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My first work, be nice please
This story contains rape and bondage, maby some bestiality and even more in later chapters(if this one gets good reviews).

All comments appreciated unless they are only to harass me or my work and don't offer any insight. Thank you and enjoy :)


Christine came out of the store with a small cart full of groceries for her and her loving husband of many years. I watched her as she she walked towards the back of the dim lit parking lot I decided to make my move. I moved out from behind my white sedan and almost ran towards her, making little noise on the asphalt as I moved. She heard me just as I lifted the black fabric sack up and around her face just before she managed to do a full turn around. She began to scream when I started to drag her backwards but I placed my hand over her mouth and pinned her arm behind her as we approached my car.

I quickly did a scan of the parking lot to make sure no one saw me. I proceeded to open my trunk and throw her in. I pull out a roll of duct tape and wrap it around her neck to keep the sack in place as I slammed the trunk shut and quickly got in my car and drove off. It took only a few minutes on the highway to get to my destination, an abandoned factory lot and I pulled into the closest of the empty buildings.

I had already set up the building so that it was all but sound proof as I pulled in and stepped from my car. I quickly flipped the switch and the massive garage style door slid shut with a hiss as it sealed itself down. I chuckled to myself at just how easy this was just as I popped the trunk open, only to hear a loud and violent scream of terror. The words, if they could be counted as such, we too muffled by the bag to be understood and I just laughed harder.

“Scream all you want. Ain't no one gonna hear you.” A devilish grin crossed my face as I looked at the flailing masked woman. “Your feisty, I like that slut.”

Slowly the screams turned to muffled whimpers and crying as she finally realized that all of her fighting was useless as I threw her over my shoulder and carried her over to my “love lounge” as I called it. Simply put, it was a large plywood board with several thick leather bindings and had fully pose-able arm and leg bars for ease of use. I laid her down softly on it and strapped her down, tightening each strap on her wrists and ankles to ensure she couldn't move. She started crying more as I smacked her a few times across the face and told her to stay quiet or she would be punished.

“You gonna cooperate bitch?” I ask in an almost nice tone and she quickly shakes her head yes as I remove the bag. I smile down at her as I pull out a pair of heavy duty scissors and begin to cut her clothing away as she sobs.

“Why are you doing this?” She cries lowly, which gains a hard and loud smack from me.

“You just stay quiet and you don't get hurt.” My voice thick with lust as I finish cutting away her pants and throwing the garment to the ground.

I stand up and take a few steps back and admire the woman's voluptuous body. I smirk and cut off her bra and panties, enjoying the site as I watch her cry and sob while bound stark naked to a table. I start to rub myself through my jeans before shrugging and removing my pants and shirt, then finally my boxers. I now stand before the sobbing woman with my 8 inch member standing straight out in front of me.

“You a virgin girl?” I ask with an evil smile laced across my lips.

“N-No.” She stammers out, finally opening her eyes to see me naked. I laugh as her eyes go wide as her gaze finds my large member.

“You like it slut? Cuse it sure likes you.” I say with a sinister laugh.

“What are you gonna do to me?” She asks which gets another volley of slaps administered to her, but this time to her bare tits instead of her face.

“It should be obvious you stupid bitch. I'm gonna fuck your brains out until your a worn out and over used whore.” I laugh gleefully as her face sinks and her eyes glaze over in realization that she is about to be raped. “Don't worry your pretty little head. I'll be gentle, sort of.” I say as I approach her slowly.

I lift the leg bars up and apart, making her completely open now. I stand between her legs and spit into my hand before running it along my prick, getting it slightly wet just before placing my tip at her vaginal entrance. “Here I come!” I yell merrily as I thrust half my member into her with one thrust, gaining a very loud scream from her. I simply smile and pull almost all the way out before ramming back in, this time getting the rest of myself into her. I remain still for only a few seconds before I begin rutting in and out of her almost like an animal. Her screams and tears of pain only making me thrust harder into her.

“Oh god. Your tight!” I yell as I feel myself beginning to get close to my limit. I latch onto one of her tits with my left hand and begin to maul it roughly and pinch her nipples painfully while I lean my head forward and bite her other nipple hard. I smile and bite down harder as she screams at a deafening volume. I finally reach my limit and throw my head back as I thrust balls deep into her and unload my seed while moaning. “God your a good fuck!” I said jovially to her as I pull my shrinking member from her. Her head is turned away from me but I can hear her sobs of pain and sorrow and laugh as I turn away from her. “Now be a good girl and just stay there. I will be back for you tomorrow.” I say before walking out of the building with only my clothes in hand and flick out the lights.

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2013-10-26 09:43:07
SD7XM5 Really appreciate you sharing this post.Really looking forward to read more. Want more.

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2010-10-01 04:09:09
Waiting for part two. More details would be appreciated.

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2010-07-07 18:29:40
I agree. it's a little rushed. Definitely has potential.

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2010-07-07 08:20:49
Definately rushed, slow it down some, please. I do want to read more however.

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2010-07-07 07:50:30
it seems a bit rushed
but it has potential

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