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I knew when Phil got frisk...

I knew Phil was feeling a bit frisky as we were driving home after our meal. I'd been teasing him all night and as I'd drunk my third glass of wine I'd told him that I'd taken off my thong the last time I went to the bathroom. He'd raised his eyebrows as though he didn't believe me, so I reached into my bag and took out my silky white thong. When passed it to him under the table his face was a picture, to say the least. That set the tone for the evening. Since that moment he hadn't stopped smiling that secretive smile I loved so much, and I knew that he was planning something.
So here we were, on our way home. Phil was just sitting there smiling quietly to himself, looking across at me every so often and flashing me his most charming grin. I was grinning back too. "I can't wait to get you home" he said. "I can't wait for you to get me home either" I replied. "No" he said "I really can't wait to get you home". That's when I noticed we'd taken a detour from our usual route and we were now driving through quiet lanes with no street lights anywhere. This was not unusual; it wouldn't be the first time we'd made love in the car, and guessing that this was what Phil had in mind, I started to get excited.
Looking down at his lap, I could see that he was getting excited too. I reached over and started to caress the bulge at the front of his trousers, but he pushed my hand away.

"Why don't you pull that skirt up and show me what's under there?" he suggested. Feeling oddly shy now, I raised my skirt up my smooth thighs and bared my shaven pussy to him.

"Show me what you'd like me to do to you" he said.

Slowly, I parted my legs and reached down, feeling for the slipperiness that was coming from my pussy. I knew that I was horny, but the way he was obviously in a controlling kind of mood had got me wetter than usual. I started to flick my fingers over my swollen clit. It felt like it was on fire. Feeling Phil's hand touching one of my aching breasts almost brought me over the edge, but I stopped and held back. I wasn't ready to come just yet.

Phil parked the car in a secluded area, and immediately reached over and put his hand on top of my pussy, not stroking or fingering me, just teasing me by being so close. I tried to push myself up and onto his hand, but he just grinned at me and kept away.

Before I met Phil, with his smiling blue eyes and gorgeous dark hair, I didn't know that almost touching could be enough to make me want to scream. He'd tease me until I was almost bucking against him, and each time I opened my eyes he'd be looking straight at me, enjoying my pleasure and watching me writhe in agonising ecstasy. And here I was now, needing so badly to feel his fingers play with my throbbing clit, or push inside me.

I told him so as well, but he just smiled and said "I think I'll keep you waiting for now, hearing you beg is so much fun!"

"You swine" I said, giggling

"Hey," he protested "That's not very nice; I think you need something in your mouth to stop you talking like that. Come and show me how you like to suck cock".

Well, I didn't need any further encouragement. I pulled open the fly of his trousers and leant over him, massaging his swollen dick and gradually easing it into my mouth. I figured if he could tease then so could I. I felt him relax as I took him further and further into my mouth, building up a good rhythm. I was so turned on by hearing him moan and tell me what a good cocksucker I was that I just had to reach down again and stroke my pussy.

I was so wet, as I plunged my fingers inside myself I was longing for something bigger to satisfy me. Getting up on my seat onto my knees, my legs were open wide and I was fantasising that I had another cock entering me.

Phil said "I know what you're thinking. It's what you told me about the other day, yeah?" I had my mouth full, so I just kind of nodded, when Phil said "I think you should get up for a minute". Looking up I realised with a moment's horror that another car had pulled up alongside us. I went to pull down my skirt and tell Phil to start the engine, when I felt his hand slide through my hair.

Gently but firmly grabbing me and pulling me to him he looked me in the eye and said, "You told me you'd be ok with something like this, that's why I brought you here. Just relax. That guy only wants to watch, at the moment, and to be fair; you've given him a really good show so far. Anything he hasn't seen by now isn't worth seeing, so now's not the time to be shy, ok?"

Lost for words, I just nodded. I felt degraded, and humiliated, and so fucking horny! I'd acted like a slut with Phil all evening, I'd told him last week that I wanted to be treated like one, and now I would be.

"Show that guy your tits" he instructed. Obediently, I turned to face the car next to my window and pulled up my top, taking my bra with it. My nipples ached to be touched and I rubbed my hands over them as I wondered if life could get any better than this. Phil undid my skirt and I felt it drop down my thighs as I squeezed my poor nipples. Phil reached in front of me and roughly grabbed at my tits, sending shivers of expectation through me.

"Bend over" he commanded. When I was on all fours, he began teasing my hot cunt with his fingers and within no time at all I was whimpering and begging him to at least finger me. I heard Phil laugh softly behind me and with no warning he pushed all of his cock deep into me. I didn't have a chance to scream before I was coming hard and fast. All I could do was gasp as the tears of ecstasy ran down my cheeks. Phil held me tight as he drove his dick into my shuddering pussy.

When I opened my eyes the guy from the next car was standing outside the door with his rather large cock in his hand. He opened the door and said to Phil "She looks like she enjoys sucking cock, mind if I feel the benefit?"

"Go right ahead" Phil replied. I was shocked, and yet delighted. This had been my fantasy for a long time and now I was living it. Taking his cock in my mouth I felt another orgasm swell inside me as he roughly pulled my head fully onto his shaft. Even as I gagged as he hit the back of my throat, the feeling of being so totally used by these two men made me so deliciously hot I could feel myself ready to come again. Before I did, Phil pulled out of me and stayed for a while marvelling at me taking this guy's entire dick down my throat.

"Good, isn't she" Phil said.

"Oh, fuck yeah, you got a right little slut here mate" replied the stranger.

"I know" said Phil. "You should come and taste this pussy, it is the sweetest. In fact, turn around Jem; let him see all you've got to offer". Obediently I turned around so that my dripping cunt was splayed open to this man who I'd never even seen before. Seeing him look so lasciviously at my most private area made me want even more. I put my head back and looked at Phil, opening my mouth wide.

"What, you want my cock now?" he said. I nodded "Ask nice then" he grinned

"Please may I suck your marvellous cock?" I asked in my most sultry voice. Phil lowered himself just enough that the end of his prick was just teasing my lips, enough so I could lick it. When I tried to sit up he held my shoulders down. Suddenly I felt the other guy's head between my legs and I gasped as he fully penetrated me with his tongue. Feeling his tongue so unexpectedly fucking my pussy made me push my pelvis up further, to get even more of his tongue inside me.

He reached up with his hand and started to rhythmically stroke my clit whilst Phil leaned over me and licked my nipples until I couldn't hold off any longer. Soon my orgasm was approaching again and I started to shudder and cry out loudly.

All the stimulation was going to make sure this was the best orgasm I'd ever had. Phil reached down and guided his cock into my open mouth as I started coming. I sucked him as hard as I could as my whole body began to explode with bursts of wonderful bliss. I heard the other guy swallowing loudly as I came into his mouth. Phil squeezed my tits hard and when I felt his whole body tense I knew that I would soon be swallowing spunk. Sure enough it wasn't long before he shot his hot load into my throat, and I gratefully swallowed.

The other guy must have been masturbating as he licked me because as soon as Phil had finished he stood up and without warning ejaculated all over my stomach and my tits.

"Fuck me that was great" he said, with a massive smile on his face before he did up his fly, got in his car and left.

Just like that. If I'd have known it could be that simple I would have tried it years ago. Phil looked down at me, naked, stretched out and spent. He smiled warmly at me and helped me get cleaned up, before covering me with a blanket from the back of the car because I was too far in seventh heaven to get dressed. I couldn't even speak. All I managed was a sleepy "Thank you" before I dozed off. Needless to say, that first experience wasn't the last, but that's another story

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2010-12-08 10:50:11
What a great story.....
well written.

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