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True Story
This is an absolutely true story about my birthday and experimentation with my real friends!!!!!!!!

It was like any other day, warm and humid. But today is my 15th birthday party!!!! I;m having 12 people over

and we are going to swim, play games, and after my parents go to bed some illegal stuff. Lucky for me i

already came out to my friends that i was bisexual and they were fine with it cause i still liked woman too.

After a lot of waiting the first person arrived. His name was Sean and he brought Matt, Mike, and Casey(Guy)

They took off their shoes and left their gifts on the table. i told them to change so we could go swimming. We

got our stuff on and jumped into the pool. After about 20 minutes More people arrived like Dom, Anthony,

Chris, Julia, Christine, Jamie, Shannon, Torrie, and my neighbor Bryan. He was only 13 and was one of the

cutest kids i had ever seen. After an hour of swimming we decided to have a Chicken tournament.

Unfortunately there wasn't enough girls per boy so i was stuck with Bryan which wasn't so bad. By the time the

tourney was over it was me and Bryan vs Dom and Shannon. After 3 minutes of shoving and pulling i started

to notice something hard poking into my head. It was Bryan's dick. I finally threw him right into shannon and

she fell over declaring us the winners. As Shannon came out of the water she realized that her top fell off. As

soon as she got out of the water all the guys eyes were glued on her nice rack. i noticed that everyone had a

semi erect dick from seeing shannon topless. She immediateley realized what had happened and grabbed

her top. We all dried off and had food. At around 10 everyone left except for Matt, Mike, Dom, Bryan, and

Chris. We went into my living room and played MLB 2k10 till my parents went to bed. Then i went to my room

and grabbed the 4.5 grams of weed that i bought, a lighter, blunt wraps and a bowl. While they were playing

MLB i was busy packing the bowl and rolling two joints. After i finished the job i told them to go into my garage.

We all grabbed a chair and smoked the joints then bowls. After 15 minutes we were all fucked up and headed

back inside. We went down to my basement where we threw in Animal House and watched that for awhile.

Then being bored Chris suggests that we should have a wrestling tournament. After i heard him suggest it i

immediately said yeah. So it was me vs bryan first. I took him down and mounted him. Then he flipped me

over and he was ontop of me. instantly i begin to get hard. Then i notice that he is hard himself so i threw him

over and pinned him. I gave him a little smack on the ass and he blushed a little bit. Then everyone else

fought. After an hour or two we were bored again so we decided to play truth or dare. Anthony was up first

he asked me truth or dare. I said truth. He asked "would you fuck everyone in here" I paused then said

depends. and everyone laughed. Then it was my turn I dared Matt to kiss Chris. our rules were if u didn't

complete the dare then you would have to run down the street bare ass. So they kissed each other. Then

Matt dared me to kiss Anthony. Easy enough i leaned in and kissed him. After a few more people everyone

eventually was down to just there underwear. Everyone had an erect or semi erect dick including the

straight people so it was my turn i dared Bryan to suck my dick.

everyone turned to bryan who got up and stood in front of me. He grabbed the waistband of my briefs and

took my dick out. he waited then slowly devoured my 6 inch dick. It was the greatest feeling i had ever

experienced. Then out of the blue is see Matt grab chris' boxer briefs and pull them down. I couldn't believe

my eyes my straight friends were giving each other head. i return my sight to Bryan who had his adult

superman briefs down too his ankles and was jacking his 5 inch dick. i grabbed his head forcing it up and

down quicker and quicker. He then pulled out and licked at my balls.

By now everyone was naked and sucking each other. i lift bryan up and bring him upstairs to my room. I lay

him down on my bed and get on top off him and start to grind my cock on his. I began kissing down his

body, past his happy trail too his dick. I licked his shaft and balls then engulfed his dick. I moved very

quickly bobbing up and down up and down. Bryan is saying " oh ryan oh my god that feel so good oh suck

my cock oh god i'm gonna cum" Then as he said it his body tensed up and cum rushed into my mouth i

swallowed and said i'm going to have a little fun now i flip him over and grab a condom from my dresser. I

put it on and start rimming his ass. He began to moan softly. Then i lined up my dick with his hole and

slowly pushed in he was in pain and i could tell because my dick is very wide. "holy shit Bryan your ass is

so tight" "try to relax" Then i felt his ass relax and i pulled out and pushed back in. as his ass got wetter i

went faster. "Oh ryan of yeah fuck my ass oh god ohh ohhh i love your cock in my ass oh god oh" Me"Bryan

i'm gonna cum dude i began to pump furiously then i pulled out flipped him over and shot my cum all over

his body. " That was the best oragasm i've ever had" "me too ryan" We walked back downstairs to find

everyone in their undies on their sleeping bags being tired i snuggled with Bryan and fell asleep with my

hand on the front of his briefs.

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