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My best friend Adam has been my best friend for years. I've still never met much of his family though. All I know is he has a baby brother, and 3 really hot sisters! One is 25, one is 19, and one is 16. My name is Blake, age 22.

Adam came over to my house and asked if I wanted to go on a camping trip with his family. I said yes, to finally meet his sisters. But I have a girlfriend so I can't try anything. I packed my things the next morning an hour before we left. My sister and my parents were ready to go. I drove over to my girlfriend's house to say good bye and went over to Adam's house. The first thing I saw was a huge trailer home and a black truck in front. Adam was there helping with the bags. Then I saw a girl older than me with long curly black hair. Wow! Then a girl younger than me with light brown hair stepped out after her. Then, a girl that looked the youngest came out, with brown hair and sunglasses. She wore short shorts and a tank tops. Even more wow! Adam gave me look as if saying "Why you lookin' at my sister like that?" I looked away quickly, and saw my family pull up in the drive way. Then we started the introducing. The oldest sister was Alyson, the middle sister was Brittney, and the youngest sister was Jamie. His baby brother was Mark. Then it was my sister, Isabella, and me. Then we all got in the trailer while my dad and Adam's dad went in the cab.

We got to the forest and I got to know all of Adam's sisters. Although Adam kept pulling me away. Went to a clearing near a small lake and set up there. We all got in to bathing suits and jumped in to the lake. Jamie was waring a bikini. I wore swimming trunks to show off my abs. My dad decided we should go to the town a few miles down. I decided to go find sticks while they go but marsh mellows and other things. They all hopped in to the trailer while I got sticks. I came back with an arm load of sticks and dropped them in the middle of the clearing. I heard a splash in the lake and I looked over. It was Jamie! She must have wanted to stay behind.

She looked around for a moment then took off her bikini top. My cock was starting to stick out, and it was really noticeable. she put a towel down on the ground and lied down. I couldn't help myself and took a step forward. She sat up gazing at the lake. I couldn't just walk up to her like this, I thought. She'll think I'm a pervert. I decided I'll just pretend I didn't see her. I went to the pile of sticks and picked them up. Then I dropped them and they made a loud noise. In the corner of my eye I saw her put her bikini top back on and walk towards me. I grabbed a bottle of water and acted like I still didn't see her. She walked up to me "Been working hard?" she said. "Yeah it's really hot out here" I pulled off my shirt that I put on while looking for sticks. I saw Jamie blush a little bit. It's working. I sat down next to a log. She sat down next to me. "Wow it is hot. Why don't we go for a swim." She got up and pulled me up and towards the lake. I jumped in and she walked in slowly because the water was really cold. I grabbed her and jumped in with her in my arms. When she got up out of the water her bikini started getting loose.

"I hate you for that!" she splashed water at me and laughed. "I deserved that." I said as I wiped water out of my eyes. I splashed back at her and she went under water. She got out in front of me and pushed me under. I got back up and grabbed her. She looked in to my eyes and I looked in to hers. She went forward and kissed me. We went back at the clearing and she pushed me on the ground and went on top of me. We started kissing and I pulled on her bikini string and it fell off. I started kissing her nipples, and I started kissing her neck. I sat up and started pinching and flicking her nipples. "Blake..." she fell backwards pulled my head towards her.

"Take off my bikini bottom.."
I pulled it off and admired her wet pussy. She had shaved it and it looked delicious.
"Are you a virgin?" I asked her softly.
I had sex already with my girlfriend so this isn't my first time. I right away shoved my face in her wet pussy and started licking her clitoris. She started moaning really loud. "Blake, show me your cock." She said moaning.
I pulled down my trunks and and went back down to her. She started rubbing it and she started sucking my cock. I felt a load coming up my penis getting ready to shoot out. I put it slowly in to her pussy and broke her hymen. I started getting harder and harder. "Are you sure you want to do this? After all I have a girlfriend". She started moaning louder, "Mmmm.... yeah...mmm!" I started getting harder and harder. "Don't stop! Don't... stop!" she started screaming louder. I pulled it out and pushed it in as fast and hard as I could. Jamie started screaming at the top of her lungs. Started kissing her neck and rubbing her clitoris.

"I love you.." she moans. "I love you too, even if I have a girlfriend!" I say as I get slower. We stop and she gets up with her pussy dripping. I lick her pussy but she says to stop because we can hear the truck in the distance. We get dressed really fast and I kiss her one more time. The families get out and we start cooking. We eat and I sit next to Jamie, both of us thinking about what just happened.

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2012-06-17 01:39:54
I think the dude that commented before me really got heated he didn't check spelling thanks stupid author u ruined his night

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2012-06-17 01:38:19
Person clearly never had sex on top I hate anyone that cheats on their partner I would kill all cheaters in the mist brutal way possible if I could I understand some people make mastabas if they fix what they broke then fine but people that do it constantly can die and spend all eternity in hell :D

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2012-02-12 14:51:01
Sitki0 Good post! Found a lot of new and interesting! Will share the link with others:D

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2010-07-28 23:16:17
Wow yu jux need......yu need ALOT of help


2010-07-08 11:00:20
Seriously... your either young or inexperienced because i like the idea but you have no substance. you need a better storyline and more action. also dont just jump right into it like that. remember not just girls like foreplay.

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