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Pim commences her education of Rob
Pim and I had sex at least once a day while Chrissie was away at summer camp. Pim would make excursions to the mall and visit Victoria’s Secret and other lingerie shops with Henk’s money and buy outfits to drive me wild. With her exotic Asian looks and petite frame I particularly liked a yellow baby doll and panty set with stockings that really complimented her beautiful skin tone. Pim bought outfits in every color of the rainbow and enjoyed the reaction on my face and in my eyes as she would model a lavender or pink set of lingerie. I would become the wide-eyed teenage boy again and she would become the incredibly hot wife next door that I had fantasized about. Our sex just kept getting better and better.

Pim loved a lot of foreplay and she taught me how to control my orgasm and release. She would suck on my cock and take me exactly to the edge of no return. Then she would press down with her thumb to block my release and stop the fellatio until I could regain control. She would do this again and again until I could really establish control. She would put my cock in her tight pussy and contract her muscles and take me up to the point of no return, to the point of release, but somehow she knew just when to stop. She could just sense the exact moment to stop and would remain completely still while I regained control so we could start again.

Once Chrissie returned from camp Pim would often come over during the day while she was at school or she would get a sitter so we could go out dancing and then come back to my house and have long sessions of unbelievable sex. When my parents returned from their European vacation I told them I was moving out to the small guesthouse past the pool so I could be more independent and focus on my engineering studies. We never actually used the guesthouse so my parents had no objection. The real reason I wanted to be out there was so Pim could come over and visit without being noticed.

Pim continued her lessons and taught me how to lick and kiss a pussy and to drive her to the exact edge of coming, the “point of no return” as she called it, just as she had done for me. She taught me to watch her stomach muscles for spasms and for its level of tension, to sense the pressure from her fingers as they would tighten on my forearms, to listen to her breathing patterns, to feel the pressure of her fingernails as they dug into my skin. My skill level improved with her tutoring and I got to the point where I could make her scream and have her body arch off the bed in spasms as she attained total release. Pim taught me the importance of understanding a woman’s body and being in control so that a woman would want to do anything for me, to gain her total trust and her total release. She told me that only when the woman was at a point of total release could the man reach the same point at the same time and then the two of us could reach total release orgasms together. Pim taught me that the passion of the woman feeds the passion of the man.

Pim also introduced me to new “love zones” as she called them. She taught me how to touch and kiss her belly button, her long and slender brown feet with pink polish on her toe nails, her slender and firm inner thighs, her smooth underarms. She taught me how to massage her body and to use scented oils and flavored lubricants. Pim taught me the importance of going SLOWLY and making everything build up. Finally, she introduced me to her bum.

I was hesitant at first to explore this new and forbidden zone, but she assured me that she had taken a long bath and cleaned it completely. She also told me that Henk had never touched or penetrated her bum. This convinced me and the trust and patience she had shown tutoring me in sex convinced me. As she lay on a towel I applied the strawberry flavored lubricant and slowly massaged around her tight and rounded butt, coming closer and closer to her bum hole. I kissed up her slender inner thighs and slowly licked her clit and pussy lips until her breathing was getting very fast. I finally used my tongue to explore around her bum. Wow, it was much tighter than any pussy I had ever touched. I used my finger and lots of lubricant to push and probe my way in. My finger, against a lot of resistance, was able to make it in a small way—perhaps half an inch. What an electric effect! Pim’s breathing lurched and she tensed. My finger was only about half an inch in and already an incredible effect. I paused and let her relax as she had taught me in these circumstances. Never blunder ahead and bring a girl to orgasm too quickly, Pim had always instructed. I needed to follow her advice and slow down.

Using a little patience, by taking my time and by moving slowly, I was able to get my finger almost all the way in and to move it back and forth very gently. Pim was moaning and calling out to me to continue. Sensing the potential for more I built her up with back and forth gentle movements of my finger, in and out of her anus, over a few minutes. Once she was very excited I slowly removed my finger and moved my mouth over this new delicate orifice and probed with my tongue. Pim’s moans increased in volume with the touch of my tongue. She was laying back on the bed with her legs spread and her pussy and anus directly under the control of my fingers and tongue. It was tight, her sphincter muscles were very tight, but finally my tongue was able to push its way inside and probe the anus. The strawberry flavor and the tight anus were an incredible turn on and my cock was at top pressure. Moaning and thrusting her hips, Pim reached out and gently held my bobbing cock in her right hand. She giggled and sighed and gently rubbed my eight inches of cock.

Pushing myself back a little on the bed to get better position, I moved my mouth up to her pussy and rolled my finger in lots of lubricant and simultaneously applied a fast tongue movement to her clit while I slowly penetrated her ass with my lubed up finger. My God, did Pim react. She moaned like I had never heard her before and arched her back. I struggled to keep contact with her clit using my tongue and pushed my finger deep into her ass with some rapid side to side movements. I flicked my tongue at top speed and she went into total release with a huge scream and her hips thrusting up against my mouth and chin. I held onto her the best I could with my right arm and rode out her incredible release. Her pussy went into total convulsions and contracted again and again around by tongue when it would go down past her clit and into the vagina. I had never seen a woman orgasm like this in my life.

Pim smiled at me with total contentment, her firm breast pointing up topped with erect and aroused light brown nipples. She giggled and then rose up and grabbed my cock. She took the tube of lubricant and generously slathered the strawberry smelling oils all around my eight-inch rod. She then turned onto her knees and let her athletic butt jut up into the air with her light brown anus directed towards me. Her intentions were completely clear and without any further command I positioned myself behind her. My cock head was bouncing up and down with excitement so I held it with my left hand and positioned it directly at the anus opening. Pim gently pushed back and I held my cock in place because the opening was extremely tight. Finally enough pressure was applied and with all the lubricant the engorged cock head slipped past the sphincter muscles and entered the new virgin anus. Pim moaned, she drew in her breath and her body tensed with extreme pleasure.

“Rob, I have always wanted to give you this. To give you something Henk had never had. “ I smiled and my ego was certainly boosted. “Be gentle, this is my first time.” she said.

We moved slowly and the incredible tightness of her ass together with the forbidden nature of this new lovemaking was building me faster than I could have expected. All of Pim’s lessons of control seemed to have gone out the window as the sensations cascaded around and built me up much too rapidly. I told her I was loosing control and could come at any second. This seemed to increase her passions and instead of trying to make me last longer (as I had expected she would) she seemed to want to drive me to a new edge, a new level of passion without any delay. This unexpected urgency to her sexual intensity caused even more build up and I was dangerously close to my release. Instead of being in control I was barreling ahead towards a total sexual explosion and release.

I need to bring Pim with me….I could feel it coming and I didn’t have much time. I reached underneath her with my left hand and with my lubed up fingers I searched for her little passion button, her clit. Finding the love button standing up firmly and in dire need of attention, I gently fluttered my finger across the very top of it with a rapid but extremely light touch. Pim moaned and moaned and pushed her ass back into me with her full athletic strength honed from hours of hot yoga. I knew she was about to come. I could feel my sperm building up in my balls and I tried my best to delay the release, but her ass was too tight and the friction was too much. Her sphincter muscles were pulsing and grabbing my cock. We both exploded at the same time and I shot stream after stream of cum into her ass. My head was an explosion of fireworks and sensation. Our two sweat covered bodies collapse onto the bed. I rolled her towards me and pulled up the cotton sheet and I cradled her with my right arm while gently massaging her right breast with my left arm and we both brought our lips together in a sated post coital kiss, the strawberry flavor still on my lips and tongue.

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2011-06-05 00:51:54
The best story that I have read hear or any other site. It more like a 1100/100. Looking forward to many more.


2010-07-15 19:11:05
Good story but not as hot as the first. Put a little mystery in here and it will perk up.


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another great story now for part 3 and what about her daughter ?


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i jstcnt wait 2 finger myself...


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wow you did again your story is incrediable can't wait to read more

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