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It was just any average fall day in Chicago. The temperature was about 70 and the sun was
shining brightly and all the leaves were changing colors. It was about 7:30 pm and it is quite a
beautiful experience to see. I was walking down Michigan Ave and was headed to nowhere
inparticular., just a great day to take a stroll. I decided to take a seat on a bench in a little park
in a plaza sort of thing. I was enjoying the afternoon and the sun was starting to go down. The
city looked so beautiful at night. I was so amazed by the weather we were getting that day that I
didn’t even realize that there was other people in the park. I had been in such a daze. I started to
look around at the people that were in the park and noticed that there was a few people around
but noone of that much interest. But then there was this couple sitting about 50 feet away. They
were both very good looking people. I would rather say VERY HOT couple. She was beautiful,
long legs, long blonde hair, about 5’7” tall, very fit body, and the face of an angel. She had the
most beautiful light blue eyes. He was a tall man, about 6’3”, with brown hair, brown eyes, nice
smile, & very fit and nice build. I sat there and was amazed at how much it looked like they
were so madly in love. They would look deep into each-others eye and just stare for what seemed
like hours and then one of them would move in for an ever so passionate kiss. I was so intrigued
that I hadn’t realized that I had been staring at them for about probably about 10 mins. I then
came back to reality and realized that they were now looking at me. I wasn’t sure how to react to
this considering I was completly caught off gaurd. They leaned in to eachother and were
wispering something that of course I couldn’t understand. I saw her giggle as she shook her
head. They kissed again looking so in love, just like the last kiss, that you could just see the ora of
love around them. I, like everyone else in the world, craved for that feeling of what I believe to be
True Love. I then realized that I must have been staring at them again as they were looking over
here and laughing. I was starting to feel like a fool. I then realized that it was getting rather
dark out and the park looked very empty. Just when I was about to get up I realized that the
man that was sitting over there was now standing right in front of me with this strange yet desirable
look on his face. I’m sure that he was probably thinking that I was looking at his woman
and was wanting to kick my ass. I was lost for words and then he asked me if I liked what I saw.
I nodded yes still not sure what to think. He never took his eye off of me. I was so scared but I
wasn’t going to go down without a fight. He just kept looking into my eyes as if he was lost or
searching for something. I too was in a trance, when he then started kissing me. I about freaked
out because I had never kissed a man before. He then back away a little as if he was now afraid
of what I might do or say. I just looked at him in his eyes as if some tracktor-beam was pulling
me into his trance. I don’t know what got into me but I grabbed him and started kissing him
back. What was going on?, kept going through my head. Why was I kissing a man in the park
with his woman sitting somewhere, I noticed she didn’t seem to be around anywhere. We stopped
kissing only to start staring into each others eyes again. I was wondering where she went? I
couldn’t seem to keep my eyes off of him though. She then proceeded to come out of nowhere and
step in between us as if she was trying to break us up. She looks at him with this evil eye but the
seductive type of evil eyes. She grabbed him as if mad at him but instead only kisses him more
passionately. She turned around and looked me with those evil suductive blue eyes. She had a
sexual desire in her eyes that was out of this world. She grabbed me and started to kiss me which
of course made her man jealous. She then grabbed him and started to kiss him. He then grabbed
me again and started kissing me. I wasn’t sure what exactly was happening but for some
strange reason I liked it. They both then turned to me and started to kiss me and feel on both
sides of my body at the same time. I was getting so turned on by this. By this time I was so hard
that I am suprised I didn’t cum in my pants. He then started to kiss me again only to return the
favor I kissed him back. He was actually an awsome kisser. I realized that my jeans and boxers
were starting to be pulled off of me, only to reveal my cock standing at attention. I then felt warm
hands on my balls. She started to lightly kiss the head of my cock and then she proceeded to lick
the sides of my cock with her tounge. She made me quiver a little which only made her hornier as
she then put her beautiful red lips on the head of my cock and with each slow movement she went
down a little farther. He proceeded to kiss me as she was taking all my cock in. Her lips were so
soft and gentle and she kept looking up at me with those eyes. I just kept kissing him and watching
him get a little more jealous each time she looked up at us. It was weird how he didn’t let the
jealousy get the best of him after all I would be that way if this was my woman. I then felt something
a bit unusal grabbing my cock. Once I realized what was happening he was already
starting to stroke me off. She proceeded to unzip his pants only to reveal his massive cock. He had
to be about 10” or 11”. It was so huge that I just couldn’t help but watch her put it into her mouth
and deep throat it as far as she could. He moaned and grabbed my ass as she took it in as far as
she could. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next but I couldn’t wait. She then took both
cocks into her hand and started going back and forth as he once again kissed me. I can’t believe
that I kissed a man!! My eyes just kept rolling in the back of my head, so pleased with what was
happening to me. She grabbed my hand and put his enormous cock into it which kind of made me
jump a little at first. But I didn’t want to scare my new friends away so I took his huge cock and
started to stroke all 10” of it while she suck my cock even harder and faster. I started to get into it
as I stroked this huge cock and realized that it actually really wasn’t that bad. It was kind of like
masterbating with someone elses cock. I have had a few fantasies in my life about what it would be
like to have sex or give a blow job to a man but never would have dreamed that I would even be
touching another man let alone stroking his cock. He was enjoying it so much as he kept kissing
me more and more. She then took his cock and put mine in his hand for him to stroke as she
sucked him off. I could tell that there was much more desire in the air, but for what? She got up
and started to kiss him with that same look she had ealier, never taking her eyes off him. He then
got down on his knees and grab a hold of my cock which was still really hard. She grabbed my
hand and started to rub her pussy with it as she started to moan so softly that it made me moan
with her. I could tell through her panties that she was soaked. She pulled off her panties and had
me start rubbing her clit and fingering her. Her pussy was so hot and wet that my mouth started
to water. She started to kiss the side of my neck as she ripped my shirt off of me. She started to kiss
me on my chest and licking my nipples which were very hard by now. He was stroking my cock
like no one has before. He then put my cock into his mouth which made me jump a little as I was
not used to this feeling. I was kind of scared but this man was really good at sucking cock. I’m
not sure which one was making me moan more, but I was loving every second of it. Next thing I
know she is starting to kneel down and they both start taking turns sucking my cock. Honestly, it
was the hottest thing I had ever seen. They both looked like they were loving it so much as they
would look at eachother with desire and lust for my cock. He stood up and kissed me as she started
to kiss my balls. She was licking every inch of them and I was starting to notice that her tounge
was getting close to my ass. It made me moan even more. I had never had anyone do that to me
before. She started to catch on to the fact that I liked it and then started to lick around my hole,
which only made me want it more. Every few seconds she would slip her tounge in my hole which
mad me moan even more. She was licking from my balls to my hole and it had felt like nothing I
had ever felt before. What was about to happen next was totally unexpected but for some reason I
just didn’t care what did happen because the feeling that I had was so out of this world. She
grabbed his massive cock with one hand as she was starting to finger my hole slowly with the
other. Where they wanting me to be fucked up the ass? I had only toyed with my self in that way
but never imagined putting something that big up there. She then proceeded to stick his cock
closer to my asshole trying to tease me with it. I couldn’t help but quiver and moan as she rubbed it
across my hole. Was I suppose to be feel’n this way? I don’t know why but for some strange reason
I wanted that massive cock in my ass. Would it even fit? I don’t know but I think that I am willing
to try. I could see it in their eyes that that is what they wanted. She then started to lick my hole
again and carefully inserting her fingers into my ass and stroking him off with the other. I could
tell that he was really wanting it as he kissed me and she stroked his cock. He put my hand onto it
again and I started to stroke his cock loving every last inch of it. God I wanted that cock in me for
some weird, desirable, bizarre reason. They then had me get down on my hands & knees. I really
wanted to see what it was like to suck a cock since I had never done it before. I reached his and put
my lips around it and started to suck on it slowly. At first I felt a little weird but thought that if he
can do it, so can I. The longer I had it in my mouth, the more I wanted it. I never realized that
giving someone a blowjob could be so exhilarating. His eyes where rolled in the back of his head
and she kept licking my hole, obviously so he could put that beast of a cock inside of me. He was
moaning just as much as I was. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and she guided him around
the back side of me. He got down to his knees and got behind me like he was ready to fuck the hell
out of me and I was completely helpless. She was stroking his cock as he would gently tease my
hole with the head of it, each time sticking it in a little futher & harder. She started to lick my hole
again and press his cock to my hole. I could feel my ass soaked from her saliva as she put his cock
into her mouth to lube it up. She really wanted that thing inside of me and was going to do what
ever it took. I don’t think that I knew your asshole could get that wet. She layed down and slid under
me putting my cock into her mouth as he pressed that massive cock to my hole. I suddenly realized
that that cock was actually starting to penetrated my tiny hole. It was kind of hurting and I
think that he noticed that because he started to back out. My ass was tender and was very much
tickled by the fact that something that big was trying to go in it instead of out. I wanted more &
more of that feeling. She was taking in my whole cock now and he started to lick my ass which
made me even more turned on as I practically chocked her with my cock. After re-soaking my
hole, he then decided to give fucking me another try. He took his massive cock and started to
slowly insert it into me again. This time my ass was a little more giving as I felt that Huge cock
penetrating the entire inside of me. He started to pump a little which made me go even farther
into her mouth. She seemed like she was really liking it as she just kept staring at me with those
eyes, with my cock deep into her mouth as her man was behind me fucking me with his cock. He
was now deep in me, and just when it felt like he couldn’t go any farther, he seemed to go in that
much more. He was fucking my hole like I was his bitch and I loved every second of it. I just kept
wanting more and more. He was really getting into it as he was now really shoving that huge
thing up there. I couldn’t help but scream as he rammed it in farther and farther. How much
more could he possibly have to shove in there. He stopped and pulled out his massive cock and
proceeded to lay down. She pushed me off and guided me down to sit on his cock. She gently
guided his cock back into my ass. It went in so smoothly this time and made me let out a soft
moan. Once again he was pumping me full of that massive cock and she then proceeded to sit
onto my cock as her man was fucking the shit out of me. She was so wet as I slid right in her hot,
wet pink pussy delight. He started fucking me harder which made me fuck her harder. She was
now moaning as she took my all of my cock into her beautiful pussy. I wasn’t sure how much
longer I was going to be able to take this without cumming. I was so turned on by all of this. She
kept wanting it harder and faster which made him fuck me harder. I let out a really loud moan as
he shoved that 10” all the way in me which made her moan because I shoved all my 8” in. She was
pushing into me as he was pushing me the other way when I couldn’t take it anymore and I tried to
pull out but she wouldn’t let me as I blew my load deep inside making her scream as I filled her
with my cum. I then felt him shove it in deep one last time as my ass started filling up with cum as
he blew his load deep into my ass making me moan at the warmth and soothing feeling as I was
now shaking from head to toe. I didn’t know how I was suppose to get up but she got up and helped
me get off his cock. My legs were shaking and I was in awe at how amazing this experience was.
We layed there and all cudded, with her in the middle, just looking up at the stars. Everyone had
a smile on there face and the taste of true satisfaction beyond our wildest fantasies and desires in
our eyes. I could only lay there and think about how truly amazing this exeperience was and how
different it was to have that massive cock in me was really shocking. Not only was it long but it
was thick. I think that I will be walking funny for about the next week, but it was worth it. Does
this make me Gay? What if you just want both? Is that OK? These are the questions that I just
couldn’t help but think as I lay there. I looked over and they had fallen asleep in each others arms.
I thank them for sharing there love, minds, bodies and soul for that single most extravagent time
of your life that I will Never Forget. Like PURE ECTASY.
Love, Bri
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