were living permanently with Alicia's parents while Rosalie was in America, and because no topic was taboo in either household, we discussed it with Wendy. She said that she had been hurt when she first learnt that Alicia and I were fucking behind her back.

I told her “I think that it shows what a great mother you are that you swallowed your pride and encouraged us to continue fucking.”

“Well thank you Sam. As it turned out I'm extremely glad that I did, because it has lead to my own sex life becoming so much more exciting than it was. However, I'm not sure that I could explain that to the mother of some girl that you brought home to fuck, without the girl's mother's permission.”

So at school next day Alicia told a small group of her friends that she would like to watch me fucking any one of them, but that Wendy would not allow it unless they had their parents' permission, and either they would have to be on the pill or I would have to wear a condom. Three of the girls were already on the pill, and none of the others objected to a condom, but almost all said that they could not ask their parents for permission to fuck.

One girl, Katrina, however, who was already on the pill, said that she already had permission to fuck. She said that there had been a big argument a few years before when her older sister, then 15, had started fucking without permission. Eventually her parents had relented, insisting that she go on the pill, and stick to just one boy friend. The sister had interpreted the one-boy-friend rule as meaning only one at a time, and had switched boyfriends a few times. However her parents had recognised how much easier the sister was to live with when she was getting regular sex and so when Katrina turned 15, they put her on the pill, and told her that she was free to chose a boy friend and fuck him.

“Hey! Wait on!” Alicia interrupted, “Sam's my boy friend. I'm OK with you fucking him occasionally, but he's not going to be your boy friend.”

“Don't worry Alicia! Mum and dad dropped the one-boy-friend rule after my sister's third or fourth boy friend. What they told me was to be careful not to pick up AIDS or other STDs. I don't think that I need worry about that with Sam, do I? I really want Sam to be my first fuck because he's been fucking you for two years and you both always seem so happy, so maybe he's good at it. Am I right?”

“Well, I don't have anyone to compare him with,” Alicia lied, “but I always cum at least three times whenever we fuck. I reckon that that's good enough for me.”

In fact, Alicia had told me recently, in secret, that she thought that I was better than either Phil or Ted but she couldn't let slip that she had been fucked by her father and by my father. Nor could she tell Katrina that my mother and Alicia's mother both said that I was a great fuck.

We finally agreed, and negotiated with all the relevant parents, that Katrina would come on Friday night for a sleep over, which would involve the three of us together in Alicia's bed. There was even an option of staying until Sunday morning if Katrina wanted to.

“Katrina. One thing just occurred to me. I take it that you are a virgin, so is your hymen still intact?” I asked.

“I don't think so. My sister gave me a dildo for my 14th birthday. The first time I used it it hurt and there was blood on it, so I guess that won't be an issue. Sorry.”

“I didn't ask because I wanted to take your cherry. I asked because it could spoil your first time if I had to break it.”

“You're only going to fuck me once?”

“Not if you'll let me fuck you more than once. I just think that your first time should be special.”

It was obvious from the next email from Josh that he was in seventh heaven with all the sex he was getting while Rosalie was in San Francisco. We emailed him back about our plans for Katrina. He bounced back an email saying how much he wished that he could be part of that.

That gave me an idea.

“Josh, Do you have skype on your computer?”

“What is skype?”

Half a dozen more emails back and forth and we were talking to each other on skype, and, since we both had cameras we could see each other.

“Wow! Josh! You're beautiful!” That was Alicia.

“Alicia! I think that you're beautiful. Are you guys naked?”

“Yes. Aren't you?”

“No. I'm wearing cut-offs. I'd like to see all of Alicia.”

So I picked up the camera and pushed Alicia away so that Josh got a full-body image of my girlfriend. Then I beckoned her back toward the camera so that Josh could admire her beautiful face.

“Alicia! Turn your head from side to side, please.”

Then I started to scan down her body, stopping when her breasts were filling the image. I reached in with my free hand and squeezed one nipple and then the other. I heard a few moans from Josh. When the moaning stopped I lowered the camera to show Josh her midriff, then on down to her pussy.

“Alicia!, Would you spread your lips for me, please?”
After a few minutes of showing Josh the details of Alicia's pink petals, I moved the camera down lower, showing her legs, then her feet.

“I want to see Alicia's ass”

So Alicia turned around and I aimed the camera at her arse. She bent over and pulled her bum cheeks apart to give Josh the view that he wanted.

“Wow! Thank you, Alicia.”

“You're welcome. Now I want to see the cock that has been fucking Rosalie. OK?”

Josh adjusted the camera, then stood up and slid his cut-offs down and off. He stood side on to the camera so that we could see his limp cock. It looked enormous, even flaccid.

“Stroke it for me, please, Josh.”

He did and it grew another couple of inches.

“Wow! Josh! That's beautiful! I'd love to feel that inside me. I'd love to have you fuck me. Would you like to fuck me Josh. Please say yes?”

But Josh didn't say 'yes'. Instead he started to squirt cum out of his cock and onto the floor in front of him.

“Thank you, Josh! I'll take that as a yes. Right?”

“Right.” He managed between moans.

After a few minutes Josh was grinning at us again. “Alicia,” he said, “I'd really love to watch you giving Sam a blow job. Would you? Please?”

Without any further prompting, Alicia dropped to her knees, grabbed my cock and pulled me toward her mouth. I turned her a little to get a better camera angle, then moved forward to have my cock slide into her mouth. This was not the first blow job that she had given me, not by a long shot, but knowing that Josh, in San Fransisco, was watching us somehow heightened the effect and within minutes I was coming in her mouth. Alicia took my whole load into her mouth, then turned to the camera and opened her mouth to show Josh the pool of cum on her tongue.

“Hi Josh. What are you doing?” That was Rosalie's voice!

“Hi Rosalie! I'm looking at Sam's cum in Alicia's mouth. Look!”

Rosalie's face appeared beside Josh's on our screen.

“Hi Alicia. Hi Sam. I see you two have made friends with Josh already. How are you both?”

“Hi Rosalie.”, said Alicia, “We've been missing you, but we've managed to keep ourselves busy. Josh has been filling us in on all the fucking that you have been doing with him, Gerald, and Mary. We're not the only ones keeping busy!”

Rosalie laughed, then turned away from the camera. “Mary! Come and meet my son and his beautiful girl friend.”

A pair of black hands appeared on Josh's shoulders, then a stunningly beautiful black face appeared beside Josh's face.

“Hello Sam. Hello Alicia. Rosalie told us about your enormous appetites for sex. I can see it for myself now. I think you put us in the shade sexually.”

I had to respond to that! “That's not what Josh has been telling us, Mary. From what he says we'd be struggling to keep up with the four of you.”

She laughed a melodic laugh then said. “Well, let's not argue about it. We're having a lot of fun here while Rosalie is with us, and I'm sure you're having a lot of fun there, even though you're missing Rosalie, for now. Right?”


Then a striking black man appeared on our screen.

“Hi guys! I'm Gerald. I'm glad to see that you and Josh are getting on so well. I'm going to be back in Sydney for a few days soon, and I'd like to bring Mary and Josh with me. Do you think that you could show Josh around, while Mary and I are working with your mom?”

“Well, Gerald. Alicia's already told Josh that she would like him to fuck her. I'm sure that we can give Josh a good time while he's here.”

Everyone, on both sides of the Pacific, laughed.

“Well guys. I need my computer for a while. I'm afraid you'll have to hang up for now.”

“OK. Josh how about talking to us again tomorrow at the same time? We should have Katrina here to meet you.”

“Katrina? Who's Katrina?” Rosalie's voice again.

“Josh can tell you, Rosalie. Good bye all.” And we cut the connection.

To be continued.


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Again hate the black in story. If you have black in story put it on deion so descent white people do not have to read this shit.

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