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hello, this story is true, not 100% but the most parts are, this is my first story so dont be afraid to give me some tips on how to improve, i will also be switching from me to my sister and her friend in the story it will take a while to get to the entire sex parts because of the storyline behind it but just bear with me, enjoy
it all began when my sister and her friend brittany started to both like this boy, but they didnt know if he liked them or not, they are both 13 blond hair, about 89 LBS and they always like to wear slutty clothes around the house. I have always fantasized about being able to fuck Brittany because her ass is out of this world and when she wears some clothes, i can see her pussy through her pants ,that is something i would love to fuck but i did not know it would end up like this.

Brittany: "Sam, you should really tell Brandon how you feel, maybe he likes you in the same way"

Sam: "Brittany you know i cant do that, hes always with his friends and i don't even know if he thinks i am cute or not"

Brittany: "well that's what you should find out girl"

Sam: "lets just drop it for not okay Brittany?"

that is usually the only conversations i hear between Brittany and my sister, but something really awsome happened that made me really want to fuck Brittany.

during Christmas vacation, brittany was staying with us because her dad was getting hammered every night and she didnt want to be around him when he was drunk,

so anyways, the night before Christmas eve, i woke up for a glass of water and when i went into the kitchen i decided to step past the living room to see if the girls were asleep, and guess what i saw? they were not asleep but completely naked, comparing boobs, and Brittany was showing Samantha how to masturbate. so i quickly walked past and went back to bed, with out my water, and i couldnt help but to pound my meat, fantasizing about Brittany and her bare, shaved pussy. It did not take me long at all to blow my load.

The next day, it was like nothing happened, most girls will act weird around their friends in the morning after what i saw, but they were just the same, weird people i knew.

mom: "so did you girls have fun last night?"

both: "yes it was very fun" both smiling at each other

Sam: oh mom me and Brittany are going to go to the school to meet some friends after breakfast

mom: "okay, but make sure your home for lunch, i am going to Victoria for the day but i don't think Chris will want to stay home all day alone"

Sam: "okay mom"

after they leave I resume my regular day of watching porn. let me get something out in the open for an intermission, i am actually only 16, its young for someone to be writing sex stories, but i love this site and i thought i would make one of my own, so brittany and Samantha are 13 and i am 16, i am about 120 pounds, 5 ft 10, brown hair. well back to the story.

Brittany: "so how long does it take to walk to the school Sam?

Sam: oh about 30 minutes to an hour

Brittany: "oh, OK well i think we should be back arou- Sam look! its Brandon".

Sam: "oh my god, he is soo cute"

"well you know what? there he is, all alone, you should go tell him how you feel

"maybe your right, wish me luck"

Brittany: "good luck Sam"

Sam: "hey Brandon!"

Brandon: "oh hey Sam, whats up"

Sam: "um, i was just wandering if you happened to like me"

Brandon: "oh, I'm sorry Sam but i only like you as friends"

Sam: "oh well I'm sorry

i guess that is not the answer she was looking for, she went back to brittany with tears in her eyes.

Brittany: "well what did he say?"

Sam: "he thinks of us as just friends..."

Brittany: "well that really sucks, but i guess we should keep pleasuring each other"

Sam: "yea... wait, what!!?? i know what happened last night, but I'm not a lesbian Brittany

Brittany: "oh cmon, you know it felt good didn't you, cmon Sam, lets just try it and see what happens"

Sam: "but what about my brother? hes home now too"

Brittany: "who cares? we will just be quiet then"

Sam: "okay..."

So they come home acting all tired, and tell me they are going to get their bathing suits on and go outside in the pool, I am too wrapped up in my video games to care, but seeing Brittany in a bikini is always awesome, not knowing that i would soon be seeing way more than just that, they go into their room and shut the door.

Brittany: "you ready Sam"?

Sam: "i guess so, just make sure Chris doesn't hear us"

after they strip down, they are completely naked and they start of by rubbing together

Brittany: "oh my god!! this feels fucking aah good you cant say Aah that you don't like this"

Sam: "god... your right brittany, it feels sooo good, i lovee it.

after a while of playing my video games, gta 4 to be exact, i start to hear muffled moans and wimpers. at first i thought it was the dog, but i discovered it was my sister and brittany, so i went to their door and just listened. i suppose they stopped what ever they were doing because the moaning stopped dead

Sam: " i love you so much brittany and i am soo glad chris did not find out about us.

brittany: "i love you too and yes i am glad too but you gotta admit your brothers pretty cute"

So after hearing all of this, i try my luck and i slowly open the door, right when they see me they both scream louder they i have ever heard in my entire life

Sam" aaaaah!!! get out of here, Chris your such a perv!!

Chris: " i know i am a perv, always will be, but i heard brittany saying something about me being cute?" and i start walking toward her

Brittany: "Chris i swear, leave right now, yes i think your cute but your a total dick!! get away from me!!!"

Chris: "I'm a total dick? tell me about it" i point down to my now fully erect cock.


Chris: "oh cmon brittany lets just mess around a bit and if you want me to stop i will". before she has a chance to answer, i lunge at her and start massaging her pussy

Brittany: "why you little- aah oh my god it feels soo good!!!! this is so wrong Chris, your such a perv!!!

Chris: " your right I'll leave" and i start to walk away, teasing her.

Brittany: "don't you even think about fucking leaving Chris"

Chris" but i thought you wanted me to stop?"

brittany: " i said it was wrong, i didn't say i wanted you to stop, get over here"

Chris: " i was hoping you would say that" i walk back over and start tongue fucking her pussy, and i soon find her clit.

Chris: "wow brittany your so wet, you taste so good

Brittany: " that's your fault chrisss!!!! your turning me into a slut, and i love it!!!!!!!! fuck!!"

Chris: "well I'm glad i could help"

Brittany: " oh god!!! Chris I'm gonna cum!!!!!!!!, it feels so good!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaah!!

Chris: "wow, you must have been really horny to cum THAT much, god, your soaked, you wont tell your mom about this right brittany?"

Brittany: "hell no Chris i swear i wont.

Chris: "OK good, maybe we'll do this again sometime" and i get up to leave the room

brittany: "wait Chris"

Chris: "ha ha what now?"

she comes up to my ear, and whispers, "fuck me Chris, i want to feel your dick inside me"

Did i hear correctly? i was just fingering and tongue fucking her pussy and now she wants me to penetrate her? i was shocked.

Brittany: "please Chris i really want you to be the one i lose my virginity to"

there's the million doller statement, she was still a virgin, i wanted to fuck her but i have never actually fucked a girl who was a virgin so i was kind of worried, i have been around the block a few times though so i knew what i was doing

Chris: "yes i would love to" trying to lose the worry in my voice.

before i knew it, she was frantically trying to get my jeans and boxers off. god, i cant believe she actually asked me to fuck her, what was i gonna say? no? no way in hell would i miss my chance

Brittany: "oh god Chris, its so big!"

Chris: " if you wouldn't mind, i would like to skip the blowjob until later and get right to the fucking" i see in the corner of my eye that samantha is still just laying there looking shocked that i was going to fuck her best friend.

Chris: "brittany you know this is going to hurt for a minute right?

brittany: " yes i know my mom told me that if a guy fucks me, i will bleed a little and it will hurt

and with that I pound into her, most people say to slowly break her hymen but i was thinking its like a bandage, rip it off fast and get it over with

Brittany: owww!!!!!! god dammit! did you really have to go in so fast??!??!

Chris: "I'm sorry, i just thought you would want to get it over with, god your so tight!!

a few minutes later, she gives me the okay signal and i continue my fucking, i have a 9 inch at age 16 so she thought it was huge.

Chris: "god brittany you are so fucking tight, it feels so good


Chris:" brittany!! I'm gonna cum!!!!" i start to pull out quickly

brittany:" wait Chris!!!!!!!! i am on the pill don't pull out please!!!!

Chris: "aaahh!!"

Brittany: "ohh god Chris that was awesome, thank you!"

Chris: " any time brittany"

Brittany: "we should do this more often chris, my mom and dad go to work every Monday and Wednesday, would you want me to come over again?"

Chris: "hell yea brittany i would love that

Sam: "you know I'm going to tell mom right? breaking her silence

both: "what!??!!??

Sam: "yea, this is gross, i will tell mom

Chris: "Samantha what can i do to have you not tell mom, anything?

Sam: "fine, every time brittany comes over, you give me $20.00 before you do your thing

Chris: "god dammit, fine, just don't tell mom

brittany: "well my mom called earlier, she said i could go home now" gives me a quick kiss on the lips
"well I'm gonna get going, bye Samantha, and Chris?"

Chris: "yea?

brittany: "call me, i'll be on face book later, I'll talk to you soon, thanks again.

Chris: "no problem brittany"


chapter 2? Emily comes to visit, and Brittany's dad explodes.

i do have more of the story, if you want for me to put the rest, say so in the comments

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It was prety cheesy and fast paced but the storyline was excellent. 8/10 continue.

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do continue with the sory

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Good story . If your really 16 then not a bad start.

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what a load of mindless crap

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