The power of a little girl
As a young kid I was used to the many different punishments that he handed out...He was an evil man, and I couldn't see anyone big enough to stop him from doing whatever he wanted...

One day he'd been in one of his bitchy moods...and i knew what that meant... The only way he was going to chill out was if he had time alone with me...He told my mom to take the kids to the movies. just get em outta the house a few hours...Mom told us to get ready...." No! She can stay here. There's dishes she needs to do". Mom knew not to fight with him over it. So, she left with the other kids. And I was left home, with him.

" Come here and sit on my lap". he said with a smile. Walking over i tried to sit so i wasn't on his cock...Grapping my hips he moved me to where my ass crack was up against his cock....grinding my ass harder on his cock....." stand up and take those shorts off". He demanded. I stood up and lowered my shorts. " now take the panties off". He'd say. wishing for something to happen to keep me from having to do this, I'd stall for time...Saying I had to pee..Praying the phone would ring..." Take em off now!". He yelled. My hands were shaking... Tears were beginning to swell up in my eyes...slowly i'd remove my panties.....Taking me by my hips again he placed me on his cock...rubbing my pussy with his cock...more and more trying to get the head in. I kept fighting and trying to keep my pussy just outta reach...Grinding his cock harder....trying to find his mark....rubbingthe head against my ass....

" Stand up, and stick your ass up to me". he'd say. Lifting myself up off him..standing with my ass in his face.....He bends me over his lap. Smack, with his bare hand. Smack, a little harder. " I'll teach you to tell me no". He'd say. Smack another blow to my ass, but this time letting his hand linger on my ass....rubbing it....feeling the tightness. Smack! This time taking his finger and rubbing it on my pussy...putting his finger in my more....rubbing my clit......Feeling my pussy starting to get wet....Feeling my body start to tighten under pleasure....I got scared and didn't know what to do. So, I rolled myself off his lap onto the floor..

This made him angry. " That's it!!". He yelled.. " If you're gonna act like a bitch, then you're gonna be a bitch!". And with that being said he got up. Pulled his pants on and went outside...I didn't know what he was doing, so I ran upstairs to my room. I was looking for clothes to put on when he came busting into my room....And in he brought Laddie...He was a large collie. Walking over he grabbed me.." You think you're done?". He yelled in my face. " I've just started, you wanna act like a bitch? You're gonna be our bitch!!". He screamed. His face got so red. I thought he was going to explode... I just stood there, scared to move...He came over and took me by my arm and pushed me down on the bed...Laying over the top of my body he held me down...Bringing his face close to mine, He told me to open my legs.. " And if you don't i'll get the belt and tie you open". Afraid of being tied and not be able to get away i opened my legs..He called the dog over...He started rubbing my pussy...making me wet again...rubbing his finger up and down my pussy...grabbing my nipple with the hand thats holding me down...I feel that tightening start in my body again..Rubbing harder, putting a finger inside my pussy.." Mmmm! You like it when daddy does that don't you?". He'd say. I never said a word. Just layed there shaking, scared of what comes next.. " Now! He's going to eat your pussy real good". He'd say.." Laddie, c'mere boy, look what i've got for you". Patting my pussy...." c'mere boy!". Running over, the dog started licking my pussy. I tried wiggling away from the dog. But he only held me tighter..." Stop moving!". And he'd pinch my nipple. Laying still, not moving...The dog continued to lick my pussy...He would open my pussy wider for the dog.. His tongue licking fast...Pushing his tongue deep in my young pussy...Taking his finger he'd rub my clit while the dog licked away at my pussy...Lowering his mouth to my nipple, sucking hard....Moaning,,,,, mmm enjoying the feeling of this hot tongue licking deep in my pussy, Feeling my body tightening...Grinding my hips into the dogs face...wanting him to lick me faster....mmmm harder....Working his finger faster over my clit...My little body started to shake...The feeling was great.....Damn it felt good...My body wanted to feel more.....Then came the tears, falling down my face.....Then the feeling tore through my body like lightening......and i came....the dogs licking faster now.....licking my juices as it poured from my pussy. Him rubbing my clit harder, faster.....making the feeling last...

With tears running down my face, and cum running down my legs, i was a mess. Grabbing me up, he told me to get on the floor..." I'm giving you one chance, and only one....Take hold of his cock and stroke it like you do mine....". He said.. I froze.... Not knowing what to do....he took my hand and placed it on the dogs was big and red....fat and swollen.....I started moving my hand like i'd been made to before....I looked over and he also had his cock out...Keeping with my movements, he was jacking off too.....THE STORY DOESN'T END HERE... MORE TO COME......COMMENTS ARE WELCOMED.......

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is this really happenning, I thought Dogs has d virus in them that can give human (HIV)....???

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